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forgive yourself today
Mar 01

How to Forgive Yourself for Blowing It

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power

When Jesus had lifted himself up, and saw none but the woman,
he said unto her, “Woman, where are those your accusers?
has no man condemned you?”
She said, “No man, Lord.” And Jesus said unto her,
“Neither do I condemn you: go, and sin no more.”

Christ in the Gospel of John to adulteress caught in the very act

You may have grown up being taught to forgive, as when two kids get in a fight and making up. You may have heard platitudes that we should forgive without their really penetrating to your core. Being humanistic, you suppose you are somehow exempt from the whole Judeo-Christian tradition. You are strictly pragmatic about everything.

Hold on, it is never that easy! If you are in America, you are immersed in a culture deeply influenced by the Puritans who landed in Plymouth Rock several hundred years back. Everyone picks up these values, especially the notion of guilt. In Calvinism, we are all totally depraved, and without sovereign intervention, we go straight to hell.

As you grow older, you begin to wise up that you have something to do with all the conflict in your life, regardless of who started it. You begin to take responsibility for what you have done to people, and what people have done to you. If you are truly courageous, you take responsibility even for what others are doing to others all around the world.

How then, to forgive yourself?  It is much harder than forgiving your worst enemy, as you live with yourself day in and day out.


We Are “All Too Human”

As Friedrich Nietzsche put it, we are “human, all too human.” Nietzsche was a brilliant philosopher who probed deeply into our shadow. We are surrounded by “Philistines” who like nothing better than to bring the noble Samson down. Rather than attempt the heroic, they readily go on witch hunts, as we all too often see in politics.

We grow up with standards, whether our own, or others, that we never can quite keep. Whether it is cheating on a diet with a piece of chocolate, cheating on a relationship with a lurid affair or cheating in business to become top dog. When we violate our own standards, we can’t help feeling we are second rate. When we look at ourselves in the mirror while shaving, we are overcome with how much of a schmuck we really are.

The late Robin Williams did an amazing role in Being Human of playing half-a-dozen people throughout time, each one a reincarnation of the other. At the crucial moment, they all blow it and get themselves killed. In the final scene, Robin asks his estranged daughter, “Is this as good as it gets?

We All “Sin” from Time to Time

Liberation begins when you realize that you are not alone as a sinner. We all fail to fulfill our latent potential. We all slip into rationalizing and blaming others. We all settle for second best. Even when we accumulate honors, we are convinced we simply cheated and don’t really deserve them.

blame versus forgiving

Early on, I was involved in the human potential movement. Just out of school, that was a real eye-opener. People who seemed to have it all together totally fell apart. Both encounter groups and est, the pioneering transformational training, got us to own our ignoble feelings and petty bullshit.

At some point, you learn that it is not so bad to be “bad.” Everybody is bad at one time or another. In the words of the New Testament, “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” This is not news, but our common lot. We discover that religious people are not exempt from this sorry plight. When they own their sins, they start to have compassion on their frail fellow humans.

To “Sin” Means Nothing More Than to Blow It

I grew up feeling sin was a moral outrage, a crime against God. You could even see on the shelf, My Sin Perfume, and it sold! Later I found that sin in the original Greek was simply missing the target in archery. You didn’t hit bullseye, the first circle or the second…you missed the target all together. It’s more like being a fool than being evil.

It’s more like being a fool than being evil.

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While you may feel beyond traditional values, you will find yourself judging yourself. You don’t need God’s standards; you have standards of your own. You even fail to live up to your full potential. When you actually do, it is a big deal.

All sin, even deliberately harming another human being, can be seen as blowing it. You made a mistake that caused pain to yourself and another. You were royally stupid. Welcome to the club!

Realize Your Mistakes Are FOREVER Forgiven

The turning point in my life was when I realized that ALL my sins are forgiven forever. I was speaking to my former est trainer on the phone, telling him I was in his training and had stood up to claim, “I didn’t get it.” He went through his mental file and rejoined, “You know what the Master said...Your sins ARE forgiven!”

The trainer said that in such a way that I knew he was referring to Jesus Christ. He put His teachings in a brand new light. God doesn’t simply forgive you AFTER you’ve sinned. You stand FOREVER FORGIVEN, from eternity past to eternity future. God simply doesn’t keep points. Not only is He your loving Father, you are “the apple of His eye.”

It took me many more years to fully realize that we live in a context of total forgiveness. God was never in the judgment game. We were. As Christ put it, “I came not into this world to judge the world, but to save it.” As was later written, “Love covers a multitude of sins.”

Your Mistakes Will Never Outpace God’s Love

Francis Thompson wrote a deeply insightful poem, “The Hound of Heaven.” When we are running from God, our Creator, our Source, our Only True Self, God seems like a blood hound. The faster we run, the faster He closes in. All our attempts at beating the Universe flounder. Our insistence on doing everything our own way, rather than surrendering to our Higher Self, seems increasingly futile.

When you finally do surrender, you will find that God is not attempting to beat you up, but to heal you. GOD, in His essence, IS PURE LOVE. He doesn’t care that you have been naughty, stupid or bad, he just loves YOU.

The supreme image of this in the Christian tradition is that of a divine love story, the ultimate symbol being the cross, itself. God loved you so much He willingly died for you, not at all because you were a filthy worm, but because you are infinitely precious in His eyes.

Judgment Is Never Your Role; Only Forgiveness

The more you realize that you, yourself, are already forgiven, the more you will forgive others.

The more you forgive others, the more you will forgive yourself. You might flatter yourself that you are sophisticated to condemn yourself. You may not realize that it is arrogant as well as self-defeating to trash yourself, when God judges nothing you have ever done.

The one thing that Jesus harped on in the Sermon on the Mount was to stop judging others. They will judge you in the very same way you judge them. You can break all the rules, and still be a son or daughter of God. That is because you are BORN that way. That is simply who you are. You are inherently divine, even though human. As Dr. Deepak Chopra put it, you are hard-wired for God.

Strangely, Christianity is not the only religion to say this, nor Christ the only Master. You will find this resonates with Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and even humanism. Forgiveness is always the way out. When you bless and forgive others, and thank God for the joy they bring you, you become the Light of the World. You fulfill the Great Commission, becoming Christ to YOUR world.

Conspiracy Theory
Feb 01

Why Smart People Believe Conspiracy Theories

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power

You can fool all the people some of the time,
and some of the people all the time,
but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

~ President Abraham Lincoln

Recently, I cultivated friendships with several people I both admire and genuinely like. They are intelligent, well-educated and spiritual. These are not all aging men in their 50’s who have nothing better to do. To the contrary, they lead busy, productive lives.

What they have in common is a deep conviction about conspiracy theories. Things have gotten out of hand. We can no longer trust the media, our elected representatives, large corporations, financial institutions or even our religious leaders. There is a Deep State from which President Eisenhower once warned us, impervious to the political process, who are in no way accountable to the public.

I wonder how they reached that conclusion. Certainly, one has to question the continuing wiki leaks, the revelations of Edward Snowden, President George W. Bush’ handling of 9/11 and President Obama’s persistent waging of undeclared wars, using drones to bomb women and children.

Yet why give carte blanche to wild conspiracy theories that disempower us all? The bottom line is that smart people believe conspiracy theories because the mainstream media are no longer credible.

How Mainstream Media Inspire Conspiracy Theories

If you track the ownership of newspapers, TV stations and book publishers, you will find that, in the last couple decades, there has been a mass consolidation. Just think of Time Warner merging with Turner. Then the acquisition of both by AT&T.

If you look at the major book publishers, they have multiple labels, each with their own editorial staff. We are only talking a half-dozen megacompanies. Supposedly, they all have autonomy. But will the editorial board release any book incriminating to their parent companies? Likewise, the TV networks and newspapers, mostly online.

