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shoulder opening yoga
Mar 08

Best Yoga Wheel to Open Shoulders and Release Back Tension

By Conscious Owl | Healing Principles

Have you ever wondered if there were one thing you could do to keep in shape, both physically and mentally, what would it be? Have you ever wondered what you should take with you for a long trip to ensure that you get a decent amount of exercise?

Wait no longer, as yoga is now booming across the U.S., India and the world. You can do it almost anywhere. It has suddenly become much more fun, and whole lot more effective with the introduction of the Yoga Wheel.​

Yoga, America’s Favorite Fitness Sport

Today, yoga is booming as never before. First popularized in the 1960’s and 1970’s by people like B.K.S. Iyengar, Richard Hittleman and Lilias Folan, who brought it to books, magazines and TV, it captured the imagination of the hippies and the Love Generation, who deeply questioned the Establishment.

While originally practiced to facilitate enlightenment, its health benefits, like those of Maharishi’s TM, became increasingly recognized. Gradually, the baby boomer’s children picked it up, and even their children. Today, 10% of the American population actively practices yoga in studios, salons, spas, wilderness retreats… even on the streets!

NFL football players and Hollywood stars have picked up on yoga, both established and new, ranging from Sting, Tom Hanks and Madonna to Jennifer Anniston, Jessica Beal and Ryan Gosling. Getting drunk and wasted on drugs is OUT; maintaining a health life style and trim or muscular figure is IN.

India’s Greatest Export

Yoga is a primary spiritual path of Hinduism aimed at union with the divine, with many different branches. Raja yoga emphasizes mind / body integration and contemplation. Hatha and Kundalini are elements of Raja that focus on the body, breathing and releasing energy up the spine.

yoga wheel pose

Americans are most often open to new ideas and very adaptable. When they fall in love with something, they go all out. They saw the ingenuity of the various hatha asanas and postures, and quickly realized major health benefits, including balance, poise, improved posture and energizing the organs.

Recently, Prime Minister Modi of India has virtually required his cabinet to go all out with hatha yoga and has been instrumental in the U.N. declaration of International Yoga Day on June 21st of each year. Americans have developed hatha yoga for physical fitness and placed it front and center. Post-modern India is now doing double-time to catch up.

Why Yoga Has Eclipsed Other Methods

While you can find many wonderful channels of physical fitness, from weightlifting to jogging to Tai Chi, yoga offers the most systematic, time-tested sequence of postures that systematically address every muscle and system in the body. Yoga doesn’t require a lot of fancy equipment, and it can be done lying on the floor.

Yoga has a deep psychological and spiritual impact on people, such that they begin to open up while practicing, as it mobilizes psychic energy and the subtle body. You actually begin to feel and heal your chakras, rather than simply talking about them. Very often, practitioners deeply plunge into meditation and Eastern thought, and experience a kind of transformation.​

Yoga also entails a minimum of risk, as opposed to running or weight lifting. People of all ages can do it. It is equally appealing to women and men. Children, even babies, can practice it. It has become so established that even physicians, clinics and hospitals prescribe it.​

Why Use a Yoga Wheel

The Yoga Wheel is the one prop that has truly added a whole new dimension to yoga, a certain dynamism. It is light, sturdy and can support up to 300 pounds of weight. It is equally helpful to beginners as to intermediate and advanced practitioners.

Above all, it is a blast! It is now taking off as a craze. It is hard to think of a cleaner way to have fun.

Yoga-Wheel Banner

You can open your shoulders and release tension in your back, giving your vertebrae a break using a Yoga Wheel.

It works like nothing else! You simply lie back on a mat and move your body on top, gently rolling back and forth. From there, you can engage in a full range of postures, including lunges, triangles, shoulder stands, abdominal assists and chest and shoulder openers.

You can do virtually any asana on the wheel, and you can go much deeper than you might otherwise, due to the physical support it provides. This includes headstands, plows, lotus postures, bridge poses and monkey poses. It is only limited by your imagination and a liberal use of common sense.

How to Get Started with a Yoga Wheel

You will find an abundance of helpful pictures and videos on YouTube and Instagram demonstrating the Yoga Wheel in a variety of settings.

They demonstrate basic, as well as more advanced, postures. Most yoga wheel manufacturers will also provide you a sequence of photos to gradually build up your flexibility, balance and endurance.

You need merely settle on the right size wheel for you, which ranges from six to 14 inches. The prices are quite reasonable. You want to choose a wheel that can support your entire weight, can easily be carried and that is nonslip. Good wheels can support as much as 300 pounds. The wheel should have a porous surface and yet be cushioned to support your back.​

Yoga-Wheel Banner

You also should exercise prudence if you have any special physical conditions or medical issues. Don’t overdo it. Focus on the most basic exercises. Use a mat initially in a safe and comfortable room. Let your body adjust to it.

As you achieve better balance, you can be more adventuresome. The appealing social media videos will give you an endless supply of new ideas.

