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Proven Reiki Healing Techniques That Actually Work

By Conscious Owl | Healing Principles

Jan 25
reiki healing explanation

Reiki healing therapy is a form of complementary, alternative medicine introduced to the world in 1920 by a Zen monk living in Japan, Master Mikao Usui. Reiki was meant as a gift to the world to relieve suffering by directly tapping into the Universal Life Energy.

Master Usui attracted disciples, and trained those disciples to train others so that Reiki could be made available everywhere.

In the process, the original pure teaching of Reiki became highly compromised, as each teacher put his or her own spin on the process, diluting much of its original effectiveness.

Additionally, the whole discipline was commercialized. It then required thousands of dollars and years to master the three degrees and become certified.

In recent years, Reiki has become increasingly popular, even in its altered form, attracting Hollywood celebrities, the likes of Angelina Jolie, Sharon Stone, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock and Ellen DeGeneres.​

It is appealing that it works fast, without the need of surgery or medication and can be performed with the client fully clothed.

Reiki Healing as a Form of Spiritual Energy

Reiki healing is essentially energetic, or spiritual healing. It calls forth the universal sacred energy found in every tradition.

reiki healing energy

In the Bible, it has been associated with the Spirit of God. In India, it is referred to as Prana, in China as Chi (Qi), in Japan as Ki and in Polynesia as Mana.

All traditional healers use it, and modern medical doctors knowingly, or unknowingly, rely on this life force to heal their patients. Medicine and surgery are primarily used to accelerate the healing process.

Reiki adopts the Hindu notion of chakras, or wheels of subtle energy, and the Chinese notion of meridians, or pressure points. The master applies her hands directly, or indirectly, along the client’s body, and acts as a channel for the divine energy to flow directly through her.

Through a process of alignment, the practitioner calls on the Universal Life Force, much like the Jedi knights in Star Wars used the power of The Force to ensure victory in impossible circumstances. (George Lucas was most definitely influenced by the Zen tradition.)

We all have an aura, or energetic body, that you can directly experience on your own, or a friend’s body, by closing your eyes and moving your hands within three to six inches of the skin. Psychics can even see another’s aura several feet from their body.​

The Power of Reiki’s Healing Touch

Reiki works mostly through touch, although some masters use breathing, and actually gaze at their client’s body.

reiki healing hands

There is something powerful in touch, itself. We all crave to be touched more, especially in Western societies.

Years ago I went for a therapeutic massage and spoke with the masseuse about this. She maintained that we all suffer from skin hunger. The experience was so satisfying to me that I ended up getting certified in Swedish / Esalen massage with some point work.

Reiki heals on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level.​

We all live in an ocean of conscious energy.

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Thus starting at the spiritual level makes the most sense, as the spiritual can permeate the mental, emotional and physical. You thereby achieve holistic, or integrative, healing.

Tension and stress are primary causes of disease and illness. It has been estimated that 90% of people who walk into an office are sick with non-physical causes. They are suffering from psychosomatic conditions. On occasion, the physician will actually prescribe placebos, or sugar pills, to accomplish the healing.​

  • Physical cures have been reported for cancer, heart disease, autoimmune disease, respiratory problems, digestive issues, skin conditions and severe back pain.
  • Mental cures include healing depression, anxiety, insomnia and even ADD, or Attention Deficit Disorder.
  • Emotional cures include healing anger, jealousy, panic and grief.
  • Spiritual cures include restoring a sense of meaning, resolving the fear of death and dissolving any blocks to forgiveness.

Heal Yourself with Reiki

One of the main reasons for evangelizing Reiki is that it is ideal for self-healing. Whenever we have severe pain, including minor injuries, we almost always put our hands on the spot.

When we were little, our mothers and fathers used to comfort us with their touch and our mates soothe our wounds with their loving, sensitive touch.​

born with healing energy

As little children, we had the power of Reiki, but we were increasingly distracted by a secular, materialistic culture that increasingly relied on machinery and institutional support.

If we were religious, we may have gone to churches, mosques, synagogues or temples where the majority of the congregation was out of touch with the power of a Living Faith.​

When you learn how to align yourself with the Universal Life Force, you will find that your own touch makes a difference.

I have received both faith and psychic healings. With a faith healing, my left ear opened up at a distance from the spiritual leader using a microphone. I literally felt a wave of heat, and it all happened instantly.

I recently took a tumble, and a colleague of mine went over my legs with a large crystal, sacred ash and a chant, and I woke up with hardly a scratch. It was a modified Reiki approach, but I could still feel his healing energy.​

Use Reiki to Heal Friends at a Distance

Spiritual masters throughout the ages have been able to heal at a distance, because they didn’t adhere to a materialistic conception of the Universe. In nearly every case, when Jesus Christ healed someone, whether in person, or at a distance, He attributed the healing to their faith.

Christian Science, Unity and the New Thought Movement have perfected metaphysical healing, where they deliberately refrain from touching people, lest they confuse the touch with the spiritual force that actually does the healing.​

distance reiki healing

It is their premise that you are ALREADY whole, complete and perfect. You need merely get back in touch with that through affirming the truth.

Cutting-edge quantum physics maintains that the time-space continuum is a construct of our minds. With the theory of nonlocality, two particles can talk to each other faster than the speed of light.​

You are, therefore, able to heal at the speed of thought, beyond the speed of light.

If you have a friend on Mars, you could heal them instantly with your prayer, even though it would take a several minutes for light to actually arrive at that planet.

The Easy Way to Master Reiki Healing

You could pick up a book or two, fool around a bit and see if you intuitively pick up Reiki. After all, even children and animals can be cured by it, and we all were in touch with this power when we were children.

The problem is that we all forgot, and it is not quite so easy to mobilize the energy of the universe on mere whimsy.​

You could also opt for applying to a Reiki school, or seeking out a Certified Reiki Master willing to train you.

There you are looking at three degrees over several years and investing thousands of dollars. Also, because the original form of Master Usui’s Reiki was compromised, you may not learn the real thing, Reiki in its purest form.

What you can do is look into Owen Coleman’s brilliant program, which is available online for instant download.​

Owen was originally a construction worker who suffered from excruciating back pains. He couldn’t stand it without heavy medication. He went to healer after healer with no permanent cure.

Finally, he visited an old man who had him simply lie down on a table. Within minutes, this Reiki Master permanently cured Owen. No more pain or suffering!

Owen was deeply grateful and inspired to seek formal Reiki training. He spent thousand of dollars and several years to try and do what that old man could do.

Discouraged, he gave up formal instruction and spent a year or so researching the work of the original Master Usui. Owen found the missing ingredients and suddenly was able to heal people right and left.

Owen wanted to share his discovery with the world, rather than charge extravagant sums to affluent people. He spent years perfecting his program so that you could master the basics in a day or two.

He then put it all online and decided to offer it for a small fraction of what other masters charge to teach the discipline. He even backs it all up with a 60-day guarantee.

What’s great about his teachings is that he extracted the essence of the original Reiki healing techniques, so you would not be spending countless hours connecting the dots, but instead, soak up all of the necessary information and begin practicing it without any delay.​

practice reiki healing daily

Practice is what will make you into a masterful healer!​

Think of it, you might be able cure a pestiferous condition that you have carried around for a long time in just a few minutes. You might be of true help to your friends and loved ones, curing them of illnesses in just minutes, eliminating their need to go see a doctor. How wonderful you will feel!

When you think of it, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by checking Owen Coleman out.​ When you'll click on the visual below, you'll be taken to a page that explains his training in more detail. 

Wishing you a life free of needless pain and suffering!


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