During the Gulf War, President George H. Bush sold the media on censorship to enable a rapid end to the War. I remember watching on CNN the same loop dropping smart bombs on Kuwait day after day. The war did soon come to an end, but self-censorship became the norm.

How Alternative Media Fill the Conspiracy Gap

It used to be you would have a few wacky newspapers and magazines like the National Enquirer to entertain you. Nobody seemed to mind, as you didn’t see too many liable suits. Nobody really took those publications all that seriously.

However, as the narrative of the broadcast media became increasingly repetitive, where journalists on one network did virtual lip synch with those of another, people began actively seeking other sources. With the emergence of Google, YouTube, Facebook and the various social networks, they didn’t have to look far. You could connect with people you didn’t even know and trade perspectives.

Even though you usually had to give your real name, your contact information was under your control. You could echo and elaborate on the most fantastic stories, such as politicians and stars being modern day vampires with the blood of innocent children. You didn’t have to answer to an editor or producer. Facebook would throw you out only with the most flagrant abuses.

How Conspiracy Theories Get You Off the Hook

Conspiracy theories all share one thing in common, whether entailing shapeshifting aliens, the Deep State or the Super Rich (Less than one percent of us controls the wealth of at least 80% of humanity.). Someone, something or some group “out there” is doing you in. You didn’t ask for it. They concocted a malicious plot specifically to undermine you and your world.

conspiracy creators

Whenever you hear the question, “Who done it?”, or hear the statement, “THEY did ______ to _________,” you need to start asking questions. Isn’t it possible that “little old you” had something to do with it all? Did these public villains just spring out of nowhere to harass you? Do they have nothing better to do than make your life miserable?

The more you agree with and entertain conspiracy theories, the less you need ever confront your own shadow. You can limit other people’s expectations of you by playing villain. If you can convince them to buy your theory, all the better. The last person to be suspect is you. After all, you came up with the theory, didn’t you?

How Far Out You Can Go with Conspiracy Theories

If you want to take a serious look at the possibilities, you may want to play the videos or read the books of David Icke, who has been at it several decades. Although David never finished high school, he is extremely bright and creative. With flashes of inspiration, he came up with the greatest synthesis of all.

When you probe the Illuminati, and the endless reports of UFO’s, you can develop a Grand Conspiracy theory. Given the world is undergoing rapid change (just thinks of the impact of the Internet) every single institution in society is undergoing transformation: government, military, education, corporations and churches.

You can look at this as a sustained collaboration toward a Satanic One World Government with mind control that makes George Orwell’s classic, 1984, look like child’s play. The President is in on it, the Pope, the Corporate Heads, the CIA and most certainly the Rothschild’s. Why try to fight it? The whole world is against you.

conspiracy believers

How to Take Back Your Power

As President Lincoln reminded us, you can’t fool ALL the people ALL the time. It is extremely difficult to pull off a conspiracy among even a handful of people. It becomes highly problematical when it is interagency, intergovernmental and interinstitutional. Somebody, somewhere is going to make a goof and blow the cover.

You could step forward and demonstrate real courage. All these happenings occur within YOUR space. YOU are the one witnessing them. Not the guy or gal next to you. This is YOUR life. You just might have something to do with where you are. You could choose it the way it is, and then work from there.

You could remember that you are inherently divine, that “He Who is within you is far greater than he who is in the world.” You have the power to wage love on the earth. That is what Buddha, Christ, Saint Francis, Gandhi and Martin Luther King were all about. You can choose to love your enemy until you literally have no more enemies.

How to get started? It starts with the prayer of blessing. Since you are divine, you have the power to bless another. As you bless, they prosper, as you curse the wither. When you consistently bless the problem people in your life, even President Trump, or most especially, President Trump, your life and your world will undergo transformation.

Only YOU can choose love over fear. We are all… all over the world, working for you, watching you become the hero and heroine you were meant to be.

sacred places meaning
Nov 09

How to Create Your Own Sacred Space

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power

We will discover that everything around us, all matter,
consists of and stems from a divine energy
that we are beginning to see and understand.

James Redfield, The Celestine Prophecy

You may recall visiting a remote, exotic place that was sublime. You were transported beyond all mundane affairs. Stoned without drugs, you could feel a vibrant energy flowing through you that was clearly divine. In such a state, you could see God.

You may not now be in a position to visit the most celebrated places, such as the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, Mount Kailash, Mt. Fuji, Machu Picchu or the Grand Canyon. You may even be far away from a national park.

What do you do?

What Is Sacred Space?

A sacred space can be outdoors, such as gorgeous beach on Maui, or indoors, such as within Chartres Cathedral. It typically entails trees and vegetation, coupled with large bodies of water. For so many of us, magic seems to lie in the forest by the sea. Often, there will be unusual rock formations and geological pressure points, or meridians. The sacred energy can be very physical.

Often sacred space is defined by the energy given and received over many generations. Think of Mount Sinai, Jerusalem, Mecca or Varanasi. If a place has been supersaturated with prayer and meditation, it resonates in a deep place within you. Entire religions were established in such places.

Sacred space is also internal. You might visit the catacombs of the Christian martyrs in Rome and laugh at all the bones. You would miss the whole point. You don’t know anything about it and don’t even care. For you as a tourist, it is all spectacle. Contrast this with a pilgrim who knows her journey is as much an inward, as it is an outward, trek.

Why Sacred Space Is Vital

Today, the majority of people around the world live in cities. In highly developed countries, many of us will spend over 90% of our lives indoors. We are increasingly out of touch with creation. Our world is all manufactured. We are reduced to our socio-economic status.

That which is sacred is, by definition, that which is set apart, that which is very special to us. Without a sense of the sacred, which may simply entail holding a newborn infant, we have lost all sense of perspective. To be human is to experience disappointment, anxiety, apprehension and distress. We need a place of refuge where we feel totally free to be ourselves.

We weren’t born into the earth so much as we came out of it. We are integrally enmeshed in all the winds and waves and tremors. As Chief Seattle advised a century ago, we are not apart from our Mother, we are a part of our Mother. What happens to her, happens to us. The way out is to re-enchant our world and sanctify our lives.

Where You Can Find Sacred Space

Sacred space can be found all over the world. Power spots, such as Sedona, Arizona, make it much easier to detect. Our planet is a conscious being, as demonstrated by the Gaia theory. Wherever people commune with Her, there she is. Just think of Carlos Castaneda with Don Juan in upper Mexico.

Sacred space may appear to you in a local park, a placid pond or even an old building. Chances are you can walk to the nearest sacred space. What is essential is that it speaks to you. Open up your senses: hear, see, smell, touch, taste. It will seem vibrantly alive. James Redfield’s The Celestine Prophecy Movie illustrates this process in exquisite detail.

James Redfield observes that synchronicity is the divine guidance system that leads us to our destiny. When you arrive, you have the experience that, as strange as it seems, everything is perfect just as it is. When you unexpectedly see the same person or thing three times in one day, you should consider that as a sign and look deeper.

How to Optimize Sacred Space

When you finally experience the sacred, go with it. Just let your monkey mind rattle on without give it too much attention. Close your eyes and tune into your intuition. If you have a meditation practice, deploy your mantra. If you pray, expect God to talk back to you with the still, small voice.

Saint Francis, perhaps the greatest Christian ever, after a futile military escapade that brought him back to Assisi in shame, stumbled upon an old, crumbled church outside the city walls. He heard a voice telling him to “rebuild My Church.” Francis did literally that. With his own hands and those of friends, he rebuilt that little church and invited marginalized people to share it.

Because Saint Francis learned to optimize that little space, he opened up the great space, inspiring the Roman Catholic Church for centuries, such that the latest Pope chose his name to embody his ultimate vision. You never know the heights to which you are called when you open up to the Transcendent.

