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How to Find a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem

By Conscious Owl | Inner Peace

Aug 10
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Have you ever been driven by a pack of petty problems that seemed to haunt you day by day? At some point, you took a trip for business, family or pleasure. Instead of taking the aisle seat and going to sleep, you took the window seat and got totally into the experience of flying.

You continued to gaze below you and marvel as all the impressive houses and highrises of the city quickly dissolved into little wooden boxes on a board game, much like waves on the sea and ripples over the earth.

In flight, you could see so much further, for miles and miles. You began to discern patterns and rationale to the point where the landscape that befuddled you before now made total sense. The problems you had created in your own mind disappeared as soon as you found that the limits in your life no longer held.​

The Assumption of Scarcity

We act as though our problems are all “out there,” and refuse to see that they start in our mind.

Years ago, the est training taught that all problems revolve around the single word “but.” I want to go to the beach and play, BUT I have to do my homework. The trainer suggested you replace the disjunctive word, “but,” with the conjunctive word, “and.” I want to go to the beach and play, AND I have to do my homework. Then freely choose between the two.​

We build our world out of assumptions and scarcely question them. This is a deeply cultural matter. Werner Erhard, the creator of est, analyzed what kept chronic world hunger in place. He came to three core beliefs:​

  • Food is scarce.
  • Starvation is inevitable.
  • There are no solutions to ending hunger.

Werner’s research revealed that all three ideas didn’t hold water to the facts. There was more than enough food to feed humanity at that time. Impoverished areas of the world, such as India, had already solved starvation, and there were well-conceived solutions to distribute food and put an end to starvation.

To end widespread hunger, we must end the belief on a collective level that there is not enough to go around.

Primary Areas of Victimization

When we look at the hard problems in our lives, where positive thinking just doesn’t seem to cut it, we usually end up looking at 3 core areas - money, love and health.

  • Money:  If only there was enough money floating around, I would have nothing to worry about. I can’t see it in my hand, because it is just not there.
  • Love:  I am neither rich, nor handsome nor young. I don’t have what it takes to be loved. I might as well go out and get drunk. What is the point?
  • Health:  I have just been diagnosed with diabetes. That can kill a fellow. My joy days are over. I might as well roll over and die.

As you will see, each of the forms of victimization entails the three assumptions that there isn’t enough of what I need, my current condition is inevitable and there is no real solution to turn things around. There is only victimization (“poor me”) and blame.

Time to let go…​  of all of your shadows.

victim of life

Spiritual Solutions: Step Up Your Energy Field

The way out begins with the realization that everything we see, hear, touch, taste, smell and feel is a form of energy, including the dollar bills in our wallet, the feelings of love from those dear to us and a sense of vitality and well-being, where we experience our body totally supporting us.

Dr. Wayne Dyer, who authored, There Is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, saw all of reality as a spectrum where low vibrations are material and high vibrations are spiritual. If you wished to change the material, start first by boosting your energy higher and higher, so that new possibilities can manifest.

The ultrafast spiritual vibrations attract what you truly want in life and transcend the interference patterns you unconsciously throw up.

This is much like taking the kundalini energy up your spine from the lower chakras to the higher, where thoughts can instantly manifest themselves.

Certain people, such as the late Sai Baba in India, were known to predictably manifest gold coins in people’s hands with blue light. I have personally talked to people who saw him live and assured me it wasn’t some form of stage trickery.

Great Solutions Come From Other People

Someone in your world either has the solution you want, or knows how to get it. I happen to live in an area with 80 or so billionaires, some within walking distance of my home. For others, it might seem a little more challenging to locate the conspicuously rich.

Even more important than money, is love and health. In major metros, you will find many beautiful people, both inwardly and outwardly. Many of those keep themselves in peak condition. Among them are those who are convinced that there is an abundance of love, and a multitude of health options, if only you open yourselves up to them.

Why not befriend some of them? You might surprise yourself how responsive they are.​

Important Spiritual Element - Give First

In order to get, we first must GIVE. This is not only money, but time, attention, appreciation, encouragement, and most of all, faith in the other person. Sometimes it is as simple as bringing a flower when you visit someone else’s home, or sending an electronic birthday card.

You want money?  Serve those with money. Really serve them. Put their interests first.

You want love?  Start loving everyone around you. Complement people. Smile. Listen deeply.

You want better health?  Hang out with healthy people. Learn how they keep their body, mind and spirit together.​

Spiritual Substance: Put Yourself in a Resourceful State

Tony Robbins is a giant, not only physically, but in his compassion and commitment to empowering everyone he meets. This is the real secret to Tony’s spectacular success, along with his mastery of the principles of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming). Tony shows people how their feeling states impact their reality, and then works with them to elevate and expand those emotions.

Tony is big on having people ask themselves empowering questions. Not, “How did I get into this mess?” Rather, “How can my present set of problems actually be a springboard onto a much better lifestyle?”

I have noticed that when I don’t have a dime, feel very lonely, or physically down, reaching up and out makes a huge difference. I reach out to other people I know can help me. I reach up to Higher Source, who is also deep within, for guidance and sudden breakthroughs.

Always go back and remember – Who AM I?​

The Greatest Secret to Creating a New Reality

You have most likely come across the book and movie, The Secret, and heard people rave about it. Although the melodramatic presentation went over the top at times, its core principle is true.

Rhonda Byrne, who produced The Secret, later came out with a unique book, a log that you actually write yourself. Rhonda zeroed in on a single principle: Gratitude.​

Every line in her The Secret Gratitude Book that you write starts with “THANK YOU FOR…” On one side, you write thanks for what you ALREADY HAVE. On the other side, you write thanks for what you INTEND TO RECEIVE.​

Rhonda recommends you start with what has already been given you, if nothing more than the very air you breathe. Then, you THANK THE UNIVERSE FOR WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO RECEIVE.

Now you let go of your intention, and let the universe fulfill it in the right time and the right way.

Over a number of years, I have found this book priceless (because I use it)!​

Putting It All Together

  • There really is a spiritual solution to every one of your current and future problems waiting for you. You just have to find it.
  • The Assumption of scarcity, that there isn’t enough of what you want, is your biggest barrier.
  • We are most often victimized around issues of money, love and health through operating out of scarcity.
  • To turn it all around, raise your energy.
  • Realize everything worthwhile can be received through others.
  • Start giving first, and see what happens.
  • To put yourself in a resourceful state, ask yourself and others empowering questions.
  • Give thanks always, now and forever!

The universe may be a much friendlier place than you ever imagined. Why not commit to doing what really works?


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