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Personal Transformation Workshop Empowering Us to Create a Whole New Reality

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power

Apr 12
personal transformation definition

You may have already experienced considerable success in your career, only to have suddenly plateaued. You may have recently had a total reversal with love or money, where you started questioning everything. You may have had health issues jump out at you from nowhere.

You know that there must be a better way, as you see people dramatically move forward despite formidable obstacles. You know responsibility can’t really be placed “out there,” but you are not sure just how to make it all happen for you. You may have tried various learning experiences before, but, so far, nothing has really clicked for you.​

You may have wondered, “Why me? What will it take to breakthrough to a whole new level?”

What Is Personal Transformation?

Personal transformation is a sudden shift in the way you define yourself, a shift away from whom you are NOT, to whom you really are.

It is a shift from being part of life to the whole of life. You move from the foreground to the background. You go beyond your nametag, your clothes, your body, your personality, even your mind to your very essence… pure being, pure consciousness, and pure bliss.​

Personal transformation admits of no victimization, as everyone you meet is your mirror. You increasingly get a sense of how you set up everything. All the givens in your life… your country, your religion, your education, your career, your family are just there like a game board to ensure your life stays endlessly fascinating. You never tire of it.​

transformation from within

Personal transformation recognizes two ways to play the game:

1) Coming from the outer world and trying to change and fix things and...

2) Coming from the inner world and altering what gets projected onto the outer world.

At some point, an external approach to life is no longer satisfying. You want fulfillment on a much deeper level. You want to measure up to your ultimate potential.​

How To Bend Reality!?

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Why Is Personal Transformation Essential for Our World Today?

With the proliferation of advanced technologies all around the world, the complexity of our daily lives has gone up exponentially, as well as the expectations. Most people alive today have a smart phone and can connect to a global information network far surpassing anything available in previous centuries.

If you grew up in the 20th century, your family upbringing and education were ill-suited to prepare you for the demands of today. It is not merely a question of learning computer languages; it is an issue of becoming highly literate in the digital society.

Meaning in life has not been a great concern in our post-modern culture. Most of the great religious and philosophical traditions need a major upgrade. It is increasingly hard to apply ancient wisdom to our lives without a contemporary perspective.​

We all interpret our experience, but few of us are aware of how we go about that, of the sheer power of language and thought structure.

How Do People Become Transformed?

People become transformed through many different ways. Ancient Vedic thought points to the way of devotion, the way of service, the way of knowledge and the way of contemplation. Traditionally, it was a lifelong process, usually under the supervision of a spiritual master, called variously “guru,” “lama,” “roshi,” “rabbi,” “saint” or “sheikh.”

major life change

In the modern world, people became less and less dependent upon oral traditions, and began capturing everything in writing. It became increasingly a matter of scholarship and formal coursework. As the literacy and intellectual levels went up, people gave less and less attention to the practical application.

In the Internet Age, world cultures and civilizations all moved online. Entire universities of expertise in every science, philosophy and spirituality became available with a mere keystroke.​

As the hacker dictum put it, “Knowledge wants to be free.” While you can now systematically acquire a vast volume of information with an Internet account, where is the wisdom to put it all together?

How Has Transformation Changed in our Global Society?

Increasingly, it seems less and less viable to retreat into a cave for 10 years, close your eyes and enter into ceaseless meditation. This is less and less an option in our highly urbanized society. Even more to the point, how are you going to make a difference in the “real world,” to “make a dent in the Universe?” as Steve Jobs put it.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s, the Light from the East met the industrialized metropolis of the West. Yogis and Gurus spread knowledge of the Perennial Tradition and taught in great depth a wide variety of meditational and devotional practices. Enter Maharishi and the Krishna people.​

In the 1970’s, America pioneered a wide variety of modern approaches, including life-changing seminars in hotel ballrooms. You no longer had to wear long hair, rudraksha beads and an ochre robe to be credible. American started tuning in on a much deeper level. All this would soon go online and mobile. A new technology of consciousness would emerge that would be exported right back to the East.​

Why Take a Personal Transformation Workshop?

