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meditation benefits
Mar 30

Spiritual Benefits of Meditation: Let Go of The Monkey Mind

By Conscious Owl | Healing Meditation

Spirituality is a vital dimension of life, equally as important as the physical, emotional and mental. It underlies everything else, giving us meaning and purpose, without which it all can seem utterly hollow. In matters of healing, it is just as important to heal your spiritual being as your physical being. Many, if not most, perceived illnesses have a spiritual, or inner, origin.

Meditation is one of the core methods of opening up our spirituality, allowing us to feel fully alive. It is a transformative practice that gradually shapes our reality in more and more subtle ways with a cumulative impact that can be quite surprising.

It is really the flip side of prayer. While in prayer we talk to “God,” in meditation, we give “God” a chance to talk back to us (in some ways guide us). Even in the Old Testament, the reader is advised to “Be still, and know that I am God.”

The literal translation of this provocative passage would be: “Hush. Know. I AM.” The ultimate name for God in the Hebraic tradition is expressed in English as “I AM.” The implication of this most sacred name is that “God” is Our Only True And Ultimate Self. We are the living dream of the living God.​

Physical Benefits of Meditation

Spiritual healing meditation enables us to experience our lives in present time by slowly turning down the volume of the ceaseless chatter of our monkey mind. Eckhart Tolle has become famous for his ability to show people “The Power of Now.

When we are able, through whatever means might be at our disposal, to shut off the verbal flow, even for a few moments, it is like being born again. We discover a whole new world where all our experiences are fresher, brighter, more resilient. The West has developed an extremely verbal culture, both oral and written, both paper and electronic, that mindlessly goes on 24 x 7.

This civilization has widely spread throughout the planet, and has only been challenged in recent decades when the East began to have a decisive impact on American and European culture. Often the pace of our lives is frantic. Thus, meditation can scarcely be considered an option in our era.

As we slow down our thought processes, we open up to our inner nature and begin to discover that we are inherently divine. We become more perceptive and intuitive.

We begin healing our physical body from within. All of the physical benefits are mentioned in the video below (click to watch):​

We often get knowledge of the immediate future and at times can virtually read people’s minds. We find that we are more “with” people. We allow them to BE just as they are. We stop trying to complete people’s sentences.

We start to experience genuine concern for them without regard to ourselves. We want to see things from their eyes and walk in their shoes. In Buddhism, wisdom and compassion are considered supreme virtues. Meditation can deliver both to us.

For most people, either “heaven” or “enlightenment” is the grand goal. Meditation can deliver both. When Jesus of Nazareth taught about the Kingdom of Heaven, He referred to the inner dimension of life, our divine nature.

When you become fully conscious, you see everything with different eyes. When you go about actually living the Beatitudes, the Sermon on the Mount, you will find that you ARE in heaven, only here and now. Heaven is as much a state of being and a stage of development as it is a place.

Enlightenment refers to transformation, a profound, irreversible shift in your self-identity, in which you see that what you thought you are, you are not, and what you thought you are not, you are.

In the Eastern tradition, you are nothing that can be perceived with the physical senses or conceived by the mind. Rather, you are the ultimate context in which those senses function.​

Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Most important of all is the ability to access divine love, to find that you ultimately ARE LOVE, and that you can get your ego out of the way to let this love come up to the surface. As Jesus promised, “Out of his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.” This love, unlike infatuation, or puppy love, is your divine nature expressing itself without any prompting.

meditation science

You will feel love for people you don’t even know without even knowing why. You will begin to have compassion for villains and become disinterested in judging them. You will take no joy in anyone’s demise, even if it looks like they deserved it. You will even get to the point, if you are so blessed, where you take more joy in someone else’s success than your own.

What is truly amazing is that you don’t have to hype up this love, or grudgingly make yourself love one. You will eventually find that you actually DO love people without any effort. I began to discover this years ago in encounter groups and transformational training.

As Werner Erhard once put it, “Love is a function of communication…When you have said everything that you haven’t been saying, you will find that what you have really wanted to say is, “I love you.” This is not about being religious in a superficial sense. This is about accessing a spirituality that is quite natural.

