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Healing With Magnets – Pros and Cons

By Conscious Owl | Healing Principles

Mar 16
healing with magnets

Is healing with magnets effective?  Electromagnetism is one of four fundamental forms of energy in modern physics. Since the force is invisible, it has an abstract, almost spiritual quality to it. We find magnetic fields around the earth, such that pigeons fly home due to their ability to follow them. We actually have magnetic fields in our own body, which may correspond with our aura.

You can actually feel someone’s aura by placing your hand several inches away from their body. At a certain point in moving your hand toward them, you will begin to feel warmth. Magnetic fields also bring to mind the Yin / Yang principle of polarity in Chinese health and medicine with all the meridian points. It is, therefore, appropriate to look at magnetism as a form of spiritual healing.

How Did Magnet Therapy Started?

Magnets have been used for healing down through the centuries, starting with the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. It was thought that Queen Cleopatra wore one on her forehead to maintain her beauty, which may have influenced her pineal gland. Anton Mesmer, the father of hypnotism, experimented with them in the 18th century, as well as Daniel David Palmer, the founder of chiropractic.

Magnets for healing were quite popular in the 19th century until the advent of pharmacology upstaged them, after which they gradually diminished. Recently, the side effects and complications of pharmaceuticals have been increasingly recognized, and magnetic healing has increased in popularity as an alternative, especially for mitigating pain. Today, it has become a $5 billion industry worldwide.​

Magnets Are Used For Various Types of Healing?

Magnets are placed in bracelets and jewelry, strapped on wrists, ankles and the back.

magnetic healing

They are used as shoe insoles and are even placed in mattresses and blankets. They are employed to handle arthritis, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sinus and stress headaches, asthma, muscle spasms, toothaches, strains, joint pain, fractures and swelling.

Some people have even attempted to magnetize water. They are thought to increase blood flow, providing more oxygen and nutrients, as well as heal a broken bone and move calcium away for arthritic joints. In addition, they are thought to help with schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s and depression.​

Magnets for Pain Relief and Evidence of Potency

Numerous scientific studies have been made, mostly on laboratory animals, where rats paws have been deliberately injured to the point where the poor creatures were writhing in pain, and where the application of magnetism reduced their swelling by 50% when applied immediately afterward.

Clinically, magnets have been employed by such agencies as the National Institutes of Health where patients with chronic sciatica (low back pain) were treated for five weeks, significantly reducing pain in the legs. At the Harvard Medical School, 29 patients with osteoarthritis in the knee were given treatments for four hours where as the pain scores dropped by 79 points.

Patients suffering diabetic neuropathy have enjoyed a significant reduction in foot pain, including a reduction in burning, numbness and tingling. A study of stroke patients with partial immobility established a significant improvement in their motor performance. This was likewise done for patients with Parkinson’s disease, who enjoyed significant improvements.​

Healing Magnet Controversies

Since this industry is massive and largely unregulated, claims for healing extreme conditions like cancer often go unchecked, even though it is illegal, as it is with nutriceuticals, to make claims in advertisements of healing specific diseases, such as being a cure for cancer.

​Obviously, manufacturers have a vested interest in making claims, even when unsubstantiated, to sell their products to a gullible public. Many of the articles on the Internet are written by them to promote their products. However, in some cases, well-conducted studies revealed static magnetic devices offered no more or less benefit than sham devices, due to the placebo effect.

What is crucial for a placebo to kick in is your unconditional faith that it will work for you. In clinical trials for all kinds of conditions, the placebo effect can result in a 30-40% improvement. However, should a patient lose faith in a particular therapy, its effectiveness will plunge.

Magnetic therapy is promising, but it is advisable to counter the tendency to think it is equally potent for all applications. A pre-clinical trial is a very long way from standard medical practice. The strength of a magnet is inversely proportional to its distance from the object attracted; the farther away, the less powerful.​

Both the size and power of the magnet are relevant factors. Certain magnets, such as neodymium, although expensive, are impressive, and can produce a field of one tesla. A practical consideration whether a particular magnet worn can actually penetrate the skin to the muscle or bone in consideration. Often magnets are sold where their ability to penetrate a person’s skin is negligible.​

Here is a great advise from a real doctor about using magnets to heal:​


• Remove watches.

• Keep away from fire.

• Don’t apply high-powered magnets to a pregnant woman.

• Remove watches during treatment.• Keep away from children.

• Avoid cold baths or meals immediately afterwards.

• Keep the magnet in a wooden box when not in use.

• Do not use magnets if you have any other metals in your body      (like pacemaker etc.)

Magnet Evaluation and Recommendations

Magnetic therapy in conventional medicine is still in its very early stages, although some insurance companies now cover this form of treatment. It is undergoing promising clinical research in major institutions. Scientists and medical doctors tend to be cautious about uncritically recommending this form of treatment.

It seems to be most useful for reducing pain and swelling in tissues. It is seldom looked to for a permanent cure. Health professionals do consider it reasonably safe. I have passed through a powerful MRI with no apparent damage. Also, I had electrical stimulation, along with ice packs to treat elbow pain, which definitely helped over the short term.

An experimental attitude might be best in conjunction with magnets, supervised by an M.D. or health professional. A certain amount of skepticism with ads and loose claims would be smart.

It would seem ill advised to make magnetic therapy your only form of treatment. When it comes to pain mitigation, we can completely sympathize with any approach that can reduce your suffering, short of something that might cause permanent damage.

When you see real miracles first-hand, which is entirely possible with exceptionally gifted faith healers, you will see magnets as a much more modest remedy. If you study the truly greats, not only Jesus of Nazareth in the Gospel accounts, but the life of Mary Baker Eddy, limbs were restored, eyes were healed, long-term conditions were relieved within seconds, minutes or hours. Documented evidence is available that Mrs. Eddy literally raised several people from the dead, although not someone who had been dead for four days.

In sum, healing with magnets is a welcome alternative to excessive reliance on pharmaceuticals, which typically have side effects and often very damaging implications with protracted use.

With Integrative medicine, lead by such M.D’s as Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Mimi Guarneri, medicine is finally breaking out of the bounds of traditional allopathic medicine. Dr. Guarneri reasons, why have a medicine bag with only a single tool, such as what she calls “the ill to the pill,” when you can have several dozen tools drawn from multiple traditions, including homeopathy, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine?

In this context, it makes perfect sense to find a place for magnetic therapy.

You can find more information in spiritual healing principles section.

And if you had success in healing with magnets, please share your story below. We’d love to hear it.​


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