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Inner Freedom Is Just The Beginning

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power

Jul 04
internal freedom

Have you ever wanted to change the whole world?

There is a time to put up and shut up, to surrender to the way it all is and allow things to be just the way they are.

There is also a time to take decisive action to alter the external world on a global scale.

We are again celebrating the Fourth of July, which marks the greatest political revolution the world has ever known. In order to free the North American colonies, a tightly coordinated group of men, enough to fill a high school auditorium, signed a document of divorce from the United Kingdom, which they called the Declaration of Independence.

This document would spark a war lasting nearly a decade where the colonists, with little money, would have to raise an army with primitive weapons to defend themselves from shiploads of well-trained British troops. It would take them everything they got to exhaust the Crown to the point where it said, “I give up.” Britain chose to finally devote its vast resources to conquering India against the French, ceding North America to the 13 colonies.​


This revolution started with an impulse, and idea, that North America was its own region and should be its own territory. They were sick of having to quarter British troops to go fight wars they didn’t want.

They were fed up with what they called “taxation without representation.” They wanted their own government, and they wanted it to be a republic, where the people had a direct voice.

All it takes is a single idea, usually expressed in a well-published and circulated book, picked up by a growing mass of individuals who are willing to take direct action. It takes steady focus over days, months and years with highly intelligent masterminding.

This all demands uncommon courage and an extraordinary commitment to action.​

From Inner To Outer Freedom

Today, unlike in previous eras, it is increasingly apparent that only a revolution in consciousness is sufficient to last and make a real difference. American have found the hard way that by bombing terrorist organizations, such as Al Qaeda and ISIS, we only incite them to spread and grow by leaps and bounds.

Likewise, global warming followed by dramatic climate change requires, not only new habits, but a profoundly different mindset.

The greatest revolutions have been started in ancient times by people like Buddha, Christ and Muhammad. Divine they certainly were; yet they were most definitely human.

They worked within people to give them a direct experience of inner freedom, which no one or nothing could take away. When Jesus faced Pilot in a hasty mock trial, he maintained under interrogation, “My kingdom is not of this world.”​

In modern times, we have seen a revolution of consciousness through Mahatma Gandhi, who, in freeing India, brought down the entire British Empire. The use of civil disobedience with compassion to one’s political opponents was actually picked up from a single man, Henry David Thoreau, back in 19th Century Boston, when he chose to go to jail, rather than pay his taxes to support a dirty war against Mexico.

Gandhi’s revolution was picked up by Dr. Martin Luther King, who used identical tactics, such as marches, demonstration and sit-ins, all nonviolent, but where he and tens of thousands of people stood up for their principles. Like Gandhi, Dr. King did much time in jail, where he wrote some of his best work.

This ultimately led to the anti-war movement in the 1960’s, along with all the liberation movements, including women’s liberation, which changed everything, making it possible in America for a woman to credibly run for President.

In Lithuania and the Baltic nations, the citizens of all ages, including high school students, joined hands together hundreds of miles (people holding hands across three countries) to show a living demonstration of independence and freedom.​

protecting freedom

While later, creating a human wall around important buildings to prevent Soviet tanks from shutting down the Parliament and Television Tower. Their success led to the transformation of the Soviet Union into the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Today, in the U.S., we have two prominent Presidential candidates, both from the far right and the far left, who want to alter the political process of favoritism and disproportionate economic advantages to an entitled elite. They have brought the public to deeply question such things as the two-party system with “super delegates,” who can override the larger public.​

Take Your Inner Self Out Into Streets

What, then, are the steps to inner freedom that might lead to a revolution in consciousness?

  • Start the journey from within through prayer and meditation.
  • Realize the freedom that lies within you by calming your own mind. No one and nothing can control your thoughts or alter your convictions. Freedom of conscience and freedom of thought are here to stay.
  • Envision a new reality, such as an end to religious terrorism and military retaliation through bombing.
  • Bless all the people in your vision, especially those who might be your opponents (“enemies”).
  • Get it down to brief phrases that people can easily remember. President Obama’s “Yes We Can!” is a good example of what can be done within the political process.
  • Meet with friends, family and community in a group to share your vision and discuss the issues.
  • Get it all down in writing, and publish and broadcast it on the Internet, leveraging mobile technology.
  • Make sure it is a positive, rather than a negative vision. For example, global interfaith community, rather than religiously inspired or sanctioned terrorism.
  • Persist with the vision, devoting your entire life to it, and miracles will begin to happen

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Who could have predicted that Bill Clinton and Al Gore would successfully foster a new global communication system and that Barack Obama would become the first Black American President, leveraging social media? Who would have guessed that Bernie Sanders, a professed socialist, would fire up the minds of the millennials and take dozens of states in the primaries?

The final chapter has yet to be written.  Go within to find your true freedom, and then ignite a revolution to heal, not destroy, all seven billion of us and our planet.​


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