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What Is Inner Power? Can It Help Me…?

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power

Apr 08
inner strength

Inner power, along with inner peace, is what you have always wanted, whether you were conscious of it or not. It is to be in living touch with Who you truly are, to feel free to relax and drop all your pretenses, and to open up to our Source and Infinite Energy.

Inner power is your ability to effortlessly impact the “real world” with your presence alone, to move, touch and inspire everyone you meet. It enables you to draw toward you whatever you truly want, as opposed to what you only think you want, or what others tell you that you must have.

Inner power comes from a sense of abundance not based upon circumstances or outer conditions. You are tuned into your ultimate destiny, what in this world you are here to accomplish. In a way, it is your inner confidence that allows you to believe and trust yourself with living and creating.

Outer power, not informed by inner power, is of limited value and almost always frustrating. Whether you are President of the United States or CEO of a large corporation, it won’t deeply fulfill you if you find that you can’t make a real difference and have no choice but to go through the motions. Leaders that secure institutional power often lack the respect of their followers. In a worse case scenario, it is the citizens themselves that have to lead their government into a positive course of action. Without inner power, you may find yourself becoming a puppet or a yo-yo.

When you look at the most noteworthy people who have ever lived, they are most often people of extraordinary inner power, whether Buddha or Christ or Gandhi. They had (and have) amazing spiritual healing powers that they had to develop. Mother Theresa of Calcutta impacted an entire generation when a low-caste young woman died in her harms. She resolved to make divine love available to the marginalized. Her fame went round the world.

Oprah Winfrey was not satisfied to be an acclaimed actress in Steven Spielberg’s “The Color Purple.” She took an active role as a TV host to champion spiritual authors, such as Eckhart Tolle, until she had her own Internet Network.​

Inner Energy in Tandem with Inner Peace

What can you personally get from cultivating inner power in tandem with inner peace?

  • Greater respect and appreciation of others.
  • Increasing impact on the feelings, thoughts and words of others around you.
  • A sense of who you are in this life and the role you will play in the world.
  • Greater authenticity with less and less need to prove yourself.
  • Spontaneous love for others with no reason or hidden agenda.
  • More effective planning and action as your mental faculties clear up.
  • A presence that deeply inspires other people and makes them want to play with you.
  • Greater courage to act with compassion in life and not worry about what might happen to you.
  • Faith in the Infinite as you increasingly get in touch with your divine Self.
  • Increased fulfillment in life as you relish the opportunities you have before you.
  • Increased sense of abundance as you begin to appreciate all that you already have.
  • A greater sense of play, and other being values, as you experience less and less struggle in your daily life.
  • Enhanced ability to share and support others in knowing Who they are.
  • Enhanced ability to train others in how to get what they, also, truly want.
  • Ever expanding ability to contribute, save the Planet and humanity in a time of great turbulence.
  • Greater Self-expression, as you speak out minus shame or blame to ensure, in the words of Werner Erhard, one of the pioneers of social transformation “a world that works for everyone.”

Can You Get Direct Access to the Source of Inner Strength?

Yes.  Inner power is available to anyone at anytime, because it is part of your divine nature. The god-like power of the X-Men and all the Marvel Comic characters are a portrayal of what is already in you.

inner power

Direct access comes from opening up to Infinite Intelligence and Higher Power, to God in whatever form you conceive Him / Her / It. The truth that will make the ultimate difference in your life is, in the words of Jesus of Nazareth, “The kingdom of God is within you.” Just imagine what would happened if we lived every minute of our day with this in mind?!

This guided meditation (video below) can give you a great start in connecting with your inner strength…​

We all must cultivate our inner power as we grow and evolve over time. In other words, this process of tweaking and molding it never stops, since nothing stands still – time, the world around us and we along with it.

So, what are you waiting for?

Begin building your inner energy and power by introducing one or two small simple exercises a day.

For example, if your mind is captured by negative thoughts that rob you of your positive energy and limits your growth – work on catching these thoughts in action and re-framing them in a positive light. Let’s say a negative thought came by that infused doubts in you making a transition at work – “Do I have the motivation and skills needed to succeed?”

This type of thought immediately drains you of your power within. Ask that question out loud and examine your feelings. Do you see what I mean?

Now, let’s take that negative question and re-frame it into a powerful statement that will put you in the right frequency and state of mind – “I am all fired up to take on and work on this new project every single day because it will lead me to new opportunities.”

The take away is that we consistently need to shift our thoughts from “victim”- type feelings to “creator”-type living and existence.

How often do you catch thoughts that position you as a “victim”?​


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