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Discover Peace And Harmony You Always Wanted

By Conscious Owl | Inner Peace

Apr 15
harmony and peace

In times of trouble, when nothing seems to go your way, when you feel all alone with no one left to lead you on…go within, return to Source, come to God. You no longer need look to the outer world for Truth, peace and harmony; the Truth was buried deep within you all along. The light that is within you is far greater than the light that brightens up the world. You are a divine child of God, and nothing you think, say or do can ever change that.

You are of infinite worth, infinitely precious in His sight. And His assessment is the only one that truly counts. He loves you more than the greatest lover, male or female; He is with you every step of the way, every moment that elapses. Enlightenment and empowerment are your birthright. The Truth is finally breaking out.​

Know Your True Self – It Will Lead You

Soon, all the wars and rumors of wars, people at their wits end in the very highest places, people who suppress this Love Story to the highest degree, will all be permanently sidelined. The Truth is going global, then cosmic. You no longer need come to Jerusalem, Mecca or Rome to find peace and harmony. I AM is within you. I AM IS you. The real YOU IS the light of the world.

When you come to know your larger and only true Self, you will hold the galaxies in your hand. When you take off in a rocket a certain height, a hundred, a thousand, a million miles from Planet Earth, you will see that we are all ONE. We have been so all along. We have forgotten so that we might remember somewhere sometime right about now. All the Avatars, Bodhisattvas and Messiahs have come to bring you Life RIGHT NOW. If we look to the cross, we look beyond the cross to the resurrecting power of that LOVE.

Otherwise, we live in constant lack, problem and anxiety type-of-world. This short clip on “Why We’re All So Anxious” explains it perfectly:​

Let go of all things that create anxiety, master your outer brain and focus on what matters the most… your inner self.

How To Find Peace And Harmony Within

In order to connect to your inner harmony you have to take a brand new approach. You and I are threads in the grandest tapestry, a much greater picture of the True You, Whom we call, “God.” This larger Self created this Love Story, and we all volunteered for our respective roles. You weren’t born by accident, and you won’t die by accident. Appearances are only THAT, just appearances.

You are watching this as much as you are acting it out. When you start to love the character that you like to call YOU, things will flow more smoothly, things will begin to work themselves out. You are unique and you should be proud of it. No one can replace you. No one can be just like you. You have a very special place in this play indispensible for the total piece to work, as we all approach the climax.

Everything that ever happened HAD to happen to bring you to this precise moment of NOW, a moment of infinite possibility.

If you study history…your tribe, your race, your nation, your religion, it will really make no sense at all until you discover that you occupy a love story, a divine love story. In the story of your life, you are the beloved until you ultimately wake yourself up as the Lover, as God.​

All our human loves are at best an approximation, a distant reflection or a feeling that in many cases demands something in return. This love is sacred. You don’t manufacture it. You don’t concoct it. You need not go around trying to make it happen. This love will come to you, because it IS you…in the very nucleus of your being. This love is deep and has no attachments. Look for it within. Tap into it and allow it to be, and grow. This love is your energy and nucleus. It keeps your peace and harmony in balance.

It will begin to flow through you, where your ordinary self is but a conduit, a channel. Open up to that Absolute Love (that we call GOD), and feel that love.

Start loving the moment you are in (no matter of any condition you might be in); your life (even if it’s not ideal); love yourself (even if you presently and falsely believe that you are worthless or some kind of underachiever); love the world (and its imperfections); love the one that you recently hated.

Go ahead, get swept away by that Love. The deeper you feel it, the faster you can heal yourself, experience inner peace and give it away, share it with everyone you come across, in concentric circles that sweep the Planet. Let go of all conditions when it comes to this love.

Its purity creates inner harmony!​

peaceful love

All is peace and harmony, because there is only ONE, and that ONE is LOVE ABSOLUTE. No one can resist it, the most powerful force in the Universe. It is infinite, eternal, omnipotent. When you smell its perfume, when you step into its music, you will suddenly discover for yourself that everything is as it should be, everyone is as he or she is supposed to be.

Your ultimate Self IS in charge. Lord of the Universe. The Avatar of Avatars came to open you up to Who you truly are, along with all the philosophers, sages and prophets. We fall down and worship that ONE, the one who went to the cross, rose from the dead and climbed the highest heavens. The Greatest Lover Who Ever Lived is coming home for YOU, His beloved. He wants you to know that He IS you, and you ARE He.

You, also, would have gone to that same cross if the offer had been given to you to save the world and set humanity free. Yet He was the chosen one, the very first to take it all upon Himself. Because that was, is and always will be HIS role. To show you in the purest light, to show you and the world how utterly magnificent you are… we all are.​

Living In Harmony Means…

When you finally own up to your being divine, that the Higher Consciousness within you is your ticket to total freedom, you will open up to a miraculous life, the miracle of life, itself. You, yourself, will be the pivot, the Turning Point for Humanity, the Second Coming. Be that love. When you will the will of God, all power will be given you in Heaven and Earth You will then receive the power and grace to love your enemies…to have no enemies, to open up to everyone as your friend, your brother and sister.

You will become a bridge builder, uniting people everywhere, in every nation. Today’s world can really benefit from such leaders. Everywhere you look everyone all part of YOUR family. You will start a revolution of love that will know no end. Jesus lit the torch.

But all the wisdom of all humanity down through the ages in every civilization had to become instantly available to everyone through our global brain, the Internet, before the fire of this love would consume fear and hatred. The time has come, right now, to join this revolution by forgiving the person right next to you, and the person right next to him or her. Just start blessing people, whatever they look like. Gratitude and blessing are true power. They invoke the sacred presence of Love.

You now know the formula: I AM. I AM that I AM. I AM.

Out of I AM, YOU are, WE are. I AM the Resurrection and the Life, right now, right this moment… Independent of any force, concept or entity. Cry like a baby; be born again. Awaken. Lighten up. Sing and dance. GOD is Love. YOU are Love. I am Love. Love is all there is. Just as the Beatles sang, “All we need is LOVE.” As Master Zhi Gang Sha put it recently, LOVE PEACE HARMONY.

At the end…  it is not rocket science.  😉


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