Gaiam’s Premium Yoga Wheel

Gaiam is a leader in the LOHAS Movement out of Boulder, Colorado. LOHAS stands for “Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability.” No less than the founder of AOL, Steve Case, champions the cause. Gaiam has been delivering outstanding products for decades, including a full range of yoga accessories and supplies.

Gaiam’s Yoga Wheel is 5” wide by 12” in diameter, made out of sturdy PVC, the same material as is used in yoga mats, with 5 mm. of cushioning to protect your joints. It weighs just four pounds and can handle close to 300 pounds, which should work for most body types. It comes in navy blue, and is lovingly handcrafted.

yoga wheel benefits

Users of Gaiam’s Yoga Wheel have very positive reviews. Users comment on how well it is made… that it is exactly as described. Customers love the picture guide that comes with it that portrays a wide variety of postures, providing beginning, intermediate and advanced versions of entire sequences.

It’s a great yoga prop to share with your partner and entire family.

Isn’t it about time that you treat yourself to a device that is super healthy and loads of fun? What could be a simpler way to get in shape?​

But most importantly, this dharma yoga wheel will help you to unlock your shoulder and decompress your spine, as well as adjust your posture. We do so much sitting these days while driving or staring at our gadgets that it impacts our bodies in many negative ways. As we age, re-aligning and stretching should be an important part of all of our routines!

Yoga-Wheel Banner
reiki healing explanation
Jan 25

Proven Reiki Healing Techniques That Actually Work

By Conscious Owl | Healing Principles

Reiki healing therapy is a form of complementary, alternative medicine introduced to the world in 1920 by a Zen monk living in Japan, Master Mikao Usui. Reiki was meant as a gift to the world to relieve suffering by directly tapping into the Universal Life Energy.

Master Usui attracted disciples, and trained those disciples to train others so that Reiki could be made available everywhere.

In the process, the original pure teaching of Reiki became highly compromised, as each teacher put his or her own spin on the process, diluting much of its original effectiveness.

Additionally, the whole discipline was commercialized. It then required thousands of dollars and years to master the three degrees and become certified.

In recent years, Reiki has become increasingly popular, even in its altered form, attracting Hollywood celebrities, the likes of Angelina Jolie, Sharon Stone, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock and Ellen DeGeneres.​

It is appealing that it works fast, without the need of surgery or medication and can be performed with the client fully clothed.

Reiki Healing as a Form of Spiritual Energy

Reiki healing is essentially energetic, or spiritual healing. It calls forth the universal sacred energy found in every tradition.

reiki healing energy

In the Bible, it has been associated with the Spirit of God. In India, it is referred to as Prana, in China as Chi (Qi), in Japan as Ki and in Polynesia as Mana.

All traditional healers use it, and modern medical doctors knowingly, or unknowingly, rely on this life force to heal their patients. Medicine and surgery are primarily used to accelerate the healing process.

Reiki adopts the Hindu notion of chakras, or wheels of subtle energy, and the Chinese notion of meridians, or pressure points. The master applies her hands directly, or indirectly, along the client’s body, and acts as a channel for the divine energy to flow directly through her.

Through a process of alignment, the practitioner calls on the Universal Life Force, much like the Jedi knights in Star Wars used the power of The Force to ensure victory in impossible circumstances. (George Lucas was most definitely influenced by the Zen tradition.)

We all have an aura, or energetic body, that you can directly experience on your own, or a friend’s body, by closing your eyes and moving your hands within three to six inches of the skin. Psychics can even see another’s aura several feet from their body.​

The Power of Reiki’s Healing Touch

Reiki works mostly through touch, although some masters use breathing, and actually gaze at their client’s body.

reiki healing hands

There is something powerful in touch, itself. We all crave to be touched more, especially in Western societies.

Years ago I went for a therapeutic massage and spoke with the masseuse about this. She maintained that we all suffer from skin hunger. The experience was so satisfying to me that I ended up getting certified in Swedish / Esalen massage with some point work.

Reiki heals on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level.​

We all live in an ocean of conscious energy.

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Thus starting at the spiritual level makes the most sense, as the spiritual can permeate the mental, emotional and physical. You thereby achieve holistic, or integrative, healing.

Tension and stress are primary causes of disease and illness. It has been estimated that 90% of people who walk into an office are sick with non-physical causes. They are suffering from psychosomatic conditions. On occasion, the physician will actually prescribe placebos, or sugar pills, to accomplish the healing.​

  • Physical cures have been reported for cancer, heart disease, autoimmune disease, respiratory problems, digestive issues, skin conditions and severe back pain.
  • Mental cures include healing depression, anxiety, insomnia and even ADD, or Attention Deficit Disorder.
  • Emotional cures include healing anger, jealousy, panic and grief.
  • Spiritual cures include restoring a sense of meaning, resolving the fear of death and dissolving any blocks to forgiveness.

