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numerology reading
Feb 08

Numerology: What’s Your Number?

By Conscious Owl | Spiritual Methods

Have you ever found yourself painstakingly writing out check after check with long account numbers, perhaps 15 or 20 characters at a time with no commas to enhance readability? You may have wondered why now everything is being reduced to a number?

Is this all by accident, or is there a hidden meaning behind the various numbers?​

Why Numbers Are So Important to Us Today

In an age of science and high technology, information has becoming the differentiator in all aspects of life. It is ubiquitous, coming from our desktops, laptops, tables, smart phones, even smart TV’s. It is all based upon computer software and transmitted by satellite or cable or wireless networks.

numerology meanings

It is amazing to realize that all of life is reducible numbers, and simple ones at that.

Everything you experience on any digital device is delivered as an elaborate series of “1’s” and “0’s.”

Binary language is at the core of computing, and it is ultimately on-and-off signals within “gates” of a microchip.

Information gives corporations the edge, manufacturers the edge, and people in every walk of life. This is all the more so as it becomes easily digestible as video.​

The Origin of Numerology

Humanity has had an art and science of numbers since ancient times that is now referred to as numerology. You can go back to classical Chinese, Hebrew and Greek civilizations.

You may have heard to the I-Ching, where you cast long and short sticks six times and end up with one of 68 patterns, which have all been explained in detail, describing challenges and opportunities in your life, along with suggestions on the optimal way to respond.

You may have heard of the Kabbalah, based on detailed analysis of the Torah. Every single Hebrew letter is a separate number, in and of itself. If you add up all the numbers in certain passages, you can arrive at revelatory insights.

You may have heard of Pythagoras, who played a vital role in the development of modern math, introducing the theorem by his name. Like the Hebrews, the Greek letters were also numbers, suggesting union of the verbal and the mathematical. The Greeks saw numbers behind the harmony of the spheres. By knowing the numbers, you could discern the outline of all things.​

Isn’t Numerology Hocus-Pocus?

You might wonder how can numbers have intrinsic meaning in our post-modern global society. Aren’t numbers random? Does it matter what is your actual birthdate, your legal name of your phone number? Aren’t those arbitrary?

birthday numerology

If you assume numbers are random, ask yourself if you could conduct your life purely based on randomness? Could you safely get up and drive to school or work? Do you regard your parents, friends and lover as purely accidental relationships?​

Human beings are pattern-seeking creatures.

Do you remember as a little child lying on the grass, looking up in the sky at the fluffy clouds and starting to see animals form and slowly melt away? Researchers have found that if we listen to a monotonous clock for long with supposedly identical ticks, we automatically begin to hear variations. Are they there? Or are they only in our imagination? And, if so, what else might be in our imagination?

Doesn’t Numerology Disempower Us?

Intelligent people who have done work in awareness often frown on astrology and tarot, regarding numerology in the same light. If you awaken to the reality that your Higher Self is the source of your experience, why dive down below the line and put yourself at the effect of arbitrary forces like your date of birth or your phone number?

Numerology is an intuitive tool, very elegant and not quite so problematic as astrology and the tarot.

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As you start to learn the values assigned by others to the core numbers, 1 through 9, as well as special numbers, such as 12, 22 and 33, you begin to have a feeling for what amounts to a whole new language, a new way of viewing the Universe.

This is much like your peripheral vision, where you can see much more than your focal point, although with less clarity. It is much like your right brain that can take on an entire panorama, looking at the entire train and tracks disappearing into the horizon while your left-brain is locked into viewing it car by car.

What the Universe Is Trying to Tell Us

A fundamental metaphysical principle is that there are no accidents. Our Supreme Self orchestrates it all for us at every instant.

Life is kept full of surprises by the gap in awareness between our lower self with our Higher Self.

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This is why the Great Traditions urge us to have faith in Higher Power.

We all have intuition, even psychic ability, but relatively few of us make great efforts to cultivate it. Sure, some may be much sharper than others. However, we all have a sense of things lying below the surface, whether in our primary relationship or in political events, such as sudden swing to the right or left. These things don’t just happen. There is a force driving it.

