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inner perfection
Apr 29

Ten Steps to Inner Perfection

By Conscious Owl | Inner Peace

Perfection is not something for which we need to strive. Inner perfection is possible for every one of us—no matter what age, color, nationality or level of education. It is a living experience that we can nurture and intensify when we stretch our wings to fly a little higher.

In fact, most of the time we get confused about the word ‘perfection’ because we immediately link it to our outcomes. For example, we often say - “I didn’t do this task, therefore, I am not perfect.” “I failed at producing a desired result, therefore, I am not perfect.” “I don’t like cleaning and as a result my house is messy, and therefore, I am not perfect.”

All of those actions mentioned above are related to “doing.” However, perfection is not a state of “Doing” – it is a state of “Being.” And everything you ‘do’ originates from your state of “Being.”

By continuously repeating to your subconscious that you are imperfect, you will eventually damage your ‘state of Being,’ which will have a direct and negative impact on your state of mind, your overall happiness, inner peace, and inner power. And on top of it – what do you think will happen to your outcomes?​

We are the “creatures” of creation. As human beings we can’t create (desired outcomes) from a state of imperfection.

How do we directly experience our perfection, hidden as it is, within everyday appearances?

Here are 10 Steps to a Transformed Way of Being...



All caught up in the same empty routines we mistake for “reality,” we easily lose touch with who we truly are. Stop! You are not an ant, so there is no reason to trek up and down the same path in a boring line when you can simply step aside, lift your head, and smell the roses. In other words, awaken from your unconscious patterns and reconnect with your Intelligence.



Be you because everyone else is taken. There is no need to worry about the outer world when the inner world is solid. You are perfect, just as you are. You can experience and radiate perfection only by being yourself. On top of it, practice being present and being real because this will unlock the power within you to attract the same caliber people as well as generate thrilling opportunities in your life. It means surrounding yourself with more meaningful and happier relationships that simultaneously can lead to stunning breakthroughs.



Most of us get caught in the ‘universe of doing’ and are preoccupied with survival. Both of the universes are equally important and so finding that fine balance between doing and the being will allow you to tap back into your core and fulfill your goals.



Our perceptions of reality sometimes remove us from the sense of play. Our creation lies in our very imagination and that has no limitation because we are not doing it alone. Infinite Intelligence is manifesting itself through every one of us while playing each role and experiencing it all. It is time you start playing all over again. Play throughout the day. Play while working on any project or chore. This will, not only improve the outcome, but it will also boost your imagination and creativity and fill you with vital energy.



The meaning in life lies in our purpose. The first question you should ask yourself is, “What would I live and die for?” Is it your family, your dreams, or some higher cause? You must find that out because it will ignite the fire within you. (And if you can’t locate it initially – begin celebrating life for what it is!)



We tend to live in our minds and forget our bodies. Our bodies energize our minds. Tune into your body, notice the energy level you are at, and work on raising the bar or moving up your chakras. The higher you go, the more you’ll recharge and the faster you’ll calm your mind. Use whatever path works for you—walk in the woods, go for a run, do yoga, play hockey, or meditate.



Fear should not stop you from moving forward. Instead, it should challenge you. Keep in mind, the monsters are not under the bed—they are in your head. Once you start playing with your monsters and demonstrating your commitment to the game, they’ll disappear. Show your commitment, get out of the way and trust the whole process.



Our feelings give depth and dimension to life. Without contrast, life would be utterly flat. Even negative emotions can be beautiful when consciously experienced. Don’t suppress your feelings and let them all out. Only then will you be able to transform it.



The world is your mirror, and everyone you meet along the way is just another version of your Self. Practice staying away from the game of judgment and evaluation. It doesn’t add value to anyone. When we forgive others, we are actually forgiving and empowering ourselves, because we let go of all the negative energy trapped within our bodies.



As you welcome any and every possibility, you begin to realize that who you are is truly unlimited. You are not confined to your body. According to recent quantum theory in the field of physics, nothing is really solid out there in the Universe. Your consciousness is continuously creating and changing reality. Now, as you switch off your old perception of reality, remind yourself of this hidden power as often as possible. No need to blame the “world out there.” Start taking charge of your daily creation. We were created to create.

Life is a delightful process of going in and out of the realization of perfection much as if we were chasing an elusive butterfly with tattered nets. The further along we go, the more conscious we become, and the more frequent the moments of peak experiences. This path leads to a transformational shift in identity. Then it all seems worthwhile, and celebration of life, along with every moment, becomes second nature.