As you keep meditating, you will find yourself content with less and less, in that you can have a delight in ordinary things.

You are less and less dependent upon external stimuli. You find intellectual pursuits and pleasure as satisfying as sensual pursuits. As you open up through various spiritual practices, you can actually experience bliss, rapture and ecstasy.

The inspiration you feel can become very deep, and you can began to directly experience that you are one with everything, one with God. You will have the experiential realization that ALL IS ONE.

Read more on guided meditation here.

The Classic Greeks saw the ultimate values as The True, The Good and The Beautiful, or scientific, ethical and aesthetic. From an ultimate contemporary perspective, we can come to realize Absolute Unity, Absolute Love and Absolute Perfection.

Such a phenomenal experience can only come as we cease to get all tangled up in comparison, contrast, judgment and evaluation. A thought is just a thought, a feeling is just a feeling (usually, derived from a thought). Thoughts and feelings come and go. Let them dance! All thoughts and feelings happen within the context of our own ultimate being.

Once you let go of your busy monkey mind… you’ll open the door to a whole new and deeply fulfilling world.

Meditation is one of the most potent practices for discovering what life is all about. You will come to see that all you have ever wanted was right within you all the time. All Within. You will find that life is a process of coming home to “God,” to our Source, to Our Only True And Ultimate Self.

Are you ready to let that monkey mind go?​

guided meditation for healing yourself
Mar 23

Guided Meditation For Healing While Getting To Know Yourself

By Conscious Owl | Healing Meditation

We have many ways to meditate, from watching a candle burn to chanting a sacred hymn to closing our eyes and concentrating on a mantra to progressively relaxing our body lying down with our eyes closed. For the visually minded, a guided meditation for healing where someone else is conducting the meditation is appealing, whether with closed eyes, or by watching a visual light show with soft, soothing music.

It is also possible to prepare your own guided meditation by writing down affirmative lines around healing and getting well, and then dictating them with as much emotion as you can onto a recording device, such as your smart phone, playing the lines back whenever you choose to close your eyes and relax.

If you prefer that others lead the meditation, you have many options on YouTube, including the beautiful pieces that Dr. Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey have put together. On the Internet, you will find meditations given from different spiritual traditions in different voices, male and female. You can simply take your pick.

You’ll find a channel on YouTube, called ‘Body Mind Zone’ that continually rolls out new meditations, some as much as eight hours long, with gorgeous visuals of nature and exquisite music.​

Guided Meditation For Sleep

For example, if you have a hard time falling asleep because you have too much on your mind, here is a wonderful meditation track that will put you to sleep and hopefully, keep you there (only until your brain is rested, of course…).

You might even think of this as a form of hypnosis, putting you into a positive trance. The recorded voice makes positive suggestions, leading you into a deep state of relaxation, and then having you envision yourself, healthy, well and vibrantly alive.

You will want, of course, to make certain that you can trust the source, whoever it may be. This is all the more so if you purchase subliminal recordings where the suggestions are masked so as to be inaudible to the conscious mind.

Use your better judgment and watch closely what impact that recording has on you.

Also, if you would like to know how to align your body’s energy with guided meditation, read about chakra cleansing here.​

Meditation Performed on A Deeper Level

… It’s when you tap to your core… which is pure love. We all have it and we all feel it or experience it differently.

Our approach emphasizes the power of love to heal, that there is no force in the universe as powerful as divine love, and that we can access this love from within. So, tune in to that.

In the Gospel of John, God is depicted as Light, Life and Love. This corresponds closely with the Hindu understanding of our Source as Sat, Chit and Ananda, or Being, Consciousness and Bliss. If Christ is the Light of the World, than He is also the Life of the World, and that Life is the Love of the world.

Disciples meditate on the His sacrificial death on the cross for all humanity as the ultimate expression of this love. Evangelists, such as Billy Graham, have been extremely gifted in personalizing that love, such that Jesus did not die just for a handful of people a long time ago. He died for YOU, such that if you were the only person who ever lived, He would gladly die all over again that you might partake of His eternal life.

