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Who Said UFO’s Are Bogus?

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power

Jun 23
UFO ship

You may remember the stunning scenes in Stephen Spielberg’s masterpiece, Close Encounters, where UFO’s keep zooming over and around Muncie, Indiana utterly capturing the imagination of the Richard Dreyfuss character, Roy Neary. Roy receives a psychic call to go meet them somehow, and is willing to risk everything in the process.

There are more things in heaven and earth…

Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Shakespeare’s Hamlet

I was under the very same skies as Stephen Spielberg when he conceived his first movie, Firefly, which he showed in 16 millimeters at the Phoenix Art Museum. I was only a kid back then, and we were all spooked out about what we called “flying saucers,” at the height of the Cold War. That was when ICBM missiles were first being deployed and Russia was winning the Space Race.

What has happened with UFO’s? They seem to come and go in waves, and yet they are permanently embedded in our psychic imagination, what Carl Jung called “the imaginal realm.”​

What Are UFO’s?

UFO means “Unidentified Flying Object,” and stands for just that. UFO’s can be ANY moving object in the sky, whether a cloud formation, a balloon, a flock of birds, a meteor, a space launch or an airplane, propeller or jet. For whatever reason, people observing it on the ground or in the sky can’t make out what it is, and can’t rule out that it might be of “extra-terrestrial” origin.

At least 5% of the tens of thousands of citing’s cannot easily be explained away by existing phenomenon, even after rigorous reviews by Intelligence. This is not a trivial matter, as you can just imagine all the junk up in the sky, rockets, test or otherwise, and every sort of airplane.

A common assumption behind UFO’s is that they come from outer space and are advanced craft operated by highly intelligent beings that defy known laws of physics. For example, they can be stationery, and then suddenly zoom up at 200,000 thousand miles an hour without making any noise.

ufo meaning

Why Are UFO’s Important?

UFO’s suggest that we, as humanity, are not alone in the universe. We, along with the dolphins and whales, are not the only forms of intelligent life. Other species, within or outside our solar system, may be more advanced than us.

UFO citing’s refuse to go away, and have been observed for centuries, not simply since World War II. They may even be implied in ancient sacred texts, such as the Bible and the Hindu’s Ramayana epic. It is highly possible that they, and angels, may refer to the same order of being, and are transdimensional, meaning they can appear or disappear at will.

Let us not forget that UFO’s are a multibillion-dollar industry in Hollywood, in the publishing industry and in specialized conferences and conventions around the world where well-educated people engage in wild speculation.​

Overwhelming Evidence

Incidents and sworn affidavits keep piling up around the world entailing witnesses at the highest levels, political and military, as well as a host of ordinary citizens. Voluminous photographs, films and video have been archived and continue to be released, some highly incriminating, like little men in space suits walking across an airport.

It has been estimated that there are close to a quarter million such reports, including North America, Europe and Russia, occurring day and night. Even more disconcerting, extremely credible people, such as astronauts Edwin Mitchell, who landed on the moon, and Gordon Cooper, an early Mercury astronaut, have given testimony.​

Were it not for flying saucers, we might well wonder if we would have ever developed the space program, or seen the emergence of such awesome movies as 2001, Star Wars and Star Trek. We are now already at the point of having launched probes at most of the planets, as well as beyond our solar system.

Are UFO’s Even Physically Possible?

If you have studied physics, you may be asking yourself, how could extraterrestrials from star systems other than our sun have possibly made it here? The Milky Way galaxy is 100,000 light years across, and the known universe is 100 billion light years across. Even the nearest stars, such as Sirius, require several years for their light to reach us.

​Humanity hasn’t even come close to the speed of light, 186,000 miles PER SECOND, managing only tens of thousands of miles PER HOUR. We are currently focused on solid rocket fuel, or hydrogen power. While we hear of electromagnetic propulsion, this is not widely known.

The limits of the speed of light have all been called into question by the new physics. Even Albert Einstein, as stubborn as he could be, deeply questioned his own notions of space-time. The discovery of nonlocality maintains that two originally paired particles on opposite sides of the universe can correlate their spins. Neither space nor time is an inherent limitation.

What is going on here?​

Why Do Most Governments Deny UFO’s?

While the military has spent decades researching thousands of citing’s, they have managed to come up with alternative explanations in most, but not all, cases. The attitude is much along the lines of…. This CAN’T HAPPEN, so it DIDN’T HAPPEN.

Decades back, the US Air Force suspended their known studies, maintaining that they had not arrived at any conclusive evidence, despite rumors of extraterrestrial crashes from Roswell, New Mexico to the Amazon basin. Bodies and materials not of this world were photographed. Of course, officials are quick to suggest this is all an elaborate hoax.​

ufo panic

A deeper reason is fear that a public announcement of official landings might set off a panic around the world that would incite massive chaos. One need only think of Orson Well’s fake radio announcement of the War of the Worlds back in 1937, where listeners actually died of heart attacks.

Are UFO’s Classified and Secret Military Experiments?

Militaries around the world are routinely given elaborate research and development budgets in the billions of dollars that don’t require detailed accounting. They have access to the best minds and the most advanced materials. One thinks of the stealth bombers used in the Gulf War that could break the sound barrier while masking their wave signature to be undetectable to radar.

These technological breakthroughs, which may be comparable to the evolution of the original 1984 Macintosh to the iPhone Plus, remain classified and even top secret. Information is given out on a strictly need-to-know basis. This is to ensure strategic advantage against other government, either for defensive or offensive purposes.

