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How Self-Acceptance Leads to Inner Peace

By Conscious Owl | Inner Peace

Jul 11
accepting yourself

Are you at a midpoint in your life where you are acutely conscious that you are only getting older, and that somehow you have blown it all?

Do you regret all the years you have wasted that you could have put to better use? Are you where you were supposed to be at your current age, given, not only your parents’ expectations of you, but your own?

We all have a tendency to beat up on ourselves, not only for what we could change, such as losing 10 or 20 pounds, but even for what we can’t change, such as getting older. Many of us live in a society that is very other-directed, where we look up to glamorous people and dream that we could really amount to something.

Somehow, it is hard to reconcile ourselves to the fact that we are NOT rich, famous, accomplished, beloved by all and truly happy.

As we grow older, we get in touch with our weaknesses much more than our strengths.​

We compare ourselves to the best people in our field and find that we have are woefully inadequate, really jokers or clowns. The best we can hope for is to be spectacularly ordinary, and then time knocks off all our pieces in the game of life until we hear, “Check Mate!”

Despite all this, self-acceptance doesn’t depend on outer circumstances, or even an impressive string of wins. It would be really wonderful to win the Nobel Peace Prize, but what if I just have a profound impact on the people within my own circle?

It Is All About Something Much Bigger

The breakthrough lies in the realization that, although I am the author of my own life, the story is not really about me, but about something much bigger.

I play a vital role in the great drama of humanity, and no one and nothing would be quite the same without me. I am indispensable to the role I am playing. Someone had to fill that role, and I have been chosen by Central Casting.

It is very possible, as attested by the world’s greatest religion, numerically, that we live in a divine love story. It is more about how much each character in the drama is able to express love to all the other characters, who are, in turn, co-creators. My story is not really about me, but about us, and about our Creator, our Source.​

Self-Actualization on The Deeper Level

Have you ever tried to first accepting yourself just as You Are? Not in the past or the future, but now.

The first step in any transformation is to come in peace with what is… or the way things are right now.

It is also very possible, despite all of our preconceived notions, that you and I are perfect, just as we are, despite all the twists and turns of the plot, and life’s inevitable reversals. It is about the total effect, especially around the climax, which climate change suggests is somewhere about NOW.

Focus on your Being… not Doing! Your ‘world of Being’ matters first… and it is perfect as it is. Once your world of Being is in peace and harmony… then, you combine it with your ‘world of Doing’ and BOOM... you have an amazing force behind you to create, and experience life to its fullest.​


If you hadn’t blown it at times, and won small or big at other times, life would be very boring, without any contrast. Each time you blow it makes your past and future wins even sweeter. We only learn, only progress, by making mistakes. Learning and awakening take a lifetime.

Each of us has been given a priceless gift by our Creator, which it is our privilege to discover, and then exercise in loving service to one another. It might be as simple as the way you smile, or look at someone. The point is not so much how good you look, but how good you make others feel.​

The thought that you are too old, and that it is all so useless is absurd! It is never over until it’s over.

You have a purpose in still being here. If you read the newspaper headlines, it is all too apparent that plenty of people are left who can still use your help. There are more than enough problems for humanity to solve. You are very much needed to contribute in your own, unique way.

More importantly, this prolonged dream that we muddle through is really all about remembering Who we really are, waking up more and more each day to our own divinity. Yes, we are all too human, but we are also ineradicably divine. We are being driven to recognize little by little that we are not just a piece in the puzzle. We are all of it.

As you shift the focus of your attention off you, your story, your predicaments and your constraints, onto others, and their problems and their challenges, you begin to find inner peace (more on this topic click here).

The turning point in your life happens when you take more joy in someone else’s success than your own. God bless the next billionaire! That is me succeeding. He or she may not look or act like me, but ultimately he or she IS me in another form. One only need thing about Bill and Melinda Gate’s inspiring decision to give away the bulk of their fortune.​

Immediate Steps to Enhanced Self-Acceptance

Here are some steps to hasten self-acceptance and realize the inner peace that no one and nothing can ever again take away from you:

  • Question your inner critic. Most often it is a voice from the past long gone. He or she may have wished well for you at the time, but things have changed, and you have definitely grown up.
  • Stop your monkey mind, if even for a moment. Take some deep breaths, close your eyes and listen to what is happening all around you. Let the mental chatter flow through your inner sky like Cirrus clouds. No need to entertain it.
  • Shift your focus from self-pity to...  Ask your deepest self, “What is my role this time around and who can I serve?” When you invoke the Sacred Presence, it will always come. Trust the voice of love, the one that cherishes you just as you are.
  • Do a little something for someone today. It may be a thank you, a smile, a compliment, even plucking a wild daisy to offer.
  • Restore great experiences!  Remember an accomplishment in the past, it might be something so trivial as a Perfect Spelling Award in Fifth Grade. You are nowhere near as messed up as you pretend to be!

God loves you. Isn’t it about time you returned the favor? Maybe your Creator knew what He was doing when he said, “Let there be…YOU!”

Tune into that peace within and you’ll notice a total shift in your daily experience and appearance.


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One conscious owl to another... sharing what we learned over the years, and from many wise owls before us.