Neale Donald Walsch, author of the best-selling Conversations with God, emphatically maintains that God talks to all of us. It is just that we never listen to Him. Could it be that God talks in patterns of numbers? Haven’t you ever had a day where you came across the number, let’s say “Five,” everywhere you went?​

How You Can Start Playing with Numerology

It is perfectly acceptable that you start skeptical of things like numerology. The thing to do is not take it so seriously, like it was an ultimate guide to your life. You might consider it a delightful hobby or diversion. Just think of it as a party favor where you can amuse your boyfriend, or an energetic batch of singles looking to get into each other’s heads.

You can pick up a book on the subject, or watch a video or two on YouTube. You can talk to people who are into it and ask them to explain how it works. However, if you really want to get a handle on it, you will consult a professional numerologist and get a reading. You might even want to start doing classes on it.​


Get Your Free Numerology Reading

To whet your appetite, here are some ways of viewing people with the basic numbers:​

1:  Master Creator

2:  Sacred Feminine​

3:  Transformational Agent​

4:  Rock of Stability​

5:  Deeply Experiential​

6:  Mother Gaia​

7:  The Seeker​

8:  Eternal Life​

9:  The Greater Good​

11:  Spiritual Enlightenment​

22:  The Master Builder​

Wouldn’t be fun to learn enough of the basics to get the numbers of some of your close friends, and see how the themes and interpretations might apply?

creative numerology

Better yet, wouldn’t it be better if you looked at yourself from all the various life dimensions, and see how your basic numbers stack up? How could you not end up with a few surprising insights? Take what speaks to you, and leave the rest.

The Easy Way to Master Numerology

We would like to introduce you to one numerology site that has over half-a-million customers and a vigorous team of intuitives that continuously apply numerology to all aspects of life: Life Path, Birthdate, Soul Expression, Destiny, and Heart’s Desire. They dynamically integrate career, finances, romance, altruism and spirituality, addressing all facets of your life.

They have built a cloud-based supercomputer to deliver insights in minutes that it would take a professional numerologist hours or days to compute. They prepare a private report to each client of 100 pages or so, and then add 10 fun bonuses, such as how to read phone numbers, multiply your good luck, choose the optimal wardrobe or assess a relationship in just one minute.

They even provide you a numerology generator, so you can interpret numbers for your friends.​ To top it off, they give you an email subscription for a year or two where you get to systematically apply the numbers every single day.

Click the image below and visit this resourceful site yourself.


Suppose some of the insights don’t quite fit you. The program is personalized as much as possible, with 90 individual calculations. What if even some of the insights actually produce a sudden flash of recognition? You are learning a new language. You can adapt and adopt it any way you like.

You can get a free basic reading with a video playback and judge for yourself. If you are like me, a considerable number of the insights will be relevant and provocative. If the playback intrigues you, then you can sign up for the reading and materials and enjoy a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Chances are that you will fall in love with the curriculum and community and want to share it with all your friends. We would love to hear how it works for you.​

Healing Mantra
Mar 28

Is Your Mantra For Healing Working?

By Conscious Owl | Spiritual Methods

Whatever be your health challenge, whether sickness or injury, you will find a powerful syllable, word or phrase that soothes and revitalizes you. However, keep in mind, that your mantra is not just a simple word or sound. Every word should be chosen carefully because it comes with its own spiritual meaning, energy and harmony.

You can be of any religious, spiritual or philosophical tradition, or of none. You will find that one name, word or phrase will leap out to claim you as its own. You will fall in love with it.

You might even experience light goosebumps after saying it… and that’s the one that you should stick with. Use it daily and start tracking your transformation.​

How Hindu Mantras Were Created?

In ancient India, the sons of Brahmins went out into the forest to be raised by a guru who initiated them into the mysteries by giving them each a sacred name, or mantra. They would chant this out loud, and then continue to chant this silently within themselves. This was their way to invoke, or summon forth their chosen deity, their unique expression of God. This practice continues in contemporary ashrams in India, and around the world.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the Beatles’ guru, systematized and popularized this around the world in the Transcendental Meditation or TM Movement. Each initiate is given a particular mantra based on the time and place of his birth, according to Jyotish, or Hindu astrology.​

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

You are initiated with flowers and incense. The name is treated as sacred, and you are instructed to never tell it to anyone.

