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How Guided Visualization Leads To Breakthroughs

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power

Jun 21
guided visualization techniques

Every man worthy of the name

Has in his heart a yellow Snake

Installed as if upon a throne,

Who, if he says: "I will!" answers: "No!"

Charles Baudelaire in translation

Never even hearing of Guided Visualization Techniques, you may have recently set about to change the entire direction of your life through self-improvement, positive tapes and affirmations. Let’s say you are in sales, and have been stuck in a rut, underpaid and unappreciated. You want to boost your performance so that you will even be noticed, let alone get a raise or a career promotion.

Something comes up that decisively reverses any progress you wanted to make. You find yourself even worse off than when you began. You might suddenly lose your job while you are trying to improve yourself. Now you have to sell, not only customers, but prospective employers on why they should bother to hire someone like you.

This happened to me once. I felt that it was all futile, that I was going nowhere, that there was no point in going on. You, like me, may need something much more powerful, something that gets to your core emotions, erases all the negative programming and puts you irreversibly in touch with the Life Force.

It could be a new technology using Guided Visualization Techniques, either in a group setting, or on your smart phone, tablet or digital TV.​

What Is Guided Visualization?

Guided Visualization is essentially a waking dream, either with or without your eyes closed. It is a process that makes a compelling appeal to your imagination by calming down your restless monkey mind. That is the mind that darts about from branch to branch every five of ten seconds. You can have your mind actually work for you, rather than against you.


You could think of it as a form of meditation, not passive like TM or the momentary rest you enjoy after a heavy yoga routine. It is the active use of your imagination that brings you to a place of intense focus under inspiration, usually with a gentle, reassuring voice and deeply moving music. It can be done in a group, one-on-one with a coach, or by yourself, typically with a digital device and headphones.

With Guided Visualization, you appeal to, not only your visual sense, but also your aural and kinesthetic senses, your hearing and sense of touch. You might even appeal to smell and taste. If you close your eyes and visualize yourself cutting a fresh lemon and sucking on it, or taking a bite of a double chocolate waffle ice cream cone, you can actually re-experience it as if you were there. You might even start salivating, as did Pavlov’s dogs when they heard the bell.​

How Does Guided Visualization Work?

Guided Visualization calms you down through breathing and progressive relaxation, focusing on what you truly want, above and beyond all competing thoughts. Rather than eliminate those thoughts, it gets you to focus on the key thoughts as pictures, or as a living experience, beneath the mere words. By asking questions, or making suggestions, your guide helps you spot what you deeply feel, but have suppressed.

You then go through a process of thinking or saying, seeing, feeling and finally believing what you want. Let’s say you want to drive a brand new Tesla, but don’t have the budget to even consider it. You begin to think, “I want a new Tesla.” You might even choose the exact model and color, smell the leather and hear the horn beep. Your guide then gets you to feel what it is like to drive your new Tesla up a gently curving hill by the forest and the sea.

You get comfortable feeling as if you own it to the point where you actually believe you will have it.

If a thought interrupts your process, “I will always be poor. I can never afford anything like a Tesla,” you can tell your mind, “Thank you for sharing.” You can also consciously bring up the image of your continuing to drive a beat-up Chevy to the end of your life and mentally erase that picture.

If done well, you will unleash the powerful force of your Reticular Activating System (RAS).​

If you are intent on owning a brand new Tesla, every single Tesla on the road will pop out at you. This happened to a friend of mine who had actually worked at Tesla. We were visiting West Hollywood, where he saw all kinds of new Tesla’s, even ones that hadn’t officially gone to market.

Remove Self-Sabotage – The Key

Most of us didn’t enjoy a childhood where we could have anything we wanted, our parents totally believed us and unconditionally loved us. We didn’t typically go through school without doubting our abilities, or having all the creativity and initiative drained out of us. We rarely locked into the Significant Other of our dreams without being overwhelmed with doubts.

When you just do lip service to positive thinking, but don’t take a deep dive and deal with your shadow, you seldom enjoy tremendous success. If self-sabotage weren’t built into us, if we knew what we wanted from early adolescence, as did the great director, Stephen Spielberg, we would focus on it and be highly persistent without being thrown off course.

Since this is not the case for most of us, especially those who struggle with school, job, career or finances, it is essential that we go through a high-powered training, such as those of Tony Robbins, or Landmark Education’s forum. Barring that, we need to do processes one-on-one, or with a structured approach that has us systematically tackle our fears, anger and doubts head-on.​

What Techniques Are Used in Guided Visualization?

In workshops, leaders will often have the group share their experiences, such as those where they were afraid, angry or ashamed. Every participant will share a little, and you might strongly identify with the experiences of one or another. Often there will be paired sharing, where you respond to a query: “Describe a situation in which you feel like a total failure.”