How to Make It Your Own

Each of us can create our own sacred space wherever we find ourselves, inside or out. We need to first tune into divine energy, which is everywhere. Visiting a famous holy site will definitely establish the impetus. How many Catholics were transfixed by visiting Lourdes, the famous site of miraculous healing? How many disgruntled Westerners found themselves in India, where a whole new Universe opened up to them?

personal sacred space

It might simply be a corner of your living room where you meditate with a pillow. You might keep flowers, pictures and books nearby. Essentially, it becomes an alter or shrine within your very own home. The more consistently you use it, the more special it becomes. When you sit down there, it automatically elevates you to the right frame of mind.

Even the greatest people who ever lived needed a place of their own. For Buddha, it was the Bodhi tree under which he sat seven days. For Moses, it was Mount Sinai in the wilderness, where he first tended sheep. For Christ, it was the Garden of Gethsemane. For Muhammad, it was the remote cave, Hira, where he retreated for years until he heard the Archangel’s voice.

How Sacred Space Can Transform Your Life

Finding and creating sacred space shifts your values and priorities over to the inner life, the spiritual, even the mystical. You begin to look at financial assets more as a way of buying freedom to pursue what truly matters to you, and less for display or conspicuous consumption.

With a sacred space, you can withstand even the most bitter assaults of life, even when you seem to lose everything. I recently met an inspiring woman mystic, Miranda Macpherson, who entered the cave of Ramana Maharshi and heard a voice telling her to hold onto nothing, even her very identity. At great cost to herself, she did just that, and became a living garden of delight to everyone who encounters her.

When you spend enough time in your own sacred space, you will open up to the possibility that, not only the Holy Land, but the entire planet is sacred, and ultimately, the Universe, itself.

violence definition
Oct 26

Violence: A Conscious Response

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power

You have heard that it was said
“An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth."
But I say to you,
Do not resist the one who is evil.
But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek,
turn to him the other also.

Jesus Christ in the Sermon on the Mount

The central problem in every religion and philosophy is the problem of pain, or suffering. Why do bad things happen to good people? Some traditions point to sin, others to karma, others to fallible human institutions. Just think of all the innocent people who die in conspicuous acts of terrorism, whether in Paris, Las Vegas or Orlando. In many cases, we are talking women and children.

An even greater dilemma is what to do in response. Should we pretend it never happened? Should we kill our attacker? Should we declare war? Should we begin to look at life as a victim? Should we get even through elaborate plots of revenge.

This is not what the greatest men who have every lived have taught us. Yet we must deal with the situation in a way that works for us as human beings.

Violence Happens

We must start by acknowledging that violence, directed towards ourselves, or to others (maybe even on the other side of the world) is a part of our experience. It doesn’t matter how clever our interpretation; we must deal with the fact that we have let it in as a part of our reality. Every time you watch a newscast or pick up a paper, you create even more violence.

We don’t have to interpret it if we don’t want to. It is very difficult to acknowledge pain without immediately going to judgment, evaluation, decision and conclusion. We seem to be wired that way. Yet the truth is simply that we experience pain, or extreme discomfort, disruption and destruction, either by ourselves, or through other people.

Whatever has happened, has happened. There is nothing we can overtly do to erase that fact. How we respond to that event is wide open. This is where our creativity comes in. Not every injured person seeks retaliation or revenge. This should give us pause for consideration.

violence psychology

War Is Broken

On a collective scale, we have institutions to protect us, from local police to militia to the armed forces. While we don’t really have effective structures on the global level, we certainly have them at lower levels. On the global level, we virtually live in anarchy.

The deeper problem, due primarily to “weapons of mass destruction,” is that the scale of their damage is too powerful to imagine. For example, one Trident submarine could launch enough missiles to take out all the major cities in North America.

President Nixon published a book, Real Peace, in 1984 that marked a shift in Cold War strategy. Nixon showed how total war no longer works as an instrument of public policy. Even limited intervention is risky and should be avoided wherever possible. Shortly thereafter, President Reagan, along with General Secretary Gorbachev, normalized relations between Russia and America.

No License to Kill

On an individual level, we are almost never granted the privileges of James Bond. Even his creator, Ian Fleming, couldn’t pull off James Bond in real life. An intriguing movie, The Man Who Would Be James Bond, portrays this.

To retaliate by killing someone, even for breaking and entering, results in a civil procedure, and you must hire a defense attorney. Even killing game with your rifle out of season is reprimanded. The best policemen and soldiers pray they never have to use their weapons.

Simply asking the question, “Is violence ever justified?”, will lead you to the truth. People justify violence all the time, usually dragging God into the picture. This hardly makes violence justified. When it comes to human beings, it is hard for anyone to feel good eliminating someone.

causes of violence

As Within, So Without

On a deeper level, we can ask where the violence actually happens. If we are honest, we will admit that it always happens within our experience. As long as we find ourselves in the land of the living, any violence we see, hear or feel happens within the context of our absolute being.

An ancient mystical saying puts it that whatever we find without, we find within. The implication is that all external people, places and things are ultimately within us. We know this to be true from quantum theory and neuroscience. Nothing is really “out there” in the classic sense.

At first, this realization may cause you great dismay. However, if you stay with it, you will find it liberating. If Who You Are is the Source of all your experience, then your True Self must be the Creator of your world. This is exactly what is meant by you being a son or daughter of God.

Compassionately Confront Your Opponent

We can learn much from Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. They took Jesus’ injunction to love your enemy to the streets. Gandhi didn’t take a passive stance to perceived injustice, which Pope Francis I calls “structural evil.” Even though Gandhi started as a subject of Her Majesty, he didn’t receive equal treatment, as he wasn’t white.

Gandhi learned, and Martin Luther King closely followed, acts of “noncooperation” or “civil disobedience” not as retaliation or revenge, but to awaken the British imperialists and appeal to their higher sensibilities. He was brilliant at that, as you quickly realize in Richard Attenborough’s masterpiece, Gandhi.

When Gandhi was asked how he would respond to Hitler in light of the Jewish holocaust, he maintained that there would be much pain and suffering in a course of nonviolence. He then paused to ask the journalist, “Is there not much suffering and pain now?” Gandhi emphasized that the one thing you must do is stand firm for justice. As he once put it, “I am not for passive anything!”

“An eye for an eye, making the whole world blind!”

-Mahatma Gandhi

Transform Violence through Love

We then go back to Buddha, and to Christ. Both are human, both are divine. Buddha taught compassion, Christ taught love. This was not a theoretical construct. Buddha made his followers “Bhikkus,” beggars, and taught humility and solicitous concern. Christ had his followers unconditionally turn the other cheek. The Apostle Peter asked, “If my brother offends me seven times in one day, do I still have to forgive him?” Jesus’ response was, “Not seven times seven (49).”

To those of us untutored in “ahimsa” or noninjury, this seems like a fairy tale. Certainly, people will take advantage of you, abuse you and walk all over you if you are a pushover. However, this is not quite so certain to happen if you truly love them.

Christ taught us to systematically pray for difficult people, blessing them, and wishing the very best for them no matter what they do. Not only Gandhi and Martin Luther King demonstrated the power of this, but throughout the history of Buddhism and Christianity, contemplatives have worked miracles of love. That love, Divine Love, is the most powerful force in all the Universe.

violence examples

You Are the Light of the World

Politicians and commentators keep asking what can we do about all this violence, an endless string of wars, terrorism, murder and violations to our Mother Earth. What they don’t suggest is that we do something radically different.