**NOTE**  Feel free to read the following book for more details:

Awaken Perfection: The Journey of Conscious Revelation

This book explains the transformed landscape in which we all find ourselves today, shows how we can move forward with our lives, and tackles the ultimate questions of who are we, where did we come from, and where are we going.

inner peace and happiness
Apr 20

Finding Inner Peace and Happiness

By Conscious Owl | Inner Peace

As you might have noticed, today we live in the world of chaos… global warming, financial crisis, religious warfare… Have you ever asked yourself why and what does it have to do with you?

The reason it’s all happening is because of two core things:​

  • The first reason… is that we (you and I) fell out of touch with our true self-identity, and with that we lost our true meaning in life.
  • The second reason… is that we lost that fine balance playing between these two universes: “the universe of doing” and “the universe of being.”

Which universe do you choose to spend most of your time in? Most of us primarily hang out in ‘the universe of doing’ and that is exactly what creates an ongoing imbalance, pain and suffering. This is a topic on itself. I’ll cover it in one of our future articles.

Now, let’s ask these two critical questions:

1.  Does “the universe of doing” have to be all about the survival?​

2.  Does “the universe of being” have to be all about that endless search for this so called BLISS?​

Absolutely NOT.

The book - Awaken Perfection - is quite unique in answering these questions inside the two main parts;

                Part I:  History... and

                Part II:  Mystery

… since both of these worlds are very much interlinked.​

In the first part, authors dive into our collective story, which is our history. It is important for us to understand where we come from, in order for us to be able to see where we might be going. For example, we all know that the Modern Age is dead. However, the Modern Age played a significant role in bringing the world together through the internet revolution and the global communications infrastructure.

And since the world is literally shrinking while it is falling apart… our new challenge is not to only learn how to play together, but to grow together… starting now.​

Peace Begins From Within

In the second part of the book, authors explore the mystery that we all live in… called the Dream.

According to scientists and their research in Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics… there is nothing really solid out there, in the Universe. What does that mean to you and me? Well, it means that without the Observer (you and I) there is nothing to be Observed.

That might also lead to a conclusion that WE ARE ALL ONE. Meaning… that we are this one Magnificent Intelligence that we tend to call God.

And for the very first time in history we are able to see how the puzzle snaps together and how every historical event was necessary for us to get to this very point in time, and finally, understand how all of the religious traditions until now were actually incomplete without each other… As well as, how in this day and age we move above and beyond them all forming this new global consciousness that is, in fact, very inclusive.

And yes, this new global consciousness is transformational on an individual and planetary levels. When you understand this concept on the deeper level, you will then begin playing in the field of infinite possibilities and can finally experience inner peace, strength, and happiness that you always desired.

Feel free to read Awaken Perfection for more details. It is also available in Kindle and iBooks.​

peace with God
Apr 18

Peace with God: Is It You or The Mighty?

By Conscious Owl | Inner Peace

When you find yourself in deep trouble -- financially, emotionally, physically, or even legally – it may look like the world is against you, society is against you, even God, Himself, is against you. You have messed up and are about to be swiftly punished, or at least made to bear the consequences. No one cares, and you are all on your own.

At such times, it may seem impossible to forgive God, let alone forgive yourself. You have done wrong, and “God” is the Bogey Man who is going to beat you up. As one existentialist writer quipped, “If there is a God, then He is the Devil.”

The answer to this dilemma is hardly that there is no God, or that He doesn’t care, but that He was never at war with you in the first place. You might be at war with him, but only through delusion.

Many of us remember growing up to “fear” the “wrath” of God. This is tied in with the interpretation of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as the End of the World. At the very least, we were assured that if we misbehaved, Santa Claus might forget all about us this year. The only love we knew was conditional, little better than, if you scratch my back, then I will scratch yours.​

Was God Ever Really at War with Us?

This is all very strange when you consider that the entire weight of the New Testament is that God is Infinite Love, that God is not on short supply of good will. The passages go on and on:

“He who knew no sin became sin for us, that we might be made the righteousness of God."

“If God before us, who can be against us?”

“God sent His Son, not into this world to condemn the world, but that through Him the world might be saved.”

“God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself.”

“He who loves not knows not God, for God IS Love.”

How, then, can we possibly blow it with God? God is not in some stupid numbers game. He doesn’t keep points on you. God’s love is like the sun that shines equally on everyone. Jesus spoke about the Good Shepherd who left the 99 to go after the one lost sheep, and when He found that sheep, there was great rejoicing.

