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Your Perception of Life Is Holding You Back

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power

Oct 26
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Try to realise it's all within yourself

No one else can make you change

And to see you're really only very small

And life flows on within you and without you…

When you've seen beyond yourself then you may find

Peace of mind is waiting there

And the time will come when you see we're all one

And life flows on within you and without you

George Harrison of the Beatles, Within You Without You

"Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they're yours."  

~ Richard Bach

Have you ever had the sneaking suspicion that you’ve been here before, that you are lost within a dream and that somehow none of this is real?

Have you ever felt that you were up to something truly great, but couldn’t put your arms around what it was, or how it might all come together?​

Welcome to the club!​

Perception Game - From Central Casting to Starring Role

The secret to discovering your inner power and fulfilling your ultimate potential is to perceive things, not as they initially appear, but as they actually are.

It appears that you were thrown into life more or less as a victim, conditioned by your early childhood and your peculiar set of genetics, with a given name, a body of a certain shape and a mind that is often less than spectacular.

You might feel doomed to mediocrity at best, and abject failure, at worst.

It might surprise you to learn that what you call you was summoned from central casting to play a starring role in your life, that you would be the point-of-view character around which the entire movie pivots.

You may not be Shakespearean, but you are fully equipped to play the specific role you were assigned, even if you forgot all about it.

The way out of this dilemma is to begin to see that you are more than your characterthat you are, in truth, the entire cast of characters, and the entire set, as well.

  • This story is not about who you think you are, but Who You Truly Are.

You have a unique mission, vision and message to share with your world. In addition, you are equipped with at least one specific talent that will blow everyone else away.

Perhaps you have supreme persistence, such as Thomas A. Edison, who made 10,000 separate attempts to create a light source before coming up with the incandescent light bulb.​

Perhaps you have extraordinary compassion, such as Saint Theresa of Calcutta, who, when an untouchable died in her arms, threw her entire energy into creating a city of joy in the midst of the worst slum in the world, winning the adoration of Christian and Hindu, alike.

Perhaps you have an uncommon passion, such that you knew what you wanted to be from childhood, such as Steven Spielberg, who grew up knowing that all he wanted to be was a great director, and who shot his first feature on 16 millimeter film while still in high school.​

  • Whatever your Source has given you, you have that one attribute to an uncommon degree.

That is your call to action within the great story, the great dream… the movie that you find yourself in today.

perceive life

Types of Perception: Awakening within the Dream

The whole point of the story is to find out who you truly are, to find The Self, Whom and What we call the Creator.

The movie (see your life as a movie) is set up with all kinds of distractions and built-in adventure entailing continuous twists and turns of the plot, disruptions, confusion, apprehension and suspense.

This movie is the perfect antidote to boredom.​

If you awaken early enough in the story, you can actually become conscious of yourself as being both on the screen and in the audience. You can then experience the action as if you were within an immersive virtual reality.​

  • You can start to play with the plot and alter it as you go along.

You were created to create, and you will never be completely fulfilled until you find your entire life to be a prolonged act of creation.

You are here to awaken, create, play and celebrate. The moment you perceive that you are all of it, that you chose all of it, and that you love all of it… you will be truly free.

Awakening from the Dream

Eventually, you will want to pop out of the movie, take an intermission and treat yourself to some chocolates, popcorn and a beverage. You will again remember that the play is only a play.

You are all of the characters and none of the characters. Everyone in the dream and everything in the dream is arising strictly from you, the REAL YOU.

You might consider this a transition, or enlightenment. Since Who You Truly Are never dies, you are at liberty to bring your cherished character back, or try a brand new one. This is the difference between resurrection and reincarnation.

  • Your ultimate Self is absolute love; so you will never trash any of your characters, but love each one for who and what they are.

When you re-enter the drama, you will have the choice to come back in consciously, as in a lucid dream, or unconsciously, as in a fantasy or a nightmare.

If you come back consciously, you will have the power of an avatar to uplift everyone up around you. Won’t that be wonderful? You might even try that right now!​

The Way We Should Perceive Life

We all live in a great story, where each one of our stories intersects every other story, to the point where there is only one of us acting it all out.

Indras Net

*** The image above is taken from the book:  Awaken Perfection

We all live in a great dream, where each one of our dreams intersects every other dream; each one of us acts as a mirror to everyone else.

The master plot of all our stories has to do with the dramatic shift from the love of power to the power of love. If you look out at the world today, you will quickly see that this shift is the only sane thing to do.​

  • You will be ready to admit that who you appear to be is very small, and who you truly are is very big, encompassing life, itself.

Wouldn’t now be a good time to discover your mission, your vision and your message?  The answers may come to you much sooner than you ever expected.  You truly are a star in the greatest love story ever told!


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