Today, you no longer need do it all yourself. You don’t even have to go find a church, temple, mosque, synagogue or ashram. Numerous associations, societies and conferences have emerged to distill transformative wisdom, with great attention to process and group dynamics.

personal transformation group

In a group environment, you can learn much faster than you can by yourself, as you learn from your fellow students, as well as your spiritual teachers. A new intercultural, interreligious framework has been developed that distills the essence of all the world’s wisdom traditions. Powerful, contemporary processes have been developed to allow you to draw on these traditions in a way that fits life in the city.

Most personal transformation workshops come with an explicit promise from the teacher to evoke an enlightenment experience that will change your life.

This experience may not fit your pre-existing pictures, but it will turn you upside / down and inside / out. As one roshi answered the question of what it feels like to experience satori, he quipped, “It is just like ordinary life, only six inches off the ground.”

transformation masterclass

How Will Personal Transformation Alter Your Story?

As you share your story with spiritual masters, and you hear other people’s stories, you begin to see common themes. Everyone has his or her own angle on victimization. Everyone would like to get off the hook.

Any guru worth his or her salt is ruthless in getting you to see how it is all your own doing. You set your life up the way it is to explore new personalities.​

If you look at the people that changed history, including Buddha, Socrates, Christ, Saint Paul and Muhammad, they each underwent an earthshaking experience that profoundly altered their consciousness, and opened their hearts and minds to inconceivable levels. They became world teachers that set the direction of humanity.

You will open yourself to the possibility that nothing really happens by chance, and there are no mistakes.

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You will cease defining yourself as a victim and become increasingly reluctant to place the blame on someone else, no matter how convenient it may seem. You will eventually get to the point of being happy that you are the creator of your life, whether you are dressed in silk or rags.

When the Student Is Truly Ready, The Teacher Always Appears

Vishen Lakhiani is a global citizen born in Malaysia who started his career in the U.S. working in high technology. Vishen started in Silicon Valley and ended up in New York marrying a lovely European lady. He had come to the point of questioning all the givens in his life. When his career took a nose dive, he started opening up and looking for answers. Vishen stumbled on a class in meditation listed on Google, and his life was never the same.

Vishen went on to build a $100 million enterprise focused on marrying technology with consciousness. He speaks to the digital generation after having closely examined the ancient traditions from contemporary masters. As a former software engineer, he has an uncanny knack of finding the practical angle in everything. For example, he has introduced a powerful six-phase mediation that can be done in just 10 to 15 minutes a day.​

personal transformation workshop

Vishen would like to provide you a personal transformation workshop online that will excel anything you may have seen in the brick and mortar world. He will provide you with a daring new framework to begin consciously experiencing your own consciousness.

From there, he will guide you to find inner peace and what he calls “Blissipline,” or the discipline of creating our own happiness. From there, he will work with you to create a unique vision for your future, and introduce you to the power of intuition, so that you can begin finding your own answers.

From there, he will help you learn how to “Bend reality” and “Engineer Consciousness.” To cap it all off, he will show you how to sell your dream around the world.

All this may seem like a tall order, as Vishen promises you that, a year from now, you will no longer recognize the person you are today! He backs it all up with a 30-day money-back guarantee, along with a conscious community of thousands of people from over 40 countries.

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The Time Has Come For You to Transform Yourself!

You may entertain initial doubts. However, you have certainly witnessed all the things that high tech and science have built in such a short time. For example, scientists at IBM have been able to turn individual atoms into information devices! Isn’t it likely that someone has done this with consciousness?

As Eckhart Tolle put it, in old times, humanity had a secret garden with hundreds of gorgeous flowers of every variety. But those flowers never seemed to spread out beyond those sanctified walls. Today, in our planetary society, everything has broken out. The previously “impossible” now seems highly possible.


Isn’t it time you stop waiting and take decisive action? It is true that you are the only one to transform yourself, but wouldn’t you really rather do it with a highly skillful, trusted partner?

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