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Which Energy Therapy Techniques Will Heal You Faster?

By Conscious Owl | Healing Principles

Mar 25
energy therapy techniques

All healing entails both energy and consciousness, even conventional allopathic medicine with its reliance on pharmacology and surgery. Energy therapy and consciousness is the plus factor making the difference between slow and rapid healing. Some therapies emphasize the energy factor alone, and are conspicuous in working with auras, energy fields and meridians in the body.

A number of these therapies scarcely touch the client or patient, massaging his or her aura, instead. While this may seem a bit spooky, it can actually make a difference for people, even if it is only to induce the relaxation response. Relaxation is a very important factor in healing illnesses, injury and chronic conditions.

One of the surprising factors to consider in relationship to conventional doctors is the vibes that they bring to a patient, often positive and loving, along with faith that the patient can actually be healed and that their prescription will work.

Clinical studies have been conducted that demonstrate that the more heart-felt a physician is with his or her patients, the better the results tend to be. It is also worth noting that, in most miracles recorded in the Gospel accounts, Jesus declares, “Your faith has (healed) saved you.”

We rarely consider the implications of this, given that many consider Jesus the greatest healer who ever lived. Clearly, the positive energy and loving presence of Christ, along with His openness to infinite possibility, was truly compelling for these individuals, a few of whom were even raised from the dead. We share some interesting facts on metaphysical healing here.​

How To Explain Energy Healing?

Let’s first understand better (video below) how disease arises when there are problems in the human energy field...

We find a proliferation of energy therapies, many with different names for very similar procedures, such as Reiki, Loving Touch and Touch Therapy. We can even consider Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Hatha Yoga and the like.

Anyone who has practiced massage, or received a full-body massage will have experienced energetic movements in the body. Likewise for all forms of yoga well executed. We can even include biofeedback, or meditation. Any profound meditation has energetic implications.​

Therapy Techniques Depend On the Procedure, or the Practitioner?

The differentiating factor may well be the specific practitioner using the therapy and techniques. What kind of vibes is he or she giving off? What kind of presence does he have? Is it healing? Do you sense a profound sense of well being, of coming home, of deep acceptance, even love?

Energy therapies are about transmitting someone else’s energy and clearing blocks in your own energy. The precise technique involved may be a secondary factor. Should this be the case, your selection of therapies might revolve around finding people you like and trust, and an approach that appeals to you. Because if you will not like, enjoy and align with your energy healer, the success rate (of you healing or recovering) will go down. At the end, an experimental attitude makes sense.​

Types of Energy Therapy

Several therapies standout for special attention:

1.  Healing Touch

2. Reflexology (Zone Therapy)

3. EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping)

1. Healing With or Without Touching

Healing Touch, or Therapeutic Touch was developed by Dolores Krieger, a nurse who was very present with her patients and went beyond conventional notions of a massage, not relying on oils or a strictly hands-on approach.

Dr. Mimi Guarneri, a veteran heart-surgeon turned holistic, integrative physician, early in her career experienced a physical breakdown where she had difficulty in rising from her bed. She could scarcely walk. Her entire body was wracked with pain. This was distressed Dr. Guarneri, because she was operating under the assumption that doctors don’t get ill.

She had to call into the hospital to advise the staff that she couldn’t make her rounds. Dr. Guarneri was mortified by the possibility that she, herself, might actually be taken to the very hospital in which she worked. A nurse colleague volunteered to come over to Dr. Guarneri’s house to offer her a Healing Touch treatment.

Dr. Guarneri was skeptical, but desperate. Her colleague came over and spent two hours with her, giving her the full treatment, much of which was hands off. Up to this point, Dr. Guarneri had a materialistic outlook, but she was stunned by the profound release and relaxation in her body, such that she could actually report to work the very next day.

touching therapy

2. Reflexology Touches the Entire Body at Once

Reflexology, or Zone Therapy, focuses on the hands and feet, as well as the earlobes where a deep pressure massage is thought to create a reflex arch that relaxes corresponding parts of the body.

This approach was popularized by Eunice D. Ingham, a nurse / physiotherapist. Every millimeter of the organ is mapped out such that it corresponds to one of the regions or organs of the body. One can apply finger pressure to induce relaxation in the corresponding body part.

People who are highly skilled at this can work the various spots on the hands, feet and ears for up-to-an hour. Clients are often so profoundly relaxed that they fall asleep. Often the feet feel much lighter, and the whole body seems energized. There is conflicting clinical that the other organs actually are affected, but the relaxation produced is undeniable.

3. EFT: Tapping Your Way to Bliss

The Emotional Freedom Technique involves tapping you or a practitioner tapping select meridians in the body, while you repeatedly declare positive affirmations. The idea of saying positive statements is to counter-balance destructive thought-patterns, much like the “Pattern Interrupt” in NLP that Tony Robbins made popular.

A client is encouraged to make a response drastically different from what he or she is familiar with to break out of an unwanted pattern. NLP is all about reprogramming neural associations to alter outlooks and behavior. EFT has gotten much attention lately, and few people will disclaim the phenomenal breakthroughs Tony Robbins produces in people’s lives.

Feel free to read more about spiritual healing principles here.

Go With Integrated Energy Therapy Moving Forward

You will find much criticism in the established academic and medical communities for energy therapy techniques, claiming that there is no measurable evidence for their effect. This has much to do with the rational empirical tradition of Western medicine. This is a bit surprising, given that a high percentage of physicians in the U.S. believe in God, and an impressive number actually pray for their patients. If God can heal, then why can’t energetic approaches make a difference, also?

It is important to bear in mind that the “placebo” effect is always possible, no matter what the treatment. A placebo is anything that will make the patient believe that it is an actual prescription that will work.

In clinical trial after clinical trial, placebos will improve patients between 30-40%. The crucial point is that the patient must truly believe in the placebo. The moment the patient stops believing, the placebo loses all effect. Faith heals. Placebo can actually be a very good thing. If it alleviates suffering and promotes recovery, what does it matter what we call it?

What are your thoughts on this?​


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