You matter infinitely to God. No one else will replace you. You are ever so precious in His sight, a divine son or daughter. You might consider yourself in a school for divinity. To paraphrase Alan Watts, you are learning the lost art of “Godsmanship,” of divinization.

Are you bad because you are in trouble? Did you blow it with God because you confront indifference or hostility in the world? As Jesus put it, “In this world you have tribulation (stress). But be of good cheer. I have overcome the world.”

While God never promised us a “rose garden” in this life, He did promise the fruit of a transformed life: Absolute Love, Peace that defies comprehension and Joy “unspeakable and full of glory.”

Read more on how to discover your harmony and peace here.

I can take a lot of stress with that kind of love, peace and joy. How is this possible? By simply presencing God, inviting Him in, asking Him to occupy you. For most Christians, this is most easily visualized as asking Jesus Christ to enter into the door of our hearts and commune with us.​

How We Mistook an Idolatrous Image for the Living God

What gave us the idea of an angry God? It was centuries and centuries of human experience in which our understanding and appreciation of God developed. Dr. Deepak Chopra wrote a brilliant book back in 2000, How to Know God, in which he spoke about an evolutionary understanding of God, what Christians call Progressive Revelation.”

Chopra delineated the seven chakras of the body as corresponding to stages of spiritual insight. He claimed that our recognition of God is hardwired into our brains, but we see God differently in different stages.

For example, when we see God in terms of security, sensual fulfillment or power, we can easily see God as punishing us (in this scenario, one will have a hard time experiencing peace with God). However, when we move up to stage four, we can accept God as pure love (the place where one enters into the realm of inner peace).

In American history, Jonathan Edwards offered a very punitive picture of God in his classic sermon, Sinners in the hands of an Angry God, where we were miserable worms about to be squashed.​

make peace within

The dark side of Christian evangelism has always been the notion of hell, not truly biblical, where we are thrown into a volcano that burns forever and forever. It took a long time for theologians to wake up that this image was a severe distortion of scripture and perverted the meaning of the entire Gospel, or “Good News.”

As one medieval saying clarified, “All that burns in hell is self-will.” Or, as a more contemporary approach puts it: “I believe that there is a hell, because God is just. I believe that no one is in it, because God is merciful.”​

Finding Peace with God and Beyond

What lies before us is a whole new vista, a new perspective that will transform the classic Gospel into truly Glorious News. This is in the growing recognition in Christianity, as in Hinduism and Buddhism, that we are divine, and that salvation or atonement or enlightenment is universal.

When we truly understand this Good News, we will cease and desist with any attempt to war with God, or as Islam puts it, surrender to God, not in defeat, but in joyous recognition that God is our only true and ultimate Self.

This video is a perfect addition to what we just covered... the song might energize you from within…​

How then, can we be a peacemaker, a catalyst for peace and deal with the fear, doubt and alienation that we so often feel in life? How can we transcend our circumstances to the sudden realization that ALL IS ONE, GOD IS LOVE and ALL IS AS IT SHOULD BE?

1.  When you stop time through meditation, and enter into the eternal present, you will sense that all is well.

2.  When you rise above it all and see the grand sweep of history, having a genuine peak experience, you will see that life is wonderful and you are divine.

3.  When you start systematically forgiving the people in your life, every single day, you will feel a sense of empowerment that will overwhelm you.

4.  When you bless people and nations every single day, day after day, you will begin to channel divine love, and your blessing to others will be reflected back to you in myriad ways.

5.  When you start thanking God or the Universe for all the little things in your life day by day such as your ability to breath, drink, eat or walk, you will start thanking God for all the magnificent things about to come.

Not only is God not at war with you, but God is absolutely counting on you to be a peace maker, to share this new vision of the divine with everyone you encounter. Will you now take the first step?

harmony and peace
Apr 15

Discover Peace And Harmony You Always Wanted

By Conscious Owl | Inner Peace

In times of trouble, when nothing seems to go your way, when you feel all alone with no one left to lead you on…go within, return to Source, come to God. You no longer need look to the outer world for Truth, peace and harmony; the Truth was buried deep within you all along. The light that is within you is far greater than the light that brightens up the world. You are a divine child of God, and nothing you think, say or do can ever change that.

