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Guided Meditation For Healing While Getting To Know Yourself

By Conscious Owl | Healing Meditation

Mar 23
guided meditation for healing yourself

We have many ways to meditate, from watching a candle burn to chanting a sacred hymn to closing our eyes and concentrating on a mantra to progressively relaxing our body lying down with our eyes closed. For the visually minded, a guided meditation for healing where someone else is conducting the meditation is appealing, whether with closed eyes, or by watching a visual light show with soft, soothing music.

It is also possible to prepare your own guided meditation by writing down affirmative lines around healing and getting well, and then dictating them with as much emotion as you can onto a recording device, such as your smart phone, playing the lines back whenever you choose to close your eyes and relax.

If you prefer that others lead the meditation, you have many options on YouTube, including the beautiful pieces that Dr. Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey have put together. On the Internet, you will find meditations given from different spiritual traditions in different voices, male and female. You can simply take your pick.

You’ll find a channel on YouTube, called ‘Body Mind Zone’ that continually rolls out new meditations, some as much as eight hours long, with gorgeous visuals of nature and exquisite music.​

Guided Meditation For Sleep

For example, if you have a hard time falling asleep because you have too much on your mind, here is a wonderful meditation track that will put you to sleep and hopefully, keep you there (only until your brain is rested, of course…).

You might even think of this as a form of hypnosis, putting you into a positive trance. The recorded voice makes positive suggestions, leading you into a deep state of relaxation, and then having you envision yourself, healthy, well and vibrantly alive.

You will want, of course, to make certain that you can trust the source, whoever it may be. This is all the more so if you purchase subliminal recordings where the suggestions are masked so as to be inaudible to the conscious mind.

Use your better judgment and watch closely what impact that recording has on you.

Also, if you would like to know how to align your body’s energy with guided meditation, read about chakra cleansing here.​

Meditation Performed on A Deeper Level

… It’s when you tap to your core… which is pure love. We all have it and we all feel it or experience it differently.

Our approach emphasizes the power of love to heal, that there is no force in the universe as powerful as divine love, and that we can access this love from within. So, tune in to that.

In the Gospel of John, God is depicted as Light, Life and Love. This corresponds closely with the Hindu understanding of our Source as Sat, Chit and Ananda, or Being, Consciousness and Bliss. If Christ is the Light of the World, than He is also the Life of the World, and that Life is the Love of the world.

Disciples meditate on the His sacrificial death on the cross for all humanity as the ultimate expression of this love. Evangelists, such as Billy Graham, have been extremely gifted in personalizing that love, such that Jesus did not die just for a handful of people a long time ago. He died for YOU, such that if you were the only person who ever lived, He would gladly die all over again that you might partake of His eternal life.

Whatever your religious, spiritual or philosophic orientation, you cannot help but respond to Transcendent Love wherever it is to be found. All the great religious traditions have some expression of that Love, starting with the baseline injunction to do unto others what you would have them do unto you, to act with total consideration.

However, the highest level of love is to experience Whom and What we call “God” as our Lover. This is a passionate, romantic love that forsakes all else for that One, and that can be experienced as incomparable liberation. This is directly linked to spiritual healing meditation.​

Our Guided Healing and Cleansing Meditation

This Love is exemplified in the Bodhisattva tradition of Mahayana Buddhism, that, “though the flames of hell be infinite, I vow to extinguish everyone of them,” and “though the gates of heaven are opened up to me, I will not take a single step until all humanity enters in with me.”

It is also expressed in the Hindu tradition of Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita promising His disciples that if anyone at any time calls upon Him, He will burn all their karma away and purify them instantly.

healing meditation

Why not, then, create your own vision of God’s Love being the healing force that will make you totally well. You can choose the divine figure that most speaks to you. While in the Roman Catholic tradition, Christ is seen as the ultimate embodiment of Absolute Love, Mother Mary, the Blessed Virgin, the “Mother of God,” may be more compelling for some, or one of the many saints or angels.

Here, then, is the ground for this kind of meditation (in a form of affirmation), which you can adapt with your own words:

God is Love. This Love is Absolute. No one and nothing can possibly overcome It. Since God Is Love, Love Is God. Love, True Love, is infinite and eternal. It is a consuming flame that will never retreat. It is the most powerful force in the Universe. The Love of God can completely heal me from the inside out, as He / She / It recognizes me to be divine, God’s son or God’s daughter.

I can’t possibly blow it. I am forgiven of all my mistakes from eternity past to eternity future. I suddenly realize that God has never been in the judgment game. God is totally with me, and on my side. It is I, who have hidden behind the tree in a game of “It.” All I ever need to do is open up to this Absolute Love and delight in it. Dance in its light!​

We suggest that you create an affirmation around this by the golden, tropical sands of a peaceful sea, or in an alpine glade at the edge of a crystal clear lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains. This might come out something like this:

I find myself walking on white sands of a sheltered tropical beach… I see the morning sun rise over the vast ocean… I feel vibrantly alive as I step into the water…I now find myself totally bathed in a sea of infinite Light, Life and Love…

As the loving waters stroke and caress me, I realize that I am whole, complete and perfect… All dis-ease disappears from my body… My tissues are healed and fully restored. I am One with God, and with the Universe…

Eternal Life flows within me… I am free to love everyone with this very same Love that totally covers me… All is well with my soul… I can hardly wait for today and tomorrow to unfold!… I am so happy to be alive!.

Please feel free to customize this improvised meditation any way you wish. Just realize that there is a sacred presence that offers the most profound experience of love you can ever imagine. That love heals. Time to tune into it!

If you wish to share your thoughts or some of your affirmations in the comments below, please feel free to do so.​


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