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Is Heaven for Real?

By Conscious Owl | Inner Peace

Nov 09
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Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of manThe things which God has prepared for those who love Him.

St. Paul

Several decades back, I was one of three people who stood up in my transformational training and said that I knew that I didn’t get it. My trainer smiled, ran over to me and whispered in my ear, “This is it. There is nothing to get.”

​I was baffled, and then slowly it dawned upon me what he was really saying. This IS it, heaven, and THIS IS what heaven looks like.

Heaven as a Space

We are so conditioned to think that heaven is a place, looking up into the sky, or where we go when we die… if we are “good,” that we ignore the obvious. Heaven is most definitely a state of mind, a state of being.

Buddhism calls it enlightenment, or Nirvana, the cessation of all attachment and the sudden release into a state of total calm.

Hinduism sees it as realization of our true identity as Source, that we are ALL the Source in different disguises and the Source alone is who we are.

Christianity, as declared in the Sermon on the Mount, is a divine world order ruled by the law of love.

Islam sees it as fana, or annihilation of the false ego and awakening to the Supreme Identity as the All.

Each of these traditions sees heaven as a state of incomparable bliss. The Christian word “blessed” can be rendered, “Oh, how happy!”.

Whatever else we can say about heaven, if you don’t experience it for yourself, it is not heaven for you. It is almost like someone turning on the switch in a dark, enchanted room, and suddenly everything appears in all its glory.​

Heaven as a Place

It used to be thought that heaven was in the sky about two hundred miles above us, somewhere in the ionosphere, where we would find the throne of God surrounded by angels. This all changed when we realized that the earth was moving around the sun, and not the reverse. Today, the ultimate horizon of the known universe is about 60 billion light years away, and accelerating.

It used to be thought that you could physically reach heaven, perhaps with the ultimate rocket. However, the first Cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, proudly claimed after being jettisoned into near space, “I saw no God.”

We could suppose that the idea was ridiculous until quantum physics revealed that there is really nothing out there in the normal sense, except mathematical ghosts and probability clouds, that what we experience as the universe is actually a construct.

There is nothing to observe without an observer.

Then an unexpected series of discoveries changed everything: Near Death Experiences (NDE). Modern medicine became highly successful at keeping people alive, and resuscitating them after they had flatlined. In the last several decades, millions of people have had such experiences, and the information is now being pooled together to offer a compelling scenario.

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We find people of all kinds having similar experiences, arising above their bodies and hearing and seeing everyone around them without opening their eyes. They then go through a tunnel of the Great White Light and see loved ones in an idyllic environment. Often, they are given a chance to return to their lives in the world, as their time has not yet come.

Heaven as Another Dimension

Recently, we have been challenged by several exceptional people, starting with Dr. Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon, who suffered from a very rare and severe form of meningitis, much like a stroke, that flatlined his brain for nearly a week. Eben was on life support the whole time. His surgeons concurred that if he ever came out of it, he would be a vegetable.

A week later, Eben’s son called to him, and the father gradually awakened. Initially, Eben forgot everything, but eventually all his memory came back, and he was completely healed.

Eben describes his experience in Proof of Heaven and Map of Heaven. He recounts the afterlife experience in glowing terms, the most beautiful music beyond anything he could imagine, with angels, clouds, butterflies and a deceased sister guiding him along that he didn’t even know had already passed away. Eben felt total acceptance there, an overwhelming love and acceptance beyond anything he had ever experienced, even his mother.​

Anita Moorjani, popularized by the late Wayne Dyer, has had a New York Times bestseller, Dying to Be Me, after she slipped into a coma after all her organs began shutting down. Anita then underwent an NDE, after which she came out and her body was totally healed in a few days from end-stage lymphoma.​

Anita is emphatic about the experience of absolute, unconditional love which pervaded her. This love carried over to her daily life, where she became much more accepting of people than she can ever remember.

Colton Burpo was a three-year-old in 2003 when he suddenly underwent emergency surgery. While he initially flatlined, he eventually came out of it. Colton then began accurately describing events and people he had no way of knowing about, such as an unborn sister miscarried by his mother. His father, Todd, was a pastor in a Mid-West church.

This little boy claims to have personally met Jesus on a rainbow horse. His father’s book, Heaven is for Real, sold over 10 million copies and a biopic by Sony Pictures released in 2014 earned over $100 million at the box office.​

Could it be that our three- (or four) dimensional world is only one possibility among many others?​

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If so, it is not quite so absurd to imagine a man rising into the sky and going to heaven. Perhaps, if you can lock into another dimensional framework, you can get there instantaneously.

How to Bring Heaven on Earth

The ultimate challenge we all face while here on earth is to accept things as being the way they are, and then realizing the hidden perfection of it all.

It is perfect that anything in your life, including all the things you label “bad,” such as losing a job, losing a mate or losing all the money you have, are ultimately perfect when you step back and take in the Big Picture.

It is also perfect that things be ANY OTHER WAY. We live within a field of Infinite Possibility. The first step is to stop resisting what you are stuck with and start opening up a new “reality.”

It is certainly time for all humanity to awaken to the invitation of Jesus Christ in His greatest sermon to start loving your enemies. Jesus mentions the love of God like the sun that forever shines, hidden only by the clouds, or like the rain that falls upon “good” and “bad” people alike. He enjoined His students to do likewise.

Is it possible that we could start a revolution of this magnitude in our generation, and love everyone we encounter no matter what the circumstances? It all starts within. When you invoke that Transcendent Love, you will find it well up inside you and start to overflow.

To transform the planet, to enlighten all humanity, it all starts with just three words:



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