You follow the instructor in repeating it out loud, and then you slowly reduce your volume to a whisper before closing your eyes and silently repeating it for the requisite 20 minutes.

The Maharishi devoted his life to this and successfully induced million of people to do it daily, both morning and afternoon. The impressive health benefits, measured clinically, have been heavily documented in the medical research literature.

Mantra for Healing The Body

Today, our world culture is a lot more open and intercultural, incorporating elements from every major sacred and mystical tradition. Increasingly, the attitude is to choose an expression that uniquely appeals to you, and make it your own. In truth, you are appealing to the Sat Guru, the spiritual master within; you are praying to “I AM,” to your only true and ultimate Self, Creator of the Universe.

Mantras are closely related to affirmations, positive statements that are repeated to great effect. Affirmative, metaphysical or scientific prayer asserts that you are whole, complete and perfect, no matter what your perceived condition.

This can be combined with gratitude for the healing.​

In the movie, The Secret, a lady diagnosed with cancer affirmed, “Thank you for healing me. Thank you for healing me. Thank you for healing me.” She did this all day long, day after day. Within a month, all evidence of cancer had completely disappeared.

In the 19th century, a French M.D., Emile Coue came up with a simple phrase, “Every day in every way, I am getting better and better.” It was credited with remarkable improvements in his patients.

You might try the affirmation: 

“I am whole, complete and perfect. I am whole, complete and perfect.”

You might even try: 

“I am surrounded by the Great White Light of Christ Consciousness.”

From this approach, you don’t necessarily have to repeat it for 20 minutes each time. I find three times optimal.

You can read more about healing therapies here.​

Spiritual Mantras and Their Depth

The Abraham faiths (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) have a rich repository of names of God, and remarkable accounts of healing, especially the Christian tradition. Core to this is the profound realization that God loves me, and that His (Her) love is absolute. No one and nothing can separate me from that love.

​Jesus of Nazareth, the Chosen One, is seen as Lord of Love, the Greatest Lover the world has ever known. The Gospel, or the story of His incarnation, death, burial, resurrection and ascension, is seen as the ultimate expression of divine love, particularly His sacrificial death on the cross, where it is believed that He once and for all took on our karma, that He died for you personally, and that if you were the only one alive, He would still die for you. History then, even life, itself, is seen as a divine love story.

If I invoke, or call forth the name of God, and God actually IS LOVE, then I am summoning the Lord of Life, the Creator, and calling forth the felt presence of that Love. Nothing is so healing as love.

Whatever remedy, medication or medical intervention you might undertake, it goes down a whole lot better with love. I am speaking from experience, having been on the hospital bed more than once in my life. That love made a huge difference in my experience of the surgeries, and their outcomes.​

What name then, shall you use?

It depends on your own spiritual tradition, or what resonates most with you. For Jewish people, it might be “Adonai,” or even “YaWeH,” although the latter name is seldom spoken out of respect for the deity. Adonai is the Hebrew word for Lord. Jesus used it freely with his inner circle, as you can read in the Gospel of John, referred to as the Great I AM.

For Christians, it will most likely be the name of Christ, simply “Jesus” or “Yeshua,” or His Mother, the Blessed Virgin, “Ave Maria.” For Muslims, you can use THE name, which is “Allah,” which actually means THE God, i.e., the One and Only True God, as opposed to countless idols. Islam officially has 99 names for God, some of which are very beautiful. I would heartily recommend a study of those names for both Muslims and nonmuslims.​

Hindus enjoy myriad options, at the last count, it is estimated to include 320 million gods (substitute devas, or angels), manifestations of “Atman,” at the nucleus of our being, or “Brahman,” the Infinite Expanse or Transcendent Mystery. “Ram,” the incarnation of “Vishnu,” the God of Preservation, is most frequently used, closely followed by “Krishna,” another incarnation of Vishnu.

Gandhi, when shot in the heart several times, uttered, “Ram” in passing. The yogic tradition gives specific sacred words for each chakra, or energy center within the body, starting from the root chakra and going to the crown chakra, as follows:​

1. Root Chakra:   LAM

2. Sacral Chakra:   VAM

3. Solar Plexus Chakra:   RAM

4. Heart Chakra:   YAM

5. Throat Chakra:   HAM

6. Third-Eye Chakra:   AUM

7. Crown Chakra:   AH (or silence).

These chakras are seen as vortices of energy in our subtle body, wheels of energy, which can be either closed, or opened up. The more open, the more they release their energy.