The Roman Catholic Church was recently in a sharp decline in public esteem. Charges of corruption and pedophilia were rampant. Pope Benedict XVI resigned, an unprecedented act. Then, an obscure archbishop from Argentina, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, was elected pope. Jorge was an intensely practical man who had no other ambition than to live the Gospel. He invented the Papal name of Francis I and insisted on living in an apartment, not the Papal Palace. He insisted on using public transportation whenever possible.

Pope Francis I is but the latest example of people who seriously follow Buddha or Christ, and get the heart of the message right. Jesus called his disciples “the Light of the world.” He was referring to divine consciousness. When people awaken to Whom They Really Are, the world, itself, is transformed before their eyes.

It is not too late for us to carry that torch forward in our heart and our soul.

evolution theory
Oct 12

Isn’t It About Time for Evolution to Evolve?

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power

I died as a mineral and became a plant,
I died as plant and rose to animal,
I died as animal and I was Man.
Yet once more I shall die as Man, to soar
With angels bless’d; but even from angelhood
I must pass on: all except God doth perish.
When I have sacrificed my angel-soul,
I shall become what no mind e’er conceived.

-Jalalludin Rumi

Do you believe in evolution? Or do you find it an extremely useful organizing tool for examining life and thinking about our origins, as well as that of the plants and animals that make Earth our home?

Why must we have faith in evolution, as if it were a fact? Charles Darwin conceived of one of the most far-reaching ideas in human history, and provided us highly convincing evidence. Yet, unless we can travel back in time hundreds of millions of years, we can’t be absolutely sure.

Have you ever asked yourself whether the very idea of evolution, itself, might evolve? Is it possible that we might just go beyond that idea, and put both God and the monkey together?

Evolution vs. Creationism: Why Does It Matter?

Evolution and creationism matter if you care about such questions as, “Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going?”. If life as we know it is totally a result of random mutations in genes, and there was neither design nor designer, what does that make us? Random flukes in a meaningless universe that couldn’t care less about us.

If creationism is true in any way, then we can safely claim to be made in the image of God. We have a divine spark within us; better yet, we are inherently divine! Even if Adam and Eve in the Garden is a poetic story, it hides a deep truth. Humans may be the first creatures on earth conscious of being conscious, life forms who celebrate the supreme Source of consciousness.

For 150 years, this debate has raged, long before the Scopes Monkey trial in Tennessee that made creationists seem like a joke, and long after. Nothing has really changed. Some people can’t get with the idea that this is all by accident and totally meaningless. Can you blame them?

Evolution facts

Why Darwinian Evolution Is Out of Date

The Darwinian Theory of Evolution is way out of date, like a vacuum-tubed mainframe from the 1950’s. It was conceived in the middle of the 19th Century during the early phase of industrialization that had children work 12-hour days in factories. It was developed during a period when England and France gained ascendency over most of Africa and Asia, and systematically pillaged resources from both continents to supply their factories with the raw materials necessary for continuous output.

Darwin carefully observed fascinating phenomena in the Galapagos Islands that showed the inherent competition among living systems for life-giving energy and water. He called it “survival of the fittest,” popularly known as the “law of the jungle”: kill, or be killed.

While the fossil evidence to support Darwin has become undeniable, his interpretation of that evidence leads something to be desired. He lived in an industrial era, and so thought in primarily mechanical terms. His concept of God was of a remote deity somewhere “out there” wholly disinterested in human affairs. We might wonder if he ever encountered the God within.

Is the Universe Really So Stupid?

One of the tragic limitations of the early form of evolution was the assumption that the Universe was stupid. It was the era of the steam engine. Everything was thought of in terms of processes. The French Enlightenment had advanced the idea of “the system of nature.” The world was a giant system that could be examined without any reference to God, or even to ourselves.

Every child is filled with wonder. I can still remember how brilliant the Christmas tree bulbs were when I was four-years old. When I look at Yosemite, or the Grand Canyon, or a pristine forest or an alluring tropical island, I am stunned by the exquisite beauty. Beauty is inherent in creation. What is accidental about that?

We no longer think of the world that way, thanks to such scientists as James Lovelock, who developed the Gaia Theory that earth functions as a giant living organism. Even when human beings set about to damage the ecosystem, it has a way of healing itself that no one could have predicted.

evolution examples

Could Spacetime be a Mental Construct

Albert Einstein, in his later years, wrestled with an inadmissible question: Is the universe really out there? Could both time and space actually be a mental invention, the software by which we make sense of our experience? An irreplaceable interface to our playing the game full out in this simulation?

With quantum physics, the notion of an “objective” universe “out there” came tumbling down. You can’t make an observation without the observer. The observer, herself, is a participant in it. However you cut it, the universe is inseparable from consciousness.

Not only that, nonlocality was experimentally demonstrated such that particles can communicate with each other faster than the speed of light, even when on opposite sides of the universe. Increasingly, this world came to resemble an immense hologram.

Could it be that our world is inside US? Whenever you have a single perception, idea, thought, memory or dream, YOU are the one with that perception, idea, thought, memory or dream. It is only an assumption that they are totally independent of you.

Contrasting Ecosystems: Competition vs. Cooperation

Dr. Elisabeth Sahtouris is an evolutionary biologist with a deep love for life, who continually asks the big questions, having been deeply influenced by the ecology movement of the 1970’s. She will never make the mistake of seeing the tree for the forest. She has distinguished two different kinds of evolution, one preceding the other.

Early evolution is, indeed, highly competitive, a true competition among the genes for precious sunlight and water. It starts at the bacteria level, then goes to simple one-celled creatures and then multi-celled plants and animals. This is the evolution that haunted Charles Darwin.

Dr. Sahtouris points out that the Soviets honored Peter Kropotkin, who focused on mutual aid and anticipated the environmental revolution. Kropotkin concentrated on mature ecosystems where mutual cooperation is the norm, not the exception. Organisms finally wise up and realize that helping one another is more cost-effective in terms of energy that devouring one another.

According to Dr. Sahtouris, both early and mature evolution are true. Any profound contemporary theory of evolution must honor both.

Evolution the DNA of Silicon Valley

Having worked in Silicon Valley for over 20 years, I have had the chance to see generation after generation of computer technology evolve, not organically, but by design. Gordon Moore predicted that computers would double their power and cut their cost by half every couple years. That trend has held true for over 50 years!

A human cell evolves from a single fertilized cell to an intricately complex adult with over 10 trillion cells in just 50 divisions. In every cell, a set of instructions allow the total organism to completely fulfill its life cycle. Cracking the human genome revealed that these instructions can be coded as on-off signals into binary language.

evidence of evolution

By designing advanced technology, we can gain amazing insight into our own genetic makeup. It is now possible to play “creator” with our own genome. However, we have to ask many questions about our relative wisdom before we embark upon such an endeavor.

Can we evolve our consciousness the same way we have evolved our bodies?

What’s Next in Evolution?

Whatever one accepts about biological evolution, social and cultural evolution is hard to deny. Despite the fanaticism of our contemporaries on the world stage, we have grown a lot more humane in the last couple hundred years. Legal slavery is no more. The average lifespan has more than doubled. Literacy worldwide is at the highest ever. While international conflict stubbornly persists, the number of people dying from wars has dramatically dropped.

Dr. Deepak Chopra spoke about “metabiological evolution.” It is less and less about changing our bodies and more and more about transforming our heads and our hearts. If we except the Hindu notion of God as “Being, Consciousness and Bliss,” then expanding our consciousness is the most effective way to evolve.

Consciousness expansion begins by losing all attachment to our egoistic definition of ourselves. We shift from foreground to background. We are not so much the players on the stage as the stage, itself. We are the context out of which the content of our lives occurs.

As the great Jesuit paleontologist put it: “Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.

moonshot meaning
Sep 28

How to Create Your Own Moonshot

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power

The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.

