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Finding Inner Peace and Happiness

By Conscious Owl | Inner Peace

Apr 20
inner peace and happiness

As you might have noticed, today we live in the world of chaos… global warming, financial crisis, religious warfare… Have you ever asked yourself why and what does it have to do with you?

The reason it’s all happening is because of two core things:​

  • The first reason… is that we (you and I) fell out of touch with our true self-identity, and with that we lost our true meaning in life.
  • The second reason… is that we lost that fine balance playing between these two universes: “the universe of doing” and “the universe of being.”

Which universe do you choose to spend most of your time in? Most of us primarily hang out in ‘the universe of doing’ and that is exactly what creates an ongoing imbalance, pain and suffering. This is a topic on itself. I’ll cover it in one of our future articles.

Now, let’s ask these two critical questions:

1.  Does “the universe of doing” have to be all about the survival?​

2.  Does “the universe of being” have to be all about that endless search for this so called BLISS?​

Absolutely NOT.

The book - Awaken Perfection - is quite unique in answering these questions inside the two main parts;

                Part I:  History... and

                Part II:  Mystery

… since both of these worlds are very much interlinked.​

In the first part, authors dive into our collective story, which is our history. It is important for us to understand where we come from, in order for us to be able to see where we might be going. For example, we all know that the Modern Age is dead. However, the Modern Age played a significant role in bringing the world together through the internet revolution and the global communications infrastructure.

And since the world is literally shrinking while it is falling apart… our new challenge is not to only learn how to play together, but to grow together… starting now.​

Peace Begins From Within

In the second part of the book, authors explore the mystery that we all live in… called the Dream.

According to scientists and their research in Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics… there is nothing really solid out there, in the Universe. What does that mean to you and me? Well, it means that without the Observer (you and I) there is nothing to be Observed.

That might also lead to a conclusion that WE ARE ALL ONE. Meaning… that we are this one Magnificent Intelligence that we tend to call God.

And for the very first time in history we are able to see how the puzzle snaps together and how every historical event was necessary for us to get to this very point in time, and finally, understand how all of the religious traditions until now were actually incomplete without each other… As well as, how in this day and age we move above and beyond them all forming this new global consciousness that is, in fact, very inclusive.

And yes, this new global consciousness is transformational on an individual and planetary levels. When you understand this concept on the deeper level, you will then begin playing in the field of infinite possibilities and can finally experience inner peace, strength, and happiness that you always desired.

Feel free to read Awaken Perfection for more details. It is also available in Kindle and iBooks.​


About the Author

One conscious owl to another... sharing what we learned over the years, and from many wise owls before us.