Whatever your religious, spiritual or philosophic orientation, you cannot help but respond to Transcendent Love wherever it is to be found. All the great religious traditions have some expression of that Love, starting with the baseline injunction to do unto others what you would have them do unto you, to act with total consideration.

However, the highest level of love is to experience Whom and What we call “God” as our Lover. This is a passionate, romantic love that forsakes all else for that One, and that can be experienced as incomparable liberation. This is directly linked to spiritual healing meditation.​

Our Guided Healing and Cleansing Meditation

This Love is exemplified in the Bodhisattva tradition of Mahayana Buddhism, that, “though the flames of hell be infinite, I vow to extinguish everyone of them,” and “though the gates of heaven are opened up to me, I will not take a single step until all humanity enters in with me.”

It is also expressed in the Hindu tradition of Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita promising His disciples that if anyone at any time calls upon Him, He will burn all their karma away and purify them instantly.

healing meditation

Why not, then, create your own vision of God’s Love being the healing force that will make you totally well. You can choose the divine figure that most speaks to you. While in the Roman Catholic tradition, Christ is seen as the ultimate embodiment of Absolute Love, Mother Mary, the Blessed Virgin, the “Mother of God,” may be more compelling for some, or one of the many saints or angels.

Here, then, is the ground for this kind of meditation (in a form of affirmation), which you can adapt with your own words:

God is Love. This Love is Absolute. No one and nothing can possibly overcome It. Since God Is Love, Love Is God. Love, True Love, is infinite and eternal. It is a consuming flame that will never retreat. It is the most powerful force in the Universe. The Love of God can completely heal me from the inside out, as He / She / It recognizes me to be divine, God’s son or God’s daughter.

I can’t possibly blow it. I am forgiven of all my mistakes from eternity past to eternity future. I suddenly realize that God has never been in the judgment game. God is totally with me, and on my side. It is I, who have hidden behind the tree in a game of “It.” All I ever need to do is open up to this Absolute Love and delight in it. Dance in its light!​

We suggest that you create an affirmation around this by the golden, tropical sands of a peaceful sea, or in an alpine glade at the edge of a crystal clear lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains. This might come out something like this:

I find myself walking on white sands of a sheltered tropical beach… I see the morning sun rise over the vast ocean… I feel vibrantly alive as I step into the water…I now find myself totally bathed in a sea of infinite Light, Life and Love…

As the loving waters stroke and caress me, I realize that I am whole, complete and perfect… All dis-ease disappears from my body… My tissues are healed and fully restored. I am One with God, and with the Universe…

Eternal Life flows within me… I am free to love everyone with this very same Love that totally covers me… All is well with my soul… I can hardly wait for today and tomorrow to unfold!… I am so happy to be alive!.

Please feel free to customize this improvised meditation any way you wish. Just realize that there is a sacred presence that offers the most profound experience of love you can ever imagine. That love heals. Time to tune into it!

If you wish to share your thoughts or some of your affirmations in the comments below, please feel free to do so.​

chakra cleansing
Mar 20

Chakra Cleansing: May the Force Be With You!

By Conscious Owl | Healing Meditation

Where does your Force come from? It comes from your energy within. Once that energy is out of alignment - “the Force is No Longer with You”! Chakra cleansing helps to align your energy and guide it back to its original source.

From the standpoint of new physics, we find ourselves in a virtual ocean of energy and consciousness with the most apparently solid objects around us just “mathematical ghosts.” Every apparent particle is surrounded by a vast amount of space, and every apparent particle within it, right down to the Planck Scale, something like 10^(-35)  meters. Einstein demonstrated that matter is instantly convertible to energy in his famous E = MC2 formula. From the ancient Hindu perspective, all there is Nama and Rupa, name and form, concept and appearance.

