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Proof That Healing Chakras Really Work

By Conscious Owl | Spiritual Methods

Mar 18
healing chakras

Can healing chakras transform your alignment – physically and mentally? Health in the Eastern traditions emphasizes a dynamic energetic balance within the body, much like the Yin / Yang concept. When systems are off-balance, you get a dysfunction, which we call injury or disease.

The Western allopathic approach has focused on fixing the diseased area with pharmaceuticals and surgery, whereas the Eastern holistic approach is to realign the body. In the yogic tradition, we have multiple bodies, with the physical body being the most gross, and the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies being increasingly subtle, or refined.

This correlates closely with the discoveries of recent physics, where all matter is convertible into energy, and where consciousness is fundamental to all our observations and interactions with the external world. It’s one of spiritual healing methods that we discuss throughout.

Yoga focuses on energy moving up and down the spine with the Ida and Pingala nerves going through the vertebrae right into the brain. Seven energy centers have been identified through millennia of meditation and inner exploration, starting with the base of the spin, and moving upward.

Each center is correlated with specific parts of the body. When the physical body looks sick, it is closely correlated with the subtle, or etheric, body. It is sometimes more effective to focus on the subtle body than directly on the physical body.

Each of the centers, or chakras (“wheels” in Sanskrit), can be relatively blocked, or open, and each center influences the corresponding organs. For example, imbalances in the Root Chakra can cause problems in the legs, feet, rectum, immune system, reproductive organs and prostate gland, and can result in such issues as degenerative arthritis, knee pain, sciatica, eating disorders and constipation.

Before Healing Your Chakras Know This…

The Seven Chakras are Broken up Into 4 Bands

Physical:  Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra

Emotional:  Heart Chakra

Mental:  Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra… and…

Spiritual:  Crown Chakra.

Each Band Requires a Different Approach

  • The physical band benefits most from a direct approach, such as yoga, massage or dance.
  • The emotional band benefits from an approach involving interrelationships, as opposed to staying in isolation.
  • The mental band involves self-expression, intuition and energetic awareness.
  • The Spiritual band involves approaches like meditation, sacred literature and religious symbols.

It is helpful to see this all laid out before your eyes:

sacral chakra organs

When possible, you may want to experiment with healing sights, sounds, fragrances, tastes and touches. Engage all your senses in a soothing way.

For example, it is recommended for the Root Chakra, that you actually hug a tree. For the Sacral Chakra, you can bathe in flowing water. For the Solar Plexus Chakra, spend time out in the sun. For the Heart chakra, you can listen to beautiful, romantic music. For the Throat Chakra, you can chant mantras. For the Third-Eye Chakra, you can create your own vision board, cutting-out pictures from old magazines, or printing pictures from image archives on the Internet. For the Crown Chakra, you can journey to a sacred, enchanted place, such as Sedona, Arizona.​

Healing Chakras With Sound

If you would like to open up and awaken all seven chakras using sound (binaural beat), try this and see if you experience anything different:

The life force within us, whether thought of as prana, Chi, Ki or manna, is crucial to the process of healing and enjoying a profound sense of well being. It is closely linked with breath, which is traditionally linked to spirit.

The body has a tendency to heal itself through its energy system. We just need to cooperate with it, and give it every break possible. Developing an awareness of chakras, and the role they play in regulating the body is fundamental to good health.​

The Way Chakra Healing Is Viewed By Doctors

Leading-edge M.D’s, such as Andrew Weil, Marc Hyman and Mimi Guarneri, practice integrative, holistic medicine where they approach their patients as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings. They are not content to just examine the physical body. They recommend approaches such as hatha yoga, Tai Chi or Qi Gong, meditation, massage and support groups that encourage interpersonal communication.

Dr. Weil spent years traveling around the world, much like an anthropologist, studying exotic medications developed in indigenous villages. Dr. Hyman started out as a yoga teacher, studied philosophy as an undergraduate, and formally studied Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing.

Dr. Guarneri started out as a hard-core heart surgeon, cutting people open in the chest. She completely gave that up after meeting Dr. Dean Ornish. She now works with her patients on all levels, including their eating habits, their social life and their spiritual life. Dr. Guarneri travels to India twice a year and urges doctors to develop a much broader toolkit than Western Medicine allows.

Dr. Deepak Chopra has done more than almost anyone else in America to promote broad interest in the chakras. He trained in New Delhi as a Western doctor, and then met the Beatles’ guru, Mahesh Maharishi Yogi, who opened him up to meditation and Ayurvedic medicine, the ancient approach to health in India. This revolutionized Dr. Chopra’s life and thinking. He has written dozens of books, and nearly every one of them has been heavily influenced by a profound appreciation of yoga and the chakras.

Dr. Chopra points out in many of his books that your consciousness can be closely correlated to your chakras, such that the way you see reality is conditioned by the chakra with which you most align.​

chakra healing approach

To be exclusively focused on the lower chakras can lead to a very hollow, materialistic life, no matter how outwardly successful you might become. Moving into the heart chakra will result in a major shift in your whole orientation. Opening up the top three chakras and hanging out in them can result in a truly magical life, a life where you see everything and everyone as divine.

Dr. Chopra meditates very early in the morning for two hours each and every day. His energy and impact on the world are astounding.

Focusing on the chakras can not only heal you, but also transform your life. If enough people wake up to their inner riches, we may all collectively find true peace and prosperity.

To learn more about self-healing techniques click here.​


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