Dr. Peter Diamandis, Co-Founder, Singularity University

Many of us can remember the U.S. Apollo Program that sent a crew of three people up into space for the first lunar landing. This was the fulfillment of President Kennedy’s commitment in 1961 to land a man on the moon before the decade was out. In July 20, 1969, it actually happened.

For most of humanity’s history, the thought of doing this was all but impossible. Even though the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. had developed jet aircraft, no one was confident of sending a rocket straight up for 186,000 miles, let alone achieving a soft landing with an actual human being.

In the 1960’s, it took the U.S. a massive commitment of thousands of engineers and billions of dollars. But the investment was worth it. The moon landing was a landmark for all humanity, past, present and future.

Today, you can have your own moonshot, and it need not cost a fortune. After all, the smart phone in your pocket has more computing power than all of NASA enjoyed for the Apollo Program.

What Is a Moonshot?

A moonshot is any dramatic achievement that appears all but impossible and positively impacts the whole world. It has historically been the prerogative of only the military, government or multinationals.

Dr. Peter Diamandis of Singularity University gave a practical definition tailored for the individual. Identify a “grand challenge” that can impact one billion people and solve it within 10 years. It can be initiated by a single person, who can establish a mastermind and rally support from around the world. Key is to leverage the Internet and mobile devices.

While Dr. Diamandis is exceptionally brilliant, having multiple advanced degrees, having won countless prizes and having started 15 companies, he is utterly convinced that anyone with sufficient vision and commitment can pull this off. That, in fact, is the whole objective of the University he started with Dr. Ray Kurzweil.

moonshot vision

What Grand Challenge Waits to Be Addressed?

If you want to change the world, the best way is to take on a “Grand Challenge” that could make a massive difference. For example, a friend of mine from Pakistan plans to end illiteracy there and around the world. He has a brilliant approach to this leveraging smart phones, YouTube and Facebook.

This should be the global issue that speaks most directly to you, whether it is climate change, religious-sanctioned violence, hunger, poverty or spiritual emptiness. In the 1990’s, I had a passion to end the destruction of the tropical and temperate rainforests. Today, my passion is to create a world where nobody ever kills again in the name of God.

Look at what is happening in the world, study the major issues and welcome them. Great entrepreneurial ventures, whether social or commercial in nature, are based on a problem that people are highly motivated to resolve. No problem, no opportunity. The more problems, the more opportunities. Today, we have plenty of opportunities, which 30 minutes of any newscast will reveal. It could be something as mundane and beneficial as a global recycling program that would take all the junk off the sidewalks and roads.

What Has Been Done So Far?

The next step is to do your research on Google, social media and your own inner circle. Suppose, for example, that, like Dr. Diamandis, Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson, you dream of going into outer space. Your grand challenge might be to travel to the nearest star system, Alpha Centauri, 4.3 light-years away. At 186,000 miles per second, you will need to have a pretty fast rocket to get there in under a decade! The best we can do today is 36,000 miles per hour.

You research what types of technologies could dramatically improve our sustainable speed. For example, atomic-powered vessels come to mind. Other sources of energy are now being researched. Dr. Michio Kaku, a physicist who is willing to step out on a limb suggests we could theoretically reach one-third the speed of light.

If you closely study the New Paradigm, and the latest thinking in quantum field theory, nonlocality keeps recurring, as it has successfully been demonstrated in the laboratory.


If you separate two particles to opposite sides of the universe, their spins will stay correlated faster than the speed of light. Would it be possible for a rocket to become “nonlocal” and re-enter locality in the vicinity of Alpha Centauri?

How Could You Go Exponential On It?

The next step is to go exponential in your thinking. Everyone in business is looking for incremental improvements, say 10% to 20% per year. That looks good to large enterprises. Instead, go orders of magnitude greater. Think 10x, 100x, 1,000x.

For example, if a rocket company can create a vehicle that goes 30,000 miles per hour, create a vehicle that can go 300,000 miles per hour, or even 3 million miles per hour. Then it becomes interesting! Your first reaction will be that this is clearly impossible. However, is anyone thinking about it and working on it? At this point, you might want to go to a major research university and meet with various physics professors.

When you go exponential, you differentiate yourself from the pack. Often, you will have no real competition, as no one is crazy enough to openly embrace that objective. Consider that the first men to ride in an airplane were bicycle merchants who flew off the ground in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Imagine flying when only gods and goddesses had ever done that before. How amazing!

Economics: Faster. Better. Cheaper.

After this, you need to address the commercial side. If you don’t gather the finances and broadbased support, you may never succeed in fulfilling your dream, no matter how noble your intentions. It need not be your money, but it will be somebody’s money.

A simple way to win at this is to identify a way to make a process faster, better or cheaper. The classic example is digital cameras, where you can shoot picture after picture with no expensive film to process. Without the lab, you can push images out in real-time as you take them. Ultimately, you can make better pictures than even the most expensive professional camera.

With high technology, processes in every industry are being transformed to go faster and cheaper. In many cases, the end product is even better. Just imagine the quality of Apple’s iPhones. They even manufacture their own chips for optimal performance.

Technology: Digitize. Disrupt. Democratize.

Your great ally in this whole process will be the digital world. Almost anything can be digitized. Apple has produced classroom software where you can make gorgeous books with photos and moving videos with animation. For example, you can see an insect close up in your digital notepad. The resolution is stunning. You can peel away layer after layer and turn the bug around 180 degrees.

When you go digital on any process, you become highly disruptive. You can go faster, cheaper and better than even the multinationals. For example, 3D printing is now as easy as laser and inkjet printing were. Advanced applications of it include manufacturing human tissues for surgery!

When you digitize and disrupt, the price falls. More and more people can afford it. The innovation democratizes. For example, Apple’s Garage Band lets you assemble a jazz ensemble, rock group or even symphony orchestra. It provides you your choice of rhythm. You can edit the melodies and even print out the music. You can then deliver your score to a symphony conductor. He or she might even give you the time of day!

moonshot challenge

Out-of-this-World Moonshots

If we look back at history, we see how moonshots have accelerated as we get closer to the present. Around 500 B.C., the Buddha invented enlightenment. Today, people all around the world practice mindfulness. In the First Century, Christ introduced the idea of loving your enemies in His Sermon on the Mount. Today, people all around the world pray for the troublemakers among us. Most people no longer respect or admire hatred.

As we get closer to the present, we need think only of Gandhi, who, thrown off a train in South Africa, vowed to establish an empire of human dignity. Fifty years later, Gandhi succeeded in bringing independence to India; he brought down the entire British empire in the process!

If we think of the 1980’s, the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. were locked in a futile Cold War that consumed billions of dollars. President Reagan stood his ground, convinced it didn’t have to be that way. Then General Secretary Gorbachev emerged who really knew how to negotiate. We saw glasnost and perestroika. Soon after, relations between the two nations normalized.

Finally, if we think of President Clinton and Al Gore, along with executives in Silicon Valley, such as James Clark and Marc Andreesen of Netscape, they successfully evangelized the “national superhighway.” At the time, we relied mostly on copperwire. In just two decades, the entire globe was united with interactive communications. Now you can conduct a videoconference around the world while walking down the street, all with your iPhone or Android.

Perhaps Dr. Diamandis is right. Perhaps any of us can create our own moonshot. If this is true, would you be willing to settle for any other life objective?

The world is calling you. Are you online?

remote viewing masters
Sep 21

Remote Viewing: How to See Far Away with Your Eyes Closed

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power

And on that clear day, on that clear, clear day
You can see forever and ever and ever and ever more

Lyrics of Alan Jay Lerner

Have you ever played with that delightful mobile app, Periscope? You can go anywhere you want and share a moment with anyone willing to open up their video camera. You can see them very clearly in vivid color. You can text them, but you can’t actually speak with them. It is a little like lurking. You can window shop your way around the entire planet.