When we look at our apparently solid bodies, we are looking at pools of energy. In classical yoga, we have multiple bodies, including the astral body, which is just behind what we call the physical body. It is within that body that we find the chakras, or circles, wheels of energy, much like swirling pools of water.​

The 7 Chakras and Their Meaning

There are hundreds of energy swirling pools in the body, but we generally refer to only the primary seven, going up the spine, from the root to the crown, each with their own assigned color, corresponding to those of the rainbow, or light spectrum, ROY G. BIV:

1. Muladhara, or Root Chakra:  Red

2. Swadhisthana, or Sacral Chakra:  Orange

3. Manipura, Solar Plexus Chakra:  Yellow

4. Anahata, or Heart Chakra:  Green

5. Vishuddha, or Throat Chakra:  Blue

6. Ajra, Third-Eye Chakra:  Indigo

7. Sahasrara, Crown Chakra:  Violet

Each chakra is considered a psychic center, affecting the surrounding tissues and organ, with its own level of consciousness, as follows:

1. Root Chakra, Rectum:  Security

2. Sacral Chakra, Genitalia:  Sensuality

3. Solar Plexus, Guts:  Power

4. Heart Chakra, Lungs:  Love

5. Throat Chakra, Vocal Cords:  Creativity / Cosmic Consciousnesss

6. Third-Eye Chakra, Eyes, Ears:  Insight / Divinity

7. Crown Chakra, Upper Brain, Energy Field:  Unity / Transcendence

In so far as these centers are blocked, their functioning is impaired, and we experience disease. They are responsive to vibrations all around them. You have most likely run into people who gave you the creeps without your really knowing why.

You may have even opened up a corporate door and instantly got the feeling you would rather not be there. In the days of the hippies, everyone talked about good vibes and bad vibes. These vibrations are as real as anything else.

When you get caught up in someone else’s energy, such as that of a Type A, or dominating person, or you find yourself in an argument with a very aggressive person, you are reacting to vibrations, typically of the lower chakras, entailing security, sensuality and power issues.

Likewise, when you find yourself irresistibly opening up in a joyous and empowering way, you are responding to vibrations of love. When you get caught up in a feeling of being one with the world, one with God, that all is one, you are feeling the upper chakras. Being around an enlightened master opens you up to enlightenment, as well, like a contact high.

In maintaining health, it is important to be sensitive to, not just physical pain, but everything that is going on in your body. If you really tune in, you will find all kinds of feelings and sensations. By becoming conscious of them in a non-judgmental way, you tend to calm down.​

Psychic and Metaphysical Healing Using Energy

Psychic healing deals entirely on this level, and concerns itself with removing negative energy, and replacing it with vibrant awareness and well being. True health is not merely the absence of disease; it is the feeling of being totally alive, thrilled to participate in life. You will find at least three broad approaches to this type of healing:

  • Distant Healing with Visualization
  • Non-Touch Massage, as in Reiki
  • Self-Visualization, often accompanied by soft soothing music, and fragrant scents, such as incense.

Metaphysical healing does not even require you to be present. Exceptional healers, such as Edgar Cayce, merely need to know your name, even if you are thousands of miles away. They will get thoughts, ideas and images that are often exceedingly accurate. They can envision a healing light filling your chakras, often associated with a sacred presence, such as that of Christ, Buddha or Lord Krishna.

Reiki Cleansing – Wiping Out Negative Energy

Reiki practitioners will have you lie back, and they will pass their hands over you without even touching you. They can concentrate on each of the chakras and wipe away the negative energy.

Some healing techniques have the practitioner wash his hands after passing over each chakra, as it is thought the water instantly absorbs the unwanted energy. Often they will do a preliminary exercise where they visualize their spine, like roots of a tree going deep into the solid and grounding them.

It is thought that there may be a transference of energy. The healer needs to do something with the energy, so he or she psychically sends it into the ground.​

Chakra Cleansing Meditation

I would like to point out, that spiritual healing meditation should be practiced daily (using specific chakra cleanse or not). At this time, let’s focus on chakras.

cleansing meditation

You can cleanse your own chakras by lying in a comfortable position in a relaxing environment and breathing deeply. Take long and slow breaths, which will rapidly calm down the nervous system.

Visualize each of the chakras like a transparent overlay of your body with their respective chakras. You start from the Root Chakra, gradually working your way to the top. You might see the chakras as being very dim and dark in color. As you send divine white light into each of them, they become brighter and more transparent.

You can also visualize them opening up like blossoms. Some people envision rosebuds of different colors opening up into full bloom.

