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Come Alive Through Inner Growth

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power

Aug 18
continuous inner growth

How many times have you wished that you could have everything handed over to you on a platter? Why weren’t you born with a silver spoon in your mouth? We come across people from time to time who seem to have gotten all the breaks in life. They are beautiful, intelligent, gracious, prosperous, and even spiritual.

Life is so unfair!​


Why Are We Here?

When we look at the question of why we are here, we can be quite creative.

From a narrow Darwinian perspective, we are here simply to survive and reproduce so that our progeny can survive and reproduce, ad infinitum.

From an existential perspective, we simply ARE. We create our own possibilities. No need to fear life as empty and meaningless. We are creators here to create.

From an integral perspective, we are here to grow inwardly and evolve endlessly as spiritual beings. As there are many dimensions to life, we can try to master each one of them.​

Come Alive Through Becoming Who You Already Are

Are you the light or the light bulb? Are you this body or the consciousness that animates it? If you are the body, you get a hundred years or so. If you are the consciousness, you live forever. If you have no imagination, then you might consider yourself a “speck of protoplasm on a dirt ball hurdling through space,” as Werner Erhard once put it. Surely we are something more!

You are inherently divine. God is hardwired into your nervous system, as the neurologist, Dr. Andrew Newberg, has discovered. You have chosen to forget who you are so that you could play in this Universe. If you realized that you were all of it, that the galaxies spun within the context of your ultimate being, then there would be nothing left for you to do.​

By overcoming the illusion that you are a “skin-encapsulated ego,” no more than seven-feet tall, life can be exhilarating as you gradually awaken to the full implications of your own divinity. You can channel magic and miracles if you are fully conscious. The key is to remember.

Come Alive Through Continuous Inner Growth

We grow upward, and we grow outward. Our physiology changes, and our orientation and interests change, as well. Our inward growth is as important as our outward growth. Inner growth can help us perform better, as with the martial arts, demanding focus, humility and adaptability. It is also vital to becoming a whole person, compassionate, courageous and contemplative.

Integral thought reveals that we have multiple intelligences, not just two or three, such as logical, numerical and mechanical, as in the standard Stanford-Binet IQ test. For example, we have both emotional and social intelligence. Techies in places like Silicon Valley are often challenged with these dimensions of intelligence, as they didn’t make a priority of it. Growth in either of these can have huge returns in business, as well as family life.​

spiritual growth

We are avatars, bodhisattvas and messiahs in the making. However, to show up as one requires immense spiritual growth as you learn to continually open up and let go. As the Creator hidden within His / Her creation, you learn to see everyone around you as one of your precious creations. When you look deeply into their eyes, not only do you see your other self, you see God.

Come Alive through Mastering the Game of Life

Life is a dance, a drama or a movie. You pick the metaphor. It has a built-in obstacle course, more elaborate than any Triathlon. You start out floating peacefully in amniotic fluid, only to be severely disrupted as the sack bursts, and you are forced out of a long tube, and then slapped into breathing. You grow up from helplessness to become a responsible adult.

You have to learn the rules of the game in school, in work and in relationship. You aren’t always taught them, so you proceed mostly by trial and error. You may even find yourself in a game where there are 99 ways to fail, and only one way to succeed! If you are doubly blessed, you will develop street smarts, ending up a multimillionaire with a rags-to-riches story.​

personal growth

As you learn to master various stages, you can help others to master them. As the saying goes, “You can get anything you want, so long as you help enough people get what they want.” If you are truly ambitious, you will help humanity master the big ones, such as the environmental crisis. It might be something as simple as Johnny Appleseed planting trees around the country, or John Muir, who got sick of the decimation of redwoods on the West Coast, and inspired both Muir Woods and the Sierra Club.

Come Alive through Celebrating the Miracle of Life

When we think of the miracle of life, we most often think of newborn babes, boy or girl. You can easily hold her in your hand. As you gaze into her liquid eyes, nothing is there in between you and the divine. It actually seems like a stork delivered them from heaven!

You begin to awaken to the possibility that ALL of life is a miracle, that there should be something, rather than nothing. It would have been so much easier if there were nothing at all. But then, where would be the fun? We are here to awaken, create, play and celebrate. When we put things truly in perspective, that is all that is left for us to do. We just have to give up our attachment to things being any other way than the way they are.

The greatest miracle for you might be the realization that you really are Krishna, Buddha or Christ, that you are every bit as divine as Them. When you look at Them, you see your Only True and Ultimate Self perfectly reflected. You then can resonate with the Jain perspective that all of life is sacred.​

Snap Out of Inertia Today!

It is said that we always face two choices: to go for aliveness, or for comfort. If we only choose to survive, life will be ultimately empty for us. If we choose to live fully, life will most certainly be uncomfortable. For it is in discomfort that we are driven to grow.

To get started today, find one thing where you can stretch yourself just slightly beyond your comfort level. It might be with yoga postures, or it might be with weight lifting, where you add an extra pound or two. You don’t need to push yourself too hard. Just reach out a little further than might be easy for you.

Today - find one thing where you can stretch yourself just slightly beyond your comfort level.

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When it finally dawns on you that you chose from way back when to be consciously challenged, you will burst out laughing. Why have it any other way?


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