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Success With Spiritual Healing Meditation

spiritual healing meditation

Meditation is a way to open yourself up to the very Life Force within you, and to our Source with its transcendent power. You may look at the spiritual as simply another dimension of your life proceeding directly out of your body. However, you can look at your body as a living expression of the Spirit that is your true Self.

As has been often repeated, “We are not simply bodies having a spiritual experience, we are spirits having a human experience. “ If you hold this as a possibility, then meditation is a way to come home. You switch from active to passive, from the doer to the receiver. You switch from identifying with the thoughts in your head to observing those thoughts without judgment or evaluation, as thought is just another thought, which comes and goes.

Spiritual meditation comes down to what you do with your own consciousness. It is Self-reflexive, you becoming aware of being aware. There is no one right way to meditate. You can have an exalted experience on the side of a noisy freeway just as much as you can in a delightful forested shrine with soft, flowing water and gentle music.​

How you go about this is manifold, whether by concentrating on your breath, on a specific word, or mantra, or a creative visualization, drawing on your inner eye to transport you to another dimension. You don’t necessarily have to sit on the floor with crossed legs and spine straight, although that posture is conducive to the total focus that might result in Samadhi, or divine awakening.

The word you use to concentrate can be any number of words. A prominent researcher, Dr. Herbert Benson, had his patients simply say, “One.” In TM [Transcendental Meditation], you are assigned a Sanskrit word of a particular manifestation of God, based on your Vedic astrological chart, including day, hour and place of birth. Om or AUM is considered the universal mantra that anyone can use, which contains all vowels. This mantra was thought to be the nameless sound of the Universe.​

Energy Healing Mediation is Not A Joke

That meditation is conducive to healing has been verified by thousands upon thousands of clinical studies, starting in Boston with the TMTM movement. Dr. Deepak Chopra was one of its most prominent spokesmen before going independent. You breath slows. Your heart rate slows. Your brain waves begin to move in synch and become coherent. You move from beta to alpha to theta states, delta being deep sleep.

healing through meditation

Being restful, relaxed, at peace with yourself and the Universe, greatly accelerates the body to naturally heal. The way most of us move about in our busy lives, it becomes challenging for the body to heal itself. We are unwittingly interfering with our own healing.

​More recent studies have highlighted the importance that religion can play in clinical outcomes. Dr. Mimi Guarneri has cited studies of a 30% to 40% greater chance of recovery if one is devout, or has a strong faith-based community. Meditation, like prayer, is at the core of religious practices, although, in the Western religions, it is more often called contemplation.

One can meditate on an avatar, bodhisattva or messiah, such as Krishna, Buddha or Christ. For example, Orthodox Christians in the Hesychastic tradition continually repeat the name of Jesus, or “Yeshua.” The TM various mantras are actually the names of gods, roughly equivalent to angels in the Catholic Church. The idea is to invoke, or call forth, the presence of the deity, by calling forth His or Her name. From the feminist perspective, you need only think of the prominence of the Blessed Virgin in such healing shrines as Lourdes, France.

Here is a bit more detailed explanation of what is spiritual healing and why is it important?​

Guided Meditation

You can establish a practice of meditation, as the 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening is recommended in the TMTM movement. Earnest practitioners vouch for the long-term effects of this. However, it is possible to meditate on the spot with whatever resources you have available.

​If you are in front of your computer or any other gadget that can play this video on the spot (like a Bus Stop), you can simply play it and follow along:

Visualization and affirmation are powerful tools in meditation that accomplish remarkable results, even in the face of major operations. For example, it is possible to visualize a tumor going down, or your brain having no tumor for seven days in a row and having a highly successful outcome. In the work of Landmark Education, they have a mental process of visualizing a body ache as an orange ball, in which a participant will describe it to both the Leader and the audience, answering questions about what color, what size, is it getting bigger or smaller. That sort of thing.

Usually, the ache or pain will vanish completely right then and there. They are applying Carl Jung’s observation that whatever you resist, persists. By observing the ache or pain, and by answering questions about it, they are confronting it without judgment or evaluation. The fear goes away, as well as the pain itself.​

Effective Healing Meditation Technique

If we were to improvise a meditation around a malignant skin condition under optimal conditions, it might look something like this.

lying down meditation
1.  You start by lying on the floor with soft music playing and becoming conscious of your body, and its various organs. You start, of course, with your head, face, eyes and neck, sensing them. You might even want to tense them and subsequently relax them. You then move to the fingers, hands and arms, and then to the shoulders and chest, and then to the stomach, abdomen and hips, moving down to your upper legs, lowers legs, feet and toes. This is known as progressive relaxation.
2.  You then can start breathing deeply, starting with your lungs, and then your belly in what is known as a deep breath. You might even start counting your breaths. In Buddhism, people often count to eight, and then start over.
3.  You may find that you have very active thoughts, such that it is difficult not to be those thoughts and enter into the whole inner discussion as an active participant. Every time you do that, simply notice you have done that without any recrimination, and simply revert to being the observer. You might even totally forget what you are doing, that you are on the floor concentrating in meditation. You might even fall asleep. No problem. You might have someone time you and watch you if you have a tight schedule.
4.  Now you may want to visualize the outcome you want to occur. For example, if you have a severe sunburn, you might see it gradually disappear into its normal coloring.
5.  You can cap it off with a continuous affirmation that you are WHOLE, PERFECT and COMPLETE. This comes from the New Thought movement, as well as from such transformational movements as Landmark Education. You are, of course, affirming your only True and Ultimate Self, rather than your ego.
6.  You can then gradually allow yourself to come back to waking consciousness feeling totally refreshed.

It is possible that in meditation, emotions as well as thoughts may come up. Just watch the various emotions without judgment. It might also be possible that you get in touch with transcendent love.

Dr. Mimi Guarneri, a no-nonsense former heart surgeon, maintains that nothing is so powerful in healing as love, itself. A quote from one of the Epistles of Saint John in the New Testament might be appropriate: “Love casts out all fear, for fear has torment.” This Love has a way of giving you a profound sense of well being beyond your wildest dreams.

Whatever your circumstances, it is possible to avail yourself of this Peace and that Love.​