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Is Destiny Still Relevant for Us Today?

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power

Mar 31
destiny definition

Que sera, sera

Whatever will be, will be

The future's not ours to see

Que sera, sera

What will be, will be

Que Sera, Sera

Jay Livingston

Have you ever dreamed of changing the world, wondering if you were meant for something truly great, much like Neo in Matrix or Harry Potter suddenly discovering his magic wand?

Have you ever wondered if, “despite all the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” you were being slowly and surely led to your ultimate triumph, where all the world will discover you and collectively thank you for making THE difference, much like the victor in a well-crafted computer simulation?​

What Was the Traditional Understanding of Destiny?

In the Hebraic tradition, Father Abraham leaves Chaldea for Palestine, hearing the voice of the One, True God, to settle in the new land with his wife, Sarah. Out of his womb will come many nations, as the stars in the sky and the sands of the sea.

Moses is untimely born during a wave of Jewish persecution in Egypt and placed in a basket on the river. Then he is recovered by Pharaoh’s daughter and raised a prince. During temporary exile in the wilderness, he hears a Sacred Voice out of a burning bush, enjoining him to go back into Egypt and save his people.​

Moses destiny calling

In the Classic Greek tradition, the gods sport with human beings, much like amusing pets, lifting one man up, and dashing another one on mere caprice. If you were smart, you chose a powerful god. Odysseus, backed by Athena, comes back from Troy to suffer one adventure after another, yet nothing can stop him from returning to his beloved wife, Penelope.

Were Fate and Destiny the Same Thing?

The classic tradition treated fate and destiny differently. Fate usually had a negative connotation, as in the word “fatal,” bringing about death. As the quotation went, “For whom the gods would destroy, they first made mad.”

In the great tragedy, Oedipus, the young man returns to his homeland and inadvertently kills his father and marries his mother, only to blind himself when he discovers the unbearable truth.​

In the Gospel, Jesus Christ is marked from birth as a world teacher whose destiny is to save humanity. Even though Jesus is born in obscurity, He rises to national prominence, enraptures the multitudes with the greatest words ever spoken and heals everyone He touches. When He deeply alienates the power structure of his day, He is ingloriously condemned to crucifixion, only to rise the third day unto everlasting life.

The idea of destiny went on to indicate those whom God favored, as opposed to those whom God had marked for destruction. One need only think of Judas Iscariot, who betrays Christ to the Pharisees, only to go out and hang himself once the sinister deed was done. Whereas, in the Calvinist tradition of Protestantism, everyone who comes to Christ is predestined to do so. No one and nothing can stop that from happening.​

What Is the Contemporary Understanding of Destiny?

Destiny can simply indicate your destination, where you end up. It can tie in with the Hindu and Buddhist notion of Dharma, that every single one of us has a designated station in life and an appointed task.

destiny quest

If you adhere to your preassigned role, you will be happy, whereas, if you resist that role, everything in life will conspire to bring you straight back to its fulfillment, much like Jonah resisting his appointment to preach death and destruction to Nineveh, being swallowed up by a whale until he owned up to his true mission.

One need only think of three American Presidents.

Just think of Abraham Lincoln, who failed at almost everything he tried until he ran for high office, and won as America’s first Republic President. Abraham arrived in power at the very moment where he could save American from being torn into splinters, while freeing the slaves.

Just think of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who arrived as President early on in the Great Depression, saw America through, and encouraged America to fight fascism. He got his opportunity on December 7, 1941 with Pearl Harbor. In 1942, it looked like both German and Japan were going to win. Yet several years later, America emerged as the greatest power the world had ever known.

Just think of Ronald Reagan, who started his career as an actor, and was considered by intellectuals as virtually illiterate. Reagan campaigned against the Soviet Union as the Evil Empire, only to befriend Mikhail Gorbachev, and bring to an end 70 years of Cold War.​

Each of these Presidents seemed destined. They arrived in office at moments of impossible strain, executed brilliantly, and ended up changing the world.​

How to Discover Your Own Destiny

In comparison, you may feel yourself spectacularly ordinary. You may not have a million dollars. You may not have even had a chance of graduating from Cambridge, Harvard or Yale. You may still be single, waiting for that dashing you man or woman to make you feel complete.

Whether you realize it or not, you have a unique, hidden talent that no one else has as well.

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You do, say or think something better than anyone else. If you really knew yourself, you could become world class at something, whether a great actor, dancer or martial artist. Even more important, you were born in the most momentous time in history, facing global warming and climate change on a scale never before imagined.

finding destiny

What do you care about? What is happening in the world today that is keeping you up at night? What is one problem you would do anything to tackle, but feel powerless to solve? Could you focus on just that one thing?

For example, Mahatma Gandhi started out his career in South Africa conspicuously awkward and timid. When he got thrown off the train on account of his color, he came up with the bright idea of bringing down the British Empire. It took him 50 years, but he did it!

What could you do if you had a bit of patience? When you play the news on your digital TV, do you find a shortage of massive issues worth tackling? Why not you?

As Rabbi Hillel once put it, “If not us, WHOM? If not now, WHEN?”

How to Consciously Create Your Own Destiny

What is available to us in our post-modern, planetary era, which was never before available, is not just the high-tech gadgetry that dazzles us. It is the knowledge that we are inherently, ineradicably divine.

As Dr. Deepak Chopra put it, “Divinity is hardwired into our very nervous system.” To be a son or daughter of God is to be a god or goddess in the sense of the ancient Greeks, unlimited life, wisdom and power.

Eastern philosophy and religion has gone global, and the revolutionary insights of Einstein and the quantum physicists have hit critical mass. We co-create our universe by the very act of perceiving it. We are not enclosed by our skin. The very galaxies spin within the context of our Absolute Being.

We, like Krishna, Buddha and Christ, are God made manifest. It is only that not all of us yet realize it.

Once you have a moment of enlightenment, a flash of satori, you recognize that you can have direct access to divine guidance, you can commune with God. If you turn this into a practice, morning and evening, eventually God will start talking to you, much as He did to Neale Donald Walsch.

Your direction will be unique to your particular mission in life. As Werner Erhard brilliantly put it at the close of his original book of aphorisms:​

If God told you exactly what it was you were to do,

you would be happy doing it, no matter what it was.

What you’re doing IS what God wants you to do!

Be happy.


How to Re-Enchant Your World with a Sense of Destiny

You can wave the magic wand by creating the context that you make a difference, that everything you think, say and do sends ripples around the world.

For example, how many wars are started by trivial incidents? When you become conscious that you are inherently divine, that you have a matchless role to perform on this global stage, and that God loves you absolutely, no matter what you do, you can step forth and “boldly go where no man has gone before.”

The hour we are living in demands no less. Be the magnificent man or woman that the Lord of Love created you to be!​


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