Heal Yourself with Reiki

One of the main reasons for evangelizing Reiki is that it is ideal for self-healing. Whenever we have severe pain, including minor injuries, we almost always put our hands on the spot.

When we were little, our mothers and fathers used to comfort us with their touch and our mates soothe our wounds with their loving, sensitive touch.​

born with healing energy

As little children, we had the power of Reiki, but we were increasingly distracted by a secular, materialistic culture that increasingly relied on machinery and institutional support.

If we were religious, we may have gone to churches, mosques, synagogues or temples where the majority of the congregation was out of touch with the power of a Living Faith.​

When you learn how to align yourself with the Universal Life Force, you will find that your own touch makes a difference.

I have received both faith and psychic healings. With a faith healing, my left ear opened up at a distance from the spiritual leader using a microphone. I literally felt a wave of heat, and it all happened instantly.

I recently took a tumble, and a colleague of mine went over my legs with a large crystal, sacred ash and a chant, and I woke up with hardly a scratch. It was a modified Reiki approach, but I could still feel his healing energy.​

Use Reiki to Heal Friends at a Distance

Spiritual masters throughout the ages have been able to heal at a distance, because they didn’t adhere to a materialistic conception of the Universe. In nearly every case, when Jesus Christ healed someone, whether in person, or at a distance, He attributed the healing to their faith.

Christian Science, Unity and the New Thought Movement have perfected metaphysical healing, where they deliberately refrain from touching people, lest they confuse the touch with the spiritual force that actually does the healing.​

distance reiki healing

It is their premise that you are ALREADY whole, complete and perfect. You need merely get back in touch with that through affirming the truth.

Cutting-edge quantum physics maintains that the time-space continuum is a construct of our minds. With the theory of nonlocality, two particles can talk to each other faster than the speed of light.​

You are, therefore, able to heal at the speed of thought, beyond the speed of light.

If you have a friend on Mars, you could heal them instantly with your prayer, even though it would take a several minutes for light to actually arrive at that planet.

The Easy Way to Master Reiki Healing

You could pick up a book or two, fool around a bit and see if you intuitively pick up Reiki. After all, even children and animals can be cured by it, and we all were in touch with this power when we were children.

The problem is that we all forgot, and it is not quite so easy to mobilize the energy of the universe on mere whimsy.​

You could also opt for applying to a Reiki school, or seeking out a Certified Reiki Master willing to train you.

There you are looking at three degrees over several years and investing thousands of dollars. Also, because the original form of Master Usui’s Reiki was compromised, you may not learn the real thing, Reiki in its purest form.

What you can do is look into Owen Coleman’s brilliant program, which is available online for instant download.​

Owen was originally a construction worker who suffered from excruciating back pains. He couldn’t stand it without heavy medication. He went to healer after healer with no permanent cure.

Finally, he visited an old man who had him simply lie down on a table. Within minutes, this Reiki Master permanently cured Owen. No more pain or suffering!

Owen was deeply grateful and inspired to seek formal Reiki training. He spent thousand of dollars and several years to try and do what that old man could do.

Discouraged, he gave up formal instruction and spent a year or so researching the work of the original Master Usui. Owen found the missing ingredients and suddenly was able to heal people right and left.

Owen wanted to share his discovery with the world, rather than charge extravagant sums to affluent people. He spent years perfecting his program so that you could master the basics in a day or two.

He then put it all online and decided to offer it for a small fraction of what other masters charge to teach the discipline. He even backs it all up with a 60-day guarantee.

What’s great about his teachings is that he extracted the essence of the original Reiki healing techniques, so you would not be spending countless hours connecting the dots, but instead, soak up all of the necessary information and begin practicing it without any delay.​

practice reiki healing daily

Practice is what will make you into a masterful healer!​

Think of it, you might be able cure a pestiferous condition that you have carried around for a long time in just a few minutes. You might be of true help to your friends and loved ones, curing them of illnesses in just minutes, eliminating their need to go see a doctor. How wonderful you will feel!

When you think of it, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by checking Owen Coleman out.​ When you'll click on the visual below, you'll be taken to a page that explains his training in more detail. 

Wishing you a life free of needless pain and suffering!

heart healing
Apr 01

Heart Energy Healing When Things Go Sour

By Conscious Owl | Healing Principles

Our heart is wiser than our mind and is most often thought of as the very center of our soul. Sri Ramana Maharshi referred to the heart chakra as the drawing room of the mind where he could engage in social intercourse. It is midpoint between the lower and higher chakras and gateway to the divine.

It resonates with our mammalian nature, including the cerebellum in the brain and our entire limbic system. Feelings finally win out in most major decisions, even though we typically spend a lot of time thinking about the various factors first. It makes sense that positive heart energy can make a decisive difference in getting well.