Samadhi, or enlightenment, is seen when the baseline energy at the Root Chakra, the Kundalini, goes all the way up to the Crown Chakra. It is as if it rings a bell, and suddenly the heavens open.

Of importance is that each chakra corresponds to a section of the nervous system with corresponding organs. For example, the Heart Chakra has a major impact on your emotional well-being.

You can calm and open up your chakras by doing a quick healing meditation through a deep sound of OM and nature… sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and play this video:​

Your Mantra

Moving forward, we would recommend an experimental attitude. Consider the examples above, and do some additional research. Do give consideration to your own spiritual tradition and orientation. Notice what uplifts your energy and gives you clarity.

Faith in the mantra, and the deity behind it, is crucial to the efficacy of the name or word. For example, in recent years, I improvised my own meditation using the Hebrew name of God and have Jesus Christ. “Yahweh” and “Meshiah Yeshua.” I have reason to suppose that if Jesus were to suddenly appear in my living room, He would instantly recognize His name.

In my experience, it is shockingly powerful. Since I had a childhood background as a charismatic and fundamentalist, I have developed an unshakeable faith in the Person of Christ, whatever is the relative truth of the various dogmas surrounding Him. I only had to call on Him three or four times when His presence was undeniable, and I shed many tears.

Interestingly enough, it is my experience that God comes from within, not without. If you see Jesus Christ physically right in front of you, that is a glorious bonus, but certainly not required. With that presence, I felt a powerful sense of love, which grew and grew over the years.

While I had originally thought of experimenting with many names of the deity, since I was already anchored in the Hindu tradition, the name of Jesus was like ultimate gravity to me. I just couldn’t move away from that sacred name.

I am not saying this to convert you, but rather as a powerful example. If you actually are looking at a name that has powerfully resonated with literally hundreds of millions of people down through the ages, I would recommend you try it. Just know that the Inner Christ is already within you.

Also, you may like to explore other spiritual healing methods.

healing modalities
Mar 19

What Are Healing Modalities and Which Therapy Is For Me?

By Conscious Owl | Spiritual Methods

You may be immediately faced with an injury, illness, disease or other persistent, unwanted condition and unsure which healing modalities may help you or to which health professional to turn. When you look at going beyond a conventional allopathic physician whose only prescription is an “ill to the pill” or taking a knife to fix your body via some surgical procedure, you will find a proliferation of alternatives going way beyond what was traditionally available, or which was the mainstay of modern culture for a century or two.

This is because we now find ourselves in a world culture and civilization. It is now more possible than ever that you live next to someone born the other side of the world. This is a great blessing, since we now enjoy alternatives our parents and grandparents never even imagined.

What then is your strategy to find the best therapy and the best practitioner? It would be advisable to find a primary health care provider, typically, but not always, a physician, who has solid training in allopathic medicine, but also additional training in functional, integrative medicine, or holistic health.

It is not uncommon today to find physicians with multiple degrees, such as an MD with certification in acupuncture. This physician can act as a counselor to direct you to the most appropriate alternative healthcare provider. The key issue will be what is going on with your body, your mind, your heart, even your spirit.

You are most fortunate if you already have a physician attuned to all four dimensions in health. However, this is not yet the norm in contemporary medicine. For example, many American MD’s never received a single course on nutrition in all their formal medical training.​

Choosing Alternative Healing Modalities

One way to approach a veritable supermarket of alternative systems, therapies, methods, techniques and practices is to look at those that focus on the body or the mind or the emotions or the spirit. From an integral perspective, any illness or condition will entail all four dimensions of health, in that they all interconnect.

However, one modality will usually predominate in the issue at hand. Did you injure your feet? Do you have great pain in the stomach? Do you feel profoundly depressed? Are you all bummed out about a relationship? Do you feel life has no meaning or that you make no difference whatever? Are you suffering profound feelings of guilt over something you have done decades ago? Whatever challenges you at this time, let us consider the four types of health treatment.​

4 Types of Healing Systems


Most likely, some type of physical therapy will come to mind, whether it is something you do, or something done to you. This includes dozens of variations of massage and yoga, as well as participatory therapies, such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong and dance therapy.

