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Life Without Magic Is a Black Hole

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power

Nov 07
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Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology Is Indistinguishable from Magic.

Arthur C. Clarke

Do you remember the matchless wonder and fascination you experienced when you read your first chapter of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter: The Philosopher’s Stone, or stepped out of the theatre, after having watched the epic masterpiece by Chris Columbus?

Perhaps at that time you wanted to grab your own magic wand, or walk into the wall of the nearest subway and enter into an alternate universe set in a time when everyone believed in miracles and magic.

Maybe a magical life is more possible today than you ever imagined!​

Why the Magic of Harry Potter Speaks to the Whole world

Joanne Rowling has worked incomparable magic, the likes of which has not been seen since George Lucas produced his first episode of Star Wars a generation ago. Joanne’s franchise is second only to that of Lucas, worth literally hundreds of billions of dollars. She, herself, is, or has been, a billionaire, the first writer in all of history to cash out at that level.

This is all very strange when you think that Joanne pulled this all off in a high-tech, post-modern, global society where witches and wizards might seem ridiculous except to all but a few diehard neo-pagans. Even more to the point, Fundamentalist Christians would normally be totally put off by anything that even has a hint of darker powers.​

Rowling cast her hero as a white male wizard, not simply in terms of race, but that he is totally committed to white magic, the equivalent of miracles, with no intention whatever to harm anyone or anything (as in black magic), but only to heal.

As a teenager, Harry resembles many boys who feel alienated from their parents, suspecting that they may really be orphans who have never been introduced to their proper lineage.

These boys crave a mission to validate themselves, a destiny leading them to transform their world.​

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The deeper reason why Harry Potter has resonated with so many millions of people so intensely, translated into over 60 languages, is that this series of novels affirms the reality of an underlying order of the universe that we all know to be true, but have difficulty proving.

The muggles in the novels are ordinary human beings who have never been initiated, who have not even once experienced an alternate state of consciousness, never took a glass of wine, let alone psychedelics.

Quantum physics shattered the old paradigm that the world is comprised of an infinite number of predictable billiard balls, and that could all be figured out in advance with mathematics. The quantum revolution introduced a physics of possibility that has experimentally demonstrated the most impressive results ever. The computer industry, itself, is a direct descendent.

The black cat has jumped out of the box, and people are beginning to sense that magic and miracles are an undeniable part of life, and they are fed up with an education that crams people with facts without showing them how to master the universe, or even once suggesting that their true Self might live forever.

How to Re-Enchant the World

We long to grab Harry’s invisibility cloak, or look into that mirror which talks and shows us what we want so desperately to believe. We long to find that special wand that zaps people a mile away, or the ultimate broom that might launch into the ionosphere.

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Surely there must be a formula that, if we get it right, will let us levitate, travel back and forth in time and do all kinds of fun stuff.

The first step to re-enchant our world, and the world of society at large, is to recognize that things are not as they appear.

They are a manifestation of thoughts or ideas that began in someone’s consciousness. Who we really are caused it all. If we are willing to stop pointing fingers and begin looking inside of ourselves, we will discover a whole new universe of possibilities.

Our solar system, our galaxy, our known universe is highly improbable. Yet here we are! All the conditions for furthering life are right here in abundance. Nothing that happens to us is totally an accident. It is all orchestrated by a higher consciousness.

The world just as it is IS profoundly mysterious.​

All we need to do is stop pretending that we know it all. Once we train our eyes and hearts, we will see magic everywhere.  #ConsciousOwl

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For example, chances are that you have a smart phone within your pocket that can play movies, catch the news, write sophisticated documents and call anyone anywhere around the planet. What is this, if not magic!

How to Discover Your Own Identity as a Sorcerer

If you add one letter to “sourcerer,” you will get what it is all about. A sourcerer is one with Source, universal consciousness, or Infinite Intelligence.

When you recognize that your egoic mind is just a survival mechanism left over from the jungle in our primordial past to help keep you alive, you can begin to selectively ignore it.​

Most of what you think was given to you by other people. You didn’t consciously choose it.

As you begin to commune within, you will wake up to your own divine nature. The Source of the Universe, our Creator, is speaking in you, through you, AS YOU. You are a son or daughter of God. This is your birthright. Just because we don’t yet have a planetary educational institution that imparts enlightenment and empowerment doesn’t mean that we can’t.

The novels and movies on Harry Potter are highly suggestive of that possibility, as humanity is finally ready.

We all feel outmaneuvered by poverty, sickness and death, considering them ultimately real, having the last say, prematurely ending our drama.

That is only how it appears. It is not the truth about you and me.​

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You don’t need to buy into appearances. Just take responsibility for it all.

You have something to do with EVERYTHING YOU EXPERIENCE, after all, you are the one experiencing it right now.  #ConsciousOwl

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How to Work Your Own Magic

Magic begins by going within, allowing that which is to be, all the while recognizing an infinite field of possibilities, which your imagination will reveal to you.

While your imagination may need exercise, it is more real than anything you feel in your body, as it is a bit closer to the spirit you really are.

To be a powerful Sorcerer, get in touch within you as to what wants to be born, what you have a passion for, what you care about. Get in touch with the immeasurable love that gave birth to you in this incarnation. That love is Who You Really Are… and must create from there.​

The beauty of the first Harry Potter story is the revelation of the love Harry’s mother showed him as an infant. It was that very love that overcame the Satanic Voldemort. As Professor Dumbledore revealed, the love of Harry’s mother lives on in her son. That love can overcome any and all evil, in the fantasy world of Joanne Rowling, and in our own lives.

Tap into your magic within. You’ve got work to do…and lots of new roles to play!

The video below will help you lighten up and get your mind going…​


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