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Will You Walk Away While Our Mother Earth Screams for Mercy?

By Conscious Owl | Conscious Leadership

Aug 10
mother earth meaning

"Do not come any closer," God said.
"Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground."

Moses Faces the Burning Bush in Exodus

Tokyo recently escaped a head-on typhoon, multiple firestorms hit Northern California and lethal heat has been plaguing Northern Europe. A couple decades ago, conditions like these would have hit all the headlines. Today, they scarcely make the news. While some people still deny Global Warming, Climate Change is an inescapable reality.

If you are like most of us, you have shielded yourself with comfortable lies, and severely repressed your emotions. It’s all out there. You are only one person. There is nothing you can do. Leave it to the experts. Perhaps it is not so serious after all.

Even better, you may be an overheated liberal blaming this, that and the other politician and corporate executive for destroying our Planet. If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have to deal with this mess. If we could simply get rid of them, all our problems would be over.

You know, however, that it is never all that simple. What about the constituencies of the office holders, the folks in the Mid-West who consistently vote Republican, no matter who runs for office? What about all the stockholders insisting upon prompt payment of their quarterly earnings. Sometimes an executive has no choice.

Ultimately, you will realize that it is all up to you.

What You Cherish Most Is Dying

Our Planet is dying, and only massive, concerted effort can save her. After James Lovelock introduced the Gaia theory, it became increasingly apparent that, like the global Internet, Planet Earth is a system of systems.

mother earth living

Quantum theory has made it increasingly apparently that even the very rocks enjoy a primal consciousness. The feelings of plants, let alone mammals and people, can actually be measured by electrical equipment.

Our weather is erratic, because our Planet is overheated and the infrastructure is being stressed close to the breaking point. This has been the case for decades. During the 20th Anniversary of Earth Day, it was acknowledged that Mother Earth is under life-support. Al Gore made it even more apparent with An Inconvenient Truth in 2006. He won a Nobel Prize for this effort, but the public shrank from facing the implications.

Normal life is becoming increasingly problematic as our daily routines are disrupted by droughts, floods and storms of every type. The Earth is undergoing transformation. But is that transformation leading to Paradise or the Inferno?

Planet Earth Is the Most Sacred Thing You Stand On

To lose our sense of the sacred is to lose, not only our divinity, but also our humanity. Most of us believe in some sort of a Creator. Why not His Creation?

If God is inherently holy, why not the Universe that He set in motion? When we think about the Garden of Eden, we realize that, without the inherent beauty of this planet, Eden would have no meaning. The Earth, Herself, inspired such stories.

You pretend none of this is a big deal. Things will go on. You don’t have to wear your heart on your sleeve. Too bad all this is happening, but it is not my problem! This denial is strangling you. It is just like you witnessing your mother, your wife or your daughter murdered in cold blood. You don’t have to justify their lives. Of course they are sacred… to YOU. Then why not hold sacred the very Planet that makes their lives possible?

planet earth

Even today, from outer space, Planet Earth is spectacularly beautiful. Have you seen all the NASA photos? When we think about setting up a colony in Mars over the next 100 years, it is not even a distant second. Mars would have no meaning for us without our Mother Earth. Earth is home. Earth is, in a very real sense, paradise. It took an incredibly improbable set of circumstances for our Planet to give birth to life. Astronomers call this the Anthropic Principle.

The Answer You Seek Can Only Be Found Within

When you look at taking responsibility for this mess, it can be a little scary. The more conscious you become, the more apparent that violence is never the answer. Violence only gives rise to still more violence in an ever-expanding spiral. Blaming someone else is actually an evasion of responsibility.

We are all responsible, but none of us is to blame. When you give up blame, you can move into positive action, speaking the truth in love. Love is not weak. Love is the most powerful force in all the Universe. As the Medieval poet Dante describes it, “the love that fires the sun and other stars.”

The mystics and the quantum physicists reveal that the Universe lies within us.

protecting earth

We are not simply what Werner Erhard once characterized as “a speck of protoplasm on a dirt ball hurtling through space.” We are the context out of which the galaxies spin. This is what was meant by Bill Clinton’s New Paradigm. This will have far more impact than the Copernican Revolution.

Our Planet’s Voice is YOU

While the Green Goddess has moaned and pled, screamed and shouted for decades, She doesn’t speak English. You have to decipher the signals, much like the ancient Shaman. However, if you can connect the dots, you begin to realize that Al Gore, Leonard Di Caprio, Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson are not a pack of fools. They are out to make a total difference. They are more than willing to risk their professional reputations.

Why don’t you join them? Why don’t you speak up and out? In your own way, using your own words. On social media. In calls to the White House. In public demonstrations. It is not up to your neighbor, your colleagues at work or your classmates. It is up to YOU! You are the Chosen One. You have a unique way of expressing yourself that will make a difference.

All great men and women who were called to inspired lives felt inadequate. For example, Mother Theresa of Calcutta, honored throughout India and around the world, despite the fact that Theresa was Catholic, and most of India Hindu. It simply didn’t matter. Both Hindu and Christian saw God in her. Theresa’s call began when she picked up a dying untouchable. Theresa carried her to a hospital, but the lady was turned down on account of her caste. Theresa couldn’t live with herself after that without taking massive action. The rest was history.

Commit to Your True Love TODAY

If you are moved to go beyond denial and tell the truth, you will find any number of forums that will support your efforts. The most interesting one is the creation of a 70-something postdenominational priest, Dr. Matthew Fox, a 30-something wilderness adventure guide, Skylar Wilson, and a 20-something Unity social media guru, Jennifer Listug. These three initiated the Order of the Sacred Earth on Winter Solstice, 2017.

Dr. Fox is a master at working with provocative symbols that grab the attention of the power structure. For the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, he posted his own Theses on the door of the Wittenberg Cathedral. Dr. Fox realizes that Christians are almost never taught to consider the earth sacred, even though that is implicit in the Gospel. By honoring the Divine Feminine, he is preparing the way for a spiritual revolution.

You can join them and network. You can even start your own group. Just make a meaningful vow or commitment, much like you would to a marriage partner, with someone special. You will be delightfully surprised how quickly your life will take on new meaning and mission. When you know what is truly sacred to you, you become a powerhouse. Compromise goes out the window.

The Vow:    I vow to love our Planet with every fiber of my being.

If you take this vow, you will tread lightly on this earth, realizing you are always walking upon holy ground. You are a precious strand in the web of life. You will give your all to preserve that strand, and that web.

Humankind has not woven the web of life.
We are but one thread within it.
Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.

-Chief Seattle


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