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Spiritual Benefits of Meditation: Let Go of The Monkey Mind

By Conscious Owl | Healing Meditation

Mar 30
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Spirituality is a vital dimension of life, equally as important as the physical, emotional and mental. It underlies everything else, giving us meaning and purpose, without which it all can seem utterly hollow. In matters of healing, it is just as important to heal your spiritual being as your physical being. Many, if not most, perceived illnesses have a spiritual, or inner, origin.

Meditation is one of the core methods of opening up our spirituality, allowing us to feel fully alive. It is a transformative practice that gradually shapes our reality in more and more subtle ways with a cumulative impact that can be quite surprising.

It is really the flip side of prayer. While in prayer we talk to “God,” in meditation, we give “God” a chance to talk back to us (in some ways guide us). Even in the Old Testament, the reader is advised to “Be still, and know that I am God.”

The literal translation of this provocative passage would be: “Hush. Know. I AM.” The ultimate name for God in the Hebraic tradition is expressed in English as “I AM.” The implication of this most sacred name is that “God” is Our Only True And Ultimate Self. We are the living dream of the living God.​

Physical Benefits of Meditation

Spiritual healing meditation enables us to experience our lives in present time by slowly turning down the volume of the ceaseless chatter of our monkey mind. Eckhart Tolle has become famous for his ability to show people “The Power of Now.

When we are able, through whatever means might be at our disposal, to shut off the verbal flow, even for a few moments, it is like being born again. We discover a whole new world where all our experiences are fresher, brighter, more resilient. The West has developed an extremely verbal culture, both oral and written, both paper and electronic, that mindlessly goes on 24 x 7.

This civilization has widely spread throughout the planet, and has only been challenged in recent decades when the East began to have a decisive impact on American and European culture. Often the pace of our lives is frantic. Thus, meditation can scarcely be considered an option in our era.

As we slow down our thought processes, we open up to our inner nature and begin to discover that we are inherently divine. We become more perceptive and intuitive.

We begin healing our physical body from within. All of the physical benefits are mentioned in the video below (click to watch):​

We often get knowledge of the immediate future and at times can virtually read people’s minds. We find that we are more “with” people. We allow them to BE just as they are. We stop trying to complete people’s sentences.

We start to experience genuine concern for them without regard to ourselves. We want to see things from their eyes and walk in their shoes. In Buddhism, wisdom and compassion are considered supreme virtues. Meditation can deliver both to us.

For most people, either “heaven” or “enlightenment” is the grand goal. Meditation can deliver both. When Jesus of Nazareth taught about the Kingdom of Heaven, He referred to the inner dimension of life, our divine nature.

When you become fully conscious, you see everything with different eyes. When you go about actually living the Beatitudes, the Sermon on the Mount, you will find that you ARE in heaven, only here and now. Heaven is as much a state of being and a stage of development as it is a place.

Enlightenment refers to transformation, a profound, irreversible shift in your self-identity, in which you see that what you thought you are, you are not, and what you thought you are not, you are.

In the Eastern tradition, you are nothing that can be perceived with the physical senses or conceived by the mind. Rather, you are the ultimate context in which those senses function.​

Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Most important of all is the ability to access divine love, to find that you ultimately ARE LOVE, and that you can get your ego out of the way to let this love come up to the surface. As Jesus promised, “Out of his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.” This love, unlike infatuation, or puppy love, is your divine nature expressing itself without any prompting.

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You will feel love for people you don’t even know without even knowing why. You will begin to have compassion for villains and become disinterested in judging them. You will take no joy in anyone’s demise, even if it looks like they deserved it. You will even get to the point, if you are so blessed, where you take more joy in someone else’s success than your own.

What is truly amazing is that you don’t have to hype up this love, or grudgingly make yourself love one. You will eventually find that you actually DO love people without any effort. I began to discover this years ago in encounter groups and transformational training.

As Werner Erhard once put it, “Love is a function of communication…When you have said everything that you haven’t been saying, you will find that what you have really wanted to say is, “I love you.” This is not about being religious in a superficial sense. This is about accessing a spirituality that is quite natural.

As you keep meditating, you will find yourself content with less and less, in that you can have a delight in ordinary things.

You are less and less dependent upon external stimuli. You find intellectual pursuits and pleasure as satisfying as sensual pursuits. As you open up through various spiritual practices, you can actually experience bliss, rapture and ecstasy.

The inspiration you feel can become very deep, and you can began to directly experience that you are one with everything, one with God. You will have the experiential realization that ALL IS ONE.

Read more on guided meditation here.

The Classic Greeks saw the ultimate values as The True, The Good and The Beautiful, or scientific, ethical and aesthetic. From an ultimate contemporary perspective, we can come to realize Absolute Unity, Absolute Love and Absolute Perfection.

Such a phenomenal experience can only come as we cease to get all tangled up in comparison, contrast, judgment and evaluation. A thought is just a thought, a feeling is just a feeling (usually, derived from a thought). Thoughts and feelings come and go. Let them dance! All thoughts and feelings happen within the context of our own ultimate being.

Once you let go of your busy monkey mind… you’ll open the door to a whole new and deeply fulfilling world.

Meditation is one of the most potent practices for discovering what life is all about. You will come to see that all you have ever wanted was right within you all the time. All Within. You will find that life is a process of coming home to “God,” to our Source, to Our Only True And Ultimate Self.

Are you ready to let that monkey mind go?​


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