You are of infinite worth, infinitely precious in His sight. And His assessment is the only one that truly counts. He loves you more than the greatest lover, male or female; He is with you every step of the way, every moment that elapses. Enlightenment and empowerment are your birthright. The Truth is finally breaking out.​

Know Your True Self – It Will Lead You

Soon, all the wars and rumors of wars, people at their wits end in the very highest places, people who suppress this Love Story to the highest degree, will all be permanently sidelined. The Truth is going global, then cosmic. You no longer need come to Jerusalem, Mecca or Rome to find peace and harmony. I AM is within you. I AM IS you. The real YOU IS the light of the world.

When you come to know your larger and only true Self, you will hold the galaxies in your hand. When you take off in a rocket a certain height, a hundred, a thousand, a million miles from Planet Earth, you will see that we are all ONE. We have been so all along. We have forgotten so that we might remember somewhere sometime right about now. All the Avatars, Bodhisattvas and Messiahs have come to bring you Life RIGHT NOW. If we look to the cross, we look beyond the cross to the resurrecting power of that LOVE.

Otherwise, we live in constant lack, problem and anxiety type-of-world. This short clip on “Why We’re All So Anxious” explains it perfectly:​

Let go of all things that create anxiety, master your outer brain and focus on what matters the most… your inner self.

How To Find Peace And Harmony Within

In order to connect to your inner harmony you have to take a brand new approach. You and I are threads in the grandest tapestry, a much greater picture of the True You, Whom we call, “God.” This larger Self created this Love Story, and we all volunteered for our respective roles. You weren’t born by accident, and you won’t die by accident. Appearances are only THAT, just appearances.

You are watching this as much as you are acting it out. When you start to love the character that you like to call YOU, things will flow more smoothly, things will begin to work themselves out. You are unique and you should be proud of it. No one can replace you. No one can be just like you. You have a very special place in this play indispensible for the total piece to work, as we all approach the climax.

Everything that ever happened HAD to happen to bring you to this precise moment of NOW, a moment of infinite possibility.

If you study history…your tribe, your race, your nation, your religion, it will really make no sense at all until you discover that you occupy a love story, a divine love story. In the story of your life, you are the beloved until you ultimately wake yourself up as the Lover, as God.​

All our human loves are at best an approximation, a distant reflection or a feeling that in many cases demands something in return. This love is sacred. You don’t manufacture it. You don’t concoct it. You need not go around trying to make it happen. This love will come to you, because it IS you…in the very nucleus of your being. This love is deep and has no attachments. Look for it within. Tap into it and allow it to be, and grow. This love is your energy and nucleus. It keeps your peace and harmony in balance.

It will begin to flow through you, where your ordinary self is but a conduit, a channel. Open up to that Absolute Love (that we call GOD), and feel that love.

Start loving the moment you are in (no matter of any condition you might be in); your life (even if it’s not ideal); love yourself (even if you presently and falsely believe that you are worthless or some kind of underachiever); love the world (and its imperfections); love the one that you recently hated.

Go ahead, get swept away by that Love. The deeper you feel it, the faster you can heal yourself, experience inner peace and give it away, share it with everyone you come across, in concentric circles that sweep the Planet. Let go of all conditions when it comes to this love.

Its purity creates inner harmony!​

peaceful love

All is peace and harmony, because there is only ONE, and that ONE is LOVE ABSOLUTE. No one can resist it, the most powerful force in the Universe. It is infinite, eternal, omnipotent. When you smell its perfume, when you step into its music, you will suddenly discover for yourself that everything is as it should be, everyone is as he or she is supposed to be.

Your ultimate Self IS in charge. Lord of the Universe. The Avatar of Avatars came to open you up to Who you truly are, along with all the philosophers, sages and prophets. We fall down and worship that ONE, the one who went to the cross, rose from the dead and climbed the highest heavens. The Greatest Lover Who Ever Lived is coming home for YOU, His beloved. He wants you to know that He IS you, and you ARE He.

You, also, would have gone to that same cross if the offer had been given to you to save the world and set humanity free. Yet He was the chosen one, the very first to take it all upon Himself. Because that was, is and always will be HIS role. To show you in the purest light, to show you and the world how utterly magnificent you are… we all are.​

Living In Harmony Means…

When you finally own up to your being divine, that the Higher Consciousness within you is your ticket to total freedom, you will open up to a miraculous life, the miracle of life, itself. You, yourself, will be the pivot, the Turning Point for Humanity, the Second Coming. Be that love. When you will the will of God, all power will be given you in Heaven and Earth You will then receive the power and grace to love your enemies…to have no enemies, to open up to everyone as your friend, your brother and sister.

