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How to Lose Your Ego Driven Mind

By Conscious Owl | Inner Peace

Jun 22
ego mind

Have you ever gotten upset with someone or something and totally lost it, right in front of the very people you love the most?

It could be your spouse, best friend, even your boss. Perhaps you were a bit subtle about it. Rather than clobber those around you with a stick, or punch them in the face, you used words to beat them up. You frantically insisted you were right at all costs, that they were totally wrong and only you could see the light.

We have all been there.

No one is immune to getting angry and losing his or her cool. It is part of being human. What defeats us is getting all caught up in rationality. Obviously, if I am upset, it is because someone else caused it, meant me ill. Clearly they are wrong and I am right. I am always right…

That is the way to true insanity.​

Ego Driven Personality: Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

Our ego poses as our best friend, when, in actuality, it is our worst enemy. Although it is a total illusion, it can all too easily run our lives.

Our ego can assume many masks, even that of a nice guy or nice gal. Its essence is to see us as separate from everyone else.

It shows up through arrogance, impatience, greed, blame, stubbornness, mistrust and lack of authenticity. It invokes fear to move us into action, as if we were preparing to wrestle a tiger about to devour us.

Our mind is a wonderful servant, but a wretched master. And with it comes our ego.

We need our intellect to function in our high-tech post-modern world. We are encouraged to get an advanced degree, going for a Ph.D. if at all possible. The better grasp we have of words and numbers, both spoken and on paper, the greater value is placed on us.

Yet none of this has anything to do with happiness. The essence of hell is a sense of total isolation and abandonment. We trust no one and believe in nothing. There is not enough to go around, and we must get ours before someone else grabs our share.

I think you will agree with me here, that ego driven mind cannot create a prosperous and fulfilling future, because all of it’s flaws lead to a short term gain. Therefore, it is your worst enemy.

Your Ego Development: Three Selves

What’s the quickest way of recognizing and losing your ego? We begin to find our way out of this dilemma when we individually recognize that we have three different selves:

1.   Your mask: who you pretend to be with others.​
2.   Your shadow: who you fear you are… when facing the morning mirror.​
3.   Your Divine Self: whom we really are in our innermost being.
ego stages

On the surface is our social mask. We wear our mask to parties, interviews and dates where we put on our best act, showing ourselves in the best possible light. We know our best friends and enemies would never buy into it, but we are hoping new acquaintances will.

Right below the surface is our shadow self from which we try to hide. We face our shadow every morning, and those closest to us put up with this on a daily basis.

Our mask is consistently nice; while our shadow is consistently nasty. We feel rather hollow about ourselves and figure this is just the way things are. We want to do our rivals in, put down people who have mocked us and stand up for our rights in a world of selfish people.​

Both personas mentioned above function on the level of fake self and require a lot of energy to upkeep and maintain. And usually, we act them out subconsciously or unconsciously.

Most of us most of the time never get down below our mask and our shadow to discover our own innermost Self (our divine Self). This is the place where we don’t have to work at loving yourself and other people. This is the self that allows you to be and live on the highest level.

Very few of us get down to our core… intuitive and divine Self, where we ARE love. We see everyone as our mirror, and honor each person as a cherished gift.

We don’t need to justify a thing, because we have nothing against anyone. This is who and what we call “God,” and great sages, such as Sri Ramana Maharshi, suggest the entire universe is projected outward from this Self.​

It takes repeated probing into this divine Self before we are ready to dis-identify with our mask and our shadow.

We call this satori, or an enlightenment experience. We suddenly discover that we are the whole, that everyone we see out there is part of us in here (within you). We can do this through psychedelics, meditation, or a powerful religious experience, usually one of divine love.​

Ego Trip: Play God or Be God?

We begin to realize that we always have two choices: To PLAY God, or to BE God.

Playing God is to pretend that our isolated self, our body and mind, is the only thing that truly matters, and the other people who are “out there” are accessories to be manipulated in order to get our way. This is the Law of the Jungle: Kill or Be Killed. We take ourselves seriously, never laugh, and relish being RIGHT.

Being God is to realize that we are all of it… that our nametag, history, body, personality and mind are only our piece in the game to let us play with others.

We are not a pawn on the chessboard, but the entire game. Therefore, the Golden Rule:  Do unto others what you would have them do unto you, makes total sense. Since the other players ARE YOU, your loving them is actually loving yourself.

Your ego-driven mind is unconscious and highly reactive; whereas your divine mind in conscious and highly responsive.

The more you realize the ego-driven mind makes you increasingly miserable, feeling increasingly isolated from others…no matter how much money or outward power you accumulate, the more ready you are to let it go.

You HAVE an ego-driven mind, but you are NOT that mind. You begin to witness the drunken monkey within you rattle on. At some point, you may even crack a smile.

Catch yourself playing God sometimes. Notice when you start wearing a mask or living through your shadow self subconsciously… Let go if it (them all) and shift gears.

Lose those heavy chains that keep you locked up like a prisoner. It is time to live… through your divine self… the REAL you… and experience life differently…full of inner peace, joy, love and adventure.​


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