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How Quantum Physics Can Change Your World

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power

Mar 30
quantum physics for beginners

Many of us have been touched by mysticism in all its forms, including yoga, meditation and psychic phenomena. We may have come across intriguing concepts in Hinduism and Buddhism, but wondered: Is it all really scientific?

A deep appreciation for quantum physics will permanently alter your perception of reality. If you grew up with a classic, Newtonian, billiard-ball concept of physics, where electrons revolve around the nucleus like the earth revolves around the sun, you are in for an immense surprise.

Our entire technological infrastructure in this digital age is built around quantum physics. You can hardly name one thing in your environment that wasn’t made possible because of this science. With microprocessors, fiber optics and sensors, computer technology is built into everything, including our cars and houses, even our watches.

However, you have heard that discipline is weird and incomprehensible. You have thought that unless you are a total nerd, you have no chance of even grasping the first principles.

Quantum Physics Made Simple

Quantum physics is the physics of the infinitesimally small. It emerged out of extensive research on optics and light, where it was discovered that light could diffuse both as waves or discrete particles (quanta). This world is smaller than molecules, smaller even than atoms. Originally, the meaning of “atom” was that which can no longer be cut. It was found with high-energy particle physics that atoms could most definitely be split up into many different particles.

The world at the quantum level acts completely different than the world of classical physics, that of the eye-level. Everything can be expressed only in terms of probability. There is no certainty here whatsoever.

The observer is never passive. He always interacts with his observation. You could even say that he creates that which he observes. You could also say that the observation is but an interpretation of his experience.


The irony is that, although this is a world of possibility and probability, it has the power to make the most accurate predictions ever made. Here we are looking at 99.9999% reliability. Try that on for size! No wonder this is the type of physics that powers all our computational and communications devices.

Quantum Physics Impacts You Daily

Your ability to survive and thrive in contemporary global society depends largely on how smart you are at accessing and processing information. Chips, sensors and optical devices are everywhere in almost everything. Manufacturing uses the principles of quantum physics to assemble, create and distribute virtually any material. With publishing, the only thing that is not digital is the very paper used to transport the book, magazine or newspaper.

With the emergence of the Cloud, Big Data and predictive analytics, we’ve gone into hyperdrive with information. It is said that “data” is the new bacon. Analytics with machine learning is coming on fast, resulting in self-driving cars, cyborg-like robots and lethal drones. Materials must be smart, and large-scale computer systems are already “smarter” than the best humans in certain tasks. For example, IBM’s Watson platform beat world-class contestants in a highly publicized game of Jeopardy.

The computer industry is now pushing Moore’s Law to its very limits, where computers double their computational power and halve their cost every 18 months or so. Chip manufacturers, such as Intel, now come out with inch-square chips with literally billions of transistors. They are dealing with spaces so small as to amount to less than a billionth of a meter. At that level, the molecules, themselves, become unstable, and are problematic as a vehicle for processing.

Radical Concepts of Quantum Physics Minus the Math

You don’t even need to study algebra, let alone calculus, to understand the basic principles underlying quantum physics, just as you don’t need to know how an HDTV works to enjoy a lively college football game on it.

quantum physics simple explanation

Uncertainty:  You can measure a particle’s speed, or its direction, but never both at the same time. You can know either one, or the other.

Complementarity:  Light acts like either a wave, or a particle, but never both at the same time. Exasperated physicists have referred it to a “wavicle,” or wave / particle.

Nonlocality:  Two paired particles transported to opposite sides of the Universe will spin in close correlation with one another. Change one particle’s spin, you change the other’s simultaneously, even though it is faster than light!

Higher Dimensions:  We have three dimensions that everyone agrees on. Einstein added a fourth one, Time. He then referred to a “fabric of Space-Time.” String theory then added seven more “higher dimensions.” This theory allows for the possibility of a parallel universe just a few inches away from you!

Time Reversal Symmetry: Particles can move into the past, or into the future. A particle can even be at two places at once! Ordinary rules of what is possible don’t belong in the quantum world.

Personal Transformation Through Quantum Physics

The Beatles’ Maharishi studied physics in India before he every launched the TMTM movement. He has done more than anyone to awaken the West to Eastern thought. Dr. Deepak Chopra, who originally studied the human nervous system, was profoundly influenced by him, and worked with and for the Maharishi for years. No one alive today has done more to unify science with consciousness, as well as the body with the mind. Yet Deepak is not alone. Many contemporary scientists, such as Dr. Fred Alan Wolf and Dr. Amit Goswamy, offer profound insights around spiritual awakening through quantum physics.

Quantum physics repeatedly emphasizes that there is no observation without an observer, and the observer “creates” that which he observes. The people you meet, the places you go, the things you see are ultimately within you, within the context of your experience, just as are the most distant galaxies.

quantum energy

You will eventually realize that your only true and ultimate Self is that which created the Universe and that which sustains the Universe. This is precisely why the greatest masters have called us “sons” and “daughters” of God.

When you own your world, you will start to own everyone and everything in it. You will find that there is literally no one “out there” to blame. And when you feel your identity with another, you will come to that love which transcends outward conditions. This love alone can heal our planet, and bring heaven to earth, and earth to heaven.


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