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Spanda: How Conscious Energy Awakens You

By Conscious Owl | Inner Peace

Nov 30
spanda definition

Except for the point, the still point,

There would be no dance, and there is only the dance

T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets

Kashmir is the most gorgeous spot on earth, wedged between India and Pakistan in the shadow of the mammoth Himalayan mountain range, complete with towering trees and sparkling lakes adorned with picture perfect houseboats.

Here we find a dynamic confluence of three great religions: Tantric Buddhism, Shaivite Hinduism and Mystical Islam. Over a thousand years ago in these gorgeous hills, the entire universe was reconceived in terms of pure consciousness, a delightful interplay of divine energy in perpetual bliss.​

Spanda: The Pulse of Creation

Kashmir Shaivism added a whole new dimension to Hinduism, envisioning all of creation as an eternal dance of pure being, consciousness and bliss, not at rest, but forever flowing. God is seen more as a verb than a noun.

Everyone and everything is perpetually vibrating. What seems to be stationary is actually moving, and what seems still is subtly moving.​

spanda vibration

It so happens that this resonates deeply with contemporary physics, with its interstellar relativity, quantum waves and bubbling strings of pure energy. Here, Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg and Brian Greene all shake hands.

Our bodies are constantly quivering, with every one of our systems and cells, every molecule, every atom, every subatomic particle.​

We are dancing in and out of existence millions of times per second.  #ConsciousOwl

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Awakening is the motion of conscious energy out of sleep. To move is life. To freeze is death.

Shiva/Shakti: The Eternal Interplay of Masculine and Feminine

Shiva is the god of destruction and transformation, forever changing things. He is formless in His form. Shiva can sit in lotus posture for a thousand years and move the universe with His dreams.


His stunning consort is Shakti, who moves Him and inspires Him to dance. Shiva and Shakti are always found together. You won’t find one without the other.

Shiva is the ultimate archetype of pure consciousness, and Shakti is the ultimate archetype of divine energy. Shakti gives rise to Shiva, and Shiva gives rise to Shakti. The whole point of sitting down in calmness is to have a place out of which to arise in energetic movement.​

Our Father is the Spirit within and beyond the Universe. Our Mother is the Universe, itself. All form is feminine. The intelligence behind it is masculine. Masculine and feminine are totally interdependent. Man is not complete without woman, and woman without man. The two merge and become one.​

The Inner Meaning of Genesis

When we read that God said, “Let there be light, and there was light,” this is a myth in the truest sense of the word. It expresses with poetry what cannot be expressed nearly as well any other way.

God’s language is that of spanda vibration, which He doesn’t need lips to utter. God spoke us into being, and we were. We are in the Mind of God, and our only True Self is God, Himself.

What is not said in that text is that God is continually creating the world. He upholds us in every moment. As Saint Paul put it to the classical Athenians, “For in Him, we live and move and have our being.”

Every heartbeat, every breath we take is solely by the grace of God. We are His play, and also the play in which He participates. A story, a dance, a play, a movie, these metaphors most closely approximate life.

In the beginning, everything that God created was good; in fact, it was perfect. Everything was on the level of pure being, before we got all caught up in contrast and differentiation.

Then, in order to move the plot forward, we chose to forget Who We Are, and thereby set up the divine love story we live out today.

Kundalini: The Sacred Serpent Up the Spine

In yoga, you mobilize energy to awaken. You proceed through a dynamic set of postures that stimulate the glands and get you into the flow of things. You can then rest perfectly still in meditation and watch the movement of your mind, the flow of consciousness.

As you progress, you begin to stimulate the base energy, the coiled serpent, up through the seven major energy vortices, where you enjoy an ever increasingly refined perception of reality.​

You move out of dualism and a narrow self-orientation to your larger Self that contains the whole Universe. When the energy finally reaches the crown chakra, just above the skull, you merge into unitive consciousness.​

First you see others, then only God, and then there is only The ONE, the eternal dance.​

To Find Spanda Vibration OR To Find God… Play

Kashmir Shaivism invites us to play. God is no longer a rigid patriarch on a golden throne far removed from human affairs, but more like a loving four-year-old Who asks us to come out and play. In fact, He is as much She, as He.

A 20th Century pope declared that if God has gender, then He is more like a woman than a man.

Sexual play is no longer taboo. Intercourse is an act of creation. You look into the woman, you look into the man, and see YOU creating ME creating YOU creating ME. We frolic in a perpetual game of Hide-and-Go-Seek, God hiding from God, all in jest.

People never think of it this way, but Jesus Christ in His early ministry was a consummate party-goer, there was nothing He enjoyed more. In the marriage in Canaan, as His first recorded miracle, He transforms the water into wine. So also with Buddha and Muhammad.

The sacred is the joyful, not the morose. Place a smile on their faces. Put a smile on your own. #ConsciousOwl

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Join in the Dance of Pure Consciousness

Today, you can experience forever the spanda, the pulse of creation, in a dance. You can find a partner, or dance all by yourself. You can do ballet, modern or flash dance. Consciously move your body around. See. Hear. Feel.

Experience it all on the deepest levels. Have a blast! There is truly nothing more spiritual.​


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