Some experts suggest that you both open your chakras, and close them, which we find counter-intuitive. If you experience sickness because the chakra is shut down, why would you want to close it once you open it? You want the energy to keep flowing. This seems almost wacko!

They would maintain that the chakras are like vents. When you want to aerate a room, you open and then close the window before it gets too cold. This reminds us that we are using visualization to impact something that is rather abstract, although some people actually have the ability to see auras around people, not just feel them.

You can use this guided meditation in activating and cleansing your chakras by playing this video:​

Read more about how to meditate properly here.

Speaking of auras, Kirlian photography attempts to record the different colors. You can, of course, feel the energy field of your own, or your partner’s body, by just putting your hand several inches away. At some point, you will most definitely feel the warmth. So we know that it is there.

If you tune into the Light, to “The Force,” you will access the Higher Power that does the real healing. It is your Supreme Self, the Creator and Organizer of the universe, that empowers your imagination, using tools such as chakra healing.

Traditionally, yoga was very spiritual. No one had a problem mentioning God. In fact, it was viewed as the way to God. The word means “yoke” or union, becoming ONE with GOD. Reach out to divine presence and energy any way that appeals to you. Chakra healing is a powerful method for people energetically attuned and who can easily visualize. However, it is ultimately the means to an end, and not the end in and of itself.

Have you tried cleansing your chakras?  Share it with all of us (conscious owls) what works for You (or not).​

how to meditate for beginners
Mar 15

How To Meditate Properly – Drunken Monkey Symptom

By Conscious Owl | Healing Meditation

There is no one right way to meditate ‘properly.’ There are many different ways to meditate in the world’s mystical traditions, as there are many different types of people. The best way to meditate is to do what works for you personally.

Meditation has to do with your ability to simply BE, whether walking, standing, sitting or lying down. It has to do with shifting your attention over from being the doer to the observer.

When you close your eyes, you will typically notice a steady flow of thoughts, as well as sounds all around you and feelings and sensations in your body. You may find, as Hindus and Buddhists have found over the centuries, that the mind is a “drunken monkey.” How then, can you stop your process, stop time, itself, and enter into the Eternal Now Moment, when you are totally present?

If you are meditating for healing, yourself, or someone you love, this becomes all the more challenging. If you have aching or pain in your body, or you are worried stiff in the face of a pending medical diagnosis, how can you Be Here Now in such a way as to meditate?

You start by making it as easy as possible for yourself. For most people, meditating while walking or standing opens up the possibility of a host of distractions. Sitting or lying down are much more feasible. However, lying down greatly increases the likelihood you will inadvertently go to sleep.

Lying down facing the sky is very effective for using the technique of progressive relaxation taught in yoga, where you systematically close your eyes and concentrate on every single muscle in the body, from your head down to your toes, tightening each muscle group, then relaxing it.​

how to meditate properly

Most practical is sitting down, either in a comfortable chair, ideally where you can put your feet out, or sitting cross-legged on the floor, in Lotus position if you are adept with yoga asanas, or postures. While the Zen tradition has students stare at a blank wall with eyes half open, most traditions have students close their eyes and begin focusing on their breath.

Zen, itself, can be performed by continuously counting your breaths from one to eight. The TMTM tradition begins with an initiation where you are given a special mantra based on the time and place of your birth. This mantra is a divine name thought to specially suit your life in this incarnation. You repeat the mantra with the instructor loudly, and then softer and softer, until finally it is simply a whisper, and you begin to subvocalize it.

Meditate Deeply

It has been found in extensive research that ANY sound, name or phrase can work. Dr. Howard Benson at Harvard had people in his studies simply repeat the sound “ONE,” in an attempt to induce what he called the “relaxation response.” He was attempting to generalize on the work of the Maharishi, who backed up his claims with extensive clinical research on the effectiveness of the TMTM technique.

The brain waves transform to deeper and deeper ones, such as Alpha, Gamma and Delta. They become highly coherent in the brain. Typically, the meditator is not asleep or dreaming, but in a place of concentrated alertness, which is referred in the Eastern traditions as superconsciousness, or the Fourth State.

