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Who Am I?

By Conscious Owl | Inner Peace

Jun 13
who am I

Have you ever wondered deep down inside yourself who you really are? Are you just your nametag, your wardrobe, your story, your neighborhood?

Are you just this character that keeps popping up out of bed morning after morning to go shower and put on her makeup?

WHO AM I? is the most fundamental question that you will ever ask yourself, tantamount to asking What is truth? You can’t really arrive at a final answer to this question without asking if there is a God, or what is the Universe. This question is the basis of all philosophy, and no theology has relevance apart from it.​

What Am I? versus Who Am I?

We need to ask What am I?, as well as Who am I?, to make any real progress.

What am I? is a lot easier, as it entails being a human being with a specific name, family, cultural background, country and occupation. What am I? addresses your body, personality and intellect. From that standpoint, you are simply one person in a world of other people. What am I? points to your story.​

Who Am I?, however, points to your ultimate identity. You need to look within to get a handle on that. You can answer What am I? entirely by looking outside yourself in the phenomenal world in which you play every day. Who am I? refers to your Self behind the scenes, your innermost being.​

Beyond You – The Big Picture

In a way, you and I live in the Universe of Doing AND the Universe of Being simultaneously. However, most of us spend more time in the Universe of Doing, which creates a perfect imbalance and makes our experiences (of our lives and who we are) move in a downward spiral.

The key is to find that perfect balance… between the Universe of Doing and the Universe of Being. A healthy balance of both worlds will help you find your inner peace (more on this subject click here).

Now, let’s zoom out even further and look at the bigger picture.

The Universe of Doing represents our story (not only you and I but the whole humanity). We like to call it the MagaStory. And the Universe of Being represents our dream (that is for the most part unknown to us, but we are all involved in creating it). We call it the MegaDream.

Now, let’s look at each individually.

On the highest level, we all live in a magnificent dream (the MegaDream). Everything and everyone is consistent within that dream, which has its own unique set of laws, such that you don’t jump off high buildings and expect to survive.

Every particular dream intersects with every other dream in one great dream. Ultimately, we come to realize that there is but a single dream and a single dreamer, the Universal Self, Creator of the Universe.​

Let’s have a closer look at the MegaStory.

We all live within a story where each of our stories intersects every other story in one great story. This story can be interpreted as literature, art, music, drama, or even as a movie.

Like any good film, you need characters, setting, period, theme and plot elements. Its purpose may be to entertain, educate or even enlighten. It can be any genre you want. Could this be a divine romance? That is what the world’s most popular religion suggests.​

Experience Who Am I While Starring in Your Own Movie

Within this context, I can understand myself as the Creator within His creation, where I am everyone and everything I encounter. You are an individualized expression of me, and I of you. I define myself in relation to you, and you me.

Without contrast, we couldn’t play together. We can see this as one giant play in every sense of the word.

We are here to play, or have fun, which requires action. Play requires an individualized self in order to stay in the drama interacting with other individualized selves. We are also here as recreation for our Universal Self.

Imagine a gigantic film projector in a vast auditorium that fills the whole earth with everyone in the audience also on the silver screen playing their respective parts on queue. The light that shines through the lens is pure consciousness, and the film is divine mind.


Enlightenment on both an individual and collective level consists of coming to realize that we are the audience, as well as the actors and actresses on screen. The movie could have been shot eons ago. It doesn’t matter. We are enjoying it RIGHT NOW.

The whole trick is to re-enter the movie, the play, the stage, conscious that you are acting, that you are intentionally creating, then play all out.

For example, the great American boxer, Muhammad Ali, has been recently honored after his passing for being a multidimensional man who singularly gave his all and lived to his fullest. Rather than hold back, he consistently lived all out.

In essence, we are both the Universal Self AND individualized selves.

In order to have a game, a play, in order to make celestial whoopee, we had to divide ourselves up. The Creator had to become the creation and totally forget Who He was, in order to fully get into the play.

However, the play can be so scripted that the characters, one by one, and then, at the grand climax, all of them together, remember Who they really are. A game of entertainment becomes a game of enlightenment.

Discovering I AM Through a Greater Story

If this is so, then we each need to honor ourselves as divine, no matter how we look or dress, despite any perceived limitations. We are essential to the script, to the play running smoothly.

Our Universal Self deliberately assigned us from Central Casting to take on this particular role at this particular time in the drama. We soon realize that the play is not strictly about us as individuals, but rather, about our collective and Universal Self.

From here, it only makes sense to love one another, as every character on the set is another facet of Who we really are. By choosing to make this a love story, and a divine love story at that, we inject romance, enchantment, wonder and mystery to the story.

We depart our preoccupation with survival to make a difference, to make the whole production work. However the play goes, whatever another character attempts to do to us, it was scripted in advance. Whatever we do in response, was also scripted by the screenwriter and director.

We can decide to loosen up and relax. We can let it roll by playing all out. For example, if you want to put an end to environmental destruction, by all means, go and do it. It is perfect that you become an activist and play on the big stage.

Whatever your choice, remember, there is no business like show business! Show up... and in the process you will discover a greater I AM that I AM.​


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