You will become a bridge builder, uniting people everywhere, in every nation. Today’s world can really benefit from such leaders. Everywhere you look everyone all part of YOUR family. You will start a revolution of love that will know no end. Jesus lit the torch.

But all the wisdom of all humanity down through the ages in every civilization had to become instantly available to everyone through our global brain, the Internet, before the fire of this love would consume fear and hatred. The time has come, right now, to join this revolution by forgiving the person right next to you, and the person right next to him or her. Just start blessing people, whatever they look like. Gratitude and blessing are true power. They invoke the sacred presence of Love.

You now know the formula: I AM. I AM that I AM. I AM.

Out of I AM, YOU are, WE are. I AM the Resurrection and the Life, right now, right this moment… Independent of any force, concept or entity. Cry like a baby; be born again. Awaken. Lighten up. Sing and dance. GOD is Love. YOU are Love. I am Love. Love is all there is. Just as the Beatles sang, “All we need is LOVE.” As Master Zhi Gang Sha put it recently, LOVE PEACE HARMONY.

At the end…  it is not rocket science.  😉

find inner peace
Apr 13

How To Find Inner Peace: Master Your Outer Brain

By Conscious Owl | Inner Peace

It’s not as easy finding inner peace these days. A big thanks goes out to our smart devices! Computers make wonderful servants, but wretched masters. We are now surrounded by them, including desktops, laptops, tablets and watches.

They are so versatile that they do the work of a dozen other household items, such as typewriter, newspaper, book, radio, record player and TV. Whereas before, you had to turn off your TV to go to sleep and avoid irritating your neighbors, you now can go 24x7x365, complete with wireless earphones, such as Beats by Dre. At least you have to take off your smart watch to recharge it, but for how long will that still be required?

This goes completely against our biorhythms, and the energy of the program can be dark, or highly negative if we are not careful. We used to hear blaring ads on radio and commercials on TV until we developed remote control. Now, we can easily get sucked in by tempting webinars pitching all kinds of private courses that can run for two hours and all but take your wallet out of your purse or pocket!

We are constantly reminded of the latest news on our iPhone, which we can access with the press of a thumb. Because we have more choice in the matter than before, we can delude ourselves into supposing that we are still in control. The various apps are now so compelling that we can find ourselves getting endlessly sucked in without realizing it.

We even take our devices with us to work and home with us to bed. So we can access the same messages as we awaken by the smart alarm until we retire back in bed with bleary eyes. It is intimidating to switch them off or put them to sleep, as a loved one might call us and suddenly need our help.

If you are crazy about computers, you might have a laptop in your bedroom, a tablet under the lamp and your smart watch recharging within easy reach. It never stops! Getting a life is an alluring phantom that we never seem to grasp.​

Be In Control - Tame Your Computer

Why not befriend your devices by mastering them, making them work for you in the background? Use Siri more. You no longer have to type everything. What a cumbersome way to talk! Switch onto soothing channels on Pandora, such as Liquid Mind. Go to YouTube and watch beautiful meditation videos with exotic Zen landscapes or Tibetan bells lulling you to sleep. You can even find holographic sound that can put you into deep states of meditation with your earphones on.

To paraphrase Jesus Christ, “Man (woman) was not made for computers, computers were made for Man (woman).” Jesus went on in the Gospel of John to suggest that out of your belly, or innermost being, shall flow rivers of living water. Many modern masters, such as Maharishi and Sri Ramakrishna, compare us to waves of the ocean. All you need do is dive deep within, below the surface, to find complete and utter calm.​

My Peace of Mind - Who Stole It? Do I want It Back?

All of our spiritual traditions assume the ability to go within. The giant cathedrals in Europe were designed for largely illiterate congregations to be caught up in divine majesty, reflected in gorgeous stained glass windows, much like a spectacular light show. You could then kneel down, close your eyes and listen to exquisite Gregorian chant, or a choir accompanied by a huge pipe organ in the elevated language of Latin.​

Let Go of Your Mind - Step Into Creation

Until the last hundred years or so, forests and wilderness areas were widely available throughout the earth. They have a wonderful relaxing effect when you step into them, presenting a chorus of birds chirping and chattering, including the hoots of the nighttime owl (my friends).

Even in the face of deforestation and soil erosion, we can find urban parks in most cities where we can begin to get into synch with creation. It is remarkable, for example, in the San Francisco Bay Area, to drive down near the water, and drive up the hills in counties like Marin to find a magical world, such as the matchless shrine of Muir Woods, with its thousand-year-old redwood trees.

