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If You Lose Your Inner Vision, You’ve Lost Your Inner Power

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power

Jan 06
inner vision

Where there is no vision, the people perish.

King Solomon in the Book of Proverbs

Have you ever got all caught up in a political campaign where you would do almost anything to see your candidate win, and she didn’t even make the primaries?

Perhaps you were deeply moved, touched and inspired by a real flesh-and-blood guru, convinced he was the way, the truth and the life, and no one else agreed with you. People told you to stop wasting your time and go get a life. Do you remember how it felt?​

At such times, it is easy to give up and ask yourself, “What is the point of it all?” You feel like such a fool! How could life be so cruel?​

What Is Inner Vision?

Inner vision is the ability to look within and see your heart’s desire. It could be a hot new Tesla. It could be a gorgeous young wife who adores you.

It could be a software executive of a cutting-edge, rising-star startup. It could be a global society where people spontaneously love each other, as in John Lennon’s immortal hymn, “Imagine.”

Inner vision is whatever ignites the fire within you.​

inner vision experience

Inner vision is more than a simple visualization process, although visualization is indispensable. It is a living dream that drives you into action to change your world, if not THE world.

It is a condition or outcome that you come back to daily, if not hourly, to reaffirm as a living possibility, as was the case of Mahatma Gandhi for a free India, and a world of justice and tolerance for all.​

Inner vision can be thought of as a magnificent obsession that will not let you go. You might be in an ecommerce start up where you have to gross a million dollars by the end of the year. You are willing to do anything required to make the money.

You clearly see what you can do with that million dollars, not only in terms of a better lifestyle, but by way of making a contribution to humanity and the environment while there is still time.​

What Is Inner Power?

Inner power is a Clint Eastwood with no gun, a samurai with no one to kill, whose whole focus is to calm you down and give you profound faith in the moment by virtue of his presence.

Inner power is a beautiful, gracious woman who totally owns her femininity, has nothing to prove and is wholly devoted to make a man feel like a man.

Inner power emerges from a man or woman who is at peace with God and the Universe. He or she has nothing to prove and is totally caught up in a cause that makes him the servant of all.​

You have the conviction that you cannot really lose. Each moment is a divine gift to bring about heaven on earth.​

unlock inner power

Why Is Inner Power Inseparable from Inner Vision?

Faith has been defined as the capacity to see what God intends to do and to cooperate with Him in accomplishing it.

With a firm grounding in Infinite Intelligence and Higher Power, you know this isn’t all by accident. Rather, it is a divine play in which God assumes an active role and has placed you on stage as a star chosen to make it a truly magnificent story.

You realize all this, not by outer vision. You don’t necessarily deduce it from the exact circumstances, which may appear highly unfavorable, as was the United States in 2008 when President Obama first took office in the face of a possible global financial meltdown.

You have a powerful intuition of what is possible, and you sense that your dream wants to happen.​

For example, after Mother Theresa held a dying “untouchable” mother in her arms, she committed to do everything within her power to transform both Calcutta, and the world.

The inner vision opens up an inner power that comes straight from God. You cannot imitate it. You have to find it already within you.

You don’t look to the small you, but to the great Y-O-U. You surrender to the vision and commit to living it. At some point, Higher Power kicks in, and you never look back.​

How Can You Activate Your Inner Vision?

You can begin to activate your inner vision by aligning with one or more of the great spiritual traditions and consulting a past or present master, man or woman, who totally speaks to you.

You might choose a book, a video on YouTube or an interview with one of His or Her adherents. Let it speak to you deeply within. Who are you? Where did you come from? Where are you going? What is your focus in this incarnation?

finding inner vision

You might want to read the masterful Richard Bolles’ book called “How To Find Your Mission in Life” from his What Color Is Your Parachute? series. 

If I might paraphrase his key ideas there:

1)  We are here to celebrate God (Pure Being, Consciousness and Bliss)

2)  We are here to unconditionally love every sentient being

3)  We are here to serve the world in our own unique way, addressing the cause that most speaks to us in the field or domain that most delights us.

Consult close friends to get at key insights into who you are this time around and what your mission might be.

If there were one thing that you would change about the world today, what would it be? If there were one field you could work in (whether or not your feel qualified), which would it be?​

I have found the hard way that the truth most readily emerges, not in isolation, but in relationship. Often the people closest to you will see possibilities in you that you never even imagined.

How Can You Sustain Your Inner Vision Through Intense Focus?

Break your daily routine and pattern enough to really let the light open up within you, most often by going into the forest or by the sea. Take a walk, a hike or swim. Breathe deeply and listen to what might come.

Your inner vision will come when it comes by the way that it chooses to come. You don’t choose it, it chooses you.

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It is the Voice of God. It will literally blow your mind. It will speak to body, soul and spirit simultaneously. You will feel born again.

Read and study Napoleon Hill’s masterpiece, Think and Grow Rich, and find out how he takes a definite desire, and builds it to a magnificent obsession that drives one’s life.

Napoleon uses self-suggestion with a definite, concrete goal. The example he gives entails accumulating a specific amount of money. However, Napoleon makes it clear that the same process applies to any goal, even a divine mission to save the world.

Read and study Beth Jones’ delightful workbook, The Path: Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and for life. The book does exactly that. You not only identify a personal mission in a single sentence, you also end up writing a vision statement of a page or so around what your life will be like three-to-five years hence.

The workbook is so designed that you open up your intuition in reading the examples and answering her questions. If you give this book a fair shake, you will definitely not regret it.

If you already have your inner vision… then craft a plan on how you are going to bring it to reality. If you are still searching for it… focus your energy now on finding it. And once it comes… you’ll know it… because your body will be flushed with uplifting energy… over and over again.​

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