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Can Spirituality Enhance Your Life Experience?

By Conscious Owl | Inner Peace

Aug 17
spiritual experience

Who has time any more? Contemporary life is waged at a near frantic pace. The Internet, the Cloud, mobile devices, social media and networks have transformed the very context of our lives. We are all increasingly subject to financial, political and social pressure that edges us toward an unremitting focus on mere survival.

If that weren’t enough, we are facing an ever-accelerating amount of random terrorism that shows no promising of abating. Who has time any more for God? We’ve got practical concerns staring us in the face!

Suddenly you think, “What if spirituality is something other than what I thought it was?” Suppose it is simply another dimension of life, just like health, wealth and social interaction. What if I simply close my eyes and see the spirit world?​

What Is Spirituality?

Spirituality is not religion. Religion is simply the cultural context of spirituality.

It is the outward vehicle for the transmission of sacred truths known the world over throughout the centuries. Spirituality is not cathedrals, mosques, synagogues, temples or shrines. It is the ultimate reality these institutions try to touch.

What both spirituality and religion share in common is a conviction that underlying the visible world lies a much more fundamental truth most often expressed metaphorically.

Essentially, it is Pure Being. Not what you are, but WHO YOU ARE.​

The word “spirit” in the Abrahamic traditions refers to breath or wind, that which animates us and gives us life. It is poetically expressed in the Genesis account of the Garden of Eden where God “breathed into Adam the breath of life, and Adam became a living soul.”​

You need not take this all literally to get the point. Spirit is divine. We are children of God, because we share God’s breath.

The spiritual is that which concerns pure being. In the Hindu tradition, pure being translates into pure consciousness and bliss. In the Abrahamic tradition, light translates into life and love.​

In both traditions, spirituality answers the fundamental question, “Who am I? What is really there?” To find our place spiritually in the universe is to truly come home.​

Here is a perfect comparison… Spirituality vs Religion:​

Do I Need To Be Spiritual?

If you go nonstop day and night, never close your eyes, have people catering to your every whim and never suffer a dull moment, you can delude yourself into thinking you don’t need spirituality.

However, if you are like most of us, you will soon discover that the so-called material world is not enough. Money is important and necessary. But can you really buy love, joy and peace? Will pleasure alone sustain you? Do you face no discontinuities in your life that shake you out of your cocoon?

In our youth, we can more easily conduct a very outer-driven life where everything seems social. If you have money, success and relationships, you may temporarily think you are satisfied.

However, when you pause even a moment to reflect, you will realize that as helpful as these things are, they are not enough. No one of them, and not even all of them put together, are enough. This realization often dawns with a financial reversal, loss of a spouse, death in the family, a natural disaster or a national emergency.​

As we are seeing with some prominent public figures, even a billion dollars is no guarantee of immunity from the foibles of being human. Spirituality is every bit as important as your health, your wealth and your love life. You can never be totally fulfilled without it, no matter how hard you try.​

What you need is authentic spirituality, that which fits you like a glove, whether within an established tradition or totally outside of one.​

What Can Spiritual Beliefs Do for Me?

Inner peace and inner power are good places to start. As you become more conscious, more present through meditation, contemplation and affirmative prayer, you develop the ability to operate out of present time.

Your personal satisfaction goes up. You stop resisting ideas, people, places and things; you begin to see them as they are without insisting on changing them.

This leads to inner power, as it becomes apparent to others that you are inner-directed, and have a source of strength for which they would give anything. This is most readily seen in martial arts and sports, but it also applies across the board.​

Love, joy and peace are the very hallmarks of the Christian life. The Founder set the standards very high; however, enough people have experientially realized those qualities to make the quest worthwhile.

When you can love your apparent “enemies,” rejoice in someone else’s big break, even though they might be direct competitors and find an inner peace that defies the most distressing circumstances, you have a quality of life that no amount of money could ever buy.

The grand prize is what many call the mystical experience, where you have a profound recognition within the core of your being that ALL IS ONE, LOVE IS FOREVER and IT’S ALL PERFECT EXACTLY AS IT IS.​

pure being

You have the direct experience of being divine, a son or daughter of God, the Creator within His creation. The Hindu’s call this Realization. Carl Jung, the great Transpersonal psychologist, called this THE SELF. It is the real trophy behind all the Star Wars episodes.

How Can I Get Started?

  • Go within:  Close your eyes. Count your breaths. Try a sacred name or mantra.
  • Find a living guru:  Look for deep mystics in every tradition, including Christianity.
  • Find or create a sacred community:  Experiment with online and offline groups, even Meetups. Bring together a few close friends to explore the Transcendent.
  • Study the great traditions:  Enroll in a comparative religion class. Try a New Age bookstore. Listen to deeply moving music and audio recordings. Watch science fiction features.
  • Go on a pilgrimage:  Study the sacred places around the world, including such places as Sedona, Arizona. Pick one. Read up on it. Take a chance and actually travel there.
  • Make the forest or the seaside your shrine:  Creation offers unparalleled beauty, even in these uncertain times of climate change. Go out and play!

A sense of meaning and direction is awaiting you. The ultimate experience is not for just a few. It is for you and me, for all of us. All you need do is close your eyes in any moment. The knowledge of your divinity and the experience of the abundant life is your birthright. Why wait any longer. Claim it now!


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