We still can’t be sure that our military-industrial complex is up to producing the advanced materials and thrust apparent in the more elaborate UFO accounts, such as a silent mothership floating in the sky that suddenly disappears. Think of Star Trek, or Star Wars.​

Sensationalized Narratives

Just attend a UFO convention or a major New Age festival to find organizations pedaling the most far-out stories imaginable. This is a lucrative business. William Gibson coined the phrase “the future is now,” referring to science fiction as the “golden ghetto.” Most novelists won’t touch it, but those who do stand to make a mint. Just think of the work of Philip K. Dick.

It is widely thought that hundreds of thousands of aliens live among us. The story is that they landed on the White House lawn back in 1947 and cut a deal with President Truman that “we won’t bother you, if you don’t bother us.” These intelligent beings were supposedly given an underground base in Area 51, where we had incidentally done atmospheric tests on our hydrogen bombs.​

alien base

Views of the alien are either benign or paranoid. We have to suppose that Europe and America have projected onto the skies the exploitation they have been inflicted on indigenous peoples since Christopher Columbus. One fanciful writer claims that President Obama, as a young man, went to a star gate, an interplanetary portal where he was transdimensionally jumped to an underground military base on Mars!

The more you study these stories, the more fuel you will have to come up with your own blockbuster action/adventure movie, such as ID4: Independence Day.​

The Problem with Conspiracy Theories

There is no end to freaky stories. They are almost all about what is “out there” that is about to do something to you. Most of them are second or third-hand accounts, and quite often someone is making a lot of money off the charade. Conspiracy theories are the perfect confidence game: we never landed on the moon, the intelligence community staged 9/11 and Elvis Presley stills walks the suburban streets.

I, personally, have never seen an aerial phenomenon that I am certain was a flying saucer. I have never met an E.T., an extraterrestrial alien, with one exception. When I started my studies at Cal Berkeley, I met a snappy, older man in a red beret who claimed he was born on Mars. Back then, people at Berkeley did things like that. So I never took him all that seriously.

Conspiracy theories can be a marvelous diversion, but they can also drain all the energy out of you. You get all wired up, unable to concentrate on anything else. You are utterly disempowered. Strangely enough, the people who manufacture such stories often grin a lot. One need only think of Steven Greer, M.D., who can stretch your thinking beyond all reason.​

real ufos and aliens

Would a Public UFO Landing Wipe Out Religion?

Let us say that a really classy UFO silently landed in Times Square, stopping all the traffic. If the dapper humanoid crew climbed out to greet the foot traffic, most religions wouldn’t be ruffled. We have already witnessed the moon landing, and the development of the computer industry with the World Wide Web. The Berlin Wall came tumbling down, and “Red” China became highly commercialized.

If I was a rigid fundamentalist who could only treat sacred texts literally and had zero appreciation of mythology as a literary genre, it might be very different. I might, for example, consider little green men, or whatever they were, as a satanic delusion. Christ died for humanity. Why should we suppose He would die for the plants and animals, let alone thankless aliens?

If I were convinced that we have a God of absolute Love, and Christ is the ultimate expression of that Love, I would see Christ, much like an E.T., as the one who came to our Planet to wake us up to our own divinity. I would then greet the alien with the Hindu “Namaste!” (“I salute the divinity within you.”)​

Are UFO’s Actually “Out There” or “In Here”?

If we are honest with ourselves, each of us creates our own experience. No one or nothing is actually “out there” wholly independent of us, just as our bodies “over here” are totally dependent upon your observation “over there.” We are all brothers and sisters. We are all ONE. My only true Self can be none other than GOD.

When we get back in touch with the context of our experience, we realize the Context of All Contexts, in which spin the galaxies. Any and all UFO’s and extraterrestrial intelligences can live only within that ultimate context.

If we go all the way in metaphysics, and plunge into the full spectrum of mystical experience, we will find that we can include any phenomenon. In so far as we are truly enlightened, we can channel love, and make anyone our friend. Why can’t we greet ET’s as angels here to deliver an important message? Stop the arms race and start healing your Mother Planet.​

greeting aliens

UFO’s: A Personal Perspective

Humanity has been dealing with mysteries for a very long time. All the great religious traditions have accounts that suggest UFO’s or aliens of some kind, more particularly “angels” or divine messengers. In the Modern Age, we swept the unknown under the carpet. Science will disclose all truth and lead us into a millennium of peace. As you may have noticed, that has yet to happen. Thus, it is time to do a second take.

Most probably aliens are just as real as anything in front of your face. We assume our bodies are more real than our thoughts, and our thoughts than our love. Perhaps the opposite is true. UFO’s lie within our collective experience. Many of the advocates are brilliant, accomplished people who are anything but raving lunatics foaming at the mouth. Many have staked their reputation and lives on Disclosure. We must honor their courage.​

Nobody has it all figured out. Everyone deserves to be heard. We must open up our hearts and minds. I feel humanity is close at hand to a revelation an order-of-magnitude beyond anything that has ever occurred. Clearly the time has come.

If we greeted everyone around us as a divine visitor from heaven, the world would most certainly be a better place, and we wouldn’t feel quite so compelled to leave!​

What Do You Think?

We at Conscious Owl welcome your thoughts. UFO’s and ET’s are highly subjective. People often get the best insights around this subject within a lucid dream. Please share with us your insights and perspectives. This exercise will be worthwhile if we come even a step closer to the truth.


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