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Go Beyond the Limiting Beliefs That You Create

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power

Mar 15
overcoming limiting beliefs

Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they're yours.

Richard Bach

When was the last time you wanted to do something utterly insane, like run for President? What thoughts immediately came up for you? Did you convince yourself you were being reasonable? Did you really believe that you could pull it off?

If you are like most of us, you truly have had some wild ideas, but fear got the best of you every time. “Comfortable” and “reasonable” were more appealing than the possibility that you are utterly magnificent.​

Why Limit Yourself or Lie About Who You Are?

You are both a localized self, and the Universal Self. Life is all about forgetting Who We Are and recovering it in the playground we call the world. In this playground, it is not too cool to run around saying you’re “God.” If you decide to really go for it, you will be a standout, and often look like a freak to others. Have you ever noticed the conspiracy of mediocrity?

However, at a certain point in your life, you get sick of running on three cylinders and measuring up to 50%. Excellence has a certain appeal, even if you aren’t sure quite how to begin. You know that you are more than your nametag, or your body, or possibly even your mind. These all belong to your localized self.

accept yourself

When the ante in the game goes up, through climate change, religious warfare or financial turbulence, you realize that holding back from telling the truth makes no more sense at all.

How Limiting Beliefs Get Started

In childhood, you were comfortable living out of your imagination. “Let’s pretend” was all that was necessary to start a delightful game with your buddies.

creating beliefs

That was all it took to become a knight in shining armor, or a gorgeous damsel in distress, or a famous musician.

A simple declaration that your peers bought into.

As you grew up, you started listening to adults, including your parents and teachers. Most of them were real-world-focused and survival-oriented. They wanted to impart their survival skills so that you might have a better life, perhaps even realize the American Dream. Along with their strategies, you picked up a highly constrained view of reality.​

You came to accept many ideas that were not originally your own. As soon as you bought into them, they became very real. They altered your perspective.​

Beliefs shape possibility and show up in the way the world occurs to us.

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If you are properly trained, you will never again dream of changing the world. Nothing less than a revolution could dislodge you from your false security.

Our Limitations Are Not About Time and Money

Most of us have it that we could make a difference if only we had the time. Being practical, we realize the need for a paycheck, or at the very least a steady source of passive income. We literally need to buy the time. But, without the time, we can’t get a better job. It all becomes a vicious circle and an ideal setup for victimization.

reframing limiting beliefs

The only problem is that lack of time and money is a lie. It is no the lack of time or money-- even if you are working 60 hours a week -- that is stopping you. It is fear. It is distaste for risk and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. The truth is that you will NEVER have ENOUGH TIME and MONEY until you wake up.

If you go a little deeper, you will see that it is a lack of clarity around what you are supposed to be doing while here on Planet Earth. What “poor little me” is capable of seems patently obvious to you and everyone around you. You’re no fool. You’ve learned to play it smart, all the better to ensure that you are around here a little bit longer.​

How to Clear Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are much like blind spots. You are literally not aware that you are not aware. You look out there, and the world occurs to you the way it does. Seeing is believing. You are not about to defy gravity anytime soon. So why place your bets on the impossible?

You first must go within, let your monkey mind subside and notice your stream of thoughts. Are the voices you hear really your own authentic voice? Or are they streaming out of the past, setting up the rules for your future behavior. Your conditioning is only conditioning. Have you learned to question it?

You learn to go within and feel what is right to you on the deepest possible level. You don’t do this by talking off the top of your head. You do this by going deeply within.

You will eventually start hearing “the Still, Small Voice” that will begin coaching you. When you get into a true conversation with that voice, you will move off the bleachers and onto the playing field.

let go your beliefs

From Where Do We Create?

We create on an energetic level, from within. Sure, we need to take massive action, but we don’t start with that action.

We create from nothing by declaration, making new distinctions as to what is possible.

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President Kennedy saw us landing “a man on the moon” by the end of the 1960’s. The entire space program was his subsequent action. President Bill Clinton looked at the emerging Internet with Al Gore and saw a global superhighway. Human communication was forever transformed to a planetary level.

We create from “nothing,” or inner space. That nothing, however, is everything, the ground of all being.

We start playing with ideas, and put them together in new and intriguing combinations. We then breathe deeply and go blank. On rare occasions, we receive a download from what seems like heaven. Surely there is a God!​

When we start consciously creating from within, we become inner-directed. People pick up on this and begin to really listen. True, we need to enroll them. However, this becomes easier and easier to do the moment our dream becomes our passion. Do you want a life beyond your wildest dreams? Then start having wild dreams, all over again!​

Conscious Energy Is the Ticket

When consciousness meets energy, you encounter The Great I AM, that Living Presence Who knows no limits. You begin to realize that everything you see is made of energy. Quantum bits drive the entire digital era. What you see out in the world, and what you see on your smart phone or tablet is a firework of energy dancing upon nothing.

self-limiting beliefs gone

You tune into that consciousness which is the True You, the One that made and maintains the Universe. You open up to that Energy that moves the stars, only to find out that It is only Love. Out of Love you were born, out of Love you create.

You befriend a force that is continuously orchestrating every event in your life and continuously shaping your circumstances. You become one with that force. You awaken to your Universal Self, and then consciously re-enter your individualized self to do some major mischief.

You Are Here to Make a Difference in the Big Game

You are not here by accident. When you become Who You Are, there are no mistakes. Everything that ever happened to you has led up to this very moment where you get to confront infinite possibility. You were behind it all. You set up a hidden agenda from which your localized self shrunk away.

You have a say in what happens now. You have the power within you to live from the future by declaration, rather from the past, which you are powerless to change. Once you become present, you stop time, if even for a moment. Then you get to say how it is. You get to speak your dream.

There may be a lot of things about the world today that you see differently. If you choose it the way it is, you can also choose it any other way. You may not have voted for President Donald Trump, but you can transform the space out of which he operates. Big hint: It is only by LOVE.

It all begins with love - not chaos. You can’t build nor create out of chaos... but you CAN out of love.

Identify and Overcome Limiting Beliefs Today!

I would like to introduce you to Jeffrey Allen, the psychic healer. Jeffrey was outwardly successful as a software engineer, but inwardly miserable. Life was hollow and meaningless, as he was not living out of who he was, only who he thought he should be. Even though he had more money than most, he didn’t have the money to pull off the changes he needed to make to become a professional healer.

Jeffrey got one break, and then another. Each time, the possibilities were exhilarating, but very uncomfortable, and the suggested course of action seemed highly unreasonable. Jeffrey had the integrity to do it anyway. Each time, things opened up a little bit more, in a matter of days and weeks, rather than years.​

Suddenly Jeffrey was doing what he was: sending energy all around the planet. Healing himself and others. Empowering himself and others. Jeffrey wants nothing more than to share those same insights with you and facilitate you in becoming the Magnificent Creator that you already ARE.​

I suggest you give him a chance by listening to what he has to say (by clicking on the image below). I promise you will lose all appetite to continue lying to yourself as to what you are really up to in this life.​

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