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Jul 06

Without Inner Beauty, Outer Beauty Is Useless

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power , Uncategorized

Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates.

-Kate Angell

You may have been in a rush today, and put on little, or no, makeup, deciding to go casual. You may even dress down, rough it a bit. No shave or cologne. Just a shadowy beard.

In your secret thoughts, you may wonder how you come across. You know for a woman to truly look like a knockout, it may take an hour or two-a-day to camouflage yourself and conform to classic stereotypes of beauty.

If people really saw through all your masks, would they find you disgusting, or adorable?

What Is Inner Beauty?

Inner beauty is the heart of beauty. Think of outer beauty as an elaborate frame for a stunning painting. Whichever frame you choose, it is to complement the master work of the artist. The frame, itself, merely hints at what is within it. If you choose the right frame; it never calls attention to itself. It plays a supportive role.

Inner beauty is marked by poise, presence, grace, gracefulness and graciousness. Think of a pure mountain stream gently flowing toward the sea. Or an alluring voice as gentle as the alpine wind through aspen leaves. Inner beauty is a beckoning presence that invites others to share the moment. Like a Prima Ballerina, it exuberantly pulls you back onstage to join in the celebration.

Inner beauty is being in touch with the miraculous gift of your body. It is your soul, your spirit that people engage with a few seconds after their first encounter. Your physical frame, your nationality, ethnicity, even religion are outward aspects of the main event: YOU!

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Your Body Is the Medium to Express YOU

Think of a brand new 60-inch SONY HDTV fastened to a prominent wall in your living room. While it can double as a distinctive piece of furniture, no one will take that as its primary function. Even a gorgeous new 27-inch Apple iMac dominating your desk. You wouldn’t let this screen occupy so much precious space unless it opened up a whole other world.

So also, your physical being is the perfect medium to express yourself, a precious gift from God to allow you to discover your humanity… and your divinity! Through your arms and your legs, your hands and your feet, you can touch and play and dance, come fully alive like Pinocchio, freed forever from the utter monotony of being a wooden doll.

Your body’s job is most definitely NOT designed to be a carbon copy of someone else. No two people are identical, not even twins. You were placed here to make the plot and play fully engaging with a distinctive character, whether hero or villain, that people actually adore, beneath it all. You are one of kind. Why try to be anything else?

Each of Us Has a Beauty of Our Own

You may fancy yourself a god, or a goddess, but you confess, at the end of the day, to being all too human. Perhaps you are too tall or too short, too fat or too thin, too dark or too light. You never seem just right. You are haunted by constant comparisons to the stars, models and celebrities of the day. Yet if you look carefully, not one of them perfectly fits your preconceptions.

We can loosely be classified as ectomorphs, mesomorphs or endomorphs. That is, you tend to be tall and skinny with bones like a bird or solid with an average build, like a TV personality, or stalky, like a sumo wrestler. You can think of leading people in all walks of your life with one or another of those builds.

If you think of people who catch our imaginations, be it Madonna or Lady Gaga, Tom Hanks or Meryl Streep, they all may be considered attractive, but not one of them could be taken as a knockout without a lot of help from the wardrobe department and makeup artists. We love THEM. We love their frames, only because those frames give us THEM.

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With Transformed Eyes, Beauty Is Everywhere

A Course in Miracles claims that every miracle entails a change in perception. God is everywhere, although we hardly ever see Him. Likewise, beauty is everywhere, in the forest and the sea, but also on the sidewalks, overpasses and rundown school buildings.

It takes an artist to make us see the beauty that lies all around us. Jackson Pollock, the great American Expressionist, literally threw paint at his canvases and relished all the splashes and drips. Spontaneity, happening is beauty. Dive into the moment. Silence the monkey mind, and marvel at the hidden beauty in everyone and everything.

If you only had eyes to see, you would see beauty in yourself that time cannot erase. Perhaps it lies in your soothing voice or bright eyes. Perhaps that beauty is in the way you walk around or move your body. When you are completely comfortable being the rascal you really are, people will begin to love that rascal, watching the Creator pop out of your very pores.

How to Bring Out Your Inner Beauty

Many people in the public eye are totally on their own side. Despite all the alcoholics and substance abusers on Broadway and Hollywood, the majority of working actors and actresses give it their all. They know it takes hours of dressing, grooming and exercise. They take nothing for granted.

Even more to the point, they know that at any time, they may get a shot at an audition. Thus, they are always on, even when they are dressed casually. They are thorough professionals who respect the big screen, but are also into life, itself. They are deeply interested in other people, ideas, the world… all that is going on.

To bring out your inner beauty, consider doing any of the following:
•  Cover the basics of dress, grooming and hairstyle.
•  Become a deep listener and ask active questions.
•  Focus more on other people, and less on how you come across.
•  Come alive by opening up to others, even if it means getting hurt from time to time.
•  Develop an inner life through reading, writing, prayer and meditation.
•  List all the things to be thankful for, every single day.
•  Bless everyone you meet until you become a reflection of pure love.
•  Above all, play and be happy. Pull out your inner child and welcome her to the stage.

No matter who you are, your inner beauty is bubbling up deep within. You may have given massive attention to your outer beauty, now make time for the rest. Then you will stop wishing you were divine. You will start sharing your divinity with everyone else.