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Inner Beauty: Is Beauty Only Skin Deep?

By Conscious Owl | Inner Peace

Sep 01
inner beauty definition

Have you ever fallen in love with someone who fell far short of a 10? He or she may or may not have had perfect bone structure or flawless complexion. The apple of your eye may be little better than average in appearance, if that. Yet there is something so magnetic about this particular man or woman that you just couldn’t help yourself.

Beauty is more than skin deep. It lies with the soul and spirit as much as the body.

What Makes You Beautiful?

You are beautiful when you true to yourself, transparent, open to the world. You are beautiful when you love yourself and others. You are truly on your own side, with a deep self-acceptance and toleration for all the quirks of others. You are not entirely absorbed with your own concerns, but equally there for all sorts of people. If you are a woman, you are a dame. If you are a man, you are a mensch.

You are beautiful when your life is about something bigger than yourself. You are animated with an overriding purpose, a dream that you want to actualize. You don’t suppress your spiritual side, because you know all too well that it is unavoidable dimension of life. You are conscious of a story, and you want to bring that story to a glorious climax.

inner beauty examples

You are beautiful when you are wholly in the now, not all wrapped up in your head. You observe the little things around you, and occasionally bend down to pick up scraps of paper along the sidewalk.

You are beautiful when you offer presence to everyone you meet, so that they feel a profound sense of ease, and their burden lightens up, if even for a moment.

What Is Inner Beauty?

Inner beauty is the flip side of outer beauty. You can’t really have outer beauty without inner beauty. No matter how well you dress it up, a corpse will never strike you as attractive. It is the person inside that gives expression to the clothes. I like framed paintings, but the picture, itself, is the point of interest.

You can’t really have outer beauty without inner beauty.

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People who admire media and sports stars that look very glamorous rarely see them in street clothes, and not under the lights with makeup. Many actors and actresses in Beverly Hills go out in public in disguise, not simply to avoid signing autographs, but to avoid disappointing their fans that they are just like everyone else.

It is intriguing to think of how much effort high-fashion models with classic features put into looking good. Sure, they may have the high forehead, wide eyes and perfect teeth, but they spend hours a day taking care of themselves, as well as preparing make up.

Many celebrities’ good looks are well-deserved, because they work very hard to maintain them, and bring out their inner beauty.

Inner Beauty in Women

Women have a powerful secret that men cannot even properly imitate: Femininity. Helen of Troy was said to have a face that launched a thousand ships, in that she inspired the Trojan Wars. Femininity is unmistakable to men, but very hard to explain. Some women, ladies, know how to make any man feel like a million dollars, like he can DO ANYTHING.

inner beauty vs outer beauty

Inner beauty in a woman goes beyond the Feminist Movement. Whether stunningly attractive, or average good looks, this kind of woman is totally happy to be a woman, and let men be men. She has nothing to prove, and thus men flock around her. In New England and the South, you once could find “finishing schools” where girls learned how to become ladies.

I had the great privilege of seeing Elizabeth Taylor live in San Francisco in the late 1980’s, when she was a close friend of Michael Jackson. Elizabeth had put on considerable weight and was obviously aging, and yet she lit up the stage. Her gorgeous eyes glistened. You could feel her love infuse your heart. She was on a mission to make it a better world, and I was made to feel very special, yes, little old me.

Inner Beauty in Men

My favorite actor is Richard Gere, who played an incomparable starring role in American Gigolo, before An Officer and a Gentleman and Pretty Woman. In all his roles, he plays an exceptionally intelligent, sensitive man who also is well-built and refined. He absolutely comes across as his own person with a deeply caring side.

In real life, Richard Gere plays a leading role worldwide in evangelizing Tibetan Buddhism. He even cried to free Tibet while onstage at the Academy Awards ceremony with hundreds of millions of Chinese watching. In actual fact, he has nothing against the Chinese, but Richard is profoundly devoted to the Dalai Lama and preserving Tibetan civilization.

Richard is a living example of how a man can be tough and tender at the same time, courageous and intelligent at the same time.

men inner beauty

Yes, this is what women desire most, not just classic good looks, but a man who is a man, and who also knows how to truly love a woman for who and what she is.

Make the Most of What You’ve Been Given

You may feel that you are just a nice guy or nice gal, the kiss of death in the hot and sexy department. You couldn’t imagine yourself on a Harley-Davidson or doing some water skiing or skydiving. People change. You can change also. To some degree, you can make yourself into what you want to be.

You can get into dressing well and grooming. You can develop both a formal and casual wardrobe, learn to manicure and pedicure and make your hair up to best advantage. This is not just for glamour horses; it can be for anyone. The very process of putting make up on an actress makes her more an actress. She then has the right mindset for the setting and the stage.

When we think of nerds, from Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg, we learn that being geeky can be sexy. They are both brilliant people with a lot of initiative and integrity, out to change the world. Bill has his foundation with his wife, Melinda, and Mark is out to give complete Internet access to everyone in all the developing countries. Their being techno freaks turned into a huge advantage.

How to Bring Out Your Own Inner Beauty

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    Be cheerful: When you are happy, regardless of circumstances and don’t take life all that seriously, you are like pollen to honeybees.
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    Be gracious: When you are deeply understanding of other people, giving up demands and empathize with them, you make others prize you.
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    Be interested: When you are far more interested in others than in yourself, people often find you very interesting. People with interests are interesting.
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    Be curious: When you take each day as an adventure, wholly intent to learn something new, like Marco Polo in China, you can become irresistibly attractive.
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    Be open: When you meet people and go to places without preconception, and you relish others’ ideas and perspectives, you are considered an indispensable team player.
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    Be cultivated: When you learn to play an instrument, keyboard or saxophone, you open yourself up to other dimensions and worlds. People want you in their life.
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    Be playful: When you drop your pretenses, and open up and become goofy from time to time, other people do as well. You then find yourself the life of the party.
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    Be energetic: When you are good to yourself with diet and exercise and open yourself up to positive influences, you move people into action and you emerge a leader.
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    Be loving: When you deeply appreciate and value people, and you caress them with your thoughts and speech, they pick up on that and end up loving you back.
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    Be spiritual: When you recognize that there is more to life than eating, sleeping and procreating, you begin to ask questions and live answers. You make a difference.

The Master Secret: Come Fully Alive

Life is a miracle. Life is a celebration. Life is meant to be lived. In a sense, we are already in heaven, in that this earth and the Universe, itself, is our playground. We are actors and actresses assigned from Central Casting. We each have a unique role to play, and every part, when put together, leads to one amazing symphony.

deeper beauty in life

We created all this, and chose to enter into our creation. As we find ourselves in the living story, we can begin to rewrite it, to consciously create. In the process, we will awaken to our One and Only True Self.

Regret no more. Go for it!


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