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White Noise: Best Sleep Sound Machine for Deep Rest (Adults or Babies)

By Conscious Owl | Inner Peace

Dec 07
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Sleep is so vital to all of us. It rejuvenates, restores and adds wings to our daily performance. When there is lack of sleep, our physical / mental energy plunges and we can’t perform at full capacity.

There are plenty of us who don’t get enough deep sleep due to stress, busy mind “syndrome,” neighbor noises or babies keeping us up at night.​

Therefore, today we will talk about white noise and what it actually means, as well as compare two sleep sound machines that can assist you in sleeping deeper. The white noise sound machines discussed in today’s article are great for adults and babies. It is perfect for your baby (up to one year of age), if he/she tends to wake up often at night.

The two sleep sound systems are great if you have a hard time falling asleep and help you sleep deeper… if you are a light sleeper. But before we jump in and review these machines, let’s first understand what ‘white noise’ means and how it impacts our sleep on a daily basis.​

What is White Noise?

The term white noise originally came from white light phrase. White noise is the sound you hear in between radio and TV stations when there is no incoming signal. It is a mix of all the sound frequencies in the human auditory spectrum (20 to 20,000 HZ).

All the various frequencies cancel each other out, such that the total effect is a perfect masking device to block distracting sounds in your environment, as well as internal sounds, such as tinnitus, which can interfere with sleep.​

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White noise is similar to nature sounds, such as a gentle stream or plunging waterfalls. It has deeper and deeper variants, such as pink noise and brown noise. Since it can be electronically or digitally reproduced with relative ease, it has become increasingly popular as an alternative to nature sounds, which, all too often, are captured in a repetitive loop that soon becomes monotonous and annoying.

White noise is now available on CD, MP3 files, websites and portable digital sound machines. Some of the most sophisticated sound machines can adjust the frequency of the white noise to effectively mask incoming sounds of higher or lower pitch.

When competing for attention, the human brain tends to focus on the steady White Noise, as opposed to random jarring sounds.​

The Benefits of Sleep Sound Therapy Systems

Sleep sound therapy systems are surprisingly easy to use, move around and turn up sufficiently to block out most unwanted sounds.

They provide users a variety of options, often with nature sounds, such as that of moving water, a forest or countryside, or even steady rain with a thunderstorm. More typically, they offer white noise and fan sounds that can focus your attention off distractions.

They can be used to induce sleep, and to prevent being prematurely woken up. Common issues include noisy traffic, a constantly barking dog in the neighborhood, paper-thin walls where you hear your neighbor’s TV, or even people walking on wood floors directly above you.

If your spouse snores, they can help by blocking it out sufficiently to fall asleep without having to wear earplugs or earphones.

If you suffer from tinnitus, they can relieve you from self-distraction while trying to fall asleep. Sometimes, people even find the systems helpful when they are attempting to study, or use their computer extensively.

Finally, sound systems can be immensely helpful while travelling, such as spending a night in a noisy motel. Outside sounds may be reasonable, but your unfamiliarity with the neighborhood and surrounding can make you too uncomfortable to easily relax and fall asleep.

We have chosen a couple of exceptionally effective sleep machines for review: the LectroFan White Machine, including various fan sounds, and the Adaptive Sound Technology Sleep Machine with automatically adjusting volume levels to counter ambient sounds, along with a variety of nature sounds to provide variety.

Let’s take a closer look at each sound sleep machine separately, and what you might like or dislike about each of them.​

Pros and Cons of ‘LectroFan’ White Noise Sleep Machine

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Let’s go over the PROS first:

  • Simple to operate - 3 buttons total.
  • 20 white noise sound choices to block noises: 10 white noise options and 10 fan sounds.
  • This sound machine does not use recordings that play on the loop; it generates them while in motion. This makes the sounds more realistic, and the brain accepts them as real. Therefore, it makes the white noise machine more effective.
  • White noise sounds increase in pitch, so you can go through them and identify the one that will drown out the sound that is causing you not to fall asleep. They also block sounds like TV playing in another room, neighbor conversations, construction noises, barking dogs and many other air traveling sounds.
  • You can adjust the volume, based on your liking.
  • You can set the timer for 60 minutes (for each sound). If you don’t use a timer, it will run all night.
  • The sound is constant. It has no interruption or gaps of silence between track(s). Consistency creates a real soundproof wall between the disruptive noises and your peace.
  • You will no longer need to tip-toe and shush everyone when your baby is asleep. The steady sound will block most noises.
  • Great to take on business trips when you need a clear head the next morning.

CONS that might matter to you or not:

  • There is no way to tell if you have set the 60-minute timer on or off. It would be a useful feature to have.
  • It is portable, but you can’t unplug the cord from the machine, and the cord, itself, is on the short side. Sometimes when traveling, this can be an issue if the outlet is farther away.
  • There is a slight speaker feedback (if you have an ear for it) when the volume is turned up beyond Level 5.
  • Return policy - 30 days.

Advantages and Disadvantages of ‘Adaptive Sound Technologies’ Sleep Sound Machine

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Significant advantages of this sleep machine:

  • High-end sound system that adjusts volume automatically based on noise levels in your environment, so you don’t have to be annoyed by manually adjusting your volume. The volume will turn up even when a loud car passes by and then will lower itself.
  • It has both white noise and fan sounds, plus other high-definition soothing sounds of nature that can come in handy when meditating or relaxing.
  • High Fidelity speaker with a total of 30 different sounds that never loop or repeat themselves, and with no gaps in between, which make the system effective in ensuring uninterrupted sleep.
  • The only system that allows you to adapt the richness of your sound by layering your sounds one on top of the other, where you can, for instance, add seagull sounds on top of an ocean sound.

A couple of disadvantages of this sleep machine:

  • The sound card tends to create a static sound that pops up here and there after a few months of constant use. Ask manufacturer to replace / send you a new sound card if you run into this issue.
  • Return policy is only 30 days (depending on where you purchase it). Keep in mind that, if you purchase this item through Amazon, their return policy will allow you to return this item for a full refund should you be dissatisfied.

To Sum It Up – How Much is Your Sleep Worth To You?

One night of bad sleep… eh, we can muscle it. But, if this continues night after night… it begins impacting us on all levels: mentally, physically and emotionally.

Deep, relaxing, rejuvenating sleep is one of the great rewards of life that costs us nothing but our time. Sleep is a huge consolation in life that can re-energize us sufficiently in the morning to face any challenge.

Today, the cost of purchasing a sleep machine is negligible, but it can be a major enhancement in the overall quality of your life. It is too easy to feel victimized by petty distractions that need not keep you down. You owe it yourself to be at your best. Getting the perfect machine for you can save you many hours and entire nights of discomfort and weariness.

We wish you success in finding the right system for you, and encourage you to take a close look at the two machines we reviewed. We welcome your comments, which might be of great help to other Conscious Owls.​


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