You can retreat into an urban park with your device in your pocket, only in sleep mode. You can instruct your iPhone to only let urgent calls through. You can arrive at a decision to only check the news once a day, and only look at your email (and other social platforms) once a day on the weekend.​

peace of mind

You can go to an Apple Store and seek advice at the Genius Bar on how to make your computers and devices your best friend, rather than your worst enemy. Apple Inc. is one of the few technology companies in the world that was conceived in humanistic terms. The Macintosh was consciously designed by the early 1980’s team to be a computer “even your mother could use.” They have since implemented environmental controls in their devices, including optimizing energy usage. They have special interfaces for the visually impaired.

Find Happiness - Turn On Play and Creativity

Apple has also opened up the gateway to play and creativity. Use it to your advantage… to relax…for example. The latest iPads are designed to be used with the Apple Pencil that can let you draw with multicolored Zen brush strokes.

Along with Apple’s own iLife suite, they now are incorporating new software from both Microsoft and Adobe with which you draw on, as well as talk to, the iPad. You also have the option of using an ultrathin snap-on keyboard when you need to type…even though their onscreen keyword can work wonders in most cases.

Present Moment - The Conscious Witness Within

The final hurdle in finding inner peace in the face of increasing numbers of smart devices is arriving at your own decision to consciously tune into the present moment, to enjoy what is happening right in front of you, more than listening to music, reading books or playing video.

Vipassana meditation is extremely popular today, encouraging people to walk and act consciously. Feel free to play this great video with guided vipassana meditation: watching the process of thinking rather than getting involved with the content of thoughts:​

When you are outside, running errands or involved in any other daily routine you can break it by saying silently (or out loud), “Now I am lifting my fork. Now I am putting the food into my mouth. Now I am chewing my food. Now I am gazing at the people surrounding me in Starbucks.” While this might seem imbecilic, many of us are so out of touch with the way it used to be as little children that this can help us find immediate peace.

Finally, simply breathing deeply, alternating your nostril when you are sitting down, or using bellows breath when you are cross-legged in yoga, will definitely cut down your mental chatter. You need take as few as four deep breaths at a time to do the trick, to come home to whom you truly are.

Master your ‘outer brain’ by not allowing it to take over and shadow your inner world. This should be your first step in the inner peace searching process.​

peaceful mind
Apr 11

My Peace of Mind – Who Stole It? Do I want It Back?

By Conscious Owl | Inner Peace

Have you ever wondered why you find it so hard to concentrate?  Your peace of mind must have been stolen. Today, as never before, distractions are endless, amplified by our deepening preoccupation with electronic media, our need to be always on 24 hours-a-day, 365 and ¼ days per year. We almost never let up, never go on vacation, never even take a day off. With constant stimulation, our thoughts never seem to let up. It is as though we are our mind, and our mind totally controls us.

Complicating the situation is the shift in the last couple decades of continuing waves of terrorism in every part of the world. The gun lobby and trade in arms go unabated. Presidents are granted license to bomb other countries at will with undeclared wars.

Politicians run for President who refuse to get it, and who continue insisting on business as usual with the ground falling below them. Recent candidates have even been naked about their self-interest and ambition. They suggest we vote for them out of entitlement.

How then can we possibly find peace of mind? Can we rely on institutions to do it for us, such as churches or schools? Are they part of the solution, or actually part of the problem? We too often look to a God without to save us, and ignore the deity within us, within the deepest part of ourselves.

The East has long pointed to meditation. Still the mind, so that you can be present to the divine. Many traditions have moved into the West, and are now more widely available than ever.

If we look within, we will find the composure to face the most distressing situations. To do this, we need to go beyond our surface self, our persona or social mask, and go even deeper than our shadow, where we are often plagued by nasty thoughts towards one another to our innermost Self, Whom and What we call “God.” It is like entering the eye of a Hurricane. We will find only peace, love and joy in that Self, what Hindus refer to as bliss.​

Zen Buddhism For Peace Searching Mind

Zen is characterized by outrageous antics to shock the normal flow of thought into an all-encompassing perspective, something Tony Robbins refers to as a “pattern interrupt.”

This whole tradition started in China by a guru from India, called Bodhidharma, who liked to sit facing a wall all day long. He inadvertently gained such a reputation that people practically begged him to teach. His future successor, Hui-K’o, was so frustrated by repeated rebuffs by the great master that he actually cut off his arm, and standing in the snow presented his severed arm to Bodhidharma.