Suppose your network connection suddenly drops out. What then? If you are a government, you have satellite, reconnaissance planes and paid espionage agents. For an ordinary person like you and me, it is possible to do something much simpler.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and visualize…anything…whatever comes to mind.

What Is Remote Viewing?

Remote viewing is a psychic technology inspired by shamanic visioning and prophetic powers. It was formally developed in the 1970’s by SRI, a prestigious research institute adjacent to Stanford University. Physicists were brought in to experiment with ways that they can gather intelligence about distant places, as well as events that have already transpired or is about to occur.

Remote viewing is far more than a parlor game or elaborate guess work. You work under quiet laboratory conditions with paper and pencil in hand. You focus on targets, typically given by the director. Very often it will entail people introduced to you driving out 10 or 20 miles away. It is up to you to identify the landmark they choose.

Remote viewing typically doesn’t involve photorealistic images, as you might enjoy in a lucid dream. It entails receiving signals involving form, shape, color and emotional feelings. You do your best to capture whatever impressions you receive on paper. You then verify the accuracy of the information you receive when possible.

remote viewing techniques

Remote Viewing Transcends Space and Time

Each of us is perfectly capable of seeing a distant time or place with our eyes closed. With our physical eyes and ears, we typically see or hear what is right in front of us, unless we have sophisticated instruments, such as a telescope. With vision our dominant sense, we tend to concentrate first on sight, then sound, then touch, taste and smell.

With remote viewing, we can see many miles away without any degradation of the subtle signals. Apollo astronauts actually ran psychic experiments tens of thousands of miles above earth on their way to the moon. They compared information with their contacts stationed here on earth.

Some remove viewers have successfully captured information about events decades ago, discovering unknown details which, with further research, were actually verified. Likewise, some remote viewers see places and events as they will unfold several days from now.

Why the Intelligence Community Paid Millions

Russell Targ became the leading authority on remote viewing at SRI. His work was so accurate that it caught the attention of the Director of NASA, and later the CIA. His experiments led to the development of a sophisticated lab that was funded by those agencies for 20 years.

Remote viewing became compelling to military strategists concerned about Soviet missile installations undetectable by the best satellites. Of course, the Soviets were doing the exact same thing. When the Cold War ended, Americans and Russians got together and compared notes. They were shocked at the accuracy of each other’s probes.

The ultimate in spying would be to get the information you needed immediately upon demand with no intrusions. Black ops and other nasty engagements are not the primary focus. They are designed to help government and military make the most informed possible decisions. Often, the lives of many men and women are at stake.

Remote Viewing Can Be Learned

While most of us are in utter awe of the prophecies of Nostradamus, and the uncanny medical diagnosis and cures of Edgar Cayce, we can develop our psychic powers to a basic level. From the yogic perspective, this involves opening your Third Eye.

The work at SRI has demonstrated that people who are not distinguished psychics can receive extremely accurate information under laboratory conditions. In conjunction with companions, you can train yourself to achieve promising results.

Start simple, perhaps within your own home. For example, a friend can identify a small object in another room, place it in a sealed box and bring it over. You are allowed to touch the box, as long as you don’t open it. This is not a game of 20 questions, but rather receiving intuitive impressions.

How to Conduct Your Own Remote Viewing Session

While classes, books and videos are readily available, the essential procedure is quite simple.

1.  Find a quiet place where you can close your eyes and concentrate, perhaps with a mantra.
2.  Breathe deeply and clear your thoughts as best you can.
3.  Deliberately focus on a particular time and place, as directed.
4.  Stay alert to any feelings, sensations or images that emerge, but refrain from guessing.
5.  Open your eyes and write down any shapes, forms or colors you saw, along with any descriptive words.
6.  Verify your results as soon as possible.
7.  Take an experimental attitude with no attachment to the results. Simply have fun!

Continue to practice over a period of time, sharing your experience with others.

remote viewing proof

What Remove Viewing Reveals About Who We Are

Remote viewing experts, such as Russell Targ, suggest that the greatest reward of such an endeavor is to find out who you are in the process. Russell, himself, is of great interest, since he is legally blind. For all practical purposes, he sees with his eyes closed.

Russell was so good at what he did that he decided to engage in commodity investment in the silver market. His prognostication was so good that his team scored nine times out of nine. The team racked up $200,000. Later, they suffered a disagreement, and the winning streak abruptly came to an end.

What is most revealing is what physicists call nonlocality. The information is coming from no particular place and time, since you can access information around the world, past, present and future. It is coming from what might be called the akashic records, wherein is stored everything that was ever experienced.

Remote viewing leads you to the direct realization of Cosmic Consciousness. You are one with the Universe.

If you find occasion, play with remote viewing. You might see your loved ones on the other side of the world. You will certainly take a major step toward Self Realization.

time travel
Sep 14

Is Interdimensional Travel Possible?

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power

If you don't believe when I talk to you about things on earth,
how can you possibly believe if I talk to you about things in heaven?

-Jesus Christ in the Gospel of John

When we think of the movies Star Trek and Star Wars, we think of objects popping in and out of space, both appearing and disappearing in rapid succession. Accounts of UFO’s attest to their ability to instantaneously accelerate to supersonic speeds, vanishing beyond the horizon.

Most space movies assume our ability to go well beyond the speed of light (Warp speed), just as we exceed the speed of sound with the sonic boom. There is one slight difference. Sound travels at just 761 MPH, while light travels at 186,000 miles per second. At the speed of sound, it would take several hours to cross the continental United States. At the speed of light, you could reach the moon and back in just two seconds.

Best estimates, such as those of Dr. Michio Kaku of the City College of New York, propose that the best we can theoretically do with our present understanding and our current technology is reach one-third the speed of light with an atomic-powered spacecraft. At the speed of light, we could then enter the fourth dimension of time. All stories of time travel are interdimensional in nature.

What Are Multiple Dimensions?

If we think about dimensions, we start off with the basic three: Height, Width and Depth. If we remember Einstein’s formulation of Spacetime, we can then point to Time as the fourth dimension. However, our own experience reveals these dimensions by themselves are insufficient to account for all of reality.

If we have seen spirits or taken psychotropic substances, we have directly experienced how malleable the Universe may seem. Objects melt into each other. This is also true of our dreams, as well as our ​Near Death Experiences

It is noteworthy that Dr. Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon, underwent a week-long coma where his brain wasn’t operational and he was placed on life support. Miraculously, he recovered and resumed a normal life. Dr. Alexander’s first book, Proof of Heaven, went to great lengths describing an exquisitely beautify landscape, much like the Swiss Alps, with rapturous music and an overwhelming experience of love. Given that Dr. Alexander was rigorously trained as a research scientist and MD, we should give his story careful consideration.

Flat Land: From Three Dimensions Down to Two Dimensions

When we look at going beyond the familiar four dimensions, we find ourselves stymied. How can we put words to it? This dilemma was masterfully portrayed in Flatland by Edwin Abbot Abbot back in 1887. This novel portrays the challenge of a 3D creature to awaken 2D creatures on a sheet of paper as to the reality of the third dimension. The 3D creature doesn’t appear in a proper light in a 2D world, but rather appears as a circle, rather than a full sphere.

The 2D creatures are terrified of the 3D creature, as he doesn’t fit into their world and threatens their slippery grip on sanity. His attempts to convince them of the new reality are futile until he lifts one of them off the paper into the 3D world. This mirrors the tension between Jesus Christ and His disciples when He tries to relate divine truth to human truth. They just don’t get it.

When we consider multiple dimensions, we have a very tough time visualizing them. The Dutch artist, M.C. Escher, managed to suggest this very effectively by drawing an illustration of a man’s hand drawing itself. When you look at it, you ask, which is the drawing, and which is the real hand?

