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Numerology: What’s Your Number?

By Conscious Owl | Spiritual Methods

Feb 08
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Have you ever found yourself painstakingly writing out check after check with long account numbers, perhaps 15 or 20 characters at a time with no commas to enhance readability? You may have wondered why now everything is being reduced to a number?

Is this all by accident, or is there a hidden meaning behind the various numbers?​

Why Numbers Are So Important to Us Today

In an age of science and high technology, information has becoming the differentiator in all aspects of life. It is ubiquitous, coming from our desktops, laptops, tables, smart phones, even smart TV’s. It is all based upon computer software and transmitted by satellite or cable or wireless networks.

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It is amazing to realize that all of life is reducible numbers, and simple ones at that.

Everything you experience on any digital device is delivered as an elaborate series of “1’s” and “0’s.”

Binary language is at the core of computing, and it is ultimately on-and-off signals within “gates” of a microchip.

Information gives corporations the edge, manufacturers the edge, and people in every walk of life. This is all the more so as it becomes easily digestible as video.​

The Origin of Numerology

Humanity has had an art and science of numbers since ancient times that is now referred to as numerology. You can go back to classical Chinese, Hebrew and Greek civilizations.

You may have heard to the I-Ching, where you cast long and short sticks six times and end up with one of 68 patterns, which have all been explained in detail, describing challenges and opportunities in your life, along with suggestions on the optimal way to respond.

You may have heard of the Kabbalah, based on detailed analysis of the Torah. Every single Hebrew letter is a separate number, in and of itself. If you add up all the numbers in certain passages, you can arrive at revelatory insights.

You may have heard of Pythagoras, who played a vital role in the development of modern math, introducing the theorem by his name. Like the Hebrews, the Greek letters were also numbers, suggesting union of the verbal and the mathematical. The Greeks saw numbers behind the harmony of the spheres. By knowing the numbers, you could discern the outline of all things.​

Isn’t Numerology Hocus-Pocus?

You might wonder how can numbers have intrinsic meaning in our post-modern global society. Aren’t numbers random? Does it matter what is your actual birthdate, your legal name of your phone number? Aren’t those arbitrary?

birthday numerology

If you assume numbers are random, ask yourself if you could conduct your life purely based on randomness? Could you safely get up and drive to school or work? Do you regard your parents, friends and lover as purely accidental relationships?​

Human beings are pattern-seeking creatures.

Do you remember as a little child lying on the grass, looking up in the sky at the fluffy clouds and starting to see animals form and slowly melt away? Researchers have found that if we listen to a monotonous clock for long with supposedly identical ticks, we automatically begin to hear variations. Are they there? Or are they only in our imagination? And, if so, what else might be in our imagination?

Doesn’t Numerology Disempower Us?

Intelligent people who have done work in awareness often frown on astrology and tarot, regarding numerology in the same light. If you awaken to the reality that your Higher Self is the source of your experience, why dive down below the line and put yourself at the effect of arbitrary forces like your date of birth or your phone number?

Numerology is an intuitive tool, very elegant and not quite so problematic as astrology and the tarot.

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As you start to learn the values assigned by others to the core numbers, 1 through 9, as well as special numbers, such as 12, 22 and 33, you begin to have a feeling for what amounts to a whole new language, a new way of viewing the Universe.

This is much like your peripheral vision, where you can see much more than your focal point, although with less clarity. It is much like your right brain that can take on an entire panorama, looking at the entire train and tracks disappearing into the horizon while your left-brain is locked into viewing it car by car.

What the Universe Is Trying to Tell Us

A fundamental metaphysical principle is that there are no accidents. Our Supreme Self orchestrates it all for us at every instant.

Life is kept full of surprises by the gap in awareness between our lower self with our Higher Self.

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This is why the Great Traditions urge us to have faith in Higher Power.

We all have intuition, even psychic ability, but relatively few of us make great efforts to cultivate it. Sure, some may be much sharper than others. However, we all have a sense of things lying below the surface, whether in our primary relationship or in political events, such as sudden swing to the right or left. These things don’t just happen. There is a force driving it.

Neale Donald Walsch, author of the best-selling Conversations with God, emphatically maintains that God talks to all of us. It is just that we never listen to Him. Could it be that God talks in patterns of numbers? Haven’t you ever had a day where you came across the number, let’s say “Five,” everywhere you went?​

How You Can Start Playing with Numerology

It is perfectly acceptable that you start skeptical of things like numerology. The thing to do is not take it so seriously, like it was an ultimate guide to your life. You might consider it a delightful hobby or diversion. Just think of it as a party favor where you can amuse your boyfriend, or an energetic batch of singles looking to get into each other’s heads.

You can pick up a book on the subject, or watch a video or two on YouTube. You can talk to people who are into it and ask them to explain how it works. However, if you really want to get a handle on it, you will consult a professional numerologist and get a reading. You might even want to start doing classes on it.​


Get Your Free Numerology Reading

To whet your appetite, here are some ways of viewing people with the basic numbers:​

1:  Master Creator

2:  Sacred Feminine​

3:  Transformational Agent​

4:  Rock of Stability​

5:  Deeply Experiential​

6:  Mother Gaia​

7:  The Seeker​

8:  Eternal Life​

9:  The Greater Good​

11:  Spiritual Enlightenment​

22:  The Master Builder​

Wouldn’t be fun to learn enough of the basics to get the numbers of some of your close friends, and see how the themes and interpretations might apply?

creative numerology

Better yet, wouldn’t it be better if you looked at yourself from all the various life dimensions, and see how your basic numbers stack up? How could you not end up with a few surprising insights? Take what speaks to you, and leave the rest.

The Easy Way to Master Numerology

We would like to introduce you to one numerology site that has over half-a-million customers and a vigorous team of intuitives that continuously apply numerology to all aspects of life: Life Path, Birthdate, Soul Expression, Destiny, and Heart’s Desire. They dynamically integrate career, finances, romance, altruism and spirituality, addressing all facets of your life.

They have built a cloud-based supercomputer to deliver insights in minutes that it would take a professional numerologist hours or days to compute. They prepare a private report to each client of 100 pages or so, and then add 10 fun bonuses, such as how to read phone numbers, multiply your good luck, choose the optimal wardrobe or assess a relationship in just one minute.

They even provide you a numerology generator, so you can interpret numbers for your friends.​ To top it off, they give you an email subscription for a year or two where you get to systematically apply the numbers every single day.

Click the image below and visit this resourceful site yourself.


Suppose some of the insights don’t quite fit you. The program is personalized as much as possible, with 90 individual calculations. What if even some of the insights actually produce a sudden flash of recognition? You are learning a new language. You can adapt and adopt it any way you like.

You can get a free basic reading with a video playback and judge for yourself. If you are like me, a considerable number of the insights will be relevant and provocative. If the playback intrigues you, then you can sign up for the reading and materials and enjoy a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Chances are that you will fall in love with the curriculum and community and want to share it with all your friends. We would love to hear how it works for you.​


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