Hui-K’o cried: "My mind is not pacified. Master, pacify my mind." Bodhidharma said: "If you bring me that mind, I will pacify it for you." The successor said: "When I search my mind I cannot hold it." Bodhidharma said: "Then your mind is pacified already." At that point, Hui-K’o experienced Satori, the flash of enlightenment.

If you keep looking for your mind, you will find it is not even there. Thoughts are just thoughts. They don’t necessarily mean anything.

If you can’t let go of your busy mind and need detachment from over-thinking… here is a great guided meditation (about 40 minutes long):​

Transcendental Meditation To Quiet The Mind

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the Beatle’s guru, introduced to the world a simple technique to quiet the mind using a mantra, a sacred name that you simply repeat at first orally, and then silently, 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening.

Maharishi described each thought becoming smaller and smaller as it settled to the bottom of the ocean. He encouraged his students to observe their thoughts without judging or evaluating them. Just notice them. Don’t even try to push them away. Let them keep flowing. They will eventually subside.

The mantra served as a point of concentration that kept bringing his students back to the present moment. This technique became widely available. Dr. Deepak Chopra offers it as Primordial Sound Meditation. Any name or word might do, but divine names have a powerful resonance and are thus recommended.​

Landmark Education – How You Hold Your Reality

Landmark offers its forum, and three-day training that gets participants keenly aware of their languaging, how they express themselves, how they hold reality. It is suggested that your language shapes your reality.

To alter your reality, become conscious of how you think. Be willing to take responsibility. Be willing to consider that you have something to do with whatever happens to you. Werner Erhard, the Founder, encouraged people to communicate to completion.

As he put it, “When you have said everything that you haven’t been saying, you will find that what you have really been saying is, ‘I love you.’” The Forum is an amazing experience. By sharing this discourse in a large room with 100 other people over several days, something profound shifts. You suddenly go beyond language and experience your own Satori. You keenly realize that you transcend all language, which is just a tool for your expression.​

Eckhart Tolle – Focusing On NOW

In recent years, Eckhart Tolle, a German philosopher who experienced enlightenment while a doctoral student at Cambridge University, points people to the “Power of Now.”

If you can just enter the Eternal Now Moment, you will stop the endless chain of thinking.​

mind at peace

Eckhart was surrounded by books and upset with his life until he had a breaking point when his whole thought process literally shut down, and he was quite simply present. For Eckhart, this was like being born again. He heard sounds, saw colors and felt sensations as if he were a newborn experiencing them for the very first time. He was so carried away by this, that he dropped out of school and spent days on park benches until he discovered that he had a marvelous gift of teaching.

Eckhart is a master of succinctness. He is able to put the most abstract experience in terms to which everyone can relate. His books, videos and engagements are everywhere. He has become one of the highest paid speakers in the world.

Inner Peace is Your Engine – Tune It Up

Realize that you are not your thoughts, but rather the observer of your thoughts. Your thoughts come and go. You don’t need to hold onto them, or even believe them. Our thoughts keep us in the game of lie, but make lousy masters.

If you start focusing or concentrating even a wee bit every day, they will begin to slow down and even stop from time to time. You can walk away from the grid for a few hours, a day, even a week in some cases.

Arianna Huffington, Founder of The Huffington Post, has started a movement to have people consciously shut off their devices for a few minutes or hours, just to enter the present moment. When she fell down exhausted in the bathroom and profusely bled, she came to the conclusion the price for staying on the cutting-edge was too great. This transformed her life. Arianna has become an acclaimed speaker on the New Age circuit in such conferences as Wisdom 2.0.

If Arianna Huffington, who has plenty of legitimate excuses for being franticly busy, can do it, you can do it, too. You can find the inner peace that will help you transform your way of being and possibly a world that is stuck on violence as the only potent way to get its point across.

Tap into your inner peace and tune it up. You will experience the world differently… with more meaning, love and joy.

Feel free to share your story or experience below (in the comments area).​

inner peace
Apr 06

Inner Peace: Escaping The Squirrel Cage

By Conscious Owl | Inner Peace

Did you wake up one day and realize that your inner turmoil is pulling you back in creating life you desire? Great realization. You are on track. Most great creations and achievements in life begin with inner peace. It’s your compass to inner drive and clarity.

When we think of contemporary world leaders, we often look beyond Presidents, CEO’s and Generals to people like His Holiness, the Dalai Lama and His Holiness, Pope John I, both seen as men of exceptional compassion who actually live out their vision.