Wellness is far more than the absence of disease or injury. It is living with an abundance of love, joy and peace. It is being truly alive and continuously exploring new possibilities. It is awakening as a creator within our creation, one with our Source.​

Why Healing Heart Energy Matters?

The vibrations of love have an incomparable healing effect, both in terms of our loving others and our feeling that they love us. We all yearn for divine, transcendent love that is totally unconditional, that lets us be one with the universe. Even a single experience of this can change our lives forever.

Recently, researchers have discovered that our heart is far more than a highly efficient pump. It is, rather, an intelligent system rivaling that of the brain, with its own network of neurons, and a magnetic force far exceeding that of the brain, extending outward as much as eight feet.

This force is in phase with larger forces, including other people, animals, plants, even rocks. It is part of the biosphere reaching out to the ionosphere, impacted by solar flares. Exacting historical studies have revealed a high correlation between major flares and outstanding creative endeavors in society on the one hand and major eruptions of violence on the other.

The Heart Math Institute in Boulder Creek, California, has spent decades researching how these electrical fields interact and impact our health and well being. It recently launched the Global Coherence Initiative using an elaborate sensor monitoring system for people and the environment in various countries around the world, including Canada, Lithuania, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and New Zealand.​

Experts are even finding that trees are intelligent and can detect major earthquakes well in advance of their occurrence.

healing energy

Their findings point to universal mind, that human emotions and consciousness interact with and encode information into the geomagnetic field, which is then globally distributed. They have come to believe that there is a feedback loop between human beings and our planet’s energetic / magnetic systems. To put it more plainly, love can impact the world around us on a vaster scale than we have thus far imagined.

This underscores the importance of psyco-spiritual approaches to healing. Being out in nature daily is recommended by Dr. Deepak Chopra, even if it just a local park or your backyard. More importantly, forgiving the people in your life can lead to major breakthroughs, as it has been found to cure cancer in seemingly miraculous ways.

You might make a list of people in your life who challenge you in any way, including both friends and enemies. You need to pay special attention to the people close to you, including spouse and family. Focus on the person at the very bottom of your list, and just forgive him or her.​

Some Powerful Energy Healing Tips

How do you forgive someone who has hurt you deeply? To forgive means to release and let go. You can’t undo what has been done even a split-second ago. What happened happened. Who caused it is a secondary factor, although, in every case, you can bet that you had something to do with it.

Empowerment programs suggest that you assume total responsibility, even though you cannot readily see what you had to do with the event happening. They suggest the ideal relationship is 100% / 100% responsibility. You take 100% responsibility for both you and your partner, and your partner does the same for you.

Here also is where religion and the various spiritual paths can make a profound difference. The story of Jesus Christ giving his life on the cross for all humanity, not just for some of us, even His enemies, is a powerful example. All major traditions commend forgiveness in some form. Read more about Which Energy Techniques Will Heal You Faster here.

Have you tried healing your emotional heart energy using meditation? Watch the video below:​

I will share my own experience of experimenting with forgiveness. In anticipation of writing a book with my partner on global transformation, I found myself actually hating the current U.S. President. I realized that I could not, in good consciousness, proceed with our work unless I forgave that man.

This President was involved at the time in various military actions that resulted in the death of thousands of people, including the use of widespread bombing. I began then and there a daily practice that brought me deep into prayer and informed my future approach to the divine. I simply prayed a blessing for this particular President day in and day out, week after week, month after month and year after year.

While I am not sure that this President changed all that much, I developed a profound love for him without any effort on my part. I found first hand that you really can’t both bless and curse the same person. Your blessing wipes out your curse. This exercise had a profound cumulative effect over the years.

I began blessing daily entire nations, especially war-torn countries that might be considered global headaches. I began feeling spontaneous love welling up within me for all those people, viewing them as my fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. After years of doing this, I began to spontaneously love both friends and strangers. That love just came. I didn’t have to work it up.

I have been through surgery since then. While the surgery and healing wasn’t easy, I experienced a profound altered state of consciousness with everyone around me, including the attending nurses and physicians. I was communing with God spontaneously with no effort on my part. I found I had the ability to be completely present, totally with each person. I found a sense of gratitude and love beyond what I could imagine. It was, strangely enough, one of the highest experiences of my life.

Yes, Gratitude is Healing!

Finally, I would strongly suggest gratitude as a heart energy healing force, commending the work of Rhonda Byrne in The Secret and her Gratitude Book, which I use every day. Rhonda, in her runaway best seller, suggests keeping a journal where your write down things to be grateful for. No matter how challenging the circumstances, even if you feel absolutely broke, be thankful for that.

Be thankful for life, itself. For your ability to walk and breathe, for the very life that was given to you. Do this every day. You will always find something to be thankful for, no matter how trivial it may seem. Rhonda even suggests listing things that you don’t actually have, but very much want, such as a dream mate, a dream car, or a dazzling career.