Touch therapies include Swedish massage, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Rolfing, Reflexology, Trager, even Watsu (hydrotherapy with massage). Movement therapies include yoga, Tai Chi / Qi Gong, Alexander Technique and the Trager Approach.

Touch will most often be hands on. However, such practices as Reiki and Healing Touch may involve light touch, or even caressing your energy fields without actually touching you. Some touch therapies, such as Chiropractic, CranialSacral Therapy and Rolfing may involve deep tissue work, impacting the muscular fascia, or even manipulating bones and joints. Yoga has many variations, including Vipassana or flowing Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga or Bikram (Hot) Yoga.

One way out of this confusion is to realize that many differences were done primarily for commercial reasons to differentiate one practitioner’s offerings from those of competitors.

Many of the differences are profound and add great value. However, you may find some that are more superficial. The energy and presence of the practitioner may be the most important factor. You may be intuitively drawn to one practitioner over another, even when his or her methodology may be unfamiliar to you.

As with medical doctors, some health practitioners actually have a natural gift of healing, a profound sense of well-being that they offer to others. I personally know someone who has a profound gift of joy and vibrancy that gives peace and joy to everyone she touches. You might consider this a spiritual gift. We may all have some gift of healing, but some of us have a superabundant portion of this gift, even from the very start.​


Mind / Body medicine has been increasingly at the forefront with the impressive success of such MD’s as Deepak Chopra and Andrew Weil, who have gone beyond the standard paradigm. Deepak started out as a research doctor, wound up in an emergency room, became chief surgeon, and then met the Maharishi, learning Transcendental Meditation (TM).

Everything changed for him, and he ended up evangelizing Ayurvedic medicine in America, and around the world. Deepak practically invented mind / body medicine, giving it intellectual currency in academic and popular medicine.

Andrew studied herbology at Harvard University, and then began a worldwide study of how herbs were used by indigenous people on every continent. His best seller, Eight Weeks to Optimal Health, popularized integrative medicine, where the public was opened up to body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Mind / Body approaches include biofeedback, breath work of all kinds, guided imagery and visualization, as well as all the different types of meditation. Health professionals readily acknowledge that the mindset of the individual facing life-threatening conditions, such as cancer or heart surgery, has a major impact on the outcome.​

Is the cup half empty or half full?

Positive thinking is a major factor, often strengthened by the use of affirmations. Increasingly, in clinics and hospitals, physicians are also inviting their patients to actively visualize positive outcomes. Meditation, which can be as simple as silently repeating the word “ONE,” are used to induce what Dr. Herbert Benson called the relaxation response, to give patients a sense of peace and presence.

mental healing

Chakra healing would be part of this system as well.​


Emotional methods deserve a category of their own. They are important, not only in physical healing, but also in mental healing. These include things like Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Dance Therapy, Aroma Therapy, even Light Therapy in northern climates. Both Art and Music Therapy can be participative.

Patients or clients can create a work of art, drawing, painting or sculpture. Music therapy may entail clients actually improvising a piece of music by singing or playing a keyboard. No creative talent is necessary, as the object is to give expression to feeling. Jungian therapy, in particular, does much with this, including dream analysis.

Another emotional approach is peer and group counseling. People facing chronic health, as well as psychiatric, conditions discuss their issues and problems with sympathetic people who may provide useful feedback and vital emotional support to boost the patient’s confidence.

Love is the most important single ingredient in all healing. This love can be from relatives or a primary relationship. However, it is by no means limited to that. It can be purely on a friendship level, and that most likely from a spiritual source. The more vitally people are in touch with Whom and What we call “God,” the more powerful is their love, which can be experienced as an irresistible energy.​


Spiritual healing methods include, but are not limited to, all the countless forms of prayer and meditation. They also include going out in nature, being with plants and animals and sitting by the seashore watching the waves come in and hearing the surf pound the rocks. We feel that spirituality is the master ingredient in all healing.

Doctors can give pills and cut away malignant tissues, but our ‘inner peace’ and ‘inner power’ (our Source) does the actual healing. Remember, the body wants to heal itself. If we get out of the way and actually work with our bodies, we will be most successful.