When Tony Robbins works with people one-on-one, he will get them to identify their negative voices, such as “You’ll never amount to anything.” He will have them say it, and then ask them how it makes them feel. Very often the participant will start crying. From there, Tony will ask them to hear the voice in their mind’s ear loud and clear. They are then advised to gradually turn the voice down until it is muted. The affirmative voice overrides the negative one.

Often a guide will demand that you dream big, far beyond anything that you ever imagined before. For example, you are asked to visualize addressing a coliseum of 100,000 people and facing the fear, with your heart pounding wildly. You find the inspiration to speak to them passionately and elegantly. They burst out with spontaneous applause for 20 minutes, and won’t let you pass them by without hugging you. How does that make you feel?

guided visualization meditation

Breakdown or Breakthrough?

When I took the Landmark Forum, they concluded the incomparable training with a discussion around breakdowns. Whenever you embark on changing the world, you will, almost without exception, experience major setbacks and reversals, sometimes to the point of breakdown. For example, a seemingly happy marriage degenerates into a shouting match over a major misunderstanding.

The Landmark leaders remind the participants that you can’t have a breakthrough without having a breakdown… that breakdowns go with the territory. Most of us, when things stop working, conclude that something is wrong with us, or that there is someone “out there” doing something to me. A breakdown can be seen as an integral part of expanding your life.

You can’t have a breakthrough without having a breakdown!

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Whenever you have a breakdown, take a deep breath and start looking for a breakthrough. It will most certainly be hiding behind the curtains. As Dr. Martin Luther King put it, “Take the first step in faith, you don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

You may get to the point where you actually welcome breakdowns, in that they remind you that you are alive, learning and growing. The current breakdown is a sure sign you are about to undergo a major breakthrough. If you think of what makes life most worthwhile, you will find that much of it is in the breakthroughs we experience.

What Types of Breakthroughs Are Possible?

Financial:  You are struggling paycheck-to-paycheck, when suddenly you receive a windfall inheritance.

Professional:  You are working as a software engineer in a stifling bureaucracy when you run into a hot new startup that wants to bring you aboard as their CTO with a generous starting salary and full equity.

Social:  You have tons of business acquaintances in meetups and professional associations, but, as a single professional, you feel like a pariah on weekends and holidays when suddenly you meet a beautiful young lady who is smart and wants to share her life.​

Physical:  You have a chronic health issue, such as diabetes, for which you have been told there is no cure when you suddenly find a diet that you truly enjoy and nutrients that make a decisive difference in your blood tests.​

Intellectual:  You are mid-career, and beginning to get listless about your earlier passions, such as art, music or literature, when you run across an affordable venue, such as The Great Courses, that lets you learn at your own pace with world-class instructors.​

Creative:  You have always wanted to write a book, but you don’t have a clue how to begin, when you run into a world-class writing coach that puts you in a highly resourceful state on a predictable basis.​

Spiritual:  You look outwardly successful but inwardly feel empty when suddenly you run into an interfaith group with a contemporary outlook that puts you in touch with the divine as an irresistible loving presence.​

Global:  You feel with increasing gloom that there is nothing you can ever do about the rising tide of religious terrorism when you bounce into a welcoming group people from a different tradition that are actively attempting to bring the world together, such as any number of enlightened Sufis.​

How Two Masters of Visualization Can Transform Your Life

Vishen Lakhiani and Lisa Nichols are two of the world’s leading motivational and inspirational leaders. They came full cycle from early promise to abject failure to a sudden transformation. Highly successful, loved by hundreds of thousands of people, they have literally gone broke and were at their wits ends before things suddenly came together. They devoted over a decade to studying consciousness, and ways that they can impart their breakthroughs to others.

Vishen was a failed software engineer who dropped out of Microsoft, tried his hand at telemarketing and was nearly thrown out of his apartment. He happened to sign up for a structured meditation course that opened up new worlds. Vishen immediately began succeeding in sales, dropping his software career and pioneering a transformational educational company now earning over $100 million.

Lisa started out as a single mother in South Central L.A. who could barely afford to feed her baby. A confluence of circumstances emerged where she became a renowned author, and then one of the featured speakers in Rhonda Byrne’s phenomenal documentary, The Secret. Out of that exposure, Lisa went on to build her own company, speaking around the world and took that company public.

Together, Vishen and Lisa will give you a no-nonsense online course around guided meditation expressly designed to turn people’s lives around. They take a 360-degree, multidimensional approach to inducing global changes in the lives of their students. No one can listen to either of them for even five minutes without being riveted, and often driven to tears of love and joy. Vishen has passion, and Lisa has the spirit. They will push you to dream faster, further and greater than you thought possible.

Now you can invite them into your home and have them lead you to a life far beyond your wildest dreams.​ Click on the image below to get more details.


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