Be thankful to our Source and the Universe for it in advance, even though you don’t actually have it right now. You will find that often enough, what you dream of will materialize in strange and mysterious ways.

Rhonda’s book broke almost all best-seller awards, first as an Internet movie, and then as a DVD, and then finally as a book, selling millions of copies. Of all the promising techniques that she recommends, nothing can touch the power of gratitude. That, alone, justifies all the money she has made from all of it.

Be thankful for perfect health. You may be down with the flu, or even in the hospital with an injury. Nevertheless, be thankful. Like blessing and forgiveness, this has a cumulative effect. Those two things neutralize your playing field and open the door for new creation.

It is the process of doing this day after day, in good times and bad that makes the difference. I have found this to be the case in my own life. It is not that all my problems suddenly went away. It is that I was opened up to a higher quality of life than most people even dream of, not outwardly, but inwardly…divine love, joy and peace. At the end of her dream book, Rhonda quotes Meister Eckhart, “If the only prayer you said in your whole life was ‘Thank You,’ that would suffice.”

Like the master poet Dante, let’s celebrate “the love that moves the sun and the other stars.”

Interested in learning more about spiritual healing principles?​

energy therapy techniques
Mar 25

Which Energy Therapy Techniques Will Heal You Faster?

By Conscious Owl | Healing Principles

All healing entails both energy and consciousness, even conventional allopathic medicine with its reliance on pharmacology and surgery. Energy therapy and consciousness is the plus factor making the difference between slow and rapid healing. Some therapies emphasize the energy factor alone, and are conspicuous in working with auras, energy fields and meridians in the body.

A number of these therapies scarcely touch the client or patient, massaging his or her aura, instead. While this may seem a bit spooky, it can actually make a difference for people, even if it is only to induce the relaxation response. Relaxation is a very important factor in healing illnesses, injury and chronic conditions.

One of the surprising factors to consider in relationship to conventional doctors is the vibes that they bring to a patient, often positive and loving, along with faith that the patient can actually be healed and that their prescription will work.

Clinical studies have been conducted that demonstrate that the more heart-felt a physician is with his or her patients, the better the results tend to be. It is also worth noting that, in most miracles recorded in the Gospel accounts, Jesus declares, “Your faith has (healed) saved you.”

We rarely consider the implications of this, given that many consider Jesus the greatest healer who ever lived. Clearly, the positive energy and loving presence of Christ, along with His openness to infinite possibility, was truly compelling for these individuals, a few of whom were even raised from the dead. We share some interesting facts on metaphysical healing here.​

How To Explain Energy Healing?

Let’s first understand better (video below) how disease arises when there are problems in the human energy field...

We find a proliferation of energy therapies, many with different names for very similar procedures, such as Reiki, Loving Touch and Touch Therapy. We can even consider Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Hatha Yoga and the like.

Anyone who has practiced massage, or received a full-body massage will have experienced energetic movements in the body. Likewise for all forms of yoga well executed. We can even include biofeedback, or meditation. Any profound meditation has energetic implications.​

Therapy Techniques Depend On the Procedure, or the Practitioner?

The differentiating factor may well be the specific practitioner using the therapy and techniques. What kind of vibes is he or she giving off? What kind of presence does he have? Is it healing? Do you sense a profound sense of well being, of coming home, of deep acceptance, even love?

Energy therapies are about transmitting someone else’s energy and clearing blocks in your own energy. The precise technique involved may be a secondary factor. Should this be the case, your selection of therapies might revolve around finding people you like and trust, and an approach that appeals to you. Because if you will not like, enjoy and align with your energy healer, the success rate (of you healing or recovering) will go down. At the end, an experimental attitude makes sense.​

Types of Energy Therapy

Several therapies standout for special attention:

1.  Healing Touch

2. Reflexology (Zone Therapy)

3. EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping)

1. Healing With or Without Touching

Healing Touch, or Therapeutic Touch was developed by Dolores Krieger, a nurse who was very present with her patients and went beyond conventional notions of a massage, not relying on oils or a strictly hands-on approach.

Dr. Mimi Guarneri, a veteran heart-surgeon turned holistic, integrative physician, early in her career experienced a physical breakdown where she had difficulty in rising from her bed. She could scarcely walk. Her entire body was wracked with pain. This was distressed Dr. Guarneri, because she was operating under the assumption that doctors don’t get ill.

She had to call into the hospital to advise the staff that she couldn’t make her rounds. Dr. Guarneri was mortified by the possibility that she, herself, might actually be taken to the very hospital in which she worked. A nurse colleague volunteered to come over to Dr. Guarneri’s house to offer her a Healing Touch treatment.

Dr. Guarneri was skeptical, but desperate. Her colleague came over and spent two hours with her, giving her the full treatment, much of which was hands off. Up to this point, Dr. Guarneri had a materialistic outlook, but she was stunned by the profound release and relaxation in her body, such that she could actually report to work the very next day.

touching therapy

2. Reflexology Touches the Entire Body at Once

Reflexology, or Zone Therapy, focuses on the hands and feet, as well as the earlobes where a deep pressure massage is thought to create a reflex arch that relaxes corresponding parts of the body.