Prayer, whatever your religious tradition - Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Shamanic or even Humanist - can be of two varieties. The prayer of faith and metaphysical or “scientific” prayer.

The prayer of faith is a turning to our Creator or the Source of our Being. We simply talk to God in the words that feel most natural to us. It opens up a line of communication that often invites answers back from God, most often in intuitive impressions and an inner voice, as well as synchronicity, even miracles.

We ask God to heal us with an open heart and mind that Higher Power and Infinite Intelligence actually hear us. Metaphysical prayer affirms our healing as an accomplished fact, that we are “whole, complete and perfect” just as we are, encompassed by God’s love. Recognition that we are divine, “sons and daughters” of God, is essential to this approach. Actual recorded miracles of both approaches run into the hundreds of thousands, even millions.

Here is one amazing story of a woman who is miraculously healed after being in a wheelchair for 22 years:​

Meditation can likewise be of two approaches, centering and contemplation. Centering meditation focuses on a sacred name, sometimes a single syllable that is repeated internally with eyes closed. TMTM standardized this into 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening, although this could go on for literally hours.

Contemplation focuses on a theme or subject, often drawn from sacred literature. It could be on God Himself / Herself, or it could be on the nature of God, such as God Is Love. The point is to commune with God. The words and name are not so important as the Living Presence, that which goes beyond verbal expression.

In sum, if you live in a major urban center, you have a flood of alternatives for healthcare. Much is available directly from the Internet. We encourage you to explore the possibilities, even take an experimental attitude. We encourage you to find someone else to share the path to profound healing and well-being. It might even be a friend or acquaintance you trust. The first step may be to find an enlightened MD, someone tuned into body, mind, heart and spirit.​

healing chakras
Mar 18

Proof That Healing Chakras Really Work

By Conscious Owl | Spiritual Methods

Can healing chakras transform your alignment – physically and mentally? Health in the Eastern traditions emphasizes a dynamic energetic balance within the body, much like the Yin / Yang concept. When systems are off-balance, you get a dysfunction, which we call injury or disease.

The Western allopathic approach has focused on fixing the diseased area with pharmaceuticals and surgery, whereas the Eastern holistic approach is to realign the body. In the yogic tradition, we have multiple bodies, with the physical body being the most gross, and the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies being increasingly subtle, or refined.

This correlates closely with the discoveries of recent physics, where all matter is convertible into energy, and where consciousness is fundamental to all our observations and interactions with the external world. It’s one of spiritual healing methods that we discuss throughout.

Yoga focuses on energy moving up and down the spine with the Ida and Pingala nerves going through the vertebrae right into the brain. Seven energy centers have been identified through millennia of meditation and inner exploration, starting with the base of the spin, and moving upward.

Each center is correlated with specific parts of the body. When the physical body looks sick, it is closely correlated with the subtle, or etheric, body. It is sometimes more effective to focus on the subtle body than directly on the physical body.

Each of the centers, or chakras (“wheels” in Sanskrit), can be relatively blocked, or open, and each center influences the corresponding organs. For example, imbalances in the Root Chakra can cause problems in the legs, feet, rectum, immune system, reproductive organs and prostate gland, and can result in such issues as degenerative arthritis, knee pain, sciatica, eating disorders and constipation.

Before Healing Your Chakras Know This…

The Seven Chakras are Broken up Into 4 Bands

Physical:  Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra

Emotional:  Heart Chakra

Mental:  Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra… and…

Spiritual:  Crown Chakra.

Each Band Requires a Different Approach

  • The physical band benefits most from a direct approach, such as yoga, massage or dance.
  • The emotional band benefits from an approach involving interrelationships, as opposed to staying in isolation.
  • The mental band involves self-expression, intuition and energetic awareness.
  • The Spiritual band involves approaches like meditation, sacred literature and religious symbols.

It is helpful to see this all laid out before your eyes:

sacral chakra organs

When possible, you may want to experiment with healing sights, sounds, fragrances, tastes and touches. Engage all your senses in a soothing way.

