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How To Go To Sleep When You Can’t

By Conscious Owl | Inner Peace

May 18
trouble sleeping

How often do you travel, or go on vacation, only to find that, when it comes to sleeping arrangements, things rarely go as planned? Perhaps you take a cross-country flight, or even an intercontinental trip, arriving at a remote destination in the middle of the night, when you want it to be daytime, or vice versa.

You may stay in the best hotel, yet find unwanted traffic pushes its way right through the windows and wallpaper. Perhaps you need a special type of pillow to go to sleep and you couldn’t travel with it. You feel embarrassed to go downstairs to reception and ask for help.​

Some Basic Steps To A Better Sleep

Treat Your Body with Loving Care

You may be keenly aware of all the basics:

  • Avoid bright lights and loud noises from the TV and laptop.
  • Don’t tank up on caffeine just before going to bed, even if you feel draggy.
  • Don’t get loaded up with booze, which throws off your sleep patterns.
  • Don’t work out in the gym before retiring to avoid an adrenaline rush.
  • Don’t spend all your time in conferences without taking a decent stroll.
  • Don’t stuff yourself with food just before going to sleep.
  • Don’t even overdo the water, as it can increase your frequency to the bathroom.

Make the Situation Work for You

You may also tamper with the environmental factors in your room:

  • Turn up the air conditioning if it is hot.
  • Turn on the heat if it is getting too chilly (cooler air is always better for sleep).
  • Shut the windows if it is noisy outside.
  • Call reception if the people in the next room are arguing late at night.
  • Keep the alarm clock and your smart phone out of the line of sight when reclining.
  • Turn on soft music a few minutes before disrobing.
  • Take a warm shower or soak your feet.
  • Sleep naked!  Free yourself from pajamas and their elastic band pressing on your waist or belly. Also, sleeping naked helps you regulate your body temperature.
  • Read reflective, inspirational books rather than watching action flicks.
  • Do not read or use your electronic devices (computers, tablets, smartphones etc.) at least 20 minutes before bedtime. It’s been scientifically proven that this type of blue light contributes towards sleep disorders. Otherwise, get special glasses that cut the blue light and provide a layer of protection.
  • Get a sleep sound therapy system. We list some key Pros and Cons of two different, and very affordable, white noise sleep machines'.
  • If you are jet-lagged, take melatonin. It is not a drug! Melatonin is a natural hormone made by your body. It is a natural sleep aid and available over-the-counter. When I travel overseas, I usually like to take one tablet of melatonin (the first night) to help me switch to a new time zone quickly.

Here is a video on how melatonin works and how to take it…

When Your Body Refuses to Sleep

All of these are prudent policies, but what if they just don’t do the job? You may find it very hard to catch even a wink, or you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night, utterly disinclined to fall back to sleep. You can’t see a reason why your body is fighting with you, not giving you a chance to recover from the previous day.

Why not see the temporary insomnia as a precious gift, an opportunity to awaken to another dimension and experience inner peace? What is the whole point of sleep apart from recharging our bodies? Is it not a chance to open up and let go, to restructure our thoughts and perspective on the world, on who we really are and what this is all about?

Going to sleep, awakening and rising is a little like death and resurrection. We keep rehearsing the ultimate experience, which throws our whole life in question, absorbing the implications in bite-sized chunks every morning and evening. Jesus Christ saw the people in His life that had just died as having simply falling asleep. Although they were no longer moving about, they were still present in a fundamental way.

Sleep researchers inform us that we actually drift off, going from dream state to deep sleep, and then back out several times a night. Very few people sleep like a baby every time. Especially in our 24x7, always-on society, sleep must be seen as a continual ebb and flow, bathing us in renewed energy.​

The Hidden Benefits of Insomnia

In addition, if we are open to the inner dimension in our lives, we often get our best guidance, inspiration, and even divine messages in the early hours of the night. People who are comfortable with the Bible, or other Sacred Scripture, such as the Quran or Gita, can combine this with prayer and meditation to actually commune with the transcendent. Some people receive major revelations this way, as did Neale Donald Walsch before writing his best-selling Conversations with God.

can’t sleep

Some people keep journals where they list all the things to be thankful for, or learnings from events of the day, or even record their dreams for further analysis. They find they can always turn within day or night to receive empowerment.

Very often Higher Power is prompting us to let go of our attachment to things turning out a certain way, or even trying to do everything ourselves without letting other people in.

Perhaps the greatest blessing that can come is to open up to the possibility that God is Love, and is present for you in every situation. By opening up to the sacred presence, you will discover your own peace within, divinity, and your potential to take it out to the “real world” the next day.​

Observe Your Sleep and Examine It Deeper

Observe your sleep as if you are a third-party. You will often find that when you go with the sleeplessness and stop trying to resist it, sleep will finally overcome you.

Observe and go with the flow. Do not resist or try to force your body to go to sleep. Surrender. Surrender to the moment… without getting frustrated and trapping yourself inside this carousel of negative energy and thought pattern. In a way, don’t stoke (feed) the fire.

Create inner peace, and you will find yourself dreaming, and even going into deep sleep. Be open to the fact that you will not sleep much.

Upon getting up in the morning, even if you really slept only an hour or two, you may find that with a hearty cup of coffee and a brisk walk, the day’s events carry you through. A 20-minute nap can do wonders.

Also, keep in mind that nothing happens by accident. There is a hidden purpose to everything we experience, no matter how inconvenient it might seem at the time. Your body might be letting you know that there are some other… deeper issues you need to examine, like your stress, exhaustion or even depression.

Pay close attention, dig deeper to find the main cause and help your body to heal itself.​


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