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Metaphysical Spiritual Healing: Your Formula For Natural Miracles

By Conscious Owl | Healing Principles

Mar 22
metaphysical spiritual healing

Metaphysical, as a word, refers to that which is beyond physical, and spiritual, as a word, originally denoted the breath, or the wind, as in the Hebrew word, ruach. Metaphysical spiritual healing refers to healing effected beyond any physical considerations. Typically, it doesn’t even require laying on of hands or a conspicuous transfer of energy, but can be done remotely.

It points to a mental or spiritual world beyond that which is apparent to our senses which has the power to transform the physical world, much like faith healing, which is a direct petition for divine intervention.​

Metaphysical Spirituality - the New Thought Movement

Mary Baker Eddy, founder of Christian Science out of the Boston area in the second half of the 19th Century, opened up a daring new approach to healing challenging and life-threatening conditions out of her own personal experience of seeking healing for herself, using every healing modality available to her at that time without success, including allopathic, modern medicine, as well as homeopathy.

Mary had a dangerous slip on the ice that severely injured her, bringing her close to death and incapacitating her for many days.

Out of desperation, Mary turned to the Bible, particularly the Gospel accounts and began to carefully study the life of Jesus of Nazareth in minute detail, examining every element of His healings for clues on how to heal today.

​This was in an era in which science was having an ever greater impact on people’s lives, given the breakthroughs of Charles Darwin in biology, and comparable developments in the other sciences.

​Mary was impressed by the requirement in the experimental method of repeatability and public verifiability. She was interested in the underlying laws or principles of phenomena, and began to apply them to the spiritual dimension.

Mary healed herself and began to heal dozens, then hundreds, then even thousands of other people using these very principles such that her patient / clients begged her to teach them how to do the same.

Mary began to systematize those principles and established a school, as well as writing the first version of her ground-breaking “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,” which she viewed as a textbook or guide for reading along with the Bible.​

Mary Baker Eddy

​Mary trained hundreds of students before establishing a church, which grew to have branches across America, and then the world.

The method of Christian Science emerges from the belief that there is only one mind, Divine Mind, and that everything else is but an “idea” of God, much like a dream. 

Since God is, by definition, all powerful, infinitely intelligent, everywhere present, and all good, everything He created must be perfect.​

The book of Genesis reveals that God created “Man” in His image. Therefore, that image must be perfect. Any perception to the contrary is regarded as an “error,” and can be resolved by realization of the underlying Truth.

To put it in other words, there is only God, and we are God’s dream. Since God is Love, God loves us absolutely. We need only realize this to be spontaneously healed. Any injury, sickness or dis-ease is, therefore, F.E.A.R., the often-used acronym for “False Evidence Appearing Real.”

This might sound cuckoo and totally untenable were it not for the fact that Mary Baker Eddy in her own lifetime received literally hundreds of letters of spontaneously healings from people simply reading her book, or attending her services, or even seeing her in her carriage riding down the streets of Boston.

In addition, there were dozens of eye-witness accounts of her direct healing others, which have been duly catalogued in the “Mother Church” in Boston. They are stunning, including resuscitation from death, healing eyes and broken limbs on the spot, even of a baby falling down several floors of a building without so much as a scratch.

This tradition continues, not only within the Churches of Christ, Scientist, around the world, but within the various spinoffs by people who studied under Mary.​

Unity, Religious Science and Divine Mind

Christian Science became so influential that it spawned a movement, which has lasted for well over a hundred years, including the Unity School of Christianity in Missouri, Religious Science and Divine Mind. Late in Mary Baker Eddy’s life, she made her book the “Pastor” of her church. Instead of traditional Protestant sermons, her churches offer readings and hymns from the King James Version of the Bible and her book.

The various derivatives of Christian Science adapted Mary Baker Eddy’s methodology, changing key elements and varying the forms and expression. All of them have a focus on the life of Jesus Christ, but approach healing with subtle differences.

God is seen as loving and always willing to heal us. Therefore, we needn’t beg Him to make an exception in our case, but rather, we can boldly use affirmative prayer to accomplish the healing, much like positive thinking.

Rather than ask God, “Will you heal me?” - we declare that we already ARE healed, down to the very cellular level. This approaches healing with less of an emphasis on the specific injury, illness or condition being an illusion, and more on God’s power to transform it. In addition, there is an openness to using other medical approaches, such as conventional allopathic medicine, viewing the physicians as God’s instruments in accomplishing the healing.

Again, this might seem like wishful thinking, except for the fact that it often produces overnight improvements, often with such a frequency that it is difficult to attribute it all to the placebo effect.

Watch this video for a detailed visual explanation of how to heal the body with the mind:​

Metaphysical Beliefs and Law of Attraction

Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith of Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, is one of the world leader’s, and relies heavily on the power of affirmation and visualization. He is deeply moving with a huge church and vast following, with tie-ins to the late Mahatma Gandhi.

Michael was one of the most inspirational speakers in the book and movie, “The Secret,” who underscored our divinely unlimited potential. His approach to healing resonates with the Principle of Attraction, that what we intensely think about has a tendency to come to us.

I, myself, have closely followed both Christian Science and Unity for the last several years, enjoying overnight results in many cases, dealing with a chronic skin condition. I have a mentor who is a nurse practitioner in Christian Science, as well as calling up the Silent Unity hotlines whenever exceptional needs come up for myself, and others I know.

I can truthfully say that my condition and circumstances improved or cleared up in almost every case. I can’t deny what I have seen with my own eyes, and felt with my own flesh. These approaches actually work.

I am beginning to see all this method as an expression of the Absolute Love Which we call “God,” the Source of our Being. I am increasingly convinced that this is the very core of all of us. That getting in touch with this Love calls us home and heals us. In that Love, we transcend time and space.

Visit this page for more information on spiritual healing principles.​


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