Higher Dimensions: String Theory Requires Eleven Dimensions

In the wake of the astrophysics of Albert Einstein and the quantum mechanics of Werner Heisenberg, we are confronted with two conflicting views of the Universe where the laws are utterly opposed. It is all about scale, the scale of the infinitesimally small strings, vastly smaller than subatomic particles, such as quarks, versus the scale of infinitely large galaxies that can take thousands of light years to cross.

String theory emerged a generation ago to reconcile them. It has worked out a highly sophisticated interpretation that reconciles the apparent differences at Planck Scale, 10-35 . It visualizes infinitely tiny strings or membranes of energy. Only one problem. The mathematics require 11 dimensions, or the familiar four dimensions, plus 7. It is explained that they are all wrapped up somewhere, which is why we don’t see them.

Visualize an ant crawling along a wire over a roadway. At a distance, the cable seems to be a straight line. Up close, however, you see the strands of the cable spiraling. The ant does not actually cross a straight line, but circuitously walks along the spiraling strand. So also with the higher dimensions.

Starting the Interdimensional Journey Outward

If we are going to experience interdimensional travel, as in the recent film, Interstellar, we need to find an extremely fast spaceship and a worm hole, a tiny portal, to another star system, galaxy or even universe. This is extremely dangerous, as it we are uncertain humans can survive the passage between one side of the wormhole and the other.

Our heart’s fondest dream might be, like Marty McFly in Back to the Future, to grab a sexy DeLorean. Adjust the flux capacitor and rev up the engine to do 88 miles per hour. In that movie, you would land 30 years in the past, or 30 years into the future. You need not worry about the stringencies of attaining the speed of light.

However, is it really necessary to travel outward to enter a new dimension? If the Universe really is constructed in 11 dimensions, then we inhabit each one of the dimensions. Could there be a link between the seven chakras and the 11 dimensions, between higher and lower chakras and higher and lower dimensions?

Starting the Interdimensional Journey Inward

When we realize that the Universe is a gigantic hologram, and that as Einstein suspected toward the end of his life, spacetime is a construct of the human mind, it becomes much easier to accept multiple dimensions. Here, traveling between dimensions is as simple waking up to their existence through an experience of satori, or even an encounter with LSD, Mescaline or DMT.

The first three dimensions could correspond to the first through third chakras: Security, Sensuality and Power. The fourth chakra, Love, has all the fluidity of time. The higher chakras of Cosmic Consciousness, Divine Consciousness and Unity Consciousness could contain the extra seven dimensions.

An easy place to start is with our right brain holistic, intuitive awareness that instantaneously grasps the Big Picture, while the left brain, linear and precise, ponders all the details. As we cultivate our intuition through creative expression, meditation and wandering in the forest or resting by the sea, we wake up to the Higher Dimensions and can effortlessly travel between them.

Love Always the Way Back Home

Love is the ultimate homing device. We can navigate the entire universe with it. As Dante put it, “Love is the force that moves the Sun and the other stars.” We can strive to know God’s Mind, as did Einstein, or God’s Heart, as did Christ. When we strive to know the heart of God, we will never miss. Love is the context of our lives. It is the unseen motive to everything we do.

We needn’t worry about figuring it all out in advance. We can simply BE with other people. As we open our hearts to them, we will learn. We will let their wisdom infuse us.

Love never loses. You win only when the person you love wins. When you love your enemy, your “enemy” can’t long remain your enemy. When you are weak, you are strong, and when strong, you are weak. You give up forever trying to prove yourself.

Interdimensional travel is, indeed, possible. As Timothy Leary once put it, “Turn on, tune in, drop out.”

finding free will
Aug 24

Where to Find Free Will

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power

Man was born free, and he is everywhere in chains.

-Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Philosopher of the French Revolution

Once upon a time, you may have taken Philosophy 101 and wrestled with The Big Question: Do we have free will, or are we totally determined? Are we programmed to run like an automaton? Is our every thought, word and action that of someone else? Is it even possible to live authentically in this complex global society?

Since then, the answer seems to have swung sharply in favor of the determinists. Neuroscientists suggest that our thoughts arise only after an internal decision has been made. Silicon Valley is getting better and better with advanced Artificial Intelligence in replicating our brain processes. Yet, how can this be? We certainly FEEL free much of the time.

When we gaze at a trusting little infant dropped down from heaven by a stork, we can’t help but be deeply moved by her beauty and innocence. No way can this precious bundle be a robot! Yet as we progress through life, we feel the burden of our own conditioning getting heavier and heavier.

Where shall we look for free will?

Can You Find Free Will in Your Body?

If you are your body, you can move as you wish within certain constraints. You might not always have the exact color of hair and eyes, the total physique that you might want, but you can go many places and interact with other bodies any time you choose. Isn’t that freedom?

Yet you know that you have an elaborate set of genes which might be considered defective. Your body is always aging, whether you like it or not. You may not be here forever in your present form. Anyway, there is always someone more handsome or beautiful than you, tougher or stronger, cooler and more collected. Even if you become Mr. America or Miss America, your time is limited. It will all be over in a year.

You begin to suspect that your body is your piece in the giant game board of Life. Find a car, a wife, two kids and a mortgage. You can then progress throw by throw, either to the Poor Farm, or Millionaire Acres. But really, what kind of freedom is that?

free will philosophy

Can You Find Free Will in Your Mind?

Perhaps you are an intellectual, like me. Maybe you had a good education, and you can often convince others that you are not totally stupid. You may not be your body, but certainly you are your mind! Yet, you will always find smarter, more knowledgeable and wiser people than you. If you get a Harvard scholarship from an inner city high school, you are in for a shock once you reach the campus.

Every year, computers are getting smarter and smarter. In the last several decades, they have become orders of magnitude faster than ever before. They are shrinking from filling an entire room with vacuum tubes to comfortably fitting into the palm of your hand running billions of cycles per second. By 2030, or at the latest, 2040, they are estimated to exceed human intelligence. Then what are you going to do?

The more education you pile up, the more you learn about less and less. Post-Ph.D., you risk becoming an educated idiot. You begin to discover life can’t be reduced to rational empiricism. You need to jazz up your right brain to keep from becoming totally dysfunctional. Have you thought about taking a watercolor class? Anything to keep the spark of creativity alive!

Can You Find Free Will in Your World?

If you are not your body, or your mind, perhaps you can find your answer out in the world. You can move to Paris, Tokyo or Bombay. You can learn a whole new language and culture and become a global citizen. Maybe you will even stumble upon enlightenment… IF you find the right ashram, the right guru, the right mantra.

Yet, whatever you do, you will bump up against socioeconomic constraints. You can never have enough money or power. The higher the position, the greater the responsibility. If you became President of the United States, what kind of life would you have? No matter how good or bad you were in office, you would always end up being blamed for this or that.

More to the point, going out into the world makes you vulnerable to superstorms, floods and fires. Systematic hacking and terrorism. Unrest in country after country. You may begin to feel your only choice is to run. The world is not the same as the one in which you were born. How can you possibly be your world?

Only When in Chains Can You Free Yourself

The older you get, the more you will find that Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s lament could not be more true. Everywhere you look, people are in chains, leading lives of “quite desperation.” Everywhere you find people hoping against all ¬¬hope, fighting incipient disillusionment.

We can think of Nelson Mandela before he became President of South Africa. Nelson was condemned to a life of hard labor breaking rocks on Robben Island. As a deeply frustrated activist, he had attempted to bomb the whites. In such a situation, he could so easily have been written off.