It is most likely that a divine name, especially one associated with your own spiritual tradition or devotional practice, will be more powerful than simply repeating internally the word “ONE.” In conjunction with prayer, the name of a deity or divine being, whether it be Jesus, Mother Mary, Rama, Krishna or a Bodhisattva, such as Kuan Yin or Avalokiteshvara, will actually invoke, or call forth, that very being within you.

Some devotees will then visualize their Divine Master, or in rare cases, have an actual vision of Him or Her with their eyes open. For healing, this has profound implications. Jesus of Nazareth, for example, has an unexcelled healing record. It is thought and experientially felt by many, that when you feel His sacred presence, the healing process is initiated, in some cases, instantaneously. Often, in such experiences, you can feel an overwhelming sense of love where you practically melt in bliss.​

You can technically meditate “with seed” or “without seed” as yogis are fond of pointing out. “With seed” is using a mantra or verbal device of some sort that you can focus on. It can even be watching a flame while cross-legged for a few minutes, and then closing your eyes and seeing it burn in your imagination.

This practice, however, is problematical, due to the danger of unwittingly starting a fire. “Without seed” is an approach where you have no point of concentration. With closed eyes, you watch your thoughts, hear sounds and feel body sensations come and go wherever they will.​

For the purposes of getting well, you can visualize yourself in a gorgeous alpine field flooded with golden light, yourself radiant, bursting with energy and enthusiasm. You can silently repeat, “I am a whole, complete and perfect.” This can be enhanced by having your Divinity touch you and declare to you that you are whole, complete and perfect.

This is not so far fetched as you might first suppose. Christian Science and the New Thought Movement, along with metaphysical approaches worldwide, hold this to be true. The real YOU, beyond all appearances, IS whole, complete and perfect. This is held to be so despite any and all appearances, despite any adverse condition you may find yourself in.​

The amazing thing is that with deep conviction, people ARE actually healed, and the condition more or less disappears right before their very eyes. If you study the life of the founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, you will find that she performed this in hundreds of cases, fully documented by written testimony. In some cases, limbs grew back, eyes could see and people were resuscitated from death.

Meditation is not something you do once or twice, and then forget about it. It is powerful only when done as a practice.​

How To Practice Daily Meditation

While you can meditate for any length of time—Zen students and advanced TMTM practitioners will meditate literally for hours—you will typically meditate for manageable amounts of time.

The Maharishi recommended for his initiates 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening twice a day.

Other techniques, including Centering Prayer in the Catholic tradition, have adopted this. It is probably a solid block of 15 minutes, where you need a couple minutes before to come into it, and a couple of minutes after to go out of it. What is remarkable is that students can actually experience profound relaxation with just 15 to 20 minutes when done as a habit.

What is most important is to keep in mind the essentials. You want to focus your attention on the present moment, especially your breathing. Closing your eyes, and therefore sitting or lying will minimize distractions. You may want to start each session with the yogic alternate closed nostril breathing, by progressively breathing in and out each nostril for four deep breaths, breathing with your belly as well as your lungs. This will most definitely put you in a conducive state for deep meditation.

Whatever comes up for you should not be a cause of undue concern. Just observe. Let thoughts, sounds, sensations and feelings drift right by you like light cirrus clouds through the sky. If you keep doing this, you may find an enlightening or revelatory experience like what the Japanese call Satori, a momentary pop where you experience complete unity with the entire universe, or even God.

Here is a visual meditation guidance for an additional clarity…​

You may then awaken, if only for a moment, to your larger Self, to Whom and What we call “God.” It is of the greatest significance that Jesus declares himself “I AM,” which is the core notion of the most sacred name in the Biblical tradition. “I AM the Bread of Life.” “I AM the Resurrection and the Life.” “I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life.” Given Jesus backed up these declarations with unprecedented miracles, we may suppose that pure being is the end game, and by being “I AM,” we become one with Him, with God... with our Supreme Being.

Personally, I was joking about it lightly… until… I started practicing it. Then, my brain got hooked. Every time I do it, my body get’s re-charged. So, no… spiritual healing meditation is not a joke! It calms, heals and brings me clarity.​