For example, it is recommended for the Root Chakra, that you actually hug a tree. For the Sacral Chakra, you can bathe in flowing water. For the Solar Plexus Chakra, spend time out in the sun. For the Heart chakra, you can listen to beautiful, romantic music. For the Throat Chakra, you can chant mantras. For the Third-Eye Chakra, you can create your own vision board, cutting-out pictures from old magazines, or printing pictures from image archives on the Internet. For the Crown Chakra, you can journey to a sacred, enchanted place, such as Sedona, Arizona.​

Healing Chakras With Sound

If you would like to open up and awaken all seven chakras using sound (binaural beat), try this and see if you experience anything different:

The life force within us, whether thought of as prana, Chi, Ki or manna, is crucial to the process of healing and enjoying a profound sense of well being. It is closely linked with breath, which is traditionally linked to spirit.

The body has a tendency to heal itself through its energy system. We just need to cooperate with it, and give it every break possible. Developing an awareness of chakras, and the role they play in regulating the body is fundamental to good health.​

The Way Chakra Healing Is Viewed By Doctors

Leading-edge M.D’s, such as Andrew Weil, Marc Hyman and Mimi Guarneri, practice integrative, holistic medicine where they approach their patients as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings. They are not content to just examine the physical body. They recommend approaches such as hatha yoga, Tai Chi or Qi Gong, meditation, massage and support groups that encourage interpersonal communication.

Dr. Weil spent years traveling around the world, much like an anthropologist, studying exotic medications developed in indigenous villages. Dr. Hyman started out as a yoga teacher, studied philosophy as an undergraduate, and formally studied Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing.

Dr. Guarneri started out as a hard-core heart surgeon, cutting people open in the chest. She completely gave that up after meeting Dr. Dean Ornish. She now works with her patients on all levels, including their eating habits, their social life and their spiritual life. Dr. Guarneri travels to India twice a year and urges doctors to develop a much broader toolkit than Western Medicine allows.

Dr. Deepak Chopra has done more than almost anyone else in America to promote broad interest in the chakras. He trained in New Delhi as a Western doctor, and then met the Beatles’ guru, Mahesh Maharishi Yogi, who opened him up to meditation and Ayurvedic medicine, the ancient approach to health in India. This revolutionized Dr. Chopra’s life and thinking. He has written dozens of books, and nearly every one of them has been heavily influenced by a profound appreciation of yoga and the chakras.

Dr. Chopra points out in many of his books that your consciousness can be closely correlated to your chakras, such that the way you see reality is conditioned by the chakra with which you most align.​

chakra healing approach

To be exclusively focused on the lower chakras can lead to a very hollow, materialistic life, no matter how outwardly successful you might become. Moving into the heart chakra will result in a major shift in your whole orientation. Opening up the top three chakras and hanging out in them can result in a truly magical life, a life where you see everything and everyone as divine.

Dr. Chopra meditates very early in the morning for two hours each and every day. His energy and impact on the world are astounding.

Focusing on the chakras can not only heal you, but also transform your life. If enough people wake up to their inner riches, we may all collectively find true peace and prosperity.

To learn more about self-healing techniques click here.​

self spiritual healing
Mar 14

Easy Self Healing Techniques For Every Purpose

By Conscious Owl | Spiritual Methods

Today, let’s talk about self-healing techniques that you could take and implement immediately. First, you always need to remember that you are never truly alone. Your Higher SELF, Whom and What we call “God,” is always with you, and can be called upon at a moment’s notice. All healing begins within.

Even with a finely-tuned medical team offering prescriptions and surgical procedures, the healing still happens from the inside out. All external aides merely facilitate the healing, accomplished by a vital life force. The body is not really a machine, but a living organism, a finely-tuned instrument that lets you express yourself and navigate through the world, YOUR world. The saying, “The Kingdom of God is within you…” is literally true.

The relationship between you and your body will help you heal yourself. For a bit deeper explanation, I would recommend watching the video below.​

Taiwanese and Chinese Self Healing Methods

When you find yourself sick or injured in some way, it is always advisable to reach out to friends, family, health professionals and spiritual practitioners of every faith and tradition. They are here to serve you, and you can grant them the privilege.

Often, it is harder to receive than it is to give to others. However, we often find ourselves in circumstances where we are truly alone, where we have few companions and are relatively isolated, whether institutionalized or at home. In these situations, you must fall back on your own inner resources to facilitate the healing process. The body wants to heal itself, and has immune cells dedicated to that purpose. We often make it hard on the body by eating poorly, sleeping irregularly and exercising little, if at all.