Buddha, who is seen as one of the greatest men who ever lived by countless millions, pointed out in his Four Noble Truths that we can never experience ultimate fulfillment in outer experiences alone. Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) was an ancient crown prince continuously entertained with every pleasure imaginable throughout his youth. Yet he left his court deeply dissatisfied when he first encountered old age, sickness and depth. The Buddha took inspiration from the monk he met just outside the city gates to go and find inner peace.​

Afraid To Let Go?

Buddha pointed out that we are usually attached to acquiring things or conditions that we want, eliminating things or conditions that we don’t want or holding on to things or conditions we have that we are afraid we might lose. His formula for success was to give up any and all attachments to escape “Samsara,” the squirrel cage of desire... and restlessness.

Here is a short clip from a well known animated film that touches on some key points on finding inner peace...​

...We all have our own way of finding and mastering it... It's a process. Not an overnight success. 

Whenever we refuse to allow that which is to be, due to a strictly outer focus, we suffer.

The fruit of the Christian faith in its earliest years was seen as love, joy and peace. It was found that these go together. Without inner peace, it is difficult to feel deep love or joy. The early Apostles emphasized, as did the Buddha, that the love, joy and peace they were offering were totally independent of outward conditions. One need only think of such recent saints as Theresa of Calcutta to recognize this peace is possible in a busy urban center under the most challenging circumstances.​

Finding Peace Within and Its Benefits

Without inner peace, stress keeps building up where life seems impossible. You lose touch with yourself. You do things you later regret. You say things that unwittingly hurt your loved ones. You can’t enjoy what is right in front of you, even your own leisure time, weekends or vacation. We look to the Holidays to provide a seasonal sense of deep peace.

Without the holiday period, American (or worldwide) life would be hollow and meaningless. Pressures would mount up to an unmanageable degree. People would lose touch as to why they are here or what is the point of doing anything. At best, it would bring us to a point of sheer survival. Therefore, we take our holidays as our main “sanity re-building” days where we re-charge and in a way regain our peace within.

Inner peace is possible regardless of outer circumstances. Once it is established, it can act as a shield from the most disconcerting events.

Here are seven key benefits it provides:​

1.  As advocates of Transcendental Meditation have established with literally thousands of experiments under strenuous laboratory conditions, the internal peace achieved by this form of meditation positively impacts every aspect of our physiology, including heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, our muscular and nervous systems, our immune system and our digestive system.

2.  Inner peace eliminates the motivation for repeated substance abuse, as the very well being achieved by drugs is experienced in current circumstances whatever they might be. Inner peace enables the ultimate experience of health, which is a profound sense of well-being, that things are OK just the way they are, that our satisfaction in life is not dependent upon all the things we are awaiting to acquire.

3.  Inner peace is what most people seek in their relationships, whether close friends or lovers. It enables total acceptance of whatever is happening and arouses an ability to respond proactively and creatively to every day challenges. Why? …Because it is based on love and not lack.

4.  Without inner peace, it is futile to try and be creative. Recently, it has been found that creativity requires brain coherence between its two halves. Both inner peace and spontaneous creativity thrive on the deeper brain waves. The surface brain waves are often like a tempest-torn sea, with waves continuously crashing into each other.

5.  Inner peace is a precondition for fulfillment and prosperity. Inner peace is the means for us to experience the greatest fulfillment possible, such as divine love, the ultimate celebration of life itself and a sense of infinite abundance beyond anything we have imagined.

6.  Too often, our lives are all tied up with our persona, or ‘social mask’ that we display to those we don’t know, while our friends transparently see right through to our shadow self, the one we face in the mirror after a bad night. It is rare indeed for people to arrive at their innermost, or divine Self. Just a few minutes with that Self can totally make our day. This will open the possibility of authentic love, not just for ourselves, but everyone we meet.

7.  Without inner peace, we will be powerless to effect outer peace. As Mahatma Gandhi enjoined, “Be the peace that you hope to see in the world.” The world is going through a very turbulent period at this time. It needs us to make a conscious difference. However, we won’t even be “there” to make that difference without direct access to inner peace.

inner balance

Inner peace is best realized through the touch of divine love, of the felt presence of Someone or Something transcendent to us.

When I know that there is no longer anything I need to do to prove myself, that I am accepted just as I am, despite my myriad mistakes, when I discover that no one is even keeping score, then I am at total peace.

When you place a high value on inner peace, you will be amazed at the multitude of spiritual healing practices available from every tradition and philosophic orientation that can aid and accelerate your efforts. You will find that you are never truly alone.​

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