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What’s Eternal Life Got To Do With You?

By Conscious Owl | Inner Peace

Apr 07
eternal life explanation

Weapons cannot cut It, nor can fire burn It;

Water cannot wet It, nor can wind dry It.

This Self cannot be cut, burnt, wetted or dried up.

It is eternal, all pervading, stable, ancient and immovable.

Bhagavad Gita

You may be of any faith, or no faith. You may have not been raised a Christian, such that the concept of eternal life is empty of meaning for you. Yet chances are that you are spooked, or at least bugged, by personal death. Why should we have to lose people we love? What happens to me after I die? What’s it all about?

You can’t stomach most religions, but you are convinced that there is far more to it than meets the eye. What do you do?

The True Meaning of Easter

Every year we go through Christmas and Easter. Christmas is always a national holiday, while Easter, falling on Sundays, is given second-class treatment. You don’t really get a day off. For many of us, it is chocolate-colored bunnies and beautifully tinted Easter eggs that you crack open just for fun.

Most of us have encountered the idea of the Resurrection, of the crucified Christ who triumphantly rose from the tomb. Many of us have even dealt with the claim that He died to save us from our sins. But few of us can get with the implications of being wretched sinners.

Yet every winter is followed by spring. Even under acute environmental stress and runaway climate chance, life seems to continue. What died in fall and winter comes alive in spring and summer. Death is a part of life; yet never the last word. Creation dances. Even perpetual human folly cannot stop it.​

Eternity Is Always NOW

Those of us who follow Western religion see eternity as everlasting life after you die. You get 80, 90, maybe even 100 years before you transition. After that, maybe you get a million, a billion or even a trillion years, who knows? The Greek word for everlasting puts it, “unto the ages of the ages.” For sure, everlasting life is a long time.

What few suspect is that eternity has nothing to do with time. You can experience eternity in a moment. It is completely outside and beyond time. We have no less an authority than Jesus Christ in the Gospel of John:​

And this is life eternal. To know You, the only true God,

And Jesus Christ, Whom You have sent.

When we speak of God, we speak of the Infinite. God has no limits, because, ultimately, there is nothing BUT God. To know God is to know the very Source of the Universe. To know Jesus Christ is to know the ultimate expression of Absolute Love. What more could we ever want?

Eternal Life Process: From Caterpillar to Butterfly

What we are actually talking about is the developmental process of going from caterpillar to butterfly. Your identity as a creature that crawls melts down into a chrysalis, and emerges a creature that delicately flies, savoring the flowers in the Garden of Eden.

receive eternal life

You go from one legitimate form of life to an even more legitimate form of life. You go from an egoic thought structure to a transcendent thought structure without any limits. You go from being a crawling, victimized creature to the glorious Creator whose greatest delight is to create.

We have all wished to have wings to fly, not realizing that the high frontier is our visionary nature. We were designed to reach out to the stars.​

We were programmed to dream the impossible dream. To do any less is to frustrate our very reason to be.

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Think of it as becoming a new species and getting a whole new set of genes. We are becoming a new humanity, a breathtaking expression of divinity.

Why the Good News Never Quite Got Out

Alan Watts, one of the 20th century’s greatest theologians and philosophers, ironically suggested that the true Gospel was never really preached. It got squashed early on when we simultaneously pedestalled Jesus while totally putting down our fellow men and women, practically sending them to hell.

The profound meaning of the Gospel is that we are ALL saved, and we are ALL divine. God, as Jesus of Nazareth, died for us as an expression of His love for us, because we have Infinite worth in His eyes. Salvation is already an accomplished fact. Salvation is unconditional and universal.

It is simply a question of awakening people to the underlying truth that nothing and no one has ever been lost.

The world at the time of Christ wasn’t ready to accept that God loves us absolutely and unconditionally. There is nothing we can do to ever alienate Him. It wasn’t ready to accept that the very moment we grasp that love, we turn to Jell-O. Nobody is strong enough to resist that kind of love.

It is the most powerful force in the universe. You might say it fires the stars.

Eternal Creator within Your Creation

The deeper meaning of the narrative of the Word becoming Flesh and dwelling among us is that Jesus of Nazareth is Everyman and Everywoman. He is each and every one of us. WE so loved the world. When we gaze at a Bodhisattva, an Avatar or a Messiah, we are gazing into our own Truest Self.

It wasn’t just Jesus coming into the world as Creator within His creation, it is each of us coming into the world as little infants, and beholding a world that we somehow create.​

observing eternal world

Contemporary physicists tell us no less. There is nothing to observe without an observer. We live in a participatory universe. The universe, itself, consists of relationships between observers. Jesus Christ, of course, became the ultimate archetype.

Whether your creation adores or crucifies you, it is YOUR CREATION. When you begin to take responsibility for it all, you can begin to play on an exalted level. You discover the Life Divine. How can you NOT love all these creatures around you? They are just another expression of YOU.

You Eternally Caught Up in a Divine Love Story

History makes no sense to me apart from a love story. Why would anyone choose to enter this world, and experience all the ups and downs of it apart from love? Weren’t each of us biologically created by an “act of love?” Was this all simply an accident?

History is a divine love story. We all know the vicissitudes of human love. It can bring us heaven or hell, but we can never totally rely on it, as it is inherently conditional.​

If you scratch my back, I will scratch yours.​

creating meaningful life

The moment you break one of my rules, you’re out. And I get to define my own game book, as well as my own love frame. Sorry if you don’t fit my preconceptions!

Most of us, at one moment or another, have experienced at least one moment of pure love, a love that is so pure that it is perfect and holy. That love, itself, IS GOD. All we need do is become infused with that love. We need to channel it.

Who cares about fortune telling, chatting away with all the departed souls when you can have ABSOLUTE LOVE, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW? Find a way to channel divine love, and you are truly free.​

The Final Secret: YOU ARE THE LOVE

What most of us are totally unwilling to admit is that we are already God incarnate, that Jesus Christ came as the supreme example to wake us all up. Buddha used wisdom. Jesus chose love. You can ignore wisdom to your peril, but who does not find infinite love utterly irresistible?

Jesus as the Word is a stand-in for all of us. The truth is, WE loved the world to such an extent that we would gladly give our own life that those who fight us might finally awaken to who they are.

Think of Gandhi. Was he a Christian, or what? Think of Martin Luther King? Is his spirit not with us today? Think even of American Presidents, such as Ronald Reagan, who threw his sword down, and heartily embraced his opponent, Mikhail Gorbachev.

If the truth be told, YOU are utterly magnificent, as Marianne Williamson put it…

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God.

A Return to Love

Are you willing to stop acting like a shithead, and showing the world who you really are?

Experience Eternity: See God in Everyone and Everything

If you have ever wondered if you are saved, enlightened or transformed, when you look at the people and places that always surround you, do you see only GOD?

experience love

This requires a new pair of glasses. Fortunately, this pair of glasses is without money and without price. All it requires is opening up your heart to infinite love.

When you own up to the fact that you are the CREATOR gazing at his or her own creation, you will unleash infinite power. You will be magnetic to others in a way you never dared imagine.

When you take greater joy in their joy than your own, and greater sorrow at their sorrow than your own, when everyone around you is magnificent, and you wouldn’t possibly have it any other way, you will discover that you have ever, only, always been THE GREAT I AM.


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