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How to Create Wealth the Easy Way

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power

Mar 29
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You may have tried again and again to be true to yourself and your highest values, only to fall right back into the System.

You are not alone. Generations have struggled to get ahead so that they could have a life and change the world. People would work hard, even struggle, only to survive. If they ever got rich, THEN they could make a difference.​

Stop waiting. Today there is a better way!​

You Can Have It All, Just By Being Who You Are

The universe is inherently abundant. Just look all around you at the incredible diversity of life in the waters, in the air and on the land. All the colorful birds, fish and mammals. All the gorgeous trees and flowers and fruit. Even in the face of “inconvenient” climate disruption.

You are human and divine, a creator within your own creation. As such, your larger Self is all of it. You are not limited to the surface of your skin. When you look at a gorgeous sunset and listen to the vast swaying of trees all around, you are participating in their very being.

We have all forgotten who we are through constant doing, doing and doing. When we start BEING again, we start to be free by remembering the infinite possibility within us. Each of us was born with a dream. If you can still take another deep breath, that dream lives on in you. Your job is to bring it into the world.

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God Bless That Billionaire!

Most of us are plagued with thoughts about how mean, petty and selfish are the rich. They got that way by plundering and abusing people. They are totally obsessed about money and care about nothing else. They wouldn’t hesitate to swat you down like an irritating fly. Just read the newspapers or watch TV!

The only problem with this is that it is a lie. Rich people are just like you and me. Some are gracious and some are as manipulative as can be. Most of them got rich by serving other people in some way, shape or form. The superrich got real good at it!​

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When you dis the wealthy, when you resent the fancy Teslas they drive and their stunning glass vistas by the ocean, you are actually closing off the possibility of enjoying that for yourself. I experienced a major turn in my life when I started blessing Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world. And that was before he found Melissa Gates and become the world’s greatest philanthropist!

When you bless someone who’s rich (who’s made it), you open up the gates of opportunity for yourself. Jealousy and negativity create limitations.

Step into the Flow of Abundance

Wealth comes naturally to those who are pursuing their dream with faith, passion and vision. Barriers don’t stop them. Somehow they keep moving over, around or through them.

Just think of Stephen Spielberg, who had the good fortune to want nothing more in life than to be a great director. As a teenager, Stephen literally jumped off the tourist tram at the Universal Studios Theme Park, grabbed a briefcase and joined the staff to explore his “future workplace.”​

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Entrepreneurs and leaders hear a different beat. They follow other entrepreneurs and leaders only to learn what they need, and then break out and make history. Perhaps you are one of them.

The world has a way of giving place to those of us who know who we are and where we are going.

Stop Focusing On Money. Focus On the Value You Bring!

You would think that to get rich, you must get obsessed with cash and dollar bills. Love money. Hang out in Las Vegas. Don’t miss a single lottery. You never know when the wheel is going to turn in your favor.

As Werner Erhard once jokingly put it, “Keep on rolling. The damn dice don’t know you’re a loser!”

Ironically, this is not the way most people get rich. Reporters and authors interviewed both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates as to why they created the computer revolution.

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They were very surprised to find out that both of them were far more motivated by something other than money. They wanted to change the world, to build a computer that even their mother would love.

Come up with a scheme whereby you could create massive value. Seek out problems, and begin to tackle them. Have you heard of religious warfare? Create a higher vision for all humanity. Have you heard of global warming? Start planting trees in empty lots in your neighborhood. Have you heard of a shaky economy? Start a business around sustainability. For the savvy entrepreneur, the future is green.

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The 8 Millionaire Blocks Explained

Do What You Love. Love What You Do.

Have you ever said to yourself that you just can’t take another day of your job, that you are selling your soul to descend the subway? Then stop. Start taking your hobbies a whole lot more seriously.

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Maybe you love the keyboard, love to sway your body in all kinds of ways or splash digital paint on your Macintosh. You might become a star performer, or an inspired teacher of music, dance or art.

Pay attention to what you do in your spare time. Remember your school days, and what you did during recess or vacation. What did you do with your childhood buddies? Chances are some thoughts and impulses will come up.

Earlier in my life, I read that there would be an increasing demand for film directors, which I thought was the world’s most competitive occupation. Although I haven’t yet directed a movie, I did manage to carve a place for myself in the rapidly emerging digital media.​

Put Your Relationship to Work in the Game of Love

Money is often blamed as the number one reason for divorce. Many people who look at sex and money always link the two, as if you always do it just for the money. Most of wish our partners would discipline their spending habits so that we could finally get ahead.

We very often fail to recruit our partner to our vision. For men, this is a great loss, as women who love their man see who he is and what he is about much better than he does. Women want nothing more than to truly empower and inspire the man in their life. Smart men seek to enroll a responsive woman to their dreams.

Napoleon Hill in his classic, Think and Grow Rich, after studying up close 500 of the wealthiest men America has even known, discovered that every one of them was overwhelmingly motivated by a women. Without that woman, their conspicuous wealth wouldn’t mean a thing.​

Work for Yourself. Serve Others.

People who work for others seldom get rich. You might think of sports stars and celebrities. Yet even in their case, they have a strong entrepreneurial streak.

Even for career-oriented people, the global economy is pushing us more and more to act as our own cost centers. Our employers are our clients. The social contract of the gold watch and 9 to 5 is largely over.​

We work for ourselves, whether we realize it or not. So start realizing it.

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Buy yourself your own business card. Find some friends and start a company on the side. Find a mentor and create a business plan. Keep your eyes open for angels. They may be a lot closer than you think. With any luck, you will literally buy yourself out of the job you currently have. Financial independence in three-to-five years is now doable for increasing numbers of us.

Master Money at the Feet of a Spiritual Master

T. Harv Eker has evangelized prosperity consciousness like few people since Napoleon Hill. His Secrets of the Millionaire Mind has become a runaway No. 1 New York Times Bestseller. Tony Robbins, who pioneered the science of the possible, considers Harv’s courses a must, not an option.

Harv has recently completed a very affordable course, The Spiritual Laws of Money. In it, he shares his breakthrough realization after having started a dozen different businesses only to end up broke.

In despair, Harv cried out to God, only to hear an inner voice assure him that you can be spiritual AND have a lot of money. For him, it was Zen Buddhism and a highly successful boutique of athletic clothing. Harv became a millionaire in less than three years, and his friends asked him how he did it.

When Harv made his deal with God, he promised to share his insights with others. In this money-back guaranteed course, Harv identifies eight different barriers to wealth, and works with you to dissolve each of them.​

1.   I can’t be spiritual and wealthy.

2.   I don’t deserve to be wealthy.​

3.   I can’t get rich and have a life.​

4.   I can’t get rich because I am no good with numbers.​

5.   I can’t get rich and pursue my passion.​

6.   I will never get rich, because I don’t have the guts.​

7.   I can’t get rich, because my husband will never let me.​

8.   I can’t get rich, because I can’t work for anybody.​

Harv will show you how every one of these considerations is obsolete in today’s economy. He will help you unlearn all the stuff that is driving you to bankruptcy and put you back on the road to riches.

Invest in Your Life.   Invest in Your World.

Maybe you invest in stock or real estate. Have you ever thought about investing in yourself, in investing in becoming the man or woman you were meant to be? Think what you could do if you had a ton of money! You wouldn’t be “filthy” rich, you would be blessed and rich. The more money flows to you, the greater your vote in the outside world.

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Money is a wonderful servant, but a lousy master. Why don’t you start making it your servant by creating a lot of it?


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