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Crown Chakra: Your Gateway to Becoming God

By Conscious Owl | Inner Peace

Apr 06
crown chakra opening

He who has seen Me, has seen the Father.
I and the Father Are One.

- Jesus Christ in the Gospel of John

You may have plunged into various yoga practices, whether Hatha, Vinyasa or Kundalini. You delight in the balance, poise and inner peace they give you. You may be an active meditator with a very special mantra. Yet you want to go beyond simple peace to Full Realization, to Supreme Enlightenment, itself.

You have wondered about the various chakras, higher and lower, like steps in the temple to finding God for yourself, no longer dependent upon the beliefs of another. You want to experience God firsthand, to see God, to even touch Him. If it were possible, you would even BE God.

You have heard that it is supremely difficult to open up and make it to the very top – crown chakra. A Krishna, a Buddha and a Christ come only once, if ever. You must have the right stuff from birth onwards. You can only settle for second best, to become a saint or sage… never truly a son or daughter of God.

When You Reach Crown Chakra - You Will See Only God

The three higher chakras, the Fifth Chakra, or Cosmic Consciousness, the Sixth Chakra, or Divine Consciousness and the Seventh (Crown) Chakra, or Unity Consciousness, gradually empower you to become one with everyone and everything. You become one with the world, one with God. You emerge as THE ONE, beyond any and all distinctions.

In the Fifth Chakra, you see the world as an extension of your body. The gorgeous landscape is no longer just “out there,” it is equally in you. You are the world, and the world is you. In the Sixth Chakra, you can see God face to face, so close you can almost touch Him, but not quite. There is a six-inch window pane between God and You. In the Seventh Chakra, that pane is shattered. Not only can you feel, see and touch Him, but He is ALL you see.

crown chakra location

In the Sixth Chakra, people are translucent, you can see the light and feel the presence of God through them, but you still can distinguish them. In the Seven Chakra, people are utterly transparent. When you look at them, all you can see is God. You look for yourself, and only find God. God is all there ever IS, WAS or WILL BE.

What Chance Do You Have To Experience Crown Chakra?

When you look at the present geopolitical turbulence and closely follow the news, you begin to wonder how many people here are truly enlightened. Is it one in 10,000? 100,000? 1,000,000? Why all the religious wars? What about all the flagrant racism, sexism and speciesism? Who is genuinely pro-LIFE?

Then you look at your own shadow, how hard is it to break habits of food, drugs and empty sex! You seem to unconsciously attract attachments. Sure, you try to be a decent guy or gal and help others out, but you are security conscious. You see continuous violations of trust online and offline. Why stick your own neck out?

You may be dismayed at how much you hang out in the lower chakras of security, sensual gratification and power plays. You feel relief when you can lock into the fourth chakra, or human love, that allows for genuine empathy and appreciation, conditional though it may be.

Is it possible that you in this very lifetime can become divine? What you need is a sustained state of grace, an overwhelming series of breaks leading to total transformation.

Crown Chakra Experience – What’s It Like?

Stephen Wolinsky, leading disciple of the Advaita Master, Nisargadatta Maharaj, early on was advised, “You don’t even want enlightenment. Because if you were enlightened, you wouldn’t even be there to enjoy it!” The ticket to awakening is to give up all your attachments. Not just your possessions, but your personal identity. You are not your name tag, your nation, your race, your religion. You are neither your body nor your mind. You are not your intellect or personality. What then are you?

crown chakra symbol

You are the context out of which your life occurs. That space allows for all possibilities. When you identify with form, rather than emptiness, then you are a particular character in a global interlocking drama. You play a necessary part that perfectly complements all the others. In truth, you are every character and no character. You are your own character simply so that you can experience the show. It is an immersive simulation, much like a gripping game played out with helmet and gloves in virtual space.

If you experienced Unity, you would be very much at home. You would be very much YOU, but as God. You grow less and less attached to your limited identity, your small self. You play with it, rather than allowing it to play with you. The more you wake up to God, the more you can rewrite the script, even transform the past, which lives only in your present imagination.

Can You Even Entertain Becoming God?

With hurricanes, deep freezes, spontaneous wildfires and an endless stream of military conflicts and random terrorism, it would seem our Mother Earth is very upset with us. How much time do we have left? Can we afford to be spiritual when the only smart thing would be to fortify ourselves. Yet, the whole world is suffering. How can we not heed its call?

While from a phenomenal standpoint, our generation is facing unprecedented challenges, there is something far more important. The challenge is to become conscious ourselves, so that we can help others do likewise. The Mahayana Buddhists established that it is out of compassion that you seek enlightenment, so that you can enlighten all those around you.

crown chakra healing

Becoming God may seem infinitely remote or an impossible luxury, but it is truly the only thing that can and will save us. When we become God, when we become Who we truly are, we can love like God loves. That love sparks miracles. It knows no limits. It accepts no such word as “impossible.”

With the recent revolution in the global communication infrastructure, enlightenment is possible on a scale previously unimaginable. What is lacking is the inspiration, conviction and commitment to make it happen.

As the player of the ultimate adventure game, it is all up to you. Remember The Matrix? YOU ARE “NEO.” You are the “Chosen One.”

Focus Totally On God, and Then Let Go

Dr. Andrew Newberg, clinical researcher on enlightenment, identified a highly promising pattern. In nearly every case, the people blessed with a sudden awakening, such that it forever changed their life, usually were seekers who ultimately let go, and then let God.

It seems all the striving to become God is necessary for us to experience that we already are God. It is the sudden release that allows for the state of grace, when it all just flows.

Keep focusing on the Supreme Identity or Transcendent Mystery. Don’t be in any kind of rush to reach and experience crown chakra. Be infinitely patient with a keen sense of humor. Then periodically let go. Do something else. Take a vacation. Sooner or later, like the Prodigal Son being welcomed back to his father, you will awaken to your Christhood, Buddhahood and Krishnahood, just like the Masters said all along.

You can become God in this very lifetime, because you already are.
When you gaze at an Avatar, Bodhisattva or Messiah, you are gazing at the perfect image of Who YOU Ultimately ARE.


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