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Life Is Perfect… Even When You Trip and Fall!

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power

Oct 28
perfect life

Have you ever tried to draw a perfect circle without compass or protractor?   I tried many times as a child, but could never quite get it right. Somehow the circle embodies perfection, as it goes round and round forever. However, my circles are usually broken. The lines never meet.

Later in life, when taking the transformational workshop, The Landmark Forum, I saw the leader draw a perfect circle, not once, but many times. The class all burst out laughing. Try as we might, we couldn’t get him to draw it any way but perfect.

Maybe it was because he had no charge on it. He took pure delight in the whole process.​

What is Perfection?

Perfection is a state of being in which things ARE the way they ARE, and ARE NOT, the way they ARE NOT.

It is a state of completion in which nothing is lacking, and everything is whole.

In art, it is a painting or a play that is fully realized. The painting says everything that the painter wanted it to say, and no more. The playwright says everything in the play that she wanted to say.

Most of us confuse the perfect with the ideal.​

We compare any object with some abstract notion of how it all ought to be. For example, I may have an old, beat-up car with a dent in the fender. How could that car be perfect? It certainly is not a brand new car, and is thus less than ideal.​

We also often confuse perfection with excellence. For example, Apple computers and devices tend to be the best systems on the market, bar none. A Dell computer might be a good system, but few people would put it on the same level as an Apple.​ Could a Dell computer be a perfect Dell computer? 

We almost never look at it that way.​

The Perfection of Imperfection

If we look around us, we usually see everything as imperfect or incomplete.

When we strive for perfection, we usually fail, and then we feel all the more miserable because of it. How is perfection even possible, except in some ideal world?​

Could the imperfect be perfect? Could the only perfection in the universe be exactly the way it is?

Now you’ve got the idea. We don’t live in some ideal universe. We live in the one we’ve got. Perfection is perfection, the ideal is ideal, and never the two shall meet.

Ideals live in dreams totally separate from life. Perfection emerges out of our actual experience.  #ConsciousOwl

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Are there any true accidents? When I trip up and fall, as I did at the LAX airport recently coming down a steep escalator and trying to run out the door with my luggage, this seems like a total mess. This should never have happened; yet it did.

Or should it have? In this instance, I made an important meeting to a major Hollywood studio slightly late, and yet the executives all had a sense of humor about it.​

It is all how we act and react to things that happen to us. It is all how we choose to experience every moment… make it bitter, sweet OR amusing and fun.​

perfect attitude

Perfection as Suchness (Tathata)

Zen Buddhism, which is known for the broken circle in calligraphy, identifies suchness, or the way things are, as the mark of enlightenment, which they call tathata.

When you stop your monkey mind, and you see anyone or anything clearly for the way he or she is, or the way it is, you see that it is JUST SO. It is perfect!

Most all of us, including myself, suffer from a monkey mind that chatters on and on until late at night. Without formal meditation, prayer or some kind of drug, this mind keeps rattling on and on.

It has been compared to a drunken monkey, stung by a wasp with St. Vitus’s disease. If you think about it even for a moment, it is truly funny.​

Only when you can stop time and truly plunge into this very moment, do you see the inherent perfection.

Everything is as it is.   It is all OK.   And, it can be any other way, also.

At the heart of imperfection lies our predilection to judge and evaluate, to compare and contrast, to decide and conclude. We almost never allow anything TO BE.

How to Experience Perfection

You can enjoy the direct experience of perfection anytime you choose to by putting yourself in a state of observation.

You see anything and everything for the way it is. You drop preconceptions. You stop comparing.

You see each object as unique and beautiful unto itself, just like the endless fractals that comprise our natural landscape. We see infinitely repeating patterns that have a charm of their own, built right into creation.​

Stop the World:  Just for a moment, relax, and play with anything you happen to notice. Appreciate it for the way that it is. You might think of the flower child who would pick a daisy and gaze endlessly at it, high on her laced Kool-Aid. Whatever happens, happens. Not to worry. Time melts into eternity, and you JUST BE.

Step Back to See the Big Picture:  Climb a local hill with someone you love or simply enjoy their company. When you reach the peak with picnic basket in hand, relax, spread out the blanket and enjoy the vast panorama. How delightful, everything seemingly far away in its place! So your life, and the lives of all the people you know. Everyone in his or her place.

perfect experience

Life Is a Process of Realizing Perfection

If you could really allow the ultimate picture to dawn within your consciousness, you would see and feel total bliss and rapture.

All is One. All is Love. All is as it should be.  Truth, love and beauty, the Greek philosopher’s trinity.

Imagine that you had gone to the moon only to find no human habitation, no rivers or oceans and no blue sky. And then you rocket back to Mother Earth above you, sparkling, iridescent, filling your vision. What a glorious terrestrial ball! Everything that meant anything to you is there. It is like the princess kissing the frog with all his warts to unlock the noble prince within.

We go in and out of this realization. We only begin to find our fulfillment in life when we have that experience.​

Another hit of this may be a long way until we learn to open up, let go, and allow things to be.

Then we begin to realize that we can’t have up with out down, outside within inside, dark without light and pleasure without pain. It is all part of what makes life, LIFE.

You Are the Perfect YOU!

No one, no matter how good an actor, can play you better than yourself. You didn’t arrive at the scene by accident.

Your role is vital to the total story of humanity. You are not here to be Moses, Buddha or Jesus. You are here to realize and express what they realized and expressed.

You have a vital message hidden within you, to which only you can give voice.

Every obstacle and reversal in your life has been indispensable in getting you to where you are now, in awakening you to your ultimate potential. It is time for you to step forward and speak your inimitable lines.​


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