Yet Nelson Mandela refused to give up. He wore his chains and chose his chains, his tiny little room and his daily routine. He read books, kept dreaming and wrote. Slowly, the world began listening. Even more important, he became something of a saint. People loved him, even the prison guards. He created paradise in a hell-hole. Finally, the South African government realized that Nelson was already free inside, and a precious collective asset. In partnership with de Klerk, he created a new rainbow nation.

Free Will Happens the Moment You Wake Up

You will remember The Blue Pill and The Red Pill in The Matrix. Neo’s choice, however uncomfortable, was the right one. With the Red Pill, NEO jumped out of the simulation and faced the real world. Finally, he had a choice to intelligently act. All the earlier choices in the couch potato world led to nothing.

The Matrix is a powerful, contemporary metaphor for the experience of enlightenment. When you own your own experience, realizing that no one and nothing resides outside of you, you begin to see Who You Are. You are the Creator within His Creation. While you appear on the cinema screen, you are really in the audience the whole time watching the show.

free will examples

Unlike any character in the reel, you don’t have to worry about doing this or that. You get to create it all. You have divine imagination. The moment you surrender to your True Self, you are empowered. In harmony with Source, you can create miracles. You can mold your world closer to your heart’s desire. You can wave the magic wand and transform anyone or anything you touch.

You have a body, a mind and a world… on camera. Now go within to make this an Academy Award production.

Do you agree?

psychedelic experience
Aug 17

Seeing the Sacred Through Psychedelics

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

~Jesus Christ in the Beatitudes

As a child, you may have wondered how it might be possible to see the invisible God. Since God has no inherent form, how can we possibly behold Him? If there could be a way, would it not be through the radiance of His creation, what has been called the beatific vision? As William Blake put it:

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour

If you are not a master poet or profound mystic, how can you see with William Blake’s eyes and revel in the mystery?

Why Use Psychedelics to Find God?

Psychedelics may be the fastest way to see God in everyone and everything. We hear confirmation from a full range of sources in every religious tradition, as well as secular and humanistic people, people who suddenly awaken to cosmic consciousness, that the experience they triggered has utterly transformed their life.

What is truly surprising is how many people simply playing around with psychedelics stumble upon a direct experience of God, something they weren’t at all anticipating. All the more so for people seeking God who use psychoactive substances to open up into their direct experience. You find the world is not so solid after all; things seem more like waves than particles.

The last couple of generations have discovered what the ancients and primal people all over the world have known for millennia, that plant substances can be powerful allies to enter into other dimensions and have a direct encounter with the Great Spirit.

psychedelic drugs

Aren’t Psychedelics Illegal?

Psychedelics are not drugs in the ordinary sense. While they are certainly used by indigenous people all over the world in the process of healing, they are seen as something far more. The Aztecs of Mexico saw the Peyote buttons as “the flesh of the gods.” Dr. Huston Smith, who founded the field of comparative religion with his perennial bestseller, The World’s Religions, honored the way of the shaman as on par with any of the Great Traditions.

In the final years of his life, Dr. Smith successfully waged an impassioned campaign for Native Americans to simply have the legal right to use peyote in their worship services. In the process, he popularized a whole new term for psychedelics used for spiritual pursuits: Entheogens, agents that generate the direct experience of God. The original use of psychedelics was to find God, to attune our sensibilities and awareness to the Transcendent.

Legality is always an issue, even if you think you can get away with it. It sets up a karmic predicament whereby, in order to find your Higher Self, you must break civil, or even criminal, law. Fortunately, decriminalization of at least marijuana has begun in earnest. These substances can be controlled, just like tobacco and marijuana. They need not be prohibited, and certainly not classified as felonies for possession.

What About the Shadow Side?

70,000 people a year die from overdoses of various drugs, not necessarily psychedelic. Marijuana, and even LSD, are not nearly as dangerous as heroin, opium and crack cocaine. They lead to psychological, but not physical, addiction. Bear in mind, even the effort to stop smoking creates withdrawal symptoms. Not so for marijuana or LSD.

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A more serious concern with the heavier psychedelics, such as ayahuasca, peyote, Ibogaine, mescaline and DMT, is the danger of insanity if you are utterly reckless with them. People who go through the experience of ayahuasca, for example, typically take weeks and months to integrate their experience. They usually do so with native guides who have profound respect for its powers.

The greatest issue in relation to finding God through these substances is that you always come down. You can never sustain the state, no matter how often you keep smoking the reefers or popping the tabs. What goes up must come down. This is what woke up Baba Ram Dass, who eventually gave up on this and went to India to find those who “knew.”

Which Psychedelics Are Right for You?

It would not be a good idea to plunge into psychedelics and try the hard stuff first. Begin with a trusted friend, or better yet, a professional guide, especially if you genuinely seek enlightenment. You may actually want to consider the Native American Church with its peyote ceremonies, or even the Santo Daime Church in Brazil, that bases its ceremonies on ayahuasca and the veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary. American participants have had life-changing experiences and are generally enthusiastic.

You might start by developing literacy on psychoactive substances. The classic exponents have been Dr. Timothy Leary, Terrence McKenna and Daniel Pinchbeck. They made a lifetime effort to study these compounds. All of them, even Dr. Leary, would urge a certain caution. McKenna and Pinchbeck advocate a good deal of discretion.

Relish the experience, and then give weeks and months to integrate it into your life.

You might seriously consider ecotourism, which combines exercise, healthy eating and living in gorgeous natural preserves with vibrant people and the chance to experience new cultures, whether in Costa Rica or the exotic Island of Bali. Even participating in Burning Man might be helpful. The crucial thing is to get your information from reliable sources and ingest any substance in a meditative fashion.

Can Psychedelics Be Used Consciously?

When we go back to the early days of LSD, we consider Dr. Leary’s March Chapel Experiment where he tested psilocybin on a group of 40 or so divinity school students. This was before Dr. Leary was thrown out of Harvard, when psychedelics were still legal. I met one of the guides years later who helped those who ended up with only placebos. He was deeply impressed with how just having the right setting and mindset encouraged mystical states with or without the chemicals.

Setting is extremely important. You don’t want to be fooling around with stuff in prison, or even a hospital environment. Preferably it would be with a wise, benevolent guide in a chapel, shrine or temple. Being out in a beautiful place in nature would also be highly conducive.

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Mindset is also important. If you are just out to have a lot of fun, you are squandering your life energy and a precious substance that could deliver the supreme experience, much like Zen satori. Think of the Zen tradition. A number of contemporary Buddhists are deep into their practice, but also use psychedelics in a most judicious fashion.

Can Psychedelics Save Our Planet?

Perhaps the most serious accusation against psychedelics is that it is a frivolous pursuit, a dangerous distraction from the global environmental crisis. We all need to be increasingly alert, both to the constant danger in our daily lives from superstorms, but also the thoughtless actions from government, the military, the private sector, the public and the petroleum industry.

When you consider that psychedelics skillfully used are entheogens that can give people a direct hit on the radiance of God in all creation, that somehow, everything and everyone is sacred, what could be more helpful in promoting deep ecology, compassion and a reverence for life? Even though experiences triggered by the various plants will eventually fade away, there will always be a reminiscent awareness of that sacred time and place when you pierced through the veil of illusion and saw things as they actually are.

When I think of Dr. Matthew Fox, and his techno-cosmic mass, I think of the perfect vehicle to wake us up and inspire us to celebrate the incomparable beauty of our Home Planet. The Rave Movement discovered an exciting new way to worship, to celebrate life. If psychedelics were once again legal, it is most intriguing to see how this new consciousness might spread throughout the Earth.

Perhaps psychedelics are taken from the “Tree of Life,” not the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.” At their best, psychedelics compel us to reach toward the end of separation and the reconciliation of opposites.

Is it possible that we could literally eat our way back to the Garden of Eden?

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