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Hypnosis: The Master Secret To Ethical Persuasion

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power

Jan 18
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Suggest, Don’t Shove.

Classic Low-Pressured Sales Maxim.

Have you ever walked into an upscale department store to buy a new blouse or dress shirt and ended up with an entire new wardrobe from a pleasant, sympathetic sales woman who seemed to have just the right touch?

Chances are, that sales lady was applying hypnosis on you, without your even being aware. The best sales are low-pressured sales. You didn’t even stop to think that you were being sold to, you found yourself happily buying on impulse.​

What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is the art and science of persuasion on a subliminal level. You are neither fully conscious nor unconscious. Someone is offering you suggestions that you receive in a highly suggestible state, whether or not you are aware of the process.

It goes beyond argumentation, and is not simply rational.

Logic is simply another tool that sales, marketing and advertising professionals use to influence you and the public at large.

Each of us every day of our lives is bombarded by subtle commercials, whether through the mass media, TV, newspaper or magazine, or the increasingly prevalent digital media, including online, mobile and social.

Hypnosis works by the power of suggestion. Rather than tell you what to do, a good hypnotist, or salesperson, for that matter, suggests a possibility without overtly telling you to do it.


He moves over to your side and looks at the situation from your point of view.

He often tells simple little stories and leaves it up to you to connect the dots.​

How Does Hypnosis Actually Work?

From a psychological standpoint, our minds are association machines. Any word or image will invoke yet another word or image.

You will find any number of connections between and among them. Certain patterns emerge, and often these patterns are repeated, so that we can learn. Without this ability, none of us could actually read or write.

While stage magicians produce their astonishing effect with chatter to divert attention and get your mind off what they are covertly doing, in order to produce an illusion, stage hypnotists focus your attention on their words and expressions in order to place you in a trance state, where you will much more readily accept suggestions from them.​

persuasive hypnosis

Some 80% of us are considered suggestible, while 10% of us are considered highly suggestible, and only 10% of us are considered resistant to suggestion.

Hypnotists get us to do things that we really want to do subconsciously, but often consciously deny. The application in matters of romance is all too obvious.​

What Does Hypnosis Training Entail?

Unlike the stereotype of a bearded Victorian hypnotist swinging a pocket watch over a reclined patient and slowly telling him to close his eyes and relax, hypnosis has been modernized.

conversational hypnosis

In many cases, the subject will not even be conscious she is undergoing hypnosis, which is referred to as covert, or conversational hypnosis. 

Very often it is a physician or therapist working with you to overcome phobias, such as fear of heights or fear of snakes, or unwanted habits, such as chain smoking.

Until very recently, you had to be a health professional to be certified and trained in the real thing. This was on account of the professional scruples of the pioneer, Dr. Milton H. Erickson, who was concerned that this powerful technology in the wrong hands could be dangerous.​

With a lifetime of study, Dr. Erickson was the acknowledged master and formed an association to protect these secrets, and make them exclusive to doctors and the like.​

In recent times, Igor Ledochowski, an attorney turned master hypnotist and certified trainer, committed 10 years of his life to discover the inner secrets of this art and science, all the things you can’t easily learn in books.

Igor spent thousands of dollars to apprentice with the top experts in the world, and listened to hundreds of hours of tapes. Igor developed the conviction that this knowledge should not be hoarded by the medical profession, but made available to the general public for ethical purposes.

More About Igor's Hypnosis

Learn more about Igor and His Teachings

Igor broke new ground and won great respect from the Milton H. Erickson Foundation. Established practitioners were shocked that he was able to put the entire methodology together on his own and masterfully apply it without having the benefit of direct access to their established curriculum.

How Can I Learn Hypnosis?

You can now find legitimate colleges and certified trainers in conversational hypnosis without needing any medical credential whatsoever. Igor even created an association around it. Serious study will require months, even years, of close supervision and practice, going into thousands of dollars.

You can read books on the subject, but that is not nearly as satisfying or as helpful as learning directly from a master who is adept and gifted at imparting all the nuances of this remarkable discipline.

You need to watch and listen to hypnosis actually being done in controlled situations, and then you need to practice it on subjects, friends, family and colleagues at work or school. It can be fun, as well as profoundly insightful and professionally rewarding.​

Can I Try Hypnosis On Myself?

The more you learn the principles and procedures of hypnosis, and how to put someone knowingly or otherwise into a trance state, you can apply it to yourself.


The process of entering into your subconscious mind is called induction. You can then subtly plant suggestions through a series of words and images, recorded or written.

Repetition is key. Experts suggest three-to-six weeks to embed a pattern in our subconscious mind.

Napoleon Hill, in his classic, Think and Grow Rich, made self-hypnosis, or autosuggestion, his centerpiece. He guided his readers to craft a statement of how much they intend to make, by what means and with a definite deadline.

Napoleon suggested speaking the words out loud until they were memorized. He stressed that it is vital, insofar as you can, to actually see, feel and believe what you are saying.

It was Napoleon’s firm conviction, after interviewing 500 of the wealthiest and most successful men America ever produced, that with sufficient faith, we can do anything. Autosuggestion was his way to guide the reader to achieve the seemingly impossible.​

Today, you can draw upon the field of positive thinking and affirmation. Of particular interest is Goal Oriented and Visualization Movies, where, like vision boards, you can create your own video and see both words, and pictures of what you want every day effortlessly.​

With the Mind Movies application, you can actually select the pictures, words and music to form a perfect, inspiring match to your own unique vision.​

The Next Step

If you are in sales, marketing or advertising, running for office or in a position of management and leadership where your ability to help people get what they want and perform at their very best, then you will really want to look closely at the package that Igor Ledochowski has put together.

His students love his work, finding him remarkably lucid, easy-to-understand and insightful. Many of them have gotten concrete benefits the very first day they listened to him.​

learn hypnosis therapy

Igor used to charge his individual students over $7,000, but he increasingly felt the desire to get his mastery of the subject out in the world to more and more people where it could make a real difference.

So he decided to create an audio program with extensive printed material, with over 14 hours of his world-class instruction in a delightful British accent. Igor provides a manual with it, Language Pattern Cards and even “Cheat Sheets.” Igor even provides a number of bonuses of extraordinary value in and of themselves.

Rather than having paid him thousands of dollars, Igor decided to put it online where you can instantly download his extensive material and begin using it today, rather than waiting days or weeks.​


Because the material is all-digital, he can afford to make it available for a small fraction of what he charges individual students. Furthermore, he backs it all up with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

Take a look at all of his students and their success stories.

What have you got to lose? There is someone out there, even many people out there, whose lives you touch, who you could influence and persuade in a positive way. You could profitably empower them and build lifetime relationships with them.

Who knows? You, yourself, might decide to become a professional hypnotist, just like Igor!


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