This approach was popularized by Eunice D. Ingham, a nurse / physiotherapist. Every millimeter of the organ is mapped out such that it corresponds to one of the regions or organs of the body. One can apply finger pressure to induce relaxation in the corresponding body part.

People who are highly skilled at this can work the various spots on the hands, feet and ears for up-to-an hour. Clients are often so profoundly relaxed that they fall asleep. Often the feet feel much lighter, and the whole body seems energized. There is conflicting clinical that the other organs actually are affected, but the relaxation produced is undeniable.

3. EFT: Tapping Your Way to Bliss

The Emotional Freedom Technique involves tapping you or a practitioner tapping select meridians in the body, while you repeatedly declare positive affirmations. The idea of saying positive statements is to counter-balance destructive thought-patterns, much like the “Pattern Interrupt” in NLP that Tony Robbins made popular.

A client is encouraged to make a response drastically different from what he or she is familiar with to break out of an unwanted pattern. NLP is all about reprogramming neural associations to alter outlooks and behavior. EFT has gotten much attention lately, and few people will disclaim the phenomenal breakthroughs Tony Robbins produces in people’s lives.

Feel free to read more about spiritual healing principles here.

Go With Integrated Energy Therapy Moving Forward

You will find much criticism in the established academic and medical communities for energy therapy techniques, claiming that there is no measurable evidence for their effect. This has much to do with the rational empirical tradition of Western medicine. This is a bit surprising, given that a high percentage of physicians in the U.S. believe in God, and an impressive number actually pray for their patients. If God can heal, then why can’t energetic approaches make a difference, also?

It is important to bear in mind that the “placebo” effect is always possible, no matter what the treatment. A placebo is anything that will make the patient believe that it is an actual prescription that will work.

In clinical trial after clinical trial, placebos will improve patients between 30-40%. The crucial point is that the patient must truly believe in the placebo. The moment the patient stops believing, the placebo loses all effect. Faith heals. Placebo can actually be a very good thing. If it alleviates suffering and promotes recovery, what does it matter what we call it?

What are your thoughts on this?​

metaphysical spiritual healing
Mar 22

Metaphysical Spiritual Healing: Your Formula For Natural Miracles

By Conscious Owl | Healing Principles

Metaphysical, as a word, refers to that which is beyond physical, and spiritual, as a word, originally denoted the breath, or the wind, as in the Hebrew word, ruach. Metaphysical spiritual healing refers to healing effected beyond any physical considerations. Typically, it doesn’t even require laying on of hands or a conspicuous transfer of energy, but can be done remotely.

It points to a mental or spiritual world beyond that which is apparent to our senses which has the power to transform the physical world, much like faith healing, which is a direct petition for divine intervention.​

Metaphysical Spirituality - the New Thought Movement

Mary Baker Eddy, founder of Christian Science out of the Boston area in the second half of the 19th Century, opened up a daring new approach to healing challenging and life-threatening conditions out of her own personal experience of seeking healing for herself, using every healing modality available to her at that time without success, including allopathic, modern medicine, as well as homeopathy.

Mary had a dangerous slip on the ice that severely injured her, bringing her close to death and incapacitating her for many days.

Out of desperation, Mary turned to the Bible, particularly the Gospel accounts and began to carefully study the life of Jesus of Nazareth in minute detail, examining every element of His healings for clues on how to heal today.

​This was in an era in which science was having an ever greater impact on people’s lives, given the breakthroughs of Charles Darwin in biology, and comparable developments in the other sciences.

​Mary was impressed by the requirement in the experimental method of repeatability and public verifiability. She was interested in the underlying laws or principles of phenomena, and began to apply them to the spiritual dimension.

Mary healed herself and began to heal dozens, then hundreds, then even thousands of other people using these very principles such that her patient / clients begged her to teach them how to do the same.

Mary began to systematize those principles and established a school, as well as writing the first version of her ground-breaking “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,” which she viewed as a textbook or guide for reading along with the Bible.​

Mary Baker Eddy

​Mary trained hundreds of students before establishing a church, which grew to have branches across America, and then the world.

The method of Christian Science emerges from the belief that there is only one mind, Divine Mind, and that everything else is but an “idea” of God, much like a dream. 

Since God is, by definition, all powerful, infinitely intelligent, everywhere present, and all good, everything He created must be perfect.​

The book of Genesis reveals that God created “Man” in His image. Therefore, that image must be perfect. Any perception to the contrary is regarded as an “error,” and can be resolved by realization of the underlying Truth.

To put it in other words, there is only God, and we are God’s dream. Since God is Love, God loves us absolutely. We need only realize this to be spontaneously healed. Any injury, sickness or dis-ease is, therefore, F.E.A.R., the often-used acronym for “False Evidence Appearing Real.”

