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Shamanic Initiation: Beyond Psychedelics

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power

Mar 22
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Have you ever read James Redfield’s Celestine Prophecy and wished you could step into the enchanted land of the Incans in Machu Pichu and directly experience the evolutionary life force that he so brilliantly described?

Perhaps you have read any number of Carlos Castaneda’s masterpieces, from The Teachings of Don Juan to The Active Side of Infinity, and dreamed of meeting Don Juan Matus for yourself. Perhaps Don Juan would share some plant powers that could get you to fly like an eagle, as well.

It is still possible to be introduced to the shamanic world. Some 350 million indigenous people around the planet are still in vital touch with their ancient traditions. Some of the top shamanic masters have gone public. Their insights are much easier to access than you might think.​

What Is Shamanic Initiation?

Shamans in indigenous societies are much like prophets in the Abrahamic religion. They don’t become shamans by heredity. They become shamans through an inner calling that takes them to the edge of society where they encounter transhuman possibilities. They go on a vision quest and bring back to their tribe the boon that Joseph Campbell so frequently described, a fresh appreciation of The Self.


Shamans, however, typically live in preliterate or transliterate societies without book knowledge. Information is transmitted orally. They don’t depend upon elaborate scholarship, but upon finetuning the perceptions of their intuitives and sensitives. Like learning jazz, you either get it, or you don’t.

 Become a Shaman!

 Shamanic Initiation for Everyone

Shamans have used psychoactive plants for thousands of years. However, they don’t use them casually or recreationally, but rather for spiritual purposes. It is highly significant that the Native American Church of America during the Antidrug Wars secured the Constitutional right to take peyote as a sacrament, falling back upon the freedom of religion guaranteed by the First Amendment.​

Shamanic Healing Triggered By Psychedelics

Psychedelics have been much maligned in recent years, although they were the agent that opened up America against the War in Vietnam, reinforced a commitment to civil rights and unleashed the liberation movements, chiefly women’s liberation. They were the impetus for people like Baba Ram Dass and the hippies to go to India to find themselves.

Psychedelics open up the filter of the mind that organizes our experience and allows us to see whole new patterns. They often don’t produce outright hallucinations as much as they allow you to really see what is there, such as staring at the petals of a sunflower for hours. We shift from being active and dominating to passive and opening. It takes far less to make us satisfied. Our agenda in life becomes a whole lot less important. Quite simply, living is enough.

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Psychedelics often catalyze religious experiences, because they foster the direct experience of God, minus theology or religious dogma.

You would be quite comfortable calling God “She,” as you see Her in everyone and everything. 

After people come down from their high, they often seek out the mystical texts in all sacred traditions that focus on the Presence of the Divine.

Shamanic Opening to the Other World

In the Gospel of Thomas, Christ is quoted as saying that the Kingdom of God is spread all around us, but men do not see it. The Kingdom of God is the spiritual dimension of life. Shamans among indigenous nations are the people who have opened up and seen this. They become the elders and medicine men. They often develop powerful visions, such as realizing that every mountain is sacred and the center of the earth.

Shamans help people see the spirits in energy fields and auras that surround all living things. They get the tribes to awaken to a conscious world and a conscious universe. Everyone and everything is conscious. No exceptions. They give the people an expanded perspective that gives a whole new meaning to life.

Above all, shamans heal those who have fallen sick. While they use plants, they don’t depend upon pharmacies. They operate on a spiritual dimension, which often entails clearing people’s energy field. If it takes them a whole day and night to accomplish that, this they will do without complaining. Contemporary studies of indigenous societies suggest that the medicine men are every bit as effective as Western physicians, if not more so.​

Shamanic Connection to Your Spirit Guides

Each of us has a guardian angel that looks out for us on a day-by-day basis. Anyone who has avoided a devastating pileup on the freeway by a split second will appreciate that there is something to it. It is just that we rarely listen or are on speaking terms with our spirit guides, the “still, small voice” of God.

Shamanic culture encourages you to go out into nature and relish all the luscious sounds of the forest, sea and wildlife. The more silent you become, the more the surrounding world begins to talk to you. It is just that you haven’t yet learned to talk back to have a real conversation.

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A master shaman can open you up on all fronts and greatly accelerate the process for your communing with God, and being guided to your ultimate destiny. For example, our MD’s still use a stethoscope to listen to your heartbeat. A shaman can feel your wrist and quickly detect half-a-dozen different pulses. They are feeling and listening on a whole, different level.​

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Becoming Homo Luminous, a Being of Light

The ancient Incans had prophecies that reveal humanity will undergo a massive transformation in this century, and that white people will play a pivotal role in awakening humanity and bring us all in alignment with our Great Mother.

The human species will undergo an evolution from Homo Sapiens to Homo Luminous, from simply smart men and women to conscious beings who bear light. They mean this literally, suggesting that we will undergo a genetic change, and our bodies will perform differently on a cellular level, aging much more slowly.

Unfortunately, those same prophecies predict massive disruption, such as we are seeing with climate change, including massive floods, drought and fires, as well as dislocations of entire populations. They see the light bearers playing the pivotal role in saving the planet. One need only remember that a hero is an ordinary man or woman in extraordinary circumstances.

The knowledge, the spiritual empowerment necessary to become a being of light will expand and greatly accelerate. Perhaps their ancient prophets visualized something like the Internet and mobile devices. It is now easy to imagine humanity undergoing a global social revolution in a single generation.​

How to Become a Shaman - Your Guide to the Munay-Ki

Sharon Ramel is an eclectic spiritual guide from Australia with a deep appreciation for the various shamanic traditions, with a special passion for Munay-Ki, the ancient rights of the Peruvian shaman. She has put together an extensive video course with rich media and downloadables, going far beyond static text to deeply engage you, to give you your own direct experience of the shamanic pulse.

Sharon is very active engaging in email with her students from all over the world, and commits to answer every email she possible can. This is not just another job for her, but her life. You can now play introductory videos, and quickly see for herself that she is joyous, imaginative and highly experienced.

In the Munay-Ki course, you will deeply explore nine different rites, including Healer’s Rite, Harmony Rite, Daykeeper’s Rite, Wisdomkeeper’s Rite, Earth Keeper’s Rite and Starkeeper's Rite.

The perspective goes literally beyond our planet to engage in the inner wisdom and divine presence of the entire universe. 

To learn more details about Sharon and her teachings, click on the image below.

It’s about time we all learned to love our Mother. Can you think of a more delightful way to get started?


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