It helps to take responsibility for your condition, not as a matter of guilt, shame or blame, but rather, that this is happening within your experience, and you are somehow the source of it. You can start by simply being willing to recognize your role in bringing all this all about.

If it is an injury by someone else, whether accidental or on purpose, this may be initially difficult to recognize. That is OK. It is a matter of simply having an open mind and an open heart. Blaming others is counter-productive. What has happened has happened, and there is nothing you can do about it. At this point, the focus should be placed on healing (not what caused it…).

It often works best to turn to Our Source for help, much like a little child.​

self healing technique

While that Source (God) is our only true and ultimate SELF, it works wonders to have a second-person relationship with Him / Her. If you simply accept the premise that God loves you, it is natural that God would want what is best for you. God need not be addressed with fancy language, but more as your dad, your mom, your buddy, your best friend.

The simpler the request, the better. “Heal me.” It is often necessary to invoke that Sacred Presence by whatever name or identity truly resonates with you. For Christians, it is usually “Jesus Christ” or “Mother Mary.” It helps to actually visualize that Person. Repeatedly calling and talking with that Presence is powerful beyond words. With repetition will come faith.

Natural Self Healing Starting Now

You can discover simple techniques to heal your body, your mind, your emotions and your spirit. They don’t “fix” you, per se. They work with you to bring about a profound state of well being, that we call “health,” including love, joy and peace and a vibrancy that makes life a wonder and a delight.


• Take a gentle walk.

• Savor the beauty of nature, of creation, itself.

• Do simple yoga postures (or asanas).

•​ Do Tai Chi or Xi Gong movements.​

• Tenderly massage your feet and hands with cream and ointment.

​• Soak your body in healing salts.

​• Eat whole, fresh foods and beverages.

• Sleep a little longer, taking naps when possible.​


• Start a “Thank You” list, such as recommended in the movie, The Secret.

• Read inspiring literature, sacred and otherwise.

• Watch warm-hearted movies, including romantic and funny films.

•​ Bless people, and watch the blessing return to you.

• Pray for others who might be ill.

​• Look at the Big Picture in life, if you are so inclined.


• Listen to soft, soothing music, especially artists and tunes that make you feel loved and right at home.

• Read or watch powerful, transformative stories, such as the Gospel, or lives of great masters, such as Gandhi.

• Read stories of actual miracles, such as may be found in Mary Baker Eddy’s “Science and Health.”

•​ Thank God for healing you, even ahead of the result.

• Think with gratitude of who matters most to you, whether family, friends or a lover.

​• Get in touch with your purpose in life, such as may be found in Richard Bolles’ What Color Is Your Parachute.


• Realize that you are whole, complete and perfect just as you are.

• Realize that nothing happens by chance, and you are here for a divine purpose.

• Forgive everyone in your life for everything, no matter how recent or how long ago.

•​ Recognize the miracle of life, the remarkable gift that it is.

• Open up and let go of your attachment to how things should turn out.

​• Consider the possibility that you are on a divine mission, which cannot be thwarted.

• Open up to the Truth, to the ABSOLUTE UNITY, LOVE AND PERFECTION that we call “God.”​

Spiritual Healing In A Nutshell

All of these techniques are by suggestion only, depending upon your physical, mental and emotional condition. You are advised to consult a health practitioner your deeply trust, whether your family medical doctor, specialist, or integrative therapist.

It is possible to arrive at an inner knowing as to what you need to be doing.

It starts by being in the present as much as possible. With closed eyes, you can call forth your Sacred Self, and ask It to speak to you. You can ask It questions and simply wait for the universe to answer.

You will be surprised when a distinct impression forms, an inner voice filled with love and great clarity. You will be given guidance around the desired outcome and what is the best way to handle your circumstances.

Visit this page for more specifics on spiritual healing methods.

If you keep communing with your Inner Self, often identified with a Person, such as Christ, you will receive remarkable direction and guidance. I have experienced this innumerable times to the point where the inner conversation is immediate and spontaneous. The accuracy of this “knowledge” will truly amaze you.​