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Inner Peace: Escaping The Squirrel Cage

By Conscious Owl | Inner Peace

Apr 06
inner peace

Did you wake up one day and realize that your inner turmoil is pulling you back in creating life you desire? Great realization. You are on track. Most great creations and achievements in life begin with inner peace. It’s your compass to inner drive and clarity.

When we think of contemporary world leaders, we often look beyond Presidents, CEO’s and Generals to people like His Holiness, the Dalai Lama and His Holiness, Pope John I, both seen as men of exceptional compassion who actually live out their vision.

Buddha, who is seen as one of the greatest men who ever lived by countless millions, pointed out in his Four Noble Truths that we can never experience ultimate fulfillment in outer experiences alone. Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) was an ancient crown prince continuously entertained with every pleasure imaginable throughout his youth. Yet he left his court deeply dissatisfied when he first encountered old age, sickness and depth. The Buddha took inspiration from the monk he met just outside the city gates to go and find inner peace.​

Afraid To Let Go?

Buddha pointed out that we are usually attached to acquiring things or conditions that we want, eliminating things or conditions that we don’t want or holding on to things or conditions we have that we are afraid we might lose. His formula for success was to give up any and all attachments to escape “Samsara,” the squirrel cage of desire... and restlessness.

Here is a short clip from a well known animated film that touches on some key points on finding inner peace...​

...We all have our own way of finding and mastering it... It's a process. Not an overnight success. 

Whenever we refuse to allow that which is to be, due to a strictly outer focus, we suffer.

The fruit of the Christian faith in its earliest years was seen as love, joy and peace. It was found that these go together. Without inner peace, it is difficult to feel deep love or joy. The early Apostles emphasized, as did the Buddha, that the love, joy and peace they were offering were totally independent of outward conditions. One need only think of such recent saints as Theresa of Calcutta to recognize this peace is possible in a busy urban center under the most challenging circumstances.​

Finding Peace Within and Its Benefits

Without inner peace, stress keeps building up where life seems impossible. You lose touch with yourself. You do things you later regret. You say things that unwittingly hurt your loved ones. You can’t enjoy what is right in front of you, even your own leisure time, weekends or vacation. We look to the Holidays to provide a seasonal sense of deep peace.

Without the holiday period, American (or worldwide) life would be hollow and meaningless. Pressures would mount up to an unmanageable degree. People would lose touch as to why they are here or what is the point of doing anything. At best, it would bring us to a point of sheer survival. Therefore, we take our holidays as our main “sanity re-building” days where we re-charge and in a way regain our peace within.

Inner peace is possible regardless of outer circumstances. Once it is established, it can act as a shield from the most disconcerting events.

Here are seven key benefits it provides:​

1.  As advocates of Transcendental Meditation have established with literally thousands of experiments under strenuous laboratory conditions, the internal peace achieved by this form of meditation positively impacts every aspect of our physiology, including heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, our muscular and nervous systems, our immune system and our digestive system.

2.  Inner peace eliminates the motivation for repeated substance abuse, as the very well being achieved by drugs is experienced in current circumstances whatever they might be. Inner peace enables the ultimate experience of health, which is a profound sense of well-being, that things are OK just the way they are, that our satisfaction in life is not dependent upon all the things we are awaiting to acquire.

3.  Inner peace is what most people seek in their relationships, whether close friends or lovers. It enables total acceptance of whatever is happening and arouses an ability to respond proactively and creatively to every day challenges. Why? …Because it is based on love and not lack.

4.  Without inner peace, it is futile to try and be creative. Recently, it has been found that creativity requires brain coherence between its two halves. Both inner peace and spontaneous creativity thrive on the deeper brain waves. The surface brain waves are often like a tempest-torn sea, with waves continuously crashing into each other.

5.  Inner peace is a precondition for fulfillment and prosperity. Inner peace is the means for us to experience the greatest fulfillment possible, such as divine love, the ultimate celebration of life itself and a sense of infinite abundance beyond anything we have imagined.

6.  Too often, our lives are all tied up with our persona, or ‘social mask’ that we display to those we don’t know, while our friends transparently see right through to our shadow self, the one we face in the mirror after a bad night. It is rare indeed for people to arrive at their innermost, or divine Self. Just a few minutes with that Self can totally make our day. This will open the possibility of authentic love, not just for ourselves, but everyone we meet.

7.  Without inner peace, we will be powerless to effect outer peace. As Mahatma Gandhi enjoined, “Be the peace that you hope to see in the world.” The world is going through a very turbulent period at this time. It needs us to make a conscious difference. However, we won’t even be “there” to make that difference without direct access to inner peace.

inner balance

Inner peace is best realized through the touch of divine love, of the felt presence of Someone or Something transcendent to us.

When I know that there is no longer anything I need to do to prove myself, that I am accepted just as I am, despite my myriad mistakes, when I discover that no one is even keeping score, then I am at total peace.

When you place a high value on inner peace, you will be amazed at the multitude of spiritual healing practices available from every tradition and philosophic orientation that can aid and accelerate your efforts. You will find that you are never truly alone.​


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