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Chakra Cleansing: May the Force Be With You!

By Conscious Owl | Healing Meditation

Mar 20
chakra cleansing

Where does your Force come from? It comes from your energy within. Once that energy is out of alignment - “the Force is No Longer with You”! Chakra cleansing helps to align your energy and guide it back to its original source.

From the standpoint of new physics, we find ourselves in a virtual ocean of energy and consciousness with the most apparently solid objects around us just “mathematical ghosts.” Every apparent particle is surrounded by a vast amount of space, and every apparent particle within it, right down to the Planck Scale, something like 10^(-35)  meters. Einstein demonstrated that matter is instantly convertible to energy in his famous E = MC2 formula. From the ancient Hindu perspective, all there is Nama and Rupa, name and form, concept and appearance.

When we look at our apparently solid bodies, we are looking at pools of energy. In classical yoga, we have multiple bodies, including the astral body, which is just behind what we call the physical body. It is within that body that we find the chakras, or circles, wheels of energy, much like swirling pools of water.​

The 7 Chakras and Their Meaning

There are hundreds of energy swirling pools in the body, but we generally refer to only the primary seven, going up the spine, from the root to the crown, each with their own assigned color, corresponding to those of the rainbow, or light spectrum, ROY G. BIV:

1. Muladhara, or Root Chakra:  Red

2. Swadhisthana, or Sacral Chakra:  Orange

3. Manipura, Solar Plexus Chakra:  Yellow

4. Anahata, or Heart Chakra:  Green

5. Vishuddha, or Throat Chakra:  Blue

6. Ajra, Third-Eye Chakra:  Indigo

7. Sahasrara, Crown Chakra:  Violet

Each chakra is considered a psychic center, affecting the surrounding tissues and organ, with its own level of consciousness, as follows:

1. Root Chakra, Rectum:  Security

2. Sacral Chakra, Genitalia:  Sensuality

3. Solar Plexus, Guts:  Power

4. Heart Chakra, Lungs:  Love

5. Throat Chakra, Vocal Cords:  Creativity / Cosmic Consciousnesss

6. Third-Eye Chakra, Eyes, Ears:  Insight / Divinity

7. Crown Chakra, Upper Brain, Energy Field:  Unity / Transcendence

In so far as these centers are blocked, their functioning is impaired, and we experience disease. They are responsive to vibrations all around them. You have most likely run into people who gave you the creeps without your really knowing why.

You may have even opened up a corporate door and instantly got the feeling you would rather not be there. In the days of the hippies, everyone talked about good vibes and bad vibes. These vibrations are as real as anything else.

When you get caught up in someone else’s energy, such as that of a Type A, or dominating person, or you find yourself in an argument with a very aggressive person, you are reacting to vibrations, typically of the lower chakras, entailing security, sensuality and power issues.

Likewise, when you find yourself irresistibly opening up in a joyous and empowering way, you are responding to vibrations of love. When you get caught up in a feeling of being one with the world, one with God, that all is one, you are feeling the upper chakras. Being around an enlightened master opens you up to enlightenment, as well, like a contact high.

In maintaining health, it is important to be sensitive to, not just physical pain, but everything that is going on in your body. If you really tune in, you will find all kinds of feelings and sensations. By becoming conscious of them in a non-judgmental way, you tend to calm down.​

Psychic and Metaphysical Healing Using Energy

Psychic healing deals entirely on this level, and concerns itself with removing negative energy, and replacing it with vibrant awareness and well being. True health is not merely the absence of disease; it is the feeling of being totally alive, thrilled to participate in life. You will find at least three broad approaches to this type of healing:

  • Distant Healing with Visualization
  • Non-Touch Massage, as in Reiki
  • Self-Visualization, often accompanied by soft soothing music, and fragrant scents, such as incense.

Metaphysical healing does not even require you to be present. Exceptional healers, such as Edgar Cayce, merely need to know your name, even if you are thousands of miles away. They will get thoughts, ideas and images that are often exceedingly accurate. They can envision a healing light filling your chakras, often associated with a sacred presence, such as that of Christ, Buddha or Lord Krishna.

Reiki Cleansing – Wiping Out Negative Energy

Reiki practitioners will have you lie back, and they will pass their hands over you without even touching you. They can concentrate on each of the chakras and wipe away the negative energy.

Some healing techniques have the practitioner wash his hands after passing over each chakra, as it is thought the water instantly absorbs the unwanted energy. Often they will do a preliminary exercise where they visualize their spine, like roots of a tree going deep into the solid and grounding them.

It is thought that there may be a transference of energy. The healer needs to do something with the energy, so he or she psychically sends it into the ground.​

Chakra Cleansing Meditation

I would like to point out, that spiritual healing meditation should be practiced daily (using specific chakra cleanse or not). At this time, let’s focus on chakras.

cleansing meditation

You can cleanse your own chakras by lying in a comfortable position in a relaxing environment and breathing deeply. Take long and slow breaths, which will rapidly calm down the nervous system.

Visualize each of the chakras like a transparent overlay of your body with their respective chakras. You start from the Root Chakra, gradually working your way to the top. You might see the chakras as being very dim and dark in color. As you send divine white light into each of them, they become brighter and more transparent.

You can also visualize them opening up like blossoms. Some people envision rosebuds of different colors opening up into full bloom.

Some experts suggest that you both open your chakras, and close them, which we find counter-intuitive. If you experience sickness because the chakra is shut down, why would you want to close it once you open it? You want the energy to keep flowing. This seems almost wacko!

They would maintain that the chakras are like vents. When you want to aerate a room, you open and then close the window before it gets too cold. This reminds us that we are using visualization to impact something that is rather abstract, although some people actually have the ability to see auras around people, not just feel them.

You can use this guided meditation in activating and cleansing your chakras by playing this video:​

Read more about how to meditate properly here.

Speaking of auras, Kirlian photography attempts to record the different colors. You can, of course, feel the energy field of your own, or your partner’s body, by just putting your hand several inches away. At some point, you will most definitely feel the warmth. So we know that it is there.

If you tune into the Light, to “The Force,” you will access the Higher Power that does the real healing. It is your Supreme Self, the Creator and Organizer of the universe, that empowers your imagination, using tools such as chakra healing.

Traditionally, yoga was very spiritual. No one had a problem mentioning God. In fact, it was viewed as the way to God. The word means “yoke” or union, becoming ONE with GOD. Reach out to divine presence and energy any way that appeals to you. Chakra healing is a powerful method for people energetically attuned and who can easily visualize. However, it is ultimately the means to an end, and not the end in and of itself.

Have you tried cleansing your chakras?  Share it with all of us (conscious owls) what works for You (or not).​


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