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What Is Transformation?

By Conscious Owl | Inner Peace

Jun 10
physical transformation

Have you ever watched a caterpillar in its chrysalis morph into a butterfly?

Perhaps you wondered if there might be a similar process in your own life, much as you were once a helpless infant who became a powerful man or woman who can make a measurable impact on the world.

Maybe you are more a spiritual being having a human experience than a human being imagining a spiritual experience. Is it possible to shift our attention from appearances to the underlying reality?

A Total Shift In Consciousness

Spiritual transformation is a total shift from who You Pretend to Be to who You Really Are.

Transformation as a term has gained currency around the world only in the last several decades due to the pioneering work of a brilliant consciousness entrepreneur, Werner Erhard.

Before, people spoke of enlightenment, awakening, realization or being born again without any sense that these terms are interrelated, that they are essentially saying the same thing.

Werner created a profoundly experiential training that enabled nearly all the participants to “get it.” It initially spread like wildfire, until a couple of million people had gone through the rigorous workshops.

Soon it became apparent that Werner had created something fundamentally new to humanity, much the way Bill Gates and Steve Jobs gave the world the PC / MAC.

Werner came up with a very practical, no-nonsense definition independent of any religion, but which deeply resonated with all mystical traditions:​

"Transformation is a shift in the locus or identification of Self, from that which is NOT Self, to that which IS Self, from positionality, thing, story or even process, to the space or context in which positionality, thing, story or process occur. From content to context, that is all transformation is.​"

In other words, when we awaken to who we really are, we stop identifying with all the stuff in our life, and start identifying with the Source of the stuff in our life.

We stop defining ourselves in terms of our particular body, personality or mind, to something much larger.

We identify with ALL of it, rather than any one part of it, such that everyone we meet is a reflection of that deeper identity, and there is, in the end, only one of us.

transform yourself

We use to call that God. It is of the utmost significance that the ultimate name in the Hebraic tradition is I AM, which is also the term Jesus Christ uses of Himself in the Gospel of John. Could it be that That is who I am, you are, all of us are, as well as Jesus Christ?

As the late Wayne Dyer put it, “You bow to your own Sacred Self.” If you could really encounter your ultimate Self, you would fall on your knees and worship. That is the Self in which the galaxies spin.​

Why Does Spiritual Transformation Matter?

  • This can be the turning point of your life. You will eventually find that this is why you were born, as well as your job right here in the world. You are a uniquely precious expression of God here to awaken yourself, and everyone else, to our true identity. Much like a bodhisattva in embryo.
  • You can be truly empowered from within starting today. Why go through your life suffering “the outrageous arrows of fortune” much like a hapless victim? When you begin to see that nothing is here truly by accident, that you have something to do with everything you experience, you find a freedom that no one can take away from you.
  • The entire world before you is waiting to awaken. If you have read the headlines lately, you have almost certainly wondered if anything could be done to make this a better place for all. Yes, something can be done. As you awaken, everyone will start awakening with you. Transformation doesn’t end until the last sentient being joins you in the process. As per the ancient vow, “Though the flames of hell be infinite, I vow to extinguish every one of them!”

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How can I Experience Transformation?

  • Allow whatever comes up in your life to be the way that it is. Transformation starts with an open heart and mind. When you entertain the possibility that you know nothing, you will begin to see just how you know everything. Whatever happens happens. In a way, it is all perfect just as it is.
  • Choose things the way that they are. You can begin to accept people, places and things different from you. They are just the way they are. You can go beyond tolerance to acceptance. Better yet, you can go from acceptance to appreciation. Every one of us is here for something much bigger, maybe even a divine love story (if you are the romantic type).
  • Own your whole world as your very own. You will finally come to the point of realizing that this is your world. Our Creator creates through you, such that everything you experience is your co-creation. We ARE the world. When we awaken to this truth, we awaken to our own divinity.

As the great mythologist, Joseph Campbell, suggested, we are not here so much to find meaning in life, as to have an experience of being fully alive.

Once we know that we are the Creator in disguise, we can live outrageously. This is our playground, and we have been sent here to make divine whoopee! Why not begin today?​


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