This might sound cuckoo and totally untenable were it not for the fact that Mary Baker Eddy in her own lifetime received literally hundreds of letters of spontaneously healings from people simply reading her book, or attending her services, or even seeing her in her carriage riding down the streets of Boston.

In addition, there were dozens of eye-witness accounts of her direct healing others, which have been duly catalogued in the “Mother Church” in Boston. They are stunning, including resuscitation from death, healing eyes and broken limbs on the spot, even of a baby falling down several floors of a building without so much as a scratch.

This tradition continues, not only within the Churches of Christ, Scientist, around the world, but within the various spinoffs by people who studied under Mary.​

Unity, Religious Science and Divine Mind

Christian Science became so influential that it spawned a movement, which has lasted for well over a hundred years, including the Unity School of Christianity in Missouri, Religious Science and Divine Mind. Late in Mary Baker Eddy’s life, she made her book the “Pastor” of her church. Instead of traditional Protestant sermons, her churches offer readings and hymns from the King James Version of the Bible and her book.

The various derivatives of Christian Science adapted Mary Baker Eddy’s methodology, changing key elements and varying the forms and expression. All of them have a focus on the life of Jesus Christ, but approach healing with subtle differences.

God is seen as loving and always willing to heal us. Therefore, we needn’t beg Him to make an exception in our case, but rather, we can boldly use affirmative prayer to accomplish the healing, much like positive thinking.

Rather than ask God, “Will you heal me?” - we declare that we already ARE healed, down to the very cellular level. This approaches healing with less of an emphasis on the specific injury, illness or condition being an illusion, and more on God’s power to transform it. In addition, there is an openness to using other medical approaches, such as conventional allopathic medicine, viewing the physicians as God’s instruments in accomplishing the healing.

Again, this might seem like wishful thinking, except for the fact that it often produces overnight improvements, often with such a frequency that it is difficult to attribute it all to the placebo effect.

Watch this video for a detailed visual explanation of how to heal the body with the mind:​

Metaphysical Beliefs and Law of Attraction

Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith of Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, is one of the world leader’s, and relies heavily on the power of affirmation and visualization. He is deeply moving with a huge church and vast following, with tie-ins to the late Mahatma Gandhi.

Michael was one of the most inspirational speakers in the book and movie, “The Secret,” who underscored our divinely unlimited potential. His approach to healing resonates with the Principle of Attraction, that what we intensely think about has a tendency to come to us.

I, myself, have closely followed both Christian Science and Unity for the last several years, enjoying overnight results in many cases, dealing with a chronic skin condition. I have a mentor who is a nurse practitioner in Christian Science, as well as calling up the Silent Unity hotlines whenever exceptional needs come up for myself, and others I know.

I can truthfully say that my condition and circumstances improved or cleared up in almost every case. I can’t deny what I have seen with my own eyes, and felt with my own flesh. These approaches actually work.

I am beginning to see all this method as an expression of the Absolute Love Which we call “God,” the Source of our Being. I am increasingly convinced that this is the very core of all of us. That getting in touch with this Love calls us home and heals us. In that Love, we transcend time and space.

Visit this page for more information on spiritual healing principles.​

healing with magnets
Mar 16

Healing With Magnets – Pros and Cons

By Conscious Owl | Healing Principles

Is healing with magnets effective?  Electromagnetism is one of four fundamental forms of energy in modern physics. Since the force is invisible, it has an abstract, almost spiritual quality to it. We find magnetic fields around the earth, such that pigeons fly home due to their ability to follow them. We actually have magnetic fields in our own body, which may correspond with our aura.

You can actually feel someone’s aura by placing your hand several inches away from their body. At a certain point in moving your hand toward them, you will begin to feel warmth. Magnetic fields also bring to mind the Yin / Yang principle of polarity in Chinese health and medicine with all the meridian points. It is, therefore, appropriate to look at magnetism as a form of spiritual healing.

How Did Magnet Therapy Started?

Magnets have been used for healing down through the centuries, starting with the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. It was thought that Queen Cleopatra wore one on her forehead to maintain her beauty, which may have influenced her pineal gland. Anton Mesmer, the father of hypnotism, experimented with them in the 18th century, as well as Daniel David Palmer, the founder of chiropractic.

Magnets for healing were quite popular in the 19th century until the advent of pharmacology upstaged them, after which they gradually diminished. Recently, the side effects and complications of pharmaceuticals have been increasingly recognized, and magnetic healing has increased in popularity as an alternative, especially for mitigating pain. Today, it has become a $5 billion industry worldwide.​

Magnets Are Used For Various Types of Healing?

Magnets are placed in bracelets and jewelry, strapped on wrists, ankles and the back.

magnetic healing

They are used as shoe insoles and are even placed in mattresses and blankets. They are employed to handle arthritis, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sinus and stress headaches, asthma, muscle spasms, toothaches, strains, joint pain, fractures and swelling.

