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Conscious Wealth Creation: How To Mint Your Own Fortune

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power

Feb 01
conscious creation

God loves you, and has a wonderful plan for your life.

Bill Bright, The Four Spiritual Laws

Do you remember “The Prince and the Pauper,” the wonderful story of the little boy prince who befriended a poor boy and volunteered to trade places? Both boys forgot their respective roles.

We are... each of us... in our own way, running around with the power of a king or queen, while forgetting our divine birthright.​

Are You Pushing Back Abundance?

Imagine that you had your very own mint and could legally print one-hundred-dollar bills. You could print as many as you could carry, and you could always come back for more.

Would you then choose an uninspired life? Would you choose to play small, to continuously do the very things you hated?

Most of us, much of the time, hold back or deny the abundance that wants to gravitate toward us. We do this with our fear of change, our fear of risk, of having things be different, even if we could, thereby, realize our wildest dreams.

We consciously, or unconsciously set limits for ourselves, suppress our greatness and imagine that our Creator, like some kind of cosmic devil, is actively working to sabotage our every effort.

sabotage creation

We often run a very low havingness level. When things are too good to be true, we get very uncomfortable and feel threatened.

To even things up, we work to bring about our worst fears.  Often, we have it against, not only our worst enemy, but our best friend, God, Himself, and even ourselves!

If this seems impossible, think back to the time you met a gorgeous blonde who kept smiling at you, and you didn’t know how to respond. Think back to when your boss and co-workers lavishly praised you, and you frantically insisted that what you did was nothing. Anybody else could have done the same.

Think back to when God, like Morph in The Matrix, knocked on your door and suggested you might be the Chosen One? Chances are you begged Him to go away and pester some other poor soul.​

Stop Insisting Only Never Ending Struggle Will Get You There

Most of us have been taught, or we came to believe through the school of hard knocks, that life is rough and tough. You must be a guerrilla warrior to win anything worthwhile. We are sure that you have to bust your butt to achieve noteworthy success. Very often, we are convinced that we have the wrong sign, that the stars are against us.

Do you realize how attached you are to struggle?

What would you do if someone walked up to you on the street and handed you a hundred-dollar bill just because he or she loved you? You would start laughing, back off and run from the “hot” money. You are no sucker. You will be the last one to get framed.

Even worse, if you enjoy your job, your career, or your projects, you will convince yourself that you are doing it all wrong, that you should work “harder.” Certainly, getting “filthy” rich the easy way is never legal and can’t possibly work.

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Conscious Wealth Creation Requires Stepping into the Flow

Have you ever had a day where everything just flowed? If you are in sales, every prospect picked up the phone and expressed strong interest. The young, rich and handsome gentleman doing an office visit asked if he might have the pleasure of taking you out to lunch. Perhaps you were taking a stab at “the great American novel,” and the inspired words couldn’t stop coming until your fingers were sore typing them up.

aligned positive creation

We all have such moments on occasion, and we wonder how we can keep them coming in what is often called “a state of grace.” God is on your side, and is actively working to make you a star. At such moments, we are totally open to doing something different, thinking out of the box and going for it.

What if you could step into the flow every day by tuning into the Universe, to your higher Self, and receiving direction? You may find that this is not so far fetched as it sounds. People have actually been known to fall in love with themselves!​

Tune into and Embrace Your Destiny

Somewhere deep inside you, you know that you are divine, that your Ultimate Self includes your body, mind and soul, while reaching beyond the farthest galaxy. You sense it, but have a hard time expressing it. You may feel this must be some kind of esoteric wisdom, “the light from the East,” that someone will eventually spell out for you.

You also sense that somehow, Jesus, and those fanatic Christians, may be right in that the Creator didn’t make a mistake in coming up with you. You were sent from Central Casting for an assigned role on the global stage, and you will fulfill that role, no matter where it leads you.​

You, as a unique individual, are infinitely precious. That is the whole point of “the Greatest Story Ever Told.” Spiritual masters and saints have been telling us this for a long time, and show us with thought, word and action.

For example, Mahatma Gandhi treated everyone, regardless of caste or station in life, as his equal, and a fellow citizen, not only of the British Empire, but of the Kingdom of Heaven.​

The “Secret” Behind The Secret

Millions of people have been touched by the bestselling book and movie, The Secret, and have thought about how the Law of Attraction might apply to their own lives. What we think, feel, say and do have a way of coming back to us.

The outer world reflects the inner. That which is above closely matches that which is below.

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An outwardly successful, but inwardly miserable lady, Heather Matthews had a nice car, a good job and a loving husband, yet still she wasn’t happy. She was treading a squirrel cage working 60 hours-a-week. When she went home, she took her work with her and couldn’t unwind.

Heather was superficially affluent but inwardly impoverished. Abundance seemed like a pipe dream to her.

Heather had a delightful boss who ran several different companies and always seemed to have time to spare. Her boss was relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed herself. She always had time to spare. Heather marveled and asked her boss to disclose her secret, which was the Law of Attraction.

Heather devoted another six months of her life doing everything the book told her to do. In this, she struggled as much as she did before while treading water.​

creating conscious wealth

She became deeply frustrated and somewhat cynical about The Secret. Finally, a friend who was a life and energy coach counseled her, and in 15 minutes gave Heather the missing ingredient in all her efforts.

Until you discover and align with your destiny, until you wake up to who you are and what you are here for, you will not speak the same language of the Universe.

It will seem as though God has checked out and you are all alone. Find out who you are, what you are meant to do. Focus on your destiny, the climax of your life, and then, after aligning, affirm all the abundance that is awaiting you.

Within a few weeks, Heather’s life was utterly transformed. She shortly ended up becoming a professional life coach touching thousands of people with money or means no longer an issue. Heather was finally able to play big and have a blast!​

Cash into You Destiny Through the Manifestation Miracle System

Heather Matthews wants everyone to cash into his or her destiny just the way she did. Although she charges hundreds and thousands of dollars to coach, she decided to put it all into a book and integrated multimedia course that will give her students everything needed to mint their own fortune by tuning into their own destiny and affirming life.

Heather offers both a print and audio version of her book, along with a complementary workbook, audio affirmations and chapter recap videos. She assembled a whole team to support her students and throws in additional bonuses.​

Heather didn’t want money to stand in your way of turning your life around, so she made her course easily affordable and backed it up with a 60-day guarantee. She even offers a membership support site along with it on a monthly basis should you so choose.

Please listen to Heather tell her own story in her own words by clicking the image below.​

manifestation miracle

Isn’t it time that you stopped resisting abundance and gave up endless struggle? Isn’t it time that you reached out to others who have been down that path, seen the light and are waiting to guide your efforts to astonishing success?


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