Some people have even attempted to magnetize water. They are thought to increase blood flow, providing more oxygen and nutrients, as well as heal a broken bone and move calcium away for arthritic joints. In addition, they are thought to help with schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s and depression.​

Magnets for Pain Relief and Evidence of Potency

Numerous scientific studies have been made, mostly on laboratory animals, where rats paws have been deliberately injured to the point where the poor creatures were writhing in pain, and where the application of magnetism reduced their swelling by 50% when applied immediately afterward.

Clinically, magnets have been employed by such agencies as the National Institutes of Health where patients with chronic sciatica (low back pain) were treated for five weeks, significantly reducing pain in the legs. At the Harvard Medical School, 29 patients with osteoarthritis in the knee were given treatments for four hours where as the pain scores dropped by 79 points.

Patients suffering diabetic neuropathy have enjoyed a significant reduction in foot pain, including a reduction in burning, numbness and tingling. A study of stroke patients with partial immobility established a significant improvement in their motor performance. This was likewise done for patients with Parkinson’s disease, who enjoyed significant improvements.​

Healing Magnet Controversies

Since this industry is massive and largely unregulated, claims for healing extreme conditions like cancer often go unchecked, even though it is illegal, as it is with nutriceuticals, to make claims in advertisements of healing specific diseases, such as being a cure for cancer.

​Obviously, manufacturers have a vested interest in making claims, even when unsubstantiated, to sell their products to a gullible public. Many of the articles on the Internet are written by them to promote their products. However, in some cases, well-conducted studies revealed static magnetic devices offered no more or less benefit than sham devices, due to the placebo effect.

What is crucial for a placebo to kick in is your unconditional faith that it will work for you. In clinical trials for all kinds of conditions, the placebo effect can result in a 30-40% improvement. However, should a patient lose faith in a particular therapy, its effectiveness will plunge.

Magnetic therapy is promising, but it is advisable to counter the tendency to think it is equally potent for all applications. A pre-clinical trial is a very long way from standard medical practice. The strength of a magnet is inversely proportional to its distance from the object attracted; the farther away, the less powerful.​

Both the size and power of the magnet are relevant factors. Certain magnets, such as neodymium, although expensive, are impressive, and can produce a field of one tesla. A practical consideration whether a particular magnet worn can actually penetrate the skin to the muscle or bone in consideration. Often magnets are sold where their ability to penetrate a person’s skin is negligible.​

Here is a great advise from a real doctor about using magnets to heal:​


• Remove watches.

• Keep away from fire.

• Don’t apply high-powered magnets to a pregnant woman.

• Remove watches during treatment.• Keep away from children.

• Avoid cold baths or meals immediately afterwards.

• Keep the magnet in a wooden box when not in use.

• Do not use magnets if you have any other metals in your body      (like pacemaker etc.)

Magnet Evaluation and Recommendations

Magnetic therapy in conventional medicine is still in its very early stages, although some insurance companies now cover this form of treatment. It is undergoing promising clinical research in major institutions. Scientists and medical doctors tend to be cautious about uncritically recommending this form of treatment.

It seems to be most useful for reducing pain and swelling in tissues. It is seldom looked to for a permanent cure. Health professionals do consider it reasonably safe. I have passed through a powerful MRI with no apparent damage. Also, I had electrical stimulation, along with ice packs to treat elbow pain, which definitely helped over the short term.

An experimental attitude might be best in conjunction with magnets, supervised by an M.D. or health professional. A certain amount of skepticism with ads and loose claims would be smart.

It would seem ill advised to make magnetic therapy your only form of treatment. When it comes to pain mitigation, we can completely sympathize with any approach that can reduce your suffering, short of something that might cause permanent damage.

When you see real miracles first-hand, which is entirely possible with exceptionally gifted faith healers, you will see magnets as a much more modest remedy. If you study the truly greats, not only Jesus of Nazareth in the Gospel accounts, but the life of Mary Baker Eddy, limbs were restored, eyes were healed, long-term conditions were relieved within seconds, minutes or hours. Documented evidence is available that Mrs. Eddy literally raised several people from the dead, although not someone who had been dead for four days.

In sum, healing with magnets is a welcome alternative to excessive reliance on pharmaceuticals, which typically have side effects and often very damaging implications with protracted use.

With Integrative medicine, lead by such M.D’s as Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Mimi Guarneri, medicine is finally breaking out of the bounds of traditional allopathic medicine. Dr. Guarneri reasons, why have a medicine bag with only a single tool, such as what she calls “the ill to the pill,” when you can have several dozen tools drawn from multiple traditions, including homeopathy, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine?

In this context, it makes perfect sense to find a place for magnetic therapy.

You can find more information in spiritual healing principles section.

And if you had success in